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She had the world

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Though probably surprising, Beca and Chloe had actually ended up watching movies the entire day. After the fourth movie finished, the brunette stopped complaining about the clichés and the endings in place of light mocking that coaxed giggles from Chloe to the point she began to encourage them.

It was undeniably true that Beca hadn't sat through many of those movies because she enjoyed them, but more that she enjoyed the company and the entertainment factor of pointing the flaws in the film's plot (For example, Why didn't Gandalf just take Frodo on his 'big ass eagle friends'). Chloe learned to humour the Dj's sarcastic, witty remarks, finding that in many situations she even agreed with the Beca's logic, though she'd never admit it simply because it annoyed the younger woman, which she found adorable.

Eventually, even the remarks stopped; Beca watched peacefully, her eyes glaring intensely at the screen. They flickered with thought occasionally, as If the brunette was interpreting and figuring the film's inner workings. Chloe couldn't see of course, as she lead in front of Beca. She did however, feel the subtle whispers Beca gave about the scoring and composition of the music that played in the background that were incredibly clever and yet unnerving.

The redhead then continued to pause the film and turn to Beca, intent of asking why and what the DJ was murmuring about. Beca interpreted it as annoyance -though Chloe's intentions were merely curious - and consequently she looked a little simple for a moment.
"My family used to watch movies together...Me, my mom and dad" The brunette explained. Chloe went for clarification but it seemed Beca already knew the ambiguity of her statement, so before the older woman got a word in edgeways, she added "I used to download the soundtracks and make mix tapes," Beca smiled fondly at the memory, "I was just thinking about them"

Chloe nodded, knowing that prying deeper would probably not be an option. Beca was pretty uptight when it came to her parents, though had shared a few conversations some months back. Instead of urging her to a place she most likely didn't want to go to, Chloe instead lightly kissed the brunette's cheek and smiled.
Beca however, decided that one more outburst was vital in order to fully explain herself (For she had vowed to herself that she would be totally open with Chloe, no matter how used she was to hiding).

"I don't hate movies," she began, "I hate what I associate with them. I associate family - family I don't have anymore...That's kind of why I was being an ass with all those comments, it makes the situation feel less domestic . But I realised something..."

Chloe raised a brow, confused but she smiled anyway.
"Yes?" she inquired.

Beca sighed, "I realised that you're family, Y'know? You're my girlfriend and I need to start reassigning those good memories to you. Maybe that explains my mumbling, maybe not, but whatever."

The older woman's expression softened; she let out a small whimper of awe.
"That's...amazing, Becs." Chloe said, wriggling her arms free from where they lay to wrap them around the back of the Dj's neck and pull her into a deep kiss; she lingered just long enough to hear Beca whisper back a meek "thank you" before a minute smile splayed her lips.

Chloe then yawned, the warmth of their embrace a sudden trigger of tiredness (Or a reminder of her tiredness, since her eyes had drooped a couple times previously). As her face contorted, Beca chuckled, playfully asking "tired?", to which Chloe nodded sleepily.
Then, as much is the way with their contagious nature, Beca yawned also.
"Okay, maybe I'm kind of sleepy too," the brunette admitted and then she scrunched her face, "no offence, but I'd rather not sleep on the couch again..."

Chloe nodded, "Me neither."
"So...bed?" Beca asked with another yawn immediately following.
Chloe nodded; she rolled off the couch to stand and offered her hand out to a sleepy eyed Beca, who took it gratuitously and stood. They walked hand in hand to the bedroom, taking careful steps in the darkness as neither of them had bothered to turn on the lights and when they reached the door, Beca opened it first and allowed the redhead to enter. She watched the older woman pull back the sheets and clamber in, get comfortable and then with a smile, beckon Beca over.

Beca smirked at this but stayed put for a moment as she thought. Despite her previous aversion of the domesticity, the recent conversation spurred by their day gone by had almost fully amended her attitude. Not to her parents (of which she deemed would be impossible to fix) but to her ideas of being domestic, which admittedly, seemed appealing with Chloe in mind.

She looked to the redhead - snuggled and smiling dreamily - and she just knew she couldn't hate the feeling any further. It was odd to feel something she had held so high in her defences to slip away with such ease but she supposed that being in love with Chloe Beale would do these things to this realisation, she smiled knowingly and then joined the older woman, eager to feel closer again.

It wasn't soon after that they fell asleep.


The pattern still held strong; Beca was awake first.
Her eyes fluttered open upon a harsh beam of sunlight breaking through the curtains, interrupting her sleep and even more annoyingly, half blinding her (though, that might been an exaggeration).
She groaned as her hands swatted in vain to shield herself from the light; she gave up, shifting position. Though, sleep did not come as she would've hoped and with this, she groaned and rolled over once more.

