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The Boy in the Tower

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Once upon a time, in the province of Maria, there was a small town on the outskirts called Shiganshina. Numbering in the tens of thousands, the town was very closed off and rarely did it receive newcomers, or did people leave. A large wall surrounded the town, and only a select few were trusted to leave. Outsiders never travelled to the outskirts much, and only certain outsiders were allowed, because there was a secret inside the town. It was ruled by women.

Men existed within the town walls, but they were treated as second-class citizens. Like cattle they were herded and always at the beck and call of their female counterparts. It wasn’t that they were physically weaker, no they did most of the heavy lifting and hard labor, but rather because of how they were raised.

From childbirth, only a select few males educated, many of the children were trained as servants or to help with farming and other physical tasks. Orphaned or unwanted children were often sold as slaves or used for hard labor. Often corporal punishment was used as a means to keep them in line. Adults who stepped out of line were publicly humiliated, whipped, sometimes castrated, and this fear kept them from disobeying.

That did not mean there were no outlets for sexual relief. In fact, there were many well-established houses and dens of iniquity run by women catering to women. These houses were regulated and mandated such that only males above the age of sixteen were able to work as sex workers. At such establishments, younger ones were often used for menial tasks such as cleaning or running errands, with the tacit understanding that they would be trained and work in the house after they came of age.

And it was in one of these houses, that a young brunet, yet untrained, found himself wondering, not for the first time, why other males enjoyed such sexual activities with women.



“Yes! Right there!”

The sounds of sex echoed dimly throughout the halls. Eren had long-since gotten used to hearing them, having lived there for over three years. Since his mother had passed away – he hadn’t really known his father – he had been bought and sold to the whorehouse.

At first he had been given simple chores such as cleaning up the dining room or chopping firewood, and they slowly progressed to include the rooms where they serviced their clients. Those rooms generally reeked of sex and sometimes there were slight stains of blood along with the usual fluids. Most, if not all, the clients were female and some loved dominating those that worked here. It wasn’t unusual to see lash or nail marks running down the back of a male after one such heated session. But in the last couple months, since Eren was almost sixteen, he had spent the last few weeks being forced to watch what happened in the rooms.

The current session was one of the tamer and more vanilla sessions. There was a freckled brunet, Marco, lying on the bed being ridden by a woman in the throes of passion. He was one of the nicest men here, but even then he had no say in what was happening. Here, the clients controlled the sessions. A few wanted to be dominated, but Eren had seen more cases where they were bound and gagged. Armin, one of the older boys, had a regular client who loved to grab his hair and whip him. The blonde was frequently covered in bruises, but actually enjoyed it.

The other males found it arousing to watch a scene like the one he was watching right now, but it had never happened to him. Eren didn’t quite get what was so pleasurable about being with those soft bodies and touching those globes of fat. It was frowned upon, but he knew that two of the other workers, Reiner and Bertolt, were together. The first time he had caught them in the middle of the act was when he was thirteen. Luckily he was not seen but that night was the first night he had ever gotten an erection. He had seen them again once or twice and thankfully each time he had gotten away without being seen. Over the last three years, Eren had grown more desirous of the idea of a broad shouldered, muscled stranger taking him from behind. Those dreams continued to haunt his nights, becoming more tangible as time passed.

Only that would never happen. Males like Reiner and Bertolt were rare in Shiganshina. Considering the other jobs or positions they might have gotten stuck with in the closed-off community, many of the workers enjoyed their lifestyle. It wasn’t the most moral of occupations, not that morality mattered here, but they were well-clothed, fed, and able to indulge in one of the baser urges known to mankind. Clients weren’t allowed to cause excessive harm and those that injured them were permanently banned.

Any time without a client was their own, and they only worked six out of the seven days in a week, in an effort to ensure they were able to physically restore themselves. Workers were allowed to leave the house on their free time, although they had to wear an ankle band with the house’s address. Those who tried to escape, not that there were many, were severely punished by the city guards. Between castration, public flogging, and other forms of bodily harm, there wasn’t much dissent amongst the male population. Moreover, once they had a patron, a regular client who had a specific named worker, they could also go out with their patron. Armin often came back with books to read, and Eren envied the freedom in being able to leave the house.

They weren’t truly workers, since the occupation wasn’t necessarily one of their own choosing, but Eren hated considering himself a slave. When he was born, he had enjoyed freedom for a few years before his mother had passed away. Once he was orphaned, he had been sold to the whorehouse. So far it wasn’t a bad life, they hadn’t mistreated him as much as they could have, but it definitely wasn’t one that the brunet would have chosen himself.

Marco and his client finished soon after, and he found himself being called by another of the workers. “Mistress Ackerman wants to see you now.”

