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She had the world

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It was summer break. A time when campus became barren and the few people that remained wished they hadn’t. The heat prickled at everyone’s skin and made dormitory rooms unbearable; even the quad was relatively empty despite its usual popularity among students.

It was this time of year when it was Bella’s tradition to go on a small vacation together to a big city, or alternatively (and this was the less popular option) to a secluded log cabin by a fishing lake, where they would ‘reconnect with nature’. Although, the log cabin had seldom been chosen due to the party loving Bellas consistently having the upper hand over whatever small part of their brains even remotely enjoyed the outdoors.

So, as it usually went, the decision for New York had been decided weeks in advanced. Everyone was excited, even Beca, whom usually would’ve shied away from a week’s worth of alcohol, sex and most probably drugs as well.
But then there was Chloe; after a mishap (to quote Aubrey, though Beca had suspicion about the whole thing) during their previous crusade to the big apple, she seemed reluctant and was almost pleading to visit the log cabin, claiming it would be ‘super cute and totally relaxing’.

The girls were showing a lack of interest and Aubrey, against her own will, told the redhead they’d have to go without her. This struck Beca as a little odd (I mean, they were best friends, right?) and, being someone who knows what’s it like to be left out, began to stand up for her.
“Dudes, that’s totally unfair” The brunette exclaimed. She made a vague gesture towards the crossed armed, scowling Chloe and added “We can’t just leave her by herself. “
Beca sighed, shaking her head as if she was regretting breaking her ‘bad ass’ image to help out a fellow Bella (Though, she might have had a small crush on the certain redhead in question, which may have added incentive) but nevertheless, she swallowed her pride and finished “We’re all Bellas, so we do things together, or not at all.”

Aubrey stared down at the DJ, her face construed in a somewhat challenging expression but it held an air of approval, as if Beca had said exactly the right thing for the first time in her life. Though, she dismissed it, giving an airy motion with her hand.
“I’m sorry Beca; the majority has made their choice. I’m torn that Chloe isn’t coming but unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do. “Aubrey shrugged, and produced a print off of an email from her purse. “I mean…it’s already been booked.” She admitted, waving the paper flauntingly.

Beca’s face dropped to disgust.
She scowled and turned to look at Chloe, who gave a disappointed smile and a sheepish shrug. The brunette’s heart strings were tugged hard and her head whipped back towards the group, of whom were chattering excitedly.
She exhaled with visible frustration, new eyes narrowing on Aubrey as she skirted through the small crowd, snatching the booking confirmation straight from the older Bella’s cold grip.

“Jesus Christ, of course you’ve already booked it!” She scoffed, staring in disbelief at the paper.
“Beca don’t, it’s fine, I-“Chloe began to meekly defend herself, though Beca cut back in without hesitation.
“No Chloe, it’s not! Aubrey went and booked a vacation which she probably knew you were uncomfortable with and knew that you wouldn’t want to go. That’s completely bull shit!”

Everyone in the room grew silent at the outburst, expecting a quick taut reply from Aubrey, but the blonde was surprisingly quiet.
Beca scanned the room, every pair of eyes averted from her gaze. Aubrey looked embarrassed, ashamed even but was ultimately unwilling to admit it.
Chloe was also speechless, giving an amazed stare towards the angered brunette. The corners of her mouth twitched to form the slightest smile because it wasn’t often Beca spoke (or yelled) with such intensity. She wouldn’t ever tell anyone, but it even made her swoon a little at how defensive Beca was over her; a side that even the DJ herself was unaware of.

After a considerable amount of time, Beca threw her hands up and moved towards Chloe, also dropping the paper to the floor in the process. Aubrey promptly collected it and with an authoritative huff, shoved it back into her purse, glaring the younger Bella up and down as she did.

This was actually a simple time buying tactic; Beca needed a few more seconds to decide a game plan and the time it took Aubrey to collect the email was just enough.
As she reached the redhead (who had separated from the group since the minor disagreement and was sitting on the chairs instead of stood by the piano), Beca gave a sly wink.
Chloe smirked softly, bemused at this mysterious caricature of her brunette friend.
“It’s okay Chlo’, I got this.” Beca whispered, just audible enough for Chloe to hear but nobody else. In response, Chloe cocked her eyebrow, waiting in anticipation of whatever ridiculous plan Beca had concocted.
Turns out, it wasn’t all that ridiculous at all.

“Alright nerds, I’ve got a proposition.” Beca turned on her heel towards the group, who faced the DJ with puzzled expressions.
“Well c’mon shawshank, what ya’ got? Can’t be worse than the time I suggested my friends and I go kangaroo racing…” fat Amy replied, her small anecdote getting a series of eye rolls and amused chuckles.
“Yeah, spit it out.” Cynthia-rose added, her sudden interested simply fuelled by her wondering imagination (out of the whole group, she was seemingly the only one who could see Chloe and Beca’s toner’s for each other and she was damn sure they’d end up together one way or another).

