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Moon River

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His aunt-mother Hatshepsut was conceived when Amun went to Ahmose in the form of Thutmose and awakened her with pleasant odors. Amun placed the ankh to Ahmose's nose, and Hatshepsut was conceived.

His brother-cousin, Thutmose was conceived when Thoth stole light from the moon that he might be born with fierce brilliance.

Ramose was conceived by the river. Neferubity prayed for a son and the River Nile washed him up. How could he ever leave the two lands and the river that conceived him? But then, the great river washed into the sea and there was no land that the sea did not touch.

They stood over their sister-mother-aunt as she lay dying. As Amun took her back to him, the Moon looked in the eyes of the Nile and they knew that the age of exploration was over.

There was a land of milk and honey to the north. City kingdoms along the sea. Mud kingdoms along the great rivers. As if any river could be as great as the Nile. High cataracts into Nubia. Cush and Canaan and Hatti and Mitanni, the names were endless. Like drops of water. Like ripples of light on the surface of the Nile.

Somewhere, in the water of his heart, a fire whispered where he might find them. The soldiers they'd need to rule what Hatshepsut had explored. Fierce and hungry and longing to be free.