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Love Me, Love My...

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"...dude," Yuuta said, slowly, in the tones of someone receiving a revelation from the very heavens. "You have tentacles."

"You know what, Yuupyon, I hadn't even noticed," Koujirou retorted, aggravated.

The nest of tentacles he was ... reclining ... on writhed and knotted together, just as agitated as he was.

"But why do you have tentacles?" Yuuta pursued, doggedly.

If he knew the answer to that, Koujirou thought, scrubbing his hands through his hair as the tentacles flailed, he would be so much more goddamned happy with the universe right now. "Fucked if I know. Ojii said something about an old curse and then went off." With any luck, it was to fix this. Because fixing this was definitely a good idea.

"Huh," Yuuta said. "Weird."

"You're telling me?" Koujirou demanded. "Honestly--whoa, hey, don't do that--"

Yuuta regarded the tentacle that had just secured itself around his hand and was steadily winding its way down his forearm, eyebrows knitting together. "Grabby much, Sae?"

"They don't exactly like to listen," Koujirou told him from between gritted teeth as he willed the damn thing to let Yuuta go. It really didn't want to, and coiled up Yuuta's arm slowly, snaking over sun-warmed skin slowly. "Yuuta, maybe you should--"

He didn't get to finish the sentence; with all his attention focused on letting go of Yuuta's arm, he didn't have enough attention to spare for the rest of the damn things.

Yuuta made an interested sort of sound as several tentacles reached out for him and began coiling up his legs. "Really grabby, huh?" he said, and then made another sort of sound altogether as the damn things started sliding under the hem of his shorts. "I think they like me."

"I think you're a pervert," Koujirou said, distracted by just how much sensory feedback he was getting from them; it was like having half a dozen hands sliding over Yuuta's thighs all at once.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Yuuta said, grinning, and waded deeper into the tentacles.

"Pervert," Koujirou said, and reeled him in.

Yuuta just laughed, until Koujirou found something better for him to do with his mouth.

- end -