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She had the world

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When they broke apart from the kiss and Chloe smiled in that perfect way she did, Beca realised what she had been missing out on for so long; now it was hers and nothing had ever tasted sweeter.
Their hands interlinked and they stood for a while, taking in each other's touch whilst they fought the shivers that had become apparent, as the shaded alcove they stood in lacked warmth. So instead, they found warmth in an embrace and Beca wrapped her arms instinctively around Chloe with a chivalrous smile.

The redhead murmured appreciatively as Beca's body radiated against hers and her eyes fluttered shut as she put her head to rest on the Dj's shoulder.

"What now?" Chloe murmured softly.
Beca gave a breathy chuckle, "I have no idea," she admitted, "I didn't actually think I'd get this far..."
Chloe giggled and then reopened her eyes. Beca's somewhat embarrassed composure caused her expression to soften and she craned her neck to brush their lips together for the third time that day. She sighed contently as they separated with a smile that played on her features, "Well you did, fortunately.".

Slowly, the corners of the brunette's eyes creased as a confident grin attempted to slyly adorn the younger woman's face. Somehow it failed and Beca blushed profusely at the miserable attempt, her adorable, (oddly uncharacteristic) teeth bared beam quickly reverting to a nervous smile. Chloe chuckled at the quick reversion of expressions and then caressed Beca's face with a single hand to make their gazes meet.
"and for the record, I'm very glad you did." She whispered with a light nuzzle into the crook of the Dj's neck.

Beca smirked, relaxing slightly. Then she shivered and had to pull Chloe tighter.
"Jesus, it's cold!" She hissed before her head turned towards the sun basked water that lay outside the small alcove. Her eyes wavered longingly for a moment before all attention was turned to a small jab in her side. She flinched, her body involuntarily jerking.
"Hey!" is all she managed to yelp before Chloe's laughter stricken voice rung loudly over hers,

Beca scoffed disbelievingly and then splashed around in pursuit of the redhead, of whom couldn't contain her laughter as she fleeted away.


Hours had passed since it happened. Beca had had a hard time trying to convince herself the kissing and admittance had actually taken place; the way her eyes subtly lowered with a certain self-doubt a determined show of it. Everything in that moment had been a blur to the Dj and she found that her tongue tripped over the words she couldn't quite remember and that the ghost of Chloe's lips felt almost like an illusion.

As if it was on cue, Chloe jumped to reassuring Beca. Her gentle smile and sincere eyes of sky blue were insurance enough of the moment that the brunette had seemingly lost.


Their hands found themselves linked ; it felt natural, the way Chloe's fingers slipped up Beca's palm and then lightly separated Beca's own to interconnect with them in a slick, graceful movement.
They had returned to the cabin, where they sat opposite each other on a couch and listened to each other's ridiculous confessions of crushes with incredulous yet dawning smiles as each story tumbled from the others mouth, often lost somewhere in laughter.

Chloe wiped a comical tear from the base of her eye and released a shaky breath induced from the come down that followed another bout of giggles. She eyed Beca who had begun to speak again; listening intently, her mouth formed into an 'O' shape as a testimony to her curiosity.

"So basically, that's how Jesse caught me staring at you from across the Quad and then promptly pelted me with a nerf gun that Benji so coincidentally had on his person..."

Chloe's laughter echoed in the otherwise empty living room again, filling Beca's ears with its melodious ring. The Dj then impatiently silenced Chloe with a finger to her lips and then continued,

"Wanna know the best thing about it though?" Beca eyes twinkled with mystery.
Chloe nodded.
Beca's voice was then lowered as her hushed tones slowly unravelled the climax of the story, "Benji told me he had brought the nerf gun out to in fact stop Jesse from interfering with 'us'."
Chloe's eyes widened, her brows raised disbelievingly "oh my god, really?!"

The brunette nodded into her smirk, "Yeah, he said he was rooting for me,"
Beca smiled and looked a little reminiscent as she thought back to that day. Chloe on the other hand just 'aww'-ed and cuddled up to Beca, commenting "Benji is so sweet...sometimes I wish I could be better friends with him, y'know?"
Beca nodded understandingly, "Yeah, the trebles are completely dicks to him."
"It's just Bumper to be honest, he's such a dicklick..." Chloe added.
"Did you just quote Aubrey?" Beca said with a smirk
Chloe's face was a picture of feigned innocence; eyes large and childlike whilst her mouth upturned sweetly, "What? Me? No!"

Beca rolled her eyes good naturedly, "That's definitely a lie" She started, her voice containing an authoritive streak which the redhead found amusing (and also a tiny bit sexy), "and because you lied to me, you're gonna to have to pay."
"Oh? And how will I do that, hm?" Chloe challenged.