Nodding his acknowledgement, he slowly made his way up the staircase to knock at the mahogany door. Eren knew what was happening. In the few weeks before one began working, they were taken somewhere and hands-on training was provided. He had never seen it and the other workers never whispered a word about the experience.

“Come in,” a cool voice called out.

Slowly turning the knob, he walked into the elaborately decorated office and found himself face-to-face to a woman with strong Asiatic features, dark-hair, and stern eyes. Mikasa Ackerman, or Mistress Ackerman as they were required to address her by, was one of the co-owners and trainers of the establishment. Because of the large number of workers, and to keep things fully functional, there were multiple women who kept this particular operation running.

“Do you know why you are here, boy?”

Eren nodded mutely, afraid to speak up and say something to upset her. If it was someone else, he’d be less anxious, but the stern woman standing in front of him was known to be one of the harder mistresses. There was no telling what she would say or do. Despite being one of the owners, she was also one of the people in charge of ensuring Shiganshina’s security. The brunet wasn’t sure what sure what position she held, only that she was sometimes gone for days to deal with some military threat or escapee.

“Good. Then I don’t have to explain anything. Follow me.”

Honestly, he was not looking forward to his training. It meant his simple life of cleaning and other boring tasks was at an end. But there was no escape. It was his fate. Being born a male in Shiganshina already relegated him to a lower status, and what little he could control was taken gone because he ‘worked’ in a brothel.

Dragging his feet, he trailed after the briskly walking female to the tower. The Mistresses took their turns training whomever they deemed fit. Sometimes two of them would train the same male. Mistress Ackerman had not trained anyone for over two years, and each of them had a different style, with the woman in question’s being militaristic. He knew some, like Mistress Sasha broke them in slightly easier, but even then, Eren would have been terrified.

Some of the other boys here looked forward to a time when they could finally have sex, but not him. Maybe he would be okay with it in a more natural and realistic situation where he could actually feel something for his partner, but definitely not at the whorehouse. The brunet did not look forward to the sordid affair of having to perform like a monkey on a leash. It left a bitter taste in his month.

The unsettling feeling in his stomach intensified as they walked up the spiraling staircase. When they got to the top, Eren was not only out of breath but starting to feel lightheaded from all the exertion.

“We’re here now.” The brunet shivered at the statement. The Mistress’s voice sounded cooler in the sunlit chamber. Along the walls, Eren could make out an assortment of items and other contraptions he could only assume were for training purposes. The dark-haired lady walked over to one of the shelves and grabbed a riding crop, stroking it tenderly with her gloved hands. “Now, Eren, since you already know what we’re here for, that’ll only save me the hassle of explaining it.”

‘Before we begin, I’d like for you to pick a safe word. Something to use if the training gets too painful.” There was a loud crack as the crop hit the ground. Her flinty eyes turned dark as she faced him. “Mind you, I would advise you not to test me. I will tolerate a certain level of reluctance as this is your first time, but I will not brook any disobedience or be made a fool of. Understood?”

Eren nodded, shivering in fear at the threat in her tone.

“What was that? Are you mute, boy?”         

“U-Understood…” Trembling, the word sounded more like a squeak than anything.

“Good. Now, what word would you like to use as your safe word?”

“Umm…” Before he could answer, there was a furious pounded up the staircase.

“Mistress Ackerman!”

“What?” She immediately swiveled to face the newcomer, Connie, who flinched under her gaze. The young man was one of the few new trainees that had been recently broken in by Mistress Sasha a few weeks ago.

“Umm… Mistress Blouse wants to see you. She says it’s important.”

“Can’t she see I’m busy? She knows better than to interrupt me.”

“Err… so-some people dressed like soldiers came to the house just now… and they want to see you. Mistress Blouse said you would be there… umm… soon.”

“I’ll be there soon.” Mistress Ackerman sighed, putting the riding crop back on the shelf. “I have something important to attend to, Eren. I’ll get someone to bring you food and water, but stay here until I come back. There’s a room to refresh yourself over there,” she pointed to a small door against the wall. “I don’t know when I’ll be back, but it shouldn’t be more than a week. Understood?”

“Y-yes, Mistress Ackerman.”

“Good. Now lead the way, boy.” Mistress Ackerman beckoned the frightened male. Connie shot him a commiserating glance before turning around and making his way down the stairs. There was a faint click of the door closing behind them as they left. Clipped staccato footsteps slowly faded away into nothingness, leaving Eren behind by himself.

The brunet was worried for a moment that they had left him there as some sort of perverse test, but when he heard the faint sound of a door being closed, he hurried over to the small window cut into the stone, watching as the two figures departed. Sufficiently convinced that they were gone, he walked hesitantly to the door, testing to see if it was unlocked. There was a small click and he was pleasantly surprised when it opened. Scurrying down the stairs, Eren quickly discovered that the staircase only led to another locked door with a small opening at the bottom – likely for delivering his meal. Of course they hadn’t been dumb enough to leave him by himself without locking him up.