Beca hushed them with a simple gesture and took a quick breath.
“I won’t go to New York.”
Everyone shot her a questioning glance and with Aubrey on the brink of making a comment, Beca hastily continued.
“Chloe and I won’t go to New York; we’ll go to the log cabin instead…by ourselves” She explained. “It’s not exactly a bad idea; besides, I could do with something a little more relaxing.”

Her thought process and reasoning changed the entire group’s outlook and instead of confused staring, they all nodded their heads in an agreement that said ‘Yeah, that’s actually a pretty good idea’.
Beca turned to Chloe and grinned with enthusiasm (Albeit, it was a little creepy, big smiles don’t work on a small frame like Beca’s).
“So, how about it red?”

Chloe’s hand fell to her chest, resting lightly above where her heart was located and she grinned. She felt touched at how selfless this was of Beca, considering the DJ’s usual stubbornness and despite how cheesy the gesture she just made was, Chloe couldn’t help but act like an excitable teen that had been swooped head first into their first major crush.
The offer looked promising too; a week away with Beca with no distractions. Maybe Beca made the offer with intentions, though it seemed purely innocent…

Her internal monologue about love and it’s mysterious ways would’ve continued further but Aubrey’s firm, yet caring tones broke through her thoughts, like nails on a chalkboard.
“Chloe? Are you answering Beca’s question or is your silence an indication that you’re too polite to decline the offer?”
Beca shot the blonde a dirty look, retorting quickly “Hey! Let her make her own decisions!”
Aubrey sighed, turning her attention back to the redhead; she was far too professional to start an argument with some silly alt girl.

Chloe glanced between the two, a smile filling her features, making her eyes twinkle in that perfectly enticing way that they did.
“Beca, that sounds like an awesome idea, I’d love to go to the log cabin with you.”
Beca’s face lit up, she smiled, cute and endearing. The DJ clasped her hands together in an uncharacteristic fashion but then quickly pulled them apart again, wiping them on her jeans nervously.
“That’s uh, great! I’ll go make plans and…stuff.” Beca collected her things, nodded a farewell to the group and made her way to the door, only getting halted by none other than Aubrey.
“Excuse me Beca, but I think you’ll find this is a Bella’s rehearsal…and in rehearsals we tend to rehearse, so get back here.” The older woman commanded Beca in a somewhat condescending manner, which elicited an appropriate eye roll and sigh from the brunette as she came to a stop, centimetres from freedom.

Without even turning around, or without battering an eyelid for that matter, Beca replied “Actually, I think you’ll find its 10:03; rehearsals ended 3 minutes ago, so technically you actually owe me 3 minutes. I’ll remember that next rehearsal.” And with that, she walked out.

Aubrey glanced to the clock. To her dismay, Beca was correct. She groaned, giving a flick of her hand to dismiss the others before she sloped to where her water bottle resided and took a drink from it.
After a content gasp as the fresh water cooled her throat, she turned her head to Chloe and grimaced.
“You’re not seriously going to go....alone with Beca?” She asked, the slightly disdain in her voice evident.
Chloe shrugged and smiled playfully. “Why not? It’d be fun! This means you guys can enjoy in New York without having to worry about me…”
Aubrey simply stares at her, going tight lipped. She has no argument to respond with, there’s no retaliation that could be considered legitimate enough to warrant Chloe’s decision making skills.
The blonde simply huffed, which expressed everything she needed to say instead.

Chloe approached Aubrey and rested her hand on her co-captains shoulder gently, giving a sincere smile.
“I think it’s a good idea.” She stated with optimism before swiftly exiting the room, leaving Aubrey to her thoughts.

Aubrey sat for a moment, considering the turnout of today’s rehearsal and she smiled cunningly to herself.
“Gotta hand it to yourself Posen, your acting skills are better than what you thought.” She mumbled to herself with a light chuckle.
The blonde pulled out the email from her purse, and sat with a look of utter smugness. She had, after all, just completely tricked Beca into finally getting her ass into gear (though admittedly, no one else in the group knew about her little plan either).
The smugness wasn’t just that either, it was the fact that she knew after this, Beca and Chloe would most definitely be dating, thanks to her. She may have been a little uptight sometimes, but Aubrey cared deeply about every member of the Bella’s.

She may have also been correct about Beca caring enough to stand up for Chloe and as a result, offer to take Chloe to the log cabin but what she hadn’t thought she consider was if Beca had good intentions or not. Chloe was her best friend and that tiny DJ could easily crush the redhead’s heart within a matter of minutes. She had to act fast, give the alt girl an interrogation of her life and make sure she didn’t forget it anytime soon.

Aubrey grabbed her bag and left, sights set on Beca’s dorm.