Beca then met the lustful glare the older woman threw, her nerve turned titanium, unbreakable. The brunette's bottom lip caught teasingly between her teeth and when the pressure released, flushed a deep rouge that taunted Chloe so as the redhead now eyed the soft grooves of Beca's lips . The DJ gave a dark smile.

The cerulean iris' that once bored back were darkening as Beca continued to stare down at the older woman. The brunette leaned in slowly, her warm breath hitting Chloe's neck in such as fashion that hairs on the back of her neck rose with her bubbling arousal.

Beca's lip then ghosted Chloe's skin, and she whispered, "Well, firstly like this" before her teeth sank into Chloe's neck and she sucked at it hard. The redhead gasped, her hands instinctively running into Beca's hair and gripping tight as the younger woman clamped down harder still, relishing secretly as she felt the skin burn and bruise under her touch.
Chloe's breaths inhaled sharply and she hissed out an obscenity which turned to a desperate whimper of Beca's name, embodied with painful pleasure.

Then, Beca stopped. She moved away and admired the deep purple hickey that sat on Chloe's pulse point. She kissed it lightly before she lead a trail of kisses down Chloe's neck, up her jawline and then to her lips, where their mouths collided desperately. Their lips locked together, fitting together like a puzzle where the correct pieces had finally fallen into place, and then was a storm growing in the pit of Beca's stomach, merciless and climatic; it urged her to continue so she ran her tongue along Chloe's bottom lip, requesting access. With a pleasurable moan Chloe allowed this; their tongues due battle feverishly, mouths never breaking apart.

Though she had been hesitant to kiss Chloe the first time, Beca had grown confident quickly. Her hands that once hovered aimlessly as they made out now planted firmly on the redhead's delicate hips, edging Chloe across the couch where they could continue their curious wondering. They ran up and down the older woman's sides, which only got Chloe further riled up.

The brunette's hands, now underneath Chloe's shirt, reached around Chloe's back and fumbled blindly for her bra clasp. For a second, Chloe leaned into the gesture but upon realising Beca's intentions, she froze.

"Becs," She murmured, a unsettled feeling in her words.
Her voice wasn't loud enough; Beca continued to fiddle with the clasp. Chloe writhed a little, trying to shake the brunette's hands away. Initially, Beca looked confused and even scowled a little but then she saw the fear and the innocence that had crept onto Chloe's face and that led in her eyes which were wide with apprehension.

"Beca..." Chloe repeated her voice less than a whimper as she retracted away from Beca's touch.
"I..I can't..." The redhead confessed; her eyes hovered on Beca's face awaiting a reaction but the younger woman just stared blankly, so she glanced down.

After what felt like a millennium, Beca's hand graced Chloe's shoulder, alerting the redhead to look up. The Dj gave a sympathetic smile, "hey," she cooed softly, "don't worry."
Chloe sighed, " I do trust you Beca, I really do. It's just..." she paused as she swallowed the lump in her throat , "...bad memories"

Beca cocked her head to the side sympathetically. The brunette then took Chloe's hand in her own and after struggling with words for a few moments (which she cursed to herself about, she seriously needed to work on that) she simply said, "It's okay...We'll be okay"

The corners of Chloe's lips quivered into a smile as the words seeped in. Beca understood; she wasn't mad, or disappointment or upset unlike many others that had been. The alcohol that controlled Chloe's life previously made her lose her inhibitions but without it she was the scared and never made it far with anyone, which often resulted in shame as said people called her out on her sexual prowess (or apparent lack thereof).

Consequently, it was a relief when Beca's eyes softened and her voice was a meek whisper of reassurance that it was okay.

For the first time, Chloe believed the words to be true as they weren't accompanied with a sigh or an obvious glance that followed towards the door and the inevitable situation of being left alone at the end of the day...

Caught in her thoughts, it took a few seconds for Chloe to respond.
"Okay..." she whispered as an echo to Beca's words, tasting the sweet consolation they held.
Beca smirked gently, "Yeah, okay."


Leaning back into the couch, Beca then held her arms out a little and Chloe wordlessly fell into them. The redhead snuggled up close into the tiny woman, Beca's scent sending her in a relaxed lull.
Then, with eyes shut, she smiled and breathed out a, "Thank you"

Beca smoothed Chloe's hair, her fingers running a soothing pattern through the ginger locks. As she watched Chloe's serenity with adoration, Beca couldn't help but smile back. She pressed her lips gently to Chloe's forehead, and chuckled when the redhead murmured happily in her almost sleep like state.
"I love you, Chlo'" Beca whispered before she shut her eyes.

She settled into the couch, shut her eyes and let sleep overcome in gentle waves. With Chloe in her arms and atmosphere heavy with an intimacy she had longed to feel for so long, Beca had never cherished a situation so much before. It had truly been the greatest day of her life (excuse the cliché)
And tomorrow was going to be even greater.