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She had the world

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As seemed to a recurring theme, Beca awoke first in the morning. On first notice, she was confused and disoriented. The place she lay felt cramped and warm but on top of all that, there was an abrupt homeliness that became clear, despite that her wits (which returned moments later) had reminded her that she was in fact, very far from home...or Barden for that matter.

What the brunette neglected to remember was the redhead that was cuddled into her, breathing softly in her sleep. Of course she could feel her there, but it took a few seconds to dwell upon exactly why Chloe was asleep in her arms.

Though, when Beca had finally lifted herself from the musky sleep induced haze she hated so and opened her eyes, she met arguably, the most precious sight her steely blue eyes had ever seen.

Chloe lay in a peaceful slumber, a smile tenderly embedding her features that radiated a gentle tranquillity. It took the breath from Beca's lungs for she considered that making even the slightest of noises might awake her; she had come to the realisation that years of nightmares had probably made Chloe a light sleeper.

Then Beca thought back to the nightmare that happened those 2 nights ago. She understood that it couldn't possibly have been a one-off thing...So, how long had they been happening for? It was something she'd probably discover with time but as Chloe slept with her, the dreams failed to prevail their reign of terror and so, maybe she wouldn't ever find out after all...

Now content with the current situation, the brunette found no need to move, so she watched In awe filled silence the gentle rise and fall of Chloe's chest which accompanied her unconscious breathing, and the smile the redhead wore that only got fonder when she nuzzled in to Beca which was followed by an agreeable murmur of comfort. The DJ chuckled to herself, having to stifle further laughter as Chloe's red locks tickled her neck and face.

Beca breathed out, her warm, lingering breath causing the older woman to stir and sloppily bat her hand at the phantom heat. Beca smirked and then repeated the actions a few times; every cycle of breath caused Chloe's movements to become more violent until a final time when Beca inhaled but was then prevented by a harsh slap to her face.

The DJ's jaw hung agape. She glanced to Chloe, who's lips were pursed as if trying to conceal a grin. Her eyes tightened shut; her lips trembled, attempting to further stop the grin that slowly adorned her features with an accompanying amused exhale through her nose - As if to suppress an inevitable giggle.

"You're totally awake Chloe, I know it." Beca assumed, tapping her finger on the redhead's nose.
"I'm not awake...this is all a dream. " Chloe responded deadpan with a scrunch of her face to dismiss the digit. It seemed Chloe was a terrible liar around the younger woman, which only added to the humour as her voice wavered when she held the monotone.

After rolling her eyes good-naturedly, Beca then smirked, watching as the older woman tried in vain to dissipate the emotion from her features (Which is impossible since whether she's conscious or not, there's always something adorning Chloe's face - often an absent smile).

"Of course." Beca retorted, voice containing a malicious streak, peaking Chloe's curiosity enough that she opened her eyes. She met Beca's own, glaring mischievously.
"Beca, what are you-" Chloe's searching words were cut off by her own squeals and shrieks as Beca nudged Chloe off the couch and proceeded to tickle her once she thumped to the floor. Her limbs, heaped together and still not quite awake, jerked as the sensation erupted through her body and she simply writhed helplessly as Beca's loud, victorious laughter filled the room.

"Okay okay okay, I'm awake!" She cried breathlessly with a defeated, yet playful grin. Her laughter slowly died down into heavy breathing and she splayed out her limbs, lying on the floor whilst she looked to Beca. In that moment, she saw the lights that twinkled in the brunette's eyes - that little spark that Beca seemed to hold only for her, stimulated by a simple tickle fight...It was infatuation at it's finest.

There was a silence that fell, where they simply stared at one another, enamoured. To wake up that way had been something of a dream; to be in their arms, start the day lightly and humorously, the way those shitty rom-coms that Jesse liked went. Except there wasn't no boy meets girl but instead girl meets girl, but hey, no story is perfect.

"So..." Beca murmured awkwardly after a moment, obviously uncomfortable at the sudden speechlessness or possibly the tension that had arisen in the looks exchanged.
"So..." Chloe echoed, her grin wide. The redhead had never liked to give awkwardness the time of day and so she sat up before she moved to kneel in front of Beca, a kiss promptly breaking any heaviness the air once held.

