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She had the world

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After a slow crawling half hour, the car pulled into a makeshift driveway littered with weeds and pebbles. The ground crunched loudly under the weight but it subsided as the vehicle juddered to a halt and its passengers got out, taking in their first view of their home for the next week.

“Well…we’re here!” Chloe exclaimed, flashing a grin at Beca as she rushed to the trunk. The DJ meekly returned the gesture, though instantly gave a wince as she noticed the distinct lack of…well, anything, really.

There was the cabin, relatively small but endearingly homely. There was the small decking area immediately at the door, with a Jacuzzi (much to Beca’s pleasure) and a table with two chairs. Then there was the vast expanse of fishing lake that extended out a good 500ft, no doubt the only ‘entertainment’ available.
Everything else (if there was anything else) was shrouded by dense woodland, with the road they came in on seemingly the only exit.

Beca sniffed loudly, the fresh air a welcome change to that of the city.
“It’s uh, definitely very-“She held the last syllable and gestured thoughtfully for an adjective whilst Chloe on looked the troubled brunette with a smirk.
“-…natural?” It was intended as a statement but sounded questioning.
“No shit, Sherlock” Chloe quipped sarcastically, once again flaunting her respectable talent for sarcasm with a jesting grin, leaving Beca dumbfounded yet inarguably impressed.
The redhead then skipped past Beca, suitcase in arm.

“What are you waiting for? C’mon Bec, grab some stuff from the trunk and get inside!”
Beca smirked, Chloe’s enthusiasm so far the most entertaining part of her day. She approached the rear end of the car, hoisted a laptop case over her shoulder and grabbed her respective suitcase.

She struggled to drag the luggage by its wheels, the uneven ground causing the wheels to get stuck or veer off and ended up carrying it by the handle. Unfortunately, it was a lot heavier this way and Beca wasn’t exactly the strongest of people.

The DJ groaned, her steps rushed as the suitcase caused a weighted ache in Beca’s arm to slowly become unbearable. She stumbled a few times and dropped it, breath sharp with every flex of her wrist as she recovered.

Chloe, by some miracle, caught said suitcase just in time. She grunted a little when she realised that Beca wasn’t faking her struggle though smiled determinedly, at which the younger woman smirked.
“Aw, is the little suitcase too much for Chloe?” The brunette teased in a childish voice, playfully jabbing the redhead in the side as she passed by on the way to the door.
Chloe seized up, her face construed as she stifled a giggle.
Of course, Beca Mitchell had effortlessly just found her ticklish spot and it hadn’t gone unnoticed apparently, judged from the devilish look in the Dj’s eyes.
“Beca.” Chloe’s tone was warning, but ultimately unfazing.

She backed away, scowling as the brunette approached slowly, mischief twinkling in her dark eyes.
Beca smirked and suddenly dashed towards the older Bella.
“Beca stop!” Chloe shrieked. All thoughts of luggage were left forgotten on the ground as the redhead made an escape into the log cabin and slammed the door shut behind her, leaving Beca to retrieve the rest of their stuff. She saw the brunette roll her eyes before she turned away and headed back to the vehicle.

Chloe breathed out a relieved breath, kicked off her shoes and awed as she turned and was met with the warm comfort of the cabin.
Immediately, you walked into a living space, with two couches, and a TV mounted on the wall with a fireplace beneath. This openly attached to the kitchen, a modern affair with pleasant lighting and one fancy ass stove (to put into the vocabulary of Beca).

Chloe walked over to the countertop, ran her finger over its surface then inspected it, expecting a trail of dust but found it to be immaculate. She nodded in approval, and then leant on the counter, glancing around.

Chloe had barely finished her own staring when Beca finally trampled through the doorway, bags dropping to her feet as she saw modern décor that outlandishly contrasted to the humble exterior.
“Jesus Christ.” The DJ muttered disbelievingly.
She traipsed over to a couch and fell into it, giving a satisfied moan as her body relaxed.
“Someone could take me right now on this couch and I would not give a single fuck because it’s so damn comfortable.”

The words escaped as mere aloud thoughts, but with only the company of Chloe, the twosome fell into a space where neither could add nor remove anything from the situation to patch over the sudden awkwardness. Beca blushed, her hands flailing as she gabbled herself to safety (or further into her own grave, more likely)
“I mean, metaphorically, y’know? Like…I just…never mind.”

Chloe giggled. “Whatever you say Beca.” She gave a playful wink, then grabbed some bags and went through to a small hallway, leaving the flustered brunette to live down her embarrassment and remove the red blush that seemed to be constantly adorned on her face whilst around the perky redhead.
“Get a grip, Mitchell” Beca muttered to herself as she leant up on her elbows.

There were a few minutes of silence consumed by Chloe collecting the bags and relocating them whilst Beca lounged on the couch. The brunette had considered asking if she needed help, but was sure she’d only get in the way, besides Chloe was a lot better at organisation.

