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Re-Entry Official Timeline

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BYZ = Before Year Zero

Galactic Standard Calendar: 26-hour days; 12 30-day months; 360 days per year; there are 3 weeks a month composed of 10 days. 

*Many planets still tend to use local standards instead of Galactic; a week local time could be shorter or longer than Galactic Standard.  ‘A week’ is a term that should be considered suspect until verified.


31,222 BYZ

  • Founding of the Je’daii Order on Tython

29,768 BYZ

  • Founding of the Rakata Infinite Empire

22,768 BYZ

  • Uniting of the Sith tribes on Korriban

20,530 BYZ

  • Last set of Je'daii Guardians sent to Mortis

20,561 BYZ

  • The Force Wars of Tython; Devastation of Tython

20,551 BYZ

  • Founding of the Jedi Order

19,968 BYZ

  • Collapse of the Infinite Empire

19,821 BYZ

  • The Rakata-style hyperdrive becomes widely available, following Corellian distribution, which allows for rapid galactic expansion and colonization
  • Unification Wars fought
  • First founding of the Galactic Republic
  • Coruscant becomes capital of the Republic

19,768 BYZ

  • Founding of a Jedi school on Ossus (25,000 BBY)

19,721 BYZ

  • The Jedi Order proclaims loyalty to the Republic

19,268 BYZ

  • First Jedi Civil War (the First Great Schism)

10,268 BYZ

  • Founding of the University of Coruscant

6,768 BYZ

  • Galactic Museum founded on Coruscant

1,771 BYZ

  • The Hundred-Year Darkness begins with The Second Great Schism

1,668 BYZ

  • Hundred-Year Darkness ends
  • Founding of the Sith Empire on Korriban by exiled Dark Jedi

Year Zero

  • Reclamation/restructuring of the Galactic Republic
  • New Galactic calendar introduced
  • Coruscant rotation becomes Galactic Standard Time


  • Great Hyperspace War begins, pitting the Republic against the Sith Empire (5,000 BBY)


  • Founding of the Great Jedi Library on Ossus, established by Master Odan-Urr


  • Dawn of the 2nd Sith Empire, based in the Esstran Sector of the Outer Rim Territories (Unknown by the Republic until the Great Galactic War in 1551)


  • Modern lightsabers come into common use, replacing the power-pack-and-cable combinations and forged Force-imbued blades of the past


  • Jedi Assembly founded (precursor to the Jedi Council)


  • Third Great Schism (Jedi Civil War on Coruscant)
  • Vultar Cataclysm


  • A Jedi Temple on Coruscant is constructed over a Force nexus (wellspring) by four Jedi Masters


  • Opening salvo of the Old Sith Wars


  • Nomi Sunrider becomes a Jedi Knight
  • Beast Wars of Onderon conclude; Beast Riders declare victory over the royal Sith cult
  • Ulic Qel-Droma and Cay Qel-Droma declared Jedi Knights
  • Formation of the Krath
  • Battle of Iziz
  • Destruction of Ryyk, adopted Neti homeworld; most of the Neti species is destroyed


  • Freedon Nadd Uprising


  • Tetan Krath Empire forms and declares war on the Republic
  • Mandalorians declare war on the Republic
  • First Battle of Empress Teta
  • Jedi Master Arca Jeth murdered during the Jedi Conclave on Deneba
  • Jedi Master Odan-Urr murdered by Exar Kun in the Jedi Library on Ossus
  • Exar Kun declared new Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Ulic Qel-Droma becomes Exar Kun’s Sith Apprentice


  • Ulic Qel-Droma defeats Mandalore the Indomitable, winning control of the Mandalorians
  • Sith and Mandalore assault on Coruscant
  • Capture and trial of Ulic Qel-Droma for treason against the Republic
  • Detonation of the Cron Cluster by Aleema Keto with the Corsair (creation of the Cron Drift)
  • Decimation of Ossus and loss of the Great Jedi Library; Jedi Master Ood Bnar lost in the Cataclysm
  • Third Battle of Empress Teta
  • End of Krath Empire and the Great Sith War
  • Sith Lord Qel-Droma murders his brother in a fit of rage
  • Ulic Qel-Droma rejects the Dark Side after being Force-bound by Knight Sunrider
  • Exar Kun defeated at Battle of Yavin IV by the Jedi