The Dj couldn't help but smile against Chloe's skin, their touch somehow always left her breathless for she'd forget everything in that moment except the pure ecstasy that were the redhead's lips.

"Mmm g'morning," Chloe giggled as she planted another chaste kiss on the brunette's mouth before standing. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and then reached out her hand, took Beca's and pulled the younger woman up also.
"Mornin'" Beca replied, her words infused with a yawn that drew out their syllables until her voice became muffled as she dropped her face into the crook of Chloe's shoulder.

The redhead instinctively wrapped her arms around Beca's waist, feeling harmonious as they stood hugging in the middle of the living room. Chloe shut her eyes for a second and took a snap shot of the moment and hoped she would remember it as the first of many. Beca however, smiled knowingly into the older woman's touch; she knew she had found something special with Chloe and it wasn't often that she found such a connection. She cherished this, though she'd never tell (anyone, apart from maybe Chloe herself), for she had a reputation to uphold.

"What do you wanna do today, babe?" Chloe asked softly, her voice wavering on use of the pet name, unsure if It's use was warranted. Though, Beca seemed to perk up at its mention, her head lifting to reveal a goofy grin that sat a little lopsided, much like how the DJ would normally wear a smirk.

"I...I don't know," Beca mumbled with pursed lips, "uh, babe." she added quickly after mild hesitance.
Chloe giggled at the younger woman's apprehensive nature, adoring Beca's inexperience. It seemed to her that this new-found relationship dynamic would be good for them both; Beca would learn to be open and she'd personally learn to let go of her past (...well, hopefully. The young brunette had already helped somewhat so the only way to go was up).

"You're so cute when you have no idea what you're saying," The redhead teased passively, challenging the scowl that Beca threw after hearing the comment.
"I'm not cute, I'm badass." The DJ retorted with her teeth bared In a jesting growl.
Chloe chuckled, "Well, would this 'bad ass' like to spend the day cuddled on the sofa watching movies?"
Beca looked blankly for a moment, thinking to the pro's and cons of the situation, the negatives far out weighing the positives, ( Cons - having to watch the actual movie with its predictable as shit ending...Pros - Cuddling with Chloe, laughing with Chloe, protecting Chloe if watching horror movies...General being with Chloe-ness ). Then, after a thought processing side glance and scowl, she nodded.
"Sounds great," The DJ finally answered, struggling to hide the sarcasm so often adorned to such replies.

"Awesome!" Chloe chimed with a gleeful grin. She pottered over to the small coffee table that lay besides the fireplace, of which the TV was mounted to the wall on top of. Idly, her hand hovered over a few DVDs, each finger dancing a different pattern on the plastic casing. Beca simply dropped into the couch and watched, bemused as Chloe put such great thought into the choice.

Wordlessly, Chloe pulled a DVD case from the pile, opened it and then placed the disc into the DVD player. Beca squinted, straining to see the case as Chloe returned it to the collection. Though unsuccessful, she didn't doubt Chloe's movie choosing abilities and simply hoped that it wasn't one of those 'classics' from the 80's that Jesse seemed to think were a holy grail.

Chloe then sauntered back to the couch, half cuddling, half falling into Beca who, surprised by the sudden weight, wheezed and then laughed with pained expression.
"Jesus Chlo', I'm not a mattress!"
"I dunno Beca, you could've fooled me!"
The brunette shoved the older woman playfully which left her with no choice but to be shunted off Beca's body and to lay beside her instead. Despite what anyone would think, Beca had predominantly played the big spoon and it was a role she somewhat prided herself on, considering her short height often played to her disadvantage - She wasn't even taller than Chloe, it was simply that the redhead seemingly preferred to be the little spoon and the young DJ wasn't one to argue.

After shuffling for a few minutes, Chloe reached to the side and grabbed the remote, passing it over a still confused Beca to point it at the TV and switch it over to the DVD player.
"You still haven't told me what we're watching..." Beca stated with a small huff, lighting kicking the back of Chloe's calves.