When the redhead finally came to a stop, she claimed a couch for her own and relaxed onto it, facing Beca with the intention of conversation, though they fell into an eerie silence not often experienced by the two.

The periodic ticking of the clock, which Beca had begun to focus on and thus far get annoyed by, was the only sound apart from her own shallow breathing. She glanced over to Chloe, whose eyes were gently shut and hands were interlinked loosely, resting on her stomach which rose and fell with each of her breaths.

Beca smiled with the sudden realisation how blessed the situation was. One week, with the girl of her secret yearning and no distractions.
Yet she was terrified to even make a move.


“So, uh…What’s the sleeping arrangement?” She heard her voice croak into life, asking the question before she could think to stop herself.
Chloe opened one of her eyes and looked towards Beca.

“There’s one bedroom with a double bed.” She stated, her glare somewhat challenging.
“Oh…” Beca’s heart raced. Had she known earlier she might have been a little eased, but this information was new and now she was freaking out. Hugging Chloe was enough to make her stomach flutter, a shared bed was unbearable.

The older woman eyed Beca and up down, noticing her little nervous ticks; the biting of her lip and the creasing the hem of her shirt between her fingers but it was in her clouded eyes where you could see the storm that raged.
“No problem.” She finally mumbled. It was clearly a lie, but Chloe smiled contently nonetheless.

There was another brief silence.
“What side of the bed do you want?” Chloe sat up, hugging her knees to her chest and looked to Beca. The brunette scowled.
“I said what side of the bed do you-“
“I know what you said Chloe.” Beca shrugged. “I don’t mind, I’ll take either.”
Chloe chuckled disbelievingly.

“You don’t mind?! But Beca, choosing the side of your bed is like…” She threw her arms out with theatrical passion. “…It’s like a ritual!”
Beca snorted with an eye roll. “Yeah totally.” She retorted sarcastically. The DJ pulled a comical face of thought , stroking an imaginary beard then said “I’ll take the right side.”
Chloe beamed “Aca-awesome! I’m gonna go unpack…Do you want me to sort your stuff out for you?”

Yet again, Beca considered helping but (yet again) she knew Chloe would be better at getting stuff into an organised fashion. She nodded, albeit a little guiltily, then added “Yeah thanks, I suck at sorting clothes.” As a meek attempt of an excuse.

Chloe giggled. “Not a problem Becs.” The redhead jumped from the couch, and traipsed out of room, humming ‘Just the way you are’ under her breath.
Beca smiled, because God damn, Chloe was adorable.

The DJ stood and then approached the table where various plastic bags of food waiting to be put in the fridge awaited. She rummaged through the bags, commenting on the various items she found.
“Bananas…what a lack of appeal.”
“What the fuck is turmeric? ...”
“Shit, do we really need this much pasta? Are we in freakin’ Italy or something?”
“Alphabet soup, seriously? Well, it certainly spells out a culinary disaster.”

She might have continued on her excursion of self-monologued puns and comments, had she not discovered the pack of beer cans hidden under a loaf of bread.
She eagerly grabbed two, opening one whilst leaving the other on the side for Chloe. She took a sip. It was lukewarm and unpleasant, but it was her first drink in a while and was therefore happily welcomed.
She downed a few more gulps, grimacing at the taste became increasingly unpleasant. Eventually, she decided she’d just wait until Chloe returned to finish, setting herself the task of transferring food to the fridge instead.

It turned out that Chloe was fast at unpacking, as no more than 5 minutes later; she bounded back into the kitchen/living area, grinning as she watched Beca work.
She eyed the cans on the countertop
“Found the alcohol then?” She asked playfully as she grabbed a can and opened it.
“Of course.” Beca replied with a smirk.

The brunette was attempting to place cereal boxes in a high up cupboard. She grunted, standing on the tips of her toes but still failing in the feat.
“Here, let me help you.” Chloe offered, taking the box from the disgruntled Beca and slotting it with ease onto the cupboard shelf.
Beca rolled her eyes “I could’ve done it.” She said with a glare.
“Totes.” Chloe quipped in response, side glancing the DJ as she sipped from her beer.

“Shut up.” Beca muttered dejectedly, though a small smile played on her lips as Chloe giggled. She grabbed her own can of drink and drank from it, instantly gaining a harsh reminder of why she placed it down in the first place.
She paused for a moment, thinking of how to avoid taking another drink.

“To our vacation!” She suddenly toasted, raising the can enthusiastically in the air before she could wimp out of her poor excuse for avoiding the drink(a situation she’d never really been in before, she was usually try to gain more alcohol rather than lose it).
It was almost sarcastic, but Chloe watched with fascination, then raised her can and made a toast of her own.

“To the log cabin and whatever may unfold from it!” The redhead then winked at Beca, causing the DJ to choke on her drink. Of course, Beca played it off but had no such luck when playing off her blush as Chloe’s lustful eyes teased her for a moment before the older Bella walked away, returning to her respective couch with drink in hand.

“God damn.” Beca whispered to herself, face adorned with an awed grin.
“I’m so whipped.”