Eren had no idea when she would return. Mistress Ackerman had mentioned that it shouldn’t take more than a week, but seven days was a long time to be cooped up in such a place. Making his way up the stairs once more, he quickly got bored of sitting around.  

Walking around, the brunet took the time to survey the room and the accompanying chambers. Although he had never seen any of them up close, the youth was not that surprised at some of the things stashed here. Most, like riding crops or collars, he had already seen in the sex sessions he was instructed to observe. But some of them, made his eyes widen. Eren’s naïve mind ran rampant, conjuring up random uses with what limited knowledge he had of the variety of tools lined up against the walls. There had to be at least a hundred or more of them, in various shapes and sizes. The blindfold was relatively easy to figure out, but there were other things with weird shapes and items that were simply straps of leather for which he hadn’t the faintest clue how to use.

An image of being tied up and blinded crossed his mind and he shuddered at his imagination. It was difficult to know whether those thoughts were mere curiosity or if they actually arousing, as the brunet lacked first-hand experience when it came to sexual pleasure.

Spying something oblong on a shelf, he walked over, curious. It looked slightly different from the real thing, with bumpy ridges running along the side. But perhaps the ridges were meant for a particular purpose? He had seen sex toys used once in a while, but had no first-hand experience with any of it. The Mistresses also tended to forbid them from talking about things with clients. They were known for being discrete and able to keep secrets, so minimizing the flow of information was one of such ways to do so. That didn’t prevent rumors and gossip from floating around, however\.

Eren had never seen one before, but he sometimes heard the others talk about it in passing; never in too much detail. Running his hands along the hard, rubbery dildo, Eren wondered whether it was actually that pleasurable for females, or even males, remembering the sight of Reiner and Bertolt doing it. Was it even as good as the real thing? To his naïve eyes the prospect of putting something being filled by something so large was frightening. Yet at the same time, there was a secret thrill at the thought of the real thing.

Remembering how he had seen Reiner go down on the other male, he placed it against his mouth, questioning whether it would fit. The sound of someone cleaning their throats jolted him from his reverie and he jumped, dropping the toy. It fell to the ground with a dull thud.

“Huh, never knew brats were so perverted these days.”

“I-I–” Realizing the intruder was the one who wasn’t expected, Eren steeled his nerves. Besides, the man was at least a good half head shorter than him. He couldn’t be that strong if he was such a midget. “Who are you anyways? Mistress Ackerman won’t be pleased.”

“…Mikasa?” There was a faint pause as the stranger raised a brow, clicking his tongue. When Eren nodded in the affirmative, he scowled. “Tch, figures.”

“Wh-what are you doing…?” How did the man know who she was? And wasn’t he afraid of being caught calling her so informally? The dark-haired male was more audacious than anyone Eren had ever met. In Shiganshina, men could be easily imprisoned for disrespectfully addressing a woman, let alone insulting someone in the military. “You could be killed for calling her that!”

“Does it look like I give a fuck, brat?” The stranger’s only response was to stare drolly at him. The man certainly did not look afraid of being reprimanded.

Taking in the stranger’s bored expression, Eren realized he had never seen such a strange outfit before. He had caught sight of a few of the men who lived in luxury once or twice, all beholden to their women of course, and what the stranger was dressed in was similar, but not quite the same. Moreover, the dark-haired male’s clothing looked to be of finer quality and the clothes actually looked good on him.

“Then… why are you here? Can you help me escape?”

“That’s for me to know, brat. And no, I can’t free you. The gear will only hold one person and since you’ve never used it before, you’ll just end up falling to your death.”

Eren flinched at the idea of falling to his death. The brunet wished the stranger could have helped him escape, but he supposed at the same time, even if he left the tower, it was difficult to say whether he’d be able to leave Shiganshina. As much as he loathed it and wished to see the world beyond those walls, it was his hometown and the only place he had ever been to. There was no telling what horrors lay behind those gates. It might be way better than his conditions in here, or perhaps much worse. All he had to go on were a few rumors and gossip. Even then, there was the matter of escaping the brothel first.

“What are you here for?”

“Umm… training…”

“You mean you’re going to work in that filthy establishment?”

“Y-yes… it’s not like I have much of a choice.”

“Hmm…” There was a contemplative look as the stranger strolled forward. Even though he was clearly a little shorter than Eren, his gait and stance emanated raw power. It was difficult to tell what the stranger was thinking as he looked around the room. Finally, those slate grey eyes turned back to him and he thought he almost saw the merest hint of a crooked smile. “Want me to train you instead?”