Chloe side glanced Beca and then bit her lip, as if withholding the punch line of some hilarious joke.
She remained silent for a moment to watch the impatience spread through the younger woman's features until her brow was completely creased; quickly turning to a look of annoyance.
"Okay okay," Chloe piped quickly.
"It's a good film, I promise," she added another silence, secretly enjoying the disdain Beca held for the tension and the general ritual of movie watching.
"We're watching Lilo and Stitch." Is the slight giggled admittance the redhead unveils and Beca's eyes widened dramatically before they tightened to a glare, which is paired to a slight sigh.

"A Disney movie? Seriously?"
Chloe chuckled and without a reply, she cuddled up closer into the DJ. She smiled to herself as she felt the body of the younger women go slightly stiff with apprehension which is followed by a pause. The redhead then felt the air exhale from Beca's chest and body language that read surrender in a surprisingly fast turn around from the brunette.

In fact, Beca realised that where she was lead now, with her entire being encompassed around Chloe's frame and their bodies mingling in warmth and affection, that maybe watching a simple movie wouldn't be painstakingly difficult. It wasn't even just the physical feeling that the Dj found solace in: The feelings shared between her and Chloe made anything more enticing, as if she was experiencing something anew. Maybe her hesitation was fuelled by recent memories of awkward 'moviecations' by Jesse. But no, it wasn't a moviecation.

"Actually, you know what? This movie is's - uh, it's perfect."

It was her and Chloe, watching a movie together whilst cuddled up.
Itwasn't about learning about the movies or their sub-culture (of which Beca didn't care for anyway). It was about how their bodies fitted together...maybe not even their bodies, maybe just how they fitted.
Which - was becoming ever more apparent - was actually rather perfectly.

Chloe smiled, "I know." She whispered teasingly in reply.


The credits faded; the DVD menu showed again.
Chloe nudged her elbow into Beca's side gently and with great enthusiasm, she asked, "So, what did you think Becs?"
Though half asleep by the end (A fault caused by the few hours she had slept over the past few days, not by her disinterest), Beca managed a grin. She leant up on her elbows to peer over Chloe and with one of her classic eye rolls she retorted, "Well, I've already seen this movie before Chloe - Everybody has...but it was good, maybe even a little better than good. But only a little."

The older woman looked up to Beca, her expecting expression turning pleased.
"I knew you loved Disney movies!" She cried triumphantly; her arms engulfed the smaller brunette of whom grimaced playfully at the woman's excitement.
"Yeah yeah yeah, but don't tell anyone, I've got a reputation to uphold."
The redhead them mimed zipping her mouth shut and giggled further as she cuddled up to Beca and peppered a few kisses to the woman's face. "Who would've thought? My girlfriend - the one and only Beca Mitchell - likes Disney movies?"

There was laughter exchanged for a moment; the situation turned ever more into a cliché. It was possibly a conscious decision as if the twosome had played up to each other's obvious dynamic and the situation that surrounded them. It was almost comedic.

"Wait," The Dj suddenly turned serious, eliciting an air of shock but also an odd giddiness that Chloe couldn't quite put her finger on. Laughter cut short, the redhead was clueless as to the sudden change of demeanour and chuckled to ease the tension, but only aided in making the change seem more dramatic.

"You just called me your girlfriend..." Beca stated quietly. It sounded more of a question than a statement; the younger woman's incredulous expression giving clue to Beca's behaviour and Chloe - having realised what ignited her girlfriend's sudden strangeness - simply gave an assuring smile and pressed a kiss to Beca's cheek.
"Of course I did." Chloe replied plainly, as if the phrase was naturally associated the brunette and was far from out of the ordinary.

Only then did it dawn on Beca that they were quite possibly in a relationship, without either of them even out rightly asking. Realising that not all relationships are not direct 'ask-date-relationship' kind of affairs and the fact that Chloe seemed more than happy about that made Beca ease a little. She lost that feeling of inevitability that perhaps after this vacation finished (which was in just over 2 days, considering it was already mid day), her and Chloe would return to their weird ways of being friends but just-not-quite-girlfriends. No, they were in it for the long run, apparently.