  • Jedi Master Nomi Sunrider declared Head of the Jedi Order


  • Vima Sunrider becomes apprentice to former Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma
  • Death of Ulic Qel-Droma on Rhen Var


  • Mandalorian Wars begin


  • Mandalorian Wars end
  • Jedi Knights Revan and Malek disappear into the Unknown Regions with an entire third of the Republic Navy


  • Jedi Civil War (Second Sith War; Third Great Schism) begins
  • Revan and Malek declare themselves Sith


  • Darth Malek betrays Darth Revan
  • Revan returns to the Jedi


  • Jedi Civil War ends
  • Sith Civil War begins
  • Death of Darth Malek


  • First Jedi Purge begins
  • Sith Triumvirate formed
  • The Jedi Order is disbanded; most Jedi are killed during the Purge


  • Jedi Purge ends
  • Final era of the Old Sith Wars


  • The Great Galactic War (Sith-Republic War) Begins [Era of Vowrawn, Wrath, Nox]


  • Great Galactic War ends; Sacking of Coruscant; Treaty of Coruscant signed


  • Second Great Galactic War begins


  • Jedi Temple on Coruscant is expanded


  • The Hapan Consortium seals its borders


  • A second expansion to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant is built
  • Construction of the Jedi Archives


  • Fourth Great Schism
  • New Sith Wars begin when the remnants of the Sith Empire collapses, heralding one-thousand years of conflict between Sith and Jedi


  • Birth of Darth Bane


  • Birth of Rain (Darth Zannah)


  • Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the final battle of the New Sith Wars
  • Supposed defeat of the Sith


  • The Ruusan Reformation dissolves the Republic military and the armed Jedi forces
  • The Republic is restructured into one thousand forty-two zones, dissolving a Core World powerbase
  • The rule of One Master, One Padawan is established
  • The Jedi enforce age limits on a candidate's acceptance for Jedi training. Candidates are accepted at infancy up to age 6, and Initiates must become Padawans by age 13 (or species equivalent)
  • Beginning of the Sith Rule of Two


  • The Coruscant Temple becomes the primary Jedi Temple


  • Darth Bane (masquerading as Abhin Sal-Tur) begins the work of sowing the Sith-created Prophecy of the Chosen One into Jedi doctrine


  • Darth Zannah kills Darth Bane and becomes Dark Lady of the Sith


  • Yoda born


  • Yoda (and a friend) apprenticed to Master N'Kata Del Gormo, an aged Hysalrian Jedi Master who refused to follow the tenets of the Ruusan Reformation.


  • Yoda declared a Jedi Master by the Jedi Council


  • Jedi Knight Allya exiled to Dathomir
  • Founding of the Witches of Dathomir
  • Jabba Desilijic Tiure born


  • Jabba takes over the palace of the thief Alkhara


  • Yaddle born


  • Corporate Sector Authority founded in the Corellian system


  • Founding of the Trade Federation


  • Loss of the Jedi training vessel Chu’unthor


  • Oppo Rancisis born on Thisspias


  • Birth of Chewbacca the Wookiee


  • Birth of Vima-Da-Boda, last descendent of Vima Sunrider


  • Palpatine of Naboo’s actual birth year


  • Birth of Dooku, Count of Serenno


  • C-3PO’s original production date


  • Dooku becomes Padawan to Yoda


  • Tahl born on Noori to unknown Noorian parents


  • 3/2nd: Micah Giett born on Coruscant, son of recent immigrants
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn born on Rishi, son of recent human colonial immigrants
  • Dooku is Knighted by the Jedi Council


  • 2/14th: Colony on Rishi destroyed
  • Qui-Gon Jinn rescued by the local H'kig sect, who turn him over to the Jedi

[Feel the Sun from Both Sides]


  • Tahl of Noori discovered by Master Flaming Song and brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant


