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She had the world

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The day had arrived.
Beca awoke in the morning to her phone vibrating. She rubbed her bleary eyes, stretching out with a grunt before she finally tapped the screen to view the message.

'omg becs we're goin on vacation 2day! xxx' was the text that confronted the sleepy DJ, undeniably Chloe judging from the awful grammar and the kisses at the end. Beca smiled tiredly at her friend's excitement, rolling on her side so she could type back a reply in comfort.

It took a few moments for Beca to form a response that didn't sound too eager, yet too bored. The brunette had re-written it four times, each time worrying that she sounded stupid or sarcastic. She wanted Chloe to know how happy she was about the vacation, yet she didn't want to overstep the boundaries of friendship.
In the end, she replied with. 'I know, super excited!' and she smirked gently as she replaced her phone on the desk, heaving her body off the bed as she did.
"Nailed it." The DJ muttered to herself sarcastically.

Beca then spent the next few minutes checking over what she had packed for the vacation, agonisingly sifting through her suitcase to check she had every object on her list (which she totally didn't write upon Chloe's suggestion) and then checking again just to be safe. Beca had also made an effort to ensure her laptop case was on top of the suitcase as a reminder so she didn't forget it, not that she needed to be reminded anyway.

Beca glanced to her clock, hissing a loud "Fuck!" as she realised it was literally 15 minutes until she was to meet Chloe. The brunette ran to her mirror, grimacing as her appearance was, unfortunately, a little less than what she desired. Tired eyes with last night's makeup smudged slightly and messy hair that stuck at awkward angles.
"Jesus Christ." She mumbled, simultaneously grabbing a hairbrush and make-up removal wipes in a bid to make light of the situation.

5 minutes and a variety of cussing later, Beca looked somewhat presentable and with the addition of a fresh outfit consisting of jeans, tank top and signature plaid shirt, she became ready to face the day with a brave smile (or maybe a smirk, she hadn't decided).

With a final look in the mirror, Beca grabbed her phone, checking for new messages. Expectedly, there was another one from Chloe and it was equally as excited as the last.
'Me 2! legit cant wait, hurry ur butt up Mitchell!'
Beca smirked, deciding to not give Chloe a reply but she hurried her pace nonetheless, grabbing her suitcase, laptop case and headphones before briefly scanning the room. She nodded in self-assurance, positive that she had everything packed and with a relieved exhale, left the room.


Upon seeing the flash of brunette hair and heavy eyeliner approach from around the corner, Chloe let out a squeal, forgetting the open trunk of her car and surprising Beca with what could only be described as a tackle hug. The DJ lets out a yelp as the excitable redhead embraces her, nearly dropping her suitcase in the process.

"I'm so glad we're going on this vacation, Beca" Chloe half whispered into Beca's ear. The way her warm breath tickled the brunette's neck and the way her tone was soft and dare Beca say it, longing, made Beca's mind think about everything apart from the fact they were just 'friends' . It made Beca think of many things, some she'd rather not admit. However, the fact of the matter was, Chloe was not just being overly friendly. She sounded flirty, and god damn, did it make the DJ blush.

Beca cleared her throat, managing to mumble a sincere "Y-yeah, it's gonna be awesome…"
"Well, c'mon on then!" Chloe's demeanour flipped from flirty to cheerful within an instant, the redhead gracefully removing the suitcases from the dumbfounded DJ's grip with an innocent grin. Beca stared blankly, looking down at her hands, then to Chloe then back at her hands again. She scowled a little, scratching her neck nervously.
"S-sure…uh, let's get going!" Beca said, her enthusiasm possibly a little feigned.

The twosome got into their respective sides of the vehicle, buckling their seatbelts in unison and sat for a moment; Chloe busy looking at a map whilst Beca inspected the car.
It was cleaner than she expected, for starters but something else caught her eye. It might have not been amazing in any ordinary person's view, but Beca hadn't been in any other car apart from her own recently, and the car she had was literally falling apart.
"Oh my god Dude, your car has cup holders!" Beca exclaimed. She regretted it instantly, blushing profusely as she comically slapped her hand over her mouth and glanced towards Chloe, whose bemused expression only adds humour to the situation.

"Not cup holders, I use them to keep all the souls I steal, because I don't have my own." Chloe suddenly said, completely deadpan. The fact her gaze didn't flicker away from the map for a second had Beca impressed.
In fact, the way the DJ's eyebrows raised and her entire expression turned into complete awe, you could say Beca was a little enchanted by Chloe's level of sarcasm, feeling the need to actually slow clap the reply. She didn't of course. Instead, she blushed again, mentally kicking herself for being unable to control her toner.

Fortunately, all 'hopeless-crush-on-Chloe' thoughts were forgotten as the car stuttered into life and was driven out of the parking lot, where the journey to the cabin finally began.


