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smile for the new year

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yoongi’s so done with new year.


so what? the world isn’t going to change, time still passes, life still goes on. he doesn’t get why people are so hyped about the new year. what’s the big deal? more often than not, 31st december is a depressing day spent reflecting on everything that has happened throughout the year. If only 30th december was after 31st , yoongi sighs. 30th was a nice warm day spent cuddling with his boyfriend.


“why the grump face, hyung?” taehyung asks.


yoongi pauses. “what’s so great about new year?”


taehyung laughs, “because it’s the new year! like a brand new start? kind of like ‘new year, new me’? and the fireworks are awesome!!” yoongi frowns at that. new year, new me? what the hell. taehyung pouts at yoongi’s frowning face, “come on, hyung! don’t frown now, you gotta smile before the year ends to make the new year a great one!”


yoongi rolled his eyes mockingly. “that’s bull, tae.” the said boy whines and pouts again.


“hyung, it does work! i did it last year and it worked!”


“tae baby, you smile all the time.” yoongi deadpans.


“and you should too!”


yoongi chuckles at taehyung’s attempt to make him smile. “why are you so adorable,” he coos when his boyfriend squishes his cheeks together and blows him kisses.


“see yoongi hyung smiled!” taehyung cheers gleefully. yoongi laughs and looks at his precious boyfriend adoringly.  “keep that smile there hyung! we can cuddle when we get back!”


times like thinks yoongi wishes there wasn’t a screen between them. but cuddles with taehyung are great, yoongi thinks and smiles to himself as he sinks further into his bed.