  • Qui-Gon Jinn & Yoda travel to Rishi


  • Tahl of Noori's 11th birthday
  • 3/2nd: Micah Giett’s 10th birthday
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 10th birthday
  • 6/1st: Qui-Gon Jinn becomes Padawan to Dooku
  • 6/3rd: Tahl of Noori becomes Padawan to Tyvokka the Wookiee


  • Palpatine of Naboo’s officially listed year of birth
  • 7/8th: Micah Giett becomes Padawan to Orna kel Ta


  • Jale Terza born


  • Kimal Daarc born


  • Mace Windu born on Haruun Kal and given to the Jedi Order at age six months


  • Adi Gallia born on Corellia, daughter of diplomats of Tholathian descent. She is promptly given to the Jedi


  • 6/24th: Aika Jai Tano’bi born on Ator
  • 8/3rd: Cliegg Lars born on Tatooine


  • Shmi Skywalker born to a matrilineal Mid-Rim trading family


  • 1/30th: Xanatos, Prince of Telos, born on Telos IV. After being accepted into the Jedi Temple crèche, his title is rescinded in favor of Crion of Telos’s future heirs.


  • 6/1st: Tahl of Noori takes the Trials and is Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • 9/9th: Komari Vosa is born
  • Mace Windu becomes Padawan to T'ra Saa


  • 8/1st: Micah Giett takes the Trials and is Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • The Skywalker family is ambushed by pirates in the Outer Rim. Shmi Skywalker is sold into slavery


  • 1/30th: Xanatos of Telos’s 3rd birthday
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 25th birthday
  • 5/1st: Qui-Gon Jinn Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • 5/1st: Dooku declared a Jedi Master
  • 5/1st: Qui-Gon Jinn meets Xanatos of Telos
  • Depa Billaba’s suspected year of birth


  • Adi Gallia becomes Padawan to an unknown Master
  • Orykan Tamarik born on Ryloth


  • Depa Billaba and sister Sar Labooda found by Adi Gallia and her Master (differs from canon; RE came first)
  • Adi Gallia nearly faces censure from the Jedi Council for pair-bonding with Initiate Billaba. Both avoid punishment due to the accidental nature of the bonding.


  • 11/2nd: Kimal Daarc loses his Master at age 17; he becomes Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn


  • Brek Fa'an becomes Padawan to Micah Giett


  • Edari Gallia, sister of Adi Gallia, born on Corellia
  • Mace Windu Knighted by the Jedi Council at age 17


  • 10/1st: Kimal Daarc takes the Trials and is Knighted by the Jedi Council; Qui-Gon Jinn declared a Jedi Master
  • 11/8th: Apsilon becomes New Apsilon after joint diplomatic negotiations by Qui-Gon Jinn & Tahl of Noori
  • Tahl of Noori declared a Jedi Master

[Trader (By Birth and Blood)]


  • 1/1st: Xanatos of Telos becomes Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn
  • 2/3rd: Komari Vosa becomes Padawan to Dooku


  • Adi Gallia Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • Echuu Shen-Jon born


  • Depa Billaba becomes Padawan to Mace Windu
  • Marriage of Cliegg Lars & Aika Jai Tano’bi


  • Reeft born on Dressel


  • 7/23rd: Garen Muln born on Coruscant


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi born on Ator
  • Abella born on Chit’an
  • Brek Fa’an takes the Trials and is Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • Micah Giett declared a Jedi Master


  • 2/19th: Obi-Wan Kenobi accepted into the Jedi Temple crèche
  • Tyvokka the Wookiee named Head of the Order, replacing Master Su Cham
  • Bant Eerin born on Mon Calamari (Dac)


  • 2/6th: Siri Tachi born
  • Depa Billaba Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • Mace Windu named a Jedi Master
  • Civil unrest begins on Telos IV