"For gods sake" She muttered, hoisting the bed sheets from her body and clumsily coming to a stand. The Dj glanced at Chloe for a second. The redhead's hair was tucked neatly behind her ears and she slept with her relaxed smile. She looked so serene; it made Beca feel warm.

With a flash of a smile, Beca turned her attention. She looked down to her pyjamas, 2 days worn and then felt her hair, limp and greasy. She walked to the mirror on the other side of the room with cautious eyes, grimacing as she spied her reflection.

Without another thought, she left and went straight to the bathroom. She groaned and stripped her clothes as she turned on the shower, putting her hand under the stream to check the temperature periodically.
When it was warm enough, she got in and stood under the water for a short while whilst she stretched out her limbs, a somewhat erotic sounding moan escaping her lips as she felt the tension dissipate from her stiff joints. One hand snaked around her neck and massaged it whilst the other reached for the shampoo. She washed her hair and then her body in quick succession, not wanting to waste any more time or water than she already had.

She turned the water off and stared around at the empty cubicle. She chuckled lightly to herself for the shower gave off an frighteningly reminiscent atmosphere, much like the ones back at college where she and Chloe had their first 'proper introduction (if you could call singing naked together a proper introduction, that is.)
With the smirk plastered on her features she stepped out, grabbed her towel and promptly wrapped it around herself, shivering at the frigid air.

Following that, she quickly brushed her teeth and before leaving, pulled a flirtatious face in the mirror, adding a growl and chuckling before she finally left.

Beca walked down the small hallway, humming titanium and gently bobbing her head to the imagined beat that played in the background. She opened the door to the bedroom, expecting Chloe to still be fast sleep. What she didn't expect, however, was the redhead to be lead openly on the bed, with a gaze that spoke sensuality so loudly it made Beca gulp as a quiver of arousal twitched in her abdomen.
Chloe giggled, watching with utter bemusement as the brunette became visible flustered.

"I'm ready." The older woman said with a teased bite of her lip. She beckoned with a finger for Beca to come closer and the brunette obliged, though faltered when she loosened the grip on her towel.
'Shit, I'm still soaking wet'
"'re ready for what?" Beca asked innocently, taking a small step away only to be pulled closer by Chloe's sudden grip on her towel, nearly ripping it away from the Dj's very clutches.

Chloe eyed Beca darkly and Beca stared back, though with what could only be described as mild confusion or uncertainty. The sudden change was arousing but overall appeared mistimed.
The redhead seemed to read none of these signals however. She grabbed Beca's hips, running her hands down the length of her body until the Dj simply couldn't hold onto her towel anymore and it dropped to the ground.
"Seriously, Chloe?" Beca sighed incredulously whilst she crossed her arms (which did little to protect the little dignity she had left).

"I think you know what I mean," Chloe mewled, "Plus, you have no right to be humming my lady jam as I awake. Do you know what that does to a woman?" She questioned with a playful wink.
Beca stood -stark naked and rather embarrassed at this point- with an agape jaw. What the hell what Chloe playing at?
"You're acting weird." Beca stated, though she hadn't attempted to back out of the situation nor had she reclaimed her towel, so maybe she was just being indecisive.

However, Chloe's gaze definitely flickered down for a second, nearly defeatedly. It was almost unnoticeable as she played it off with a good natured chuckle before glancing back up and pulling Beca into a searing kiss.
"I you." Chloe murmured against the younger woman's soft lips; her kisses became hungered, more passionate, more desperate...but in a way that felt wrong.
Beca moaned in approval at the first taste of the redhead's lips, mind averted away from her bareness as she moved to straddle the older woman.

Each movement was more passionate than the last. Chloe's hand feverishly wondered, indecisively jumping from Beca's hips to her ass to her thighs before they hovered over the bare skin, almost hesitant in gesture.
Beca paused, feeling the sudden apprehension of the redhead's hands and protested lightly against Chloe's lips for her to stop, to no avail. The older woman had shut her eyes tightly; she looked almost pained in expression yet her actions spoke otherwise and at Beca's lack of movement, her hands regained motion, gripping to the side of the Dj's face and dragging their lips back together roughly.

Beca continued through the charade but was decidedly uncomfortable. She ran her tongue along Chloe's bottom lip, earning a weak whimpered squeak.
Again, she stopped.
"Chloe, what are you doing?"
The redhead opened her eyes. They were large and luminous, a mixture of arousal and fear but there was an overpowered feeling of submission among the crystal iris', which made them appear notably vulnerable.
"I'm ready, Beca." Chloe insisted, teeth gritted to stop the quiver of her lip.