Despite this, Beca queried, "So... we're like, a thing now?" to make sure her long winded thought train was correct and not as thin of substance as the air that surrounded them (Or some other complicated simile that she didn't have the brain power to come up with).
Chloe chuckled at her insecurity for it was adorable and then she nodded, "Yes Beca, we're a thing, if that's how you want to say it."

"I meant girlfriends... We're girlfriends, right?" The younger woman rambled with a blush that ran its way up her cheeks, flushing her face a light pink colour as she tripped on her words.
"Yes girlfriends, Beca." Chloe said slowly, savouring every syllable.
The brunette let out a sharp exhale which she grinned into. She sat there, a look of pure absolution decorating her features. And that's all that she did for a moment.

Then finally, she looked to Chloe, who was smiling at her a little questioningly.
Now, Beca Mitchell didn't get awe-struck so easily; she was difficult to completely befuddle. In her life, there had only been a handful of moments when she'd literally been unable to speak due to the amount of emotion that coursed around her tiny body. One of those times was her parents divorce, another being the events of yesterday. But what just happened? Well, that was the ultimation. The best thing to happen that could have possibly happened.

With that little grinned stuck to her face, she let out a nervous titter.
"Awesome." Was literally the only word she managed to gasp out, lost in everything that was Chloe. Her eyes, her smile, the sunlight that glared through the windows and shone vibrantly on her hair that splayed on the couch... Maybe her response was a little anti-climatic, but her delivery had been nothing short of pure, awed and whispered delight.

She finally breathed out, her tightened chest alleviated of pressure.
"That's...that's totally awesome" She re-iterated.

Chloe simply chuckled. She snaked her hands around the back of Beca's neck and pulled the girl in for a kiss.
"It is, isn't it?" She whispered against the DJ's skin, smiling minutely when she felt the hitch in breath that followed. The redhead lingered close for a moment which gave Beca the chance to sneak another light kiss before she moved away and lead back down fully on the couch and fell back into the spooned position they naturally found.

After a short while of peaceful, blissful silence, in which neither girls did nothing but lay and feel the innocent touch of the other's body, Beca spoke up.
"Babe," she mumbled, the word still feeling odd (like it left a sickly sweet feel in her mouth. Though, this 'taste' seemed to be merely episodic), "you need to change the DVD..."

"Is that you agreeing to a movie marathon?" Chloe asked sly, grinning.
The redhead squealed and jumped from the couch. Scuttling, she made her way over to the small table again of which the DVD's still lazily adorned.
"You're in for it now, Mitchell," She warned playfully, holding up a case then another before she shook her head and replaced the first with an entirely different one, mind obviously fleeting over the different options.

"Rom-com or tragedy?" Chloe asked with a glance over her shoulder.
Beca smirked, "How about neither?"
"Okay, musicals it is."
The DJ groaned, watching with disdain as Chloe picked up a DVD, took out the previous disc from the player, replaced it with this new one and then with a shit-eating grin, returned to her cuddling position.

"We're watching a horror next." Is all Beca stated before she glanced to the screen, though her annoyance was feigned and appeared playful as the brunette smiled when she was sure Chloe wasn't looking (But she was, she definitely was).

Chloe simply giggled and shuffled into Beca, her back and butt firmly pressed into the brunette, to which there was no disagreement about. The redhead felt safe in this intimacy, a continuing victory that showed how comfortable she was and Beca was well...all too happy to oblige.
The DJ threw her arm lazily around Chloe's waist, pulling her in (if that was even possible) and chuckled lightly when the off-guard redhead's breath hitched, clear that she had been focusing on the movie that was unfolding on the screen in front of them.

"So, this is gonna be our entire day, huh?" The younger woman queried softly after a brief silence.
Chloe nodded, turning her head to flash a grin at Beca.
"Perfect." The brunette said; for once her words sincere.

She didn't need the sarcasm that usually weaselled in her words, for she was being truthful and though she would probably never truly appreciate the 'beauty' of movies, at least with Chloe there she could appreciate the view.

With her fire of reluctance now mere ashes, she stopped watching Chloe adoringly and looked to the screen. The theatrical dancing and bright costumes caught her attention far more than she wanted it to; she found herself actually smiling at the characters.
Maybe movies weren't so bad after all.