  • 1/29th: The Republic Senate sanctions an official response to Telos IV
  • 1/30th: Xanatos of Telos’s 21st birthday
  • Qui-Gon Jinn, Tahl of Noori, Padawan Xanatos, and orphaned Padawan Orykan Tamarik are sent to Telos IV by the Jedi Council to restore order
  • 2/15th: Tahl of Noori and Padawan Orykan Tamarik are reassigned by the Jedi Council
  • 2/16th: Crion of Telos killed by Qui-Gon Jinn; Xanatos of Telos fails his Trials
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 43rd birthday
  • 5/1st: Orykan Tamarik becomes Padawan to Tahl of Noori


  • Dooku, Padawan Vosa, and a team of Jedi are sent by the Jedi Council to mediate a dispute between government of Galidraan and the True Mandalorians. Jango Fett is the only Mandalorian survivor out of a group of 300.


  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 46th birthday
  • 8/1st: Micah Giett appointed to the Jedi Council and named primary Combat Master for the Jedi Temple
  • 8/5th: Padmé Naberrie born on Naboo to Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie
  • 9/1st: Mace Windu appointed to the Jedi Council


  • Echuu Shen-Jon becomes Padawan to Mace Windu
  • Komari Vosa barred from her Trials by Dooku. Before a decision can be made as to who her new Master is to be, Vosa flees and disappears after attempting to aid the doomed Jedi mission to Baltizaar.
  • Xenia du Kithrin born on Telos IV, daughter of Xanatos and an unknown female. She is adopted by House Kithrin.


  • 6/12th: Tholatin requests membership in the Galactic Republic. Qui-Gon Jinn is assigned to represent the Republic during the process.
  • 7/2nd: Raallandirr the Wookiee born on Kashyyyk
  • 9/5th: Master T’ra Saa and Padawan Licia are assigned to Tholatin in a search & rescue capacity
  • 12/1st: Licia takes the Trials and is declared a Knight by the Jedi Council
  • Jango Fett escapes from slavery, recovers his armor, and kills Tor Vizsla


  • 3/1st: Orykan Tamarik takes the Trials and is declared a Knight by the Jedi Council
  • Granta Omega born on Telos IV, son of Xanatos and Tura Omega


  • 3/14th: Saini Ella, daughter of Xanatos and Ginia Ella of House Ella (Diplomat of Brentaal, later Bormea’s Senator) born in the Jedi Temple and accepted into the creche
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker born on Kabray Station


  • 2/27th: Orna kel Ta dies during an attempted rescue of wounded Judicial officers
  • 6/24th: Owen Lars born on Ator
  • Adi Gallia appointed to the Jedi Council
  • Reeft of Dressel becomes Padawan to Binn Ibes
  • R2-D2 manufactured by Industrial Automation


  • Abella of Chit’an becomes Padawan to Healer Jale Terza
  • 9/28th: Aika Lars dies on Ator from Rhen’s Disease


  • 1/6th: Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn
  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 13th birthday
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 53rd birthday
  • 6/9th: Melida/Daan Civil War ends
  • 8/18th: Xanatos of Telos commits suicide at age 30
  • Bant Eerin becomes Padawan to Tahl of Noori
  • Garen Muln becomes Padawan to Micah Giett
  • Siri Tachi becomes Padawan to Adi Gallia
  • Bultar Swan becomes Padawan to Clee Rhara


  • 1/1st: Election of Finis Valorum to the office of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
  • 3/12th: Jenna Zan Arbor arrested by Jedi agents, charged with committing numerous atrocities against sentient beings
  • 8/13th: Stark Hyperspace War begins
  • 9/7th: Death of Tyvokka the Wookiee
  • 10/1st: Mace Windu becomes Head of the Order


  • Echuu Shen-Jon takes the Trials and is declared a Knight by the Jedi Council
  • Depa Billaba appointed to the Jedi Council
  • 5/30th: Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi given the task of ending the Mandalorian Conflict
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 5th birthday


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 16th birthday
  • 1/28th: Mandalorian Accord ends conflict in the Mandalore Sector
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 56th birthday

[Waking Dream; Tempered Grace; Thick Skin, Loud Voice]