Thirty minutes in and a happy medium was found. Chloe's generic music taste meant that various CD's were littered in different parts of the car. After a thorough rummage, Beca came across Bruno Mars' album. She groaned, but considering her other options were Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars sounded pretty good.

She put the CD in, giving a gentle smile as the sound came through the speakers, filling the car with the first track 'Grenade'.
Beca was sure Chloe would be bobbing her head along to the beat, but the redhead actually grimaced a little.
"Beca, could you skip to the second song…I just really like that one." Chloe asked gently. She then reached out her hand despite just asking Beca to change the track and even seemed surprised when their hands met.

"Dude!" Beca gasped as she retracting her hand quickly. She turned to face the window to hide the deep red colour that was slowly creeping up her face and bit her lip to supress the wave of profanities that she longed to follow with.
Chloe seemed oblivious; she chuckled and changed the song, humming along with the lyrics. A few seconds later, she frowned and quickly glanced to Beca.
"Becs, you look a little warm there, lemme open the window." Chloe said innocently, pressing a button which opened the passenger side window, allowing a pleasant breeze to roll in.

The Dj sighed, though ultimately couldn't stay embarrassed for long. She dropped the awkward tight lipped expression in place of a shallow smile and turned back towards the front, watching the highway in front of them.

After a few minutes of (painful) silence, Chloe finally spoke up, her voice soft.
"It's great to finally go to the cabin...I can't thank you enough Beca, you're a life saver"
The younger Bella smirked, shaking her head. "N-no Chloe, don't worry about it…I, uh, it's my pleasure, really."
The way Chloe smiled after hearing the words from her mouth made Beca's heart swell. It was that smile where her eyes twinkled and the curve of her lips was equally adorable and sexy. If they hadn't been in a car and Chloe hadn't been driving, Beca would've kissed her and happily accepted any reaction there and then, positive or negative.

The thought of getting that close to the older Bella rang through Beca's mind for a while, but was eventually drained out by a will to sleep.
Eyelids already a little heavy, Beca made a struggle of checking that Chloe was completely content with her Bruno Mars CD or whatever she was listening to before finally allowing the tiredness to manifest. Her eyes shut, she fell asleep.


Beca awoke with a start, jumping from her seat with a gasp, though restricted by her seatbelt. She wheezed as the air in her lungs were jolted, her sleep induced daze only confusing her further.
The Dj breathed erratically for a moment, only calming down as she remembered her surroundings and scenario.
"Oh yeah, the vacation." She muttered in an undertone, smirking at her own idiocy.

She looked out the window, and much to her (lack of) surprise, they were at a gas station. Chloe was nowhere to be seen, presumably inside the small store that accompanied the various gas pumps. Beca reclined into her seat, letting out a yawn and stretching.
Though she was no longer tired, she closed her eyes and relaxes for a moment, a neutral smile adorned on her features.

An unmeasured amount of time later, Chloe opened the door and the car leant slightly as she slipped onto her seat. Beca felt the redhead reach over her and place something in the cup holder, presumably a coffee.
"Should put those soul catchers to good use…" Beca heard the smirk in Chloe's words and had to bite her tongue to not laugh but then another comment caught her attention, withdrawing all humour from the atmosphere. It sounded passive, though was unmistakably clear.

"Bec's is such a cutie when she sleeps."

Beca's eyes open wide and her head turned sharply towards Chloe.
"What?" Beca inquired, oblivious to the terror on the redhead's face.
"Oh, Beca…you're awake?" Chloe skirted around the question, smiling innocently.
"Did you just call me a cutie?"
Chloe shrugged nonchalantly . "No…you were probably dreaming."
Beca scowls, unconvinced. "I wasn't even asleep." She stated, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

Chloe's eyes darted around the vehicle, looking for a topic change.
"Whatever!" She replied starkly "Look, I bought you coffee." She points to the cup, and then took her own one and sips at it graciously, giving an exaggerated sigh of contentment. "It's pretty good." She comments, her gaze directed away from Beca.
"Yeah …thanks." Beca picked up her own coffee and drank from it. To be honest, it was pretty good.

"Okay so…how far away are we?" The brunette continued, sipping periodically from her coffee as Chloe restarted the car and left the gas station.
"Uh…" Chloe frowned, trying to locate a road sign. "I think about half an hour…"
Beca sniffed awkwardly "Damn, I was out that long?"
Chloe chuckled, nodding in response.

"Well, on the journey back, I promise I won't fall asleep. Deal?" Beca grinned, holding her hand out towards Chloe.
Keeping one eye on the road, the older Bella tentatively removed a hand from the wheel and shook Beca's, giggling as the brunette smirked.