"I don't believe you," Beca whispered gently. The DJ removed herself from on top of Chloe, leaned down then grabbed her towel, wrapping and securing it around her body.
"This," She gestured to their bodies, "doesn't matter... Chlo, I couldn't care less about sex right now." Beca's hand lightly sat on Chloe's cheek, her thumb wiping away a stray tear, "What I care about is you."

Chloe gave a sad smile and a shrug, "I just wanted to please you..." she mumbled, "I'm a people pleaser, it's what I do."
She drew her knees to her chest, allowing Beca room to sit in the space her legs once occupied. The Dj gave a understanding expression, appreciating the redhead's desire to fulfil the wishes of others but following that, she gave a firm, objective shake of her head.
"You don't have to 'please' me" She assured with a soft smirk. The brunette placed her hand on Chloe's leg, a sympathetic gesture which earned newly hopeful smile.

Their eyes met and as always it caused Beca's breath to hitch; the way Chloe's once dulled iris' physically regained their charismatic glint was a sight she couldn't describe as less than extraordinary and the way they went from scared and wide to a softened gaze coaxed a feeling of relief beyond the realm of explanation. Beca could have stared into those cerulean iris' for an eternity, but unfortunately for her, she was still sat in a towel and getting rather cold.

"Okay?" Beca asked, breaking the silence that had settled.
A smile splayed Chloe's features, "Okay." She echoed.

"Awesome!" Beca leant over and pecked Chloe's cheek before getting off the bed. She looked down at still-towel-clad self and tittered awkwardly with self consciousness.

"Y'know,You'd think with the whole shower thing, I'd be totally fine being naked around you." She jested good-naturedly as to poke fun at her own embarrassment. Chloe simply chuckled and nodded, "Well, I'm pretty confident about, " she gestured to her body, "all this," and then she winked. Her eyes scanned over Beca's body, "You should be pretty confident too," She added in a sly after thought, unable to withhold the predatory smile that soon followed the comment.

"Yeah well, maybe some day" Beca replied, her tone not entirely serious.
She then shuffled awkward over to a chest of drawers and claimed some underwear from them. She turned to Chloe.
"I'm just know..." She gestured to the panties and bra she held and then to her body, a gentle blush working it's way up her face.
Chloe giggled, "I suppose that's my queue to leave and take a shower, right?"
"Basically." Beca replied.
"Fine, fine" Chloe grumbled with feigned disappointment. She stood and took a few steps past Beca, waiting until the brunette turned away. Then she turned back, grabbed Beca, span her around and kissed her quickly, giggling and running away before the surprised younger woman could even react.

Beca smirked once she regained her wits and shook her head with a chuckle,
"she'll be the death of me." She muttered to herself, a gentle fondness attached.
The brunette then finally -after much digressing- managed to get dressed, dry her hair and look presentable for the first time in 2 days; it felt good.

The Dj then sat on the bed and scrolled through her phone, waiting upon Chloe's finishing with the shower.
When the redhead did finally return, she got up instantly and went to leave the room respectively. Chloe smiled at Beca's well intended caution but assured she didn't mind, as they weren't exactly doing anything.
Because of that, Beca happily complied and sat back down on the bed, though she kept her eyes glued to the screen of her phone.
...Well, she did until Chloe dropped her towel; then she couldn't help but stare.

Gentle curves, toned stomach, and lightly protruded collar bones were a few of the features Beca's eyes were drawn too among other things. Chloe was...well, she was perfect.
Beca let out a shaky, slightly aroused breath.
"Damn," She whispered to herself but the smirk on Chloe's face as she turned to grab some clothes was more than enough evidence that she had heard also.

Though following that, she changed in near silence, only pausing to glance over when she heard Beca mutter something incoherent, or on one occasion, about her "damn distracting, near goddess like perfect body' (Which truth be told, she laughed at, considering the indirect nature of Beca's flattery).

Though hair still wet, she joined Beca on the bed and cuddled up. The brunette grimaced, having suddenly gained a mass of wet ginger hair which was thoroughly soaking her sweater.
"Oh gee, thanks babe," She deadpanned, side eyeing the redhead, who beamed at her innocently.
"You're welcome, babe." Chloe replied sweetly, only nuzzling in further.

With an good natured eyeroll, she decided to change the subject.
"So, what are we doing today m'lady?"

Chloe looked up, giving that annoying innocent yet 'You-know-what's-coming-next' smile and then suggested, "how about we watch movies all day?", whilst withholding a giggle.

Beca's eyes widened dramatically. She looked to Chloe in feigned horor.
"God No."