  • 4/23rd: Obi-Wan Kenobi injured on Taro Tre; Anakin Skywalker slips into a coma after a fever on Tatooine; Palpatine of Naboo incapacitated in an unknown location during a planned off-world retreat
  • 5/8th: Obi-Wan Kenobi Knighted by the Jedi Council
  • 5/22nd: Anakin Skywalker accepted into the Jedi Temple creche
  • 5/27th: The Agnata Conflict (also known as The Agnata Clusterfuck)
  • 7/1st: Quinlan Vos takes the Trials and is declared a Jedi Knight
  • 7/5th: Quinlan Vos’s 18th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 6th birthday


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 17th birthday
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 57th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 7th birthday


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 18th (60th) birthday

[The Yinchorri Uprising]

  • 2/1st: Yinchorri Uprising begins with the destruction of the Golden Nyss Shipyards
  • 2/12th: Yinchorri Accord is signed. A new branch of Judicial Forces is created.
  • 2/13th: Yinchorri Civil War (ends same day)
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 58th birthday
  • 6/1st: Padmé Naberrie becomes Governor (Princess) of Theed
  • 9/19th: Jeila Vin born on Mirial to a Mirialan mother and unknown father (Hawkbat Clan)
  • 9/28th: Birth of Ahsoka Tano on Shili (Clawmouse Clan)
  • 10/1st: Wedding of Shmi Skywalker & Cliegg Lars


  • 2/21st: Witnessed bonding (and legal marriage) of Tahl of Noori & Micah Giett
  • 6/2nd: 35th anniversary of the Club District Bombing (Beautiful Sky)
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 9th birthday


  • 1/1st: Padmé Naberrie elected Queen of Naboo and assumes the public name of Amidala
  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 20th (62nd) birthday
  • 3/1st: Queen Amidala takes office in Theed
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 60th birthday

[Diverging Paths I]

  • 4/12th: Anakin Skywalker becomes Padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi

[Diverging Paths II]

  • 7/2nd: Raallandirr the Wookiee’s 12th birthday
  • 8/5th: Padmé Amidala’s 14th birthday
  • 10/12th: Blockade of Naboo begins

[Diverging Paths III]

  • 11/3rd: Naboo negotiations fail with the attempted destruction of the Radiant VII
  • 11/4th: Queen Amidala and her retinue are rescued from the Trade Federation
  • 11/8th: Qui-Gon Jinn wishes to throw Jabba the Hutt from a high precipice

[Diverging Paths IV]

  • 11/13th: Bombing of the Jedi Temple Crèche: Raallandirr becomes Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn, Tuuvino of Iridonia becomes Padawan to Mace Windu, and Saini Ella becomes Padawan to Ch’tall’ah

[Attainment I]

  • 11/18th: Battle of Theed
  • 11/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Master Sifo-Dyas places an order for a clone army to serve as a new Republic, Jedi-led-military.

[Attainment II]

  • 11/25th: Reveal of Darth Sidious and Palpatine’s escape; the Jedi on Naboo experience an unexpected Sharing

[OtherWhen; OtherWhen Epilogue; Time Without Name I]

  • 11/30th: Garen Muln Knighted on Naboo by Micah Giett and attending members of the Jedi Council
  • 12/1st: OtherWhen Timeline: The first 100 embryos for the eventual Grand Army of the Republic are created.

 [Time Without Name II]

  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 10th birthday
  • 12/30th: OtherWhen Timeline: 1st full generation of clone embryos completed; 200,000 per generation.


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 21st (63rd) birthday
  • 1st month, OtherWhen Timeline: 2nd and 3rd-gen clone embryos completed
  • 2nd month, OtherWhen Timeline: 4th, 5th, and 6th-gen clone embryos completed
  • 3rd month, OtherWhen Timeline: 7th, 8th, 9th-gen clone embryos completed
  • 3/1st: 2nd year of Queen Amidala’s reign begins
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 61st birthday

[Time Without Name III]

  • 4th month, OtherWhen Timeline: 10th, 11th, and 12th-gen clone embryos completed.
  • 5/1st: OtherWhen Timeline: 13th, 14th, and 15th-gen embryos completed; these first 3 million units become the foundation of the GAR’s naval, flight, and army branches.
  • 5/18th: 6-month anniversary of the Battle of Theed
  • 6/24th: Owen Lars’s 10th birthday
  • 7/2nd: Raallandirr the Wookiee’s 13th birthday


  • 7/27th: Tahl announces her pregnancy
  • 7/30th: Wedding (and witnessed bonding) of Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi

[Coalescence: Fusion; Coda]

  • 8/5th: Padmé Amidala’s 15th birthday
  • 8/15th: Kania Cliess Skywalker born in the winter
  • 11/1st: Abella of Chit’an confirmed as a Healer by the Jedi Council
  • 11/18th: One-year anniversary of the Battle of Theed
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 11th birthday
  • 12/19th: Siri Tachi chooses the Shadow’s Trials

[Beginning Anew]

  • 12/30th: Jinn/Kenobi, Padawans, cat & droid return to the Jedi Temple


  • 1/2nd: Initiate Jeila Vin becomes 2nd Padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Not yet Confirmed)

[Circle Shift I]

  • 1/3rd: Obi-Wan Kenobi appointed to the Jedi Council

[Circle Shift II]

  • 1/5th: Padawan Reeft of Dressel assigned to the Kamino Delegation for his Trials

[Circle Shift III]

  • 1/6th: Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Raallandirr sent to Tholatin to rescue Master Licia, and to continue Tholatin’s diplomatic venture to become part of the Republic

[Direction of the Wind]

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 22nd (64th) birthday; Senate Confirmation (recognition) of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s new position on the Jedi Council; Assassination attempt on Chancellor Finis Valorum
  • 1/12th: Siri Tachi begins the Shadow’s Trials

[Interlude I; Kerri Chewgra Ji]

  • 1/22nd: Qui-Gon Jinn & Raallandirr arrive on Tholatin

[Background Radiation]

  • 1/23rd: Kamino delegation arrives on Kamino
  • 2/4th: Qui-Gon Jinn (via holo) presents the Tholatin Petition for Membership to the Republic

[A Drop of Fire I]

  • 2/12th: Sith acolyte attack in the Temple

[A Drop of Fire II-IV; Fallout]

  • 2/18th: Jenna Zan Arbor re-apprehended by Jedi agents; A Drop of Fire is reintroduced to the galaxy

[Shadows I – II]

  • 2/28th: Shadow-training begins
  • 3/1st: Third year of Queen Amidala’s reign begins

[Shadows III]

  • 3/9th: Assassination attempt against Obi-Wan Kenobi/Venge; Depa Billaba leaves the Jedi Order

[Interlude II; Impedimenta I & II]

  • 3/12th: the Jedi learn that Komari Vosa is alive and leading the Bando Gora Cult


  • 3/14th: Kamino Treaty signed and witnessed
  • 3/15th: Qui-Gon Jinn’s 62nd birthday

[Integration I & II]

  • 3/16th - 3/21st: Raallandirr of Kashyyyk performs her hrrtayyk

[Integration III]

  • 3/28th: Genocide of the Mid- to Outer-Rim Trading Clans reported to the Jedi Council
  • 4/1st: Kamino becomes a recognized member of the Republic

[Integration IV]

  • 4/3rd: The Dark Woman visits The Cathedral
  • 4/13th: Reeft of Dressel Knighted by the Jedi Council

[Integration V]

  • 4/18th: The Shadow Trials begin


  • 4/23rd: Deaths of Yuri Dravaco, Colm Fieff, Ra’um-Ve, and Su’um-Va


  • 4/24th: Birth of Benjjai Giett, son of Tahl and Micah Giett
  • 4/25th: Siri Tachi is Knighted, per the Shadows’ Trials

 [Clattering Feet]

  • 4/28th: Shadow-training completed and witnessed by the Reconciliation Council and representatives of the High Council
  • 5/2nd: An Order-backed scientific exploration team arrives in the Chrelythiumn System to study the monolith-enclosed planet Mortis

[Mortis, Deadspace, Erratic Oscillation I-III, Illumination, Well of the Dark Side]

[Lost in the Echo I-VIII; Amalgamate; Alternate Timeline Event:  See Republic Year 5236]









  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 30th birthday
  • 11/18th: 10th anniversary of the Battle of Theed
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 14th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 20th birthday

[OtherWhen III]

  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Battle of Geonosis; Fought by First-Gen Clones


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 31st birthday
  • 5/12th: OtherWhen Timeline: Second Kello Campaign begins: Battle for Togoria
  • 5/30th: OtherWhen Timeline: Second Kello Campaign, Raku Skirmish
  • 6/3rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Second Kello Campaign Concludes; Battle for Polis Massa
  • 6/7th: OtherWhen Timeline: Anakin Skywalker Knighted by the Jedi Council; Obi-Wan Kenobi granted a seat on the Jedi Council
  • 8/2nd: OtherWhen Timeline: Kiffu Defense (Extended Campaign)
  • 8/28th: OtherWhen Timeline: Battle of Christophsis
  • 9/1st: OtherWhen Timeline: Ahsoka Tano becomes Padawan to Anakin Skywalker
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 15th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 21st birthday


  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 32nd birthday
  • 8/14th: OtherWhen Timeline: Citadel Infiltration of Lola Sayu; Deaths of Even Piell, *ARC Echo
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 16th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 22nd birthday



  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 33rd birthday
  • 5/3rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Ahsoka Tano “leaves” the Jedi Order
  • 5/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: First Battle of the Outer Rim Sieges
  • 6/13th: OtherWhen Timeline: Execution of Clone Trooper Fives after a suspected assassination attempt against Chancellor Palpatine
  • 8/22nd: OtherWhen Timeline: Third Battle of Bothawui
  • 9/3rd: OtherWhen Timeline: *Death of Ahsoka Tano; Second death of Darth Maul
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 17th birthday
  • 11/8th: OtherWhen Timeline: Torrent Company and Ghost Company lost to friendly fire
  • 12/11th: OtherWhen Timeline: Outer Rim Sieges Conclude
  • 12/15th: OtherWhen Timeline: Battle of Coruscant
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 23rd birthday
  • 12/17th: OtherWhen Timeline: Anakin Skywalker granted a seat on the Jedi Council by Chancellor’s Edict
  • 12/18th: OtherWhen Timeline: Battle of Utapau; Order 66 executed by Imperial Edict 01
  • 12/19th: OtherWhen Timeline: Empire Day; “Death” of Anakin Skywalker
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Birth of the twins; Death of Padmé Amidala
  • 12/22nd: OtherWhen Timeline: Parting of the ways on Naboo; Separation of the twins
  • 12/23rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker given into the care of Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun
  • 12/24th: OtherWhen Timeline: Funeral for Senator Amidala and subsequent burial in the royal vaults of Naboo’s honored Queens; Leia Skywalker adopted by Queen Breha and Prince Organa of Alderaan

5213/Imperial Year 1

[OtherWhen IV]

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 34th birthday
  • 8/13th: OtherWhen Timeline: Non-chipped survivors of Rex’s squad executed on Ruuria
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 18th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 24th birthday
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Twins’ first birthday
  • 12/23rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor meet Ahsoka Tano on Alderaan

5214/Imperial Year 2

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 35th birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 25th birthday
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Twins’ second birthday

5215/Imperial Year 3

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 36th birthday
  • 1/19th: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan reports rumors of a new Sith to Yoda
  • 6/19th: OtherWhen Timeline: Death of Asajj Ventress on Kamino
  • 6/24th: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan Kenobi decides to assassinate an Emperor. It does not go well.
  • 9/3th: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan Kenobi rescued from Coruscant
  • 10/5th: OtherWhen Timeline: Attack on the Tantive IV by agents of the Emperor

[OtherWhen V]

  • 10/28th: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan and Yoda leave Alderaan
  • 11/1st: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan and Yoda return to Dagobah
  • 11/28th: OtherWhen Timeline: Ben Kenobi becomes a resident of Tatooine
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 26th birthday
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Twins’ third birthday

5216/Imperial Year 4

  • 7th month: OtherWhen Timeline: Birth of Mara Jade

5221/Imperial Year 9

  • 8/24th: OtherWhen Timeline: Darth Vader makes an alliance with the Noghri; environmental restoration of Honoghr begins

5222/Imperial Year 10

  • OtherWhen Timeline: Failed Year-Ten Insurrection

5227/Imperial Year 16

  • OtherWhen Timeline: Ezra Bridger becomes Padawan to Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus

5232/Imperial Year 20

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 53rd birthday
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 43rd birthday
  • 12/19th: OtherWhen Timeline: Empire Day (Ezra Bridger’s 20th birthday)
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa’s 20th birthday
  • 12/26th: OtherWhen Timeline: Death of Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard Death Star I
  • 12/28th: OtherWhen Timeline: Battle of Yavin; Destruction of Death Star I

5233/Imperial Year 21

5234/Imperial Year 22

  • OtherWhen Timeline: Chiss explorers discover the wreckage (and tiny colony) of Outbound Flight in The Redoubt Cluster

5235/Imperial Year 23

  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa’s 23rd birthday

5236/Imperial Year 24

  • 1/4th: OtherWhen Timeline: The Battle of Hoth
  • 1/6th: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker becomes the apprentice of Master Yoda
  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 57th birthday
  • 6/3rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Cloud City Incident: Han Solo frozen in carbonite; Luke Skywalker duels Darth Vader

[Lost in the Echo I]

  • 7/17th: OtherWhen Timeline: Obi-Wan Kenobi arrives on Lothal via Mortis; Anakin Skywalker arrives at the crash site of Outbound Flight
  • 12/17th: OtherWhen Timeline: Darth Vader’s 46th birthday
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa’s 24th birthday

5237/Imperial Year 25

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 58th birthday
  • 6/21st: OtherWhen Timeline: Death of Jabba the Hutt
  • 6:23rd: OtherWhen Timeline: Death of Master Yoda
  • 6/29th: OtherWhen Timeline: The Battle of Endor; destruction of the Death Star II; Deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader
  • 7/30th: OtherWhen Timeline: Talon Karrde contracts to resupply and militarize the Lothal
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 48th birthday
  • 12/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa’s 25th birthday

5238/Imperial Year 26

  • 1/4th: OtherWhen Timeline: Official formation of the Lothal Defense
  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 59th birthday
  • 3/11th: OtherWhen Timeline: Official start date of the Lothal Rebellion (Imperial designation)

[Lost in the Echo II]

  • 6/20th: OtherWhen Timeline: Mara Jade assigned to Tanno’baijii and Lothal as Karrde’s on-site liaison
  • 8/2nd: OtherWhen Timeline: Mara Jade becomes apprentice to Ben Tanno’baijii
  • 9/15th: OtherWhen Timeline: Official Formation of Lylek Squad
  • 10/20th: Ahsoka Tano’s 43rd birthday
  • 10/24th: OtherWhen Timeline: Discovery of the wreck of the Separatist Cruiser Marimbanni
  • 11/18th: OtherWhen Timeline: Grand Admiral Thrawn hosts Anakin Skywalker in Chiss space
  • 12/17th: Anakin Skywalker’s 49th birthday (actual is 55 years, 11 months, 1 day as of 5239/2/3rd)

5239/Imperial Year 27

  • 1/11th: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s 60th birthday; (actual is 66 years, 10 months, 17 days as of 2/3rd)

[Lost in the Echo III]

  • 1/21st: OtherWhen Timeline: Fulcrum makes first contact with Cypher

[Lost in the Echo IV-V]

  • 2/2nd: OtherWhen Timeline: The Spectres return to Lothal

[Lost in the Echo VI]

  • 2/4th: OtherWhen Timeline: The Final Battle of Lothal

[Lost in the Echo VII-VIII]

  • 2/9th-2/10th: OtherWhen Timeline: The Battle for Byss
  • 2/11th: OtherWhen Timeline: Regrouping Begins