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Angel Hidden

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      It's a little after lunch when Seitarou is escorting the group from Cell 13 back to the place the currently call home, Jyugo has been glancing occasionally at Uno, trying and failing at being nonchalant. While Uno thinks it's adorable, he wishes the boy would just speak up for once instead of resorting to the drastic measures he had planned while the four were separated. Being in his own cell gave the others time to plan the most perfect way to get Jyugo to tell Uno how he really felt and having loving, fun-filled time with the boy. Uno gave a quiet grin to the innocent glance, Jyugo quickly blushing and turning away. The group split off at the game room leaving a confused Seitarou behind, Uno dragging a reluctant Jyugo back to their cell.


      "Hey! W-what's the big idea?! Haaa?!" Jyugo stammered as the plan quickly and swiftly unfolded


      "Just shut up, we're almost there." Uno hissed back, almost where? Jyugo wanted to snap, but bit his tongue knowing all answers will come eventually knowing Uno. It was a while long than any impatient person could handle but it seemed they had reached their destination. Uno threw the light boy onto one of the comfortable break room beds, closing in on him before he could even think of escaping. Jyugo's cold wrists were clasped in Uno's warm hands, this feels nice, really nice Jyugo thinks, realizing his thoughts a blush forms reaching his neck and ears. Uno's leg that was keeping him on top swiftly moved between the innocent boys legs. "Ne, Jyu-go-kun," he dragged out the last syllable as warmth began to pool in the males groins, "Are you" 


      Jyugo looks away with wide eyes, "N-n-no. Who is now-a-days?" of course it was just a write-off, but Uno would not tolerate that lie. 


      "I didn't ask if you knew any, I asked are you.... a.... vir-gin...." He whispered sensually in the boy’s ear, a strong shiver of arousal and a fresh wave of heat coursed through Jyugo who was currently cursing his virgin body for it's obviously elation to the attention. The taller male's leg scooting closer to his genitals which were currently enjoying the attention it usually lacked, "Is that a yes?" He said, nibbling on the smaller's ear and earning a wanton moan from the innocent little thing. Jyugo bit his lip as his body screamed for more, more touching, more feeling, just more. His shaft feeling painfully hard against the black and white striped jumpsuit, Uno feeling his current problem knew the easiest way to fix it. Giving small kisses on the piercings of his left ear, trailing down to nibble on Jyugo's throat, the taller was in bliss, the hard earned gasps and moans being enough to fuel the fire pooling in his gut. Once Uno left enough hickeys there and slowly traveling down the boy's navel to knaw on the fabric above Jyugo's erection.


      "Ahhh!" His breaths coming out sharp and labored as intense waves of heat flew through the pinned boy, the sensual licking of the fabric against his hardness made the boy want to come right then. Uno sensed his coming climax and gripped the base hard, the boy released a cry and whimpered know the pleasure had stopped. The taller clicked his tongue, dragging his free hand above his erection, "P-please!" 


     Uno grinned with the satisfaction of having made such a serious boy beg for such a trivial carnal desire, but his lust renewed with more passion than before. He dug his nails into the fabric and tore an almost perfect separation of the jumpsuit, licking his way down the now naked abdomen of his desires. "God, you'" Uno whispered into the soft skin of Jyugo's stomach, leaving kiss marks there as well. The smaller restrained his moans of more, biting his lower lip to keep his voice down. Uno glanced up for a split second and about lost what control remained, God, that look should be illegal. Jyugo's eyes pleaded for more, all control now lost as he rid the two of them of whatever clothes may have remained. Kissing the captive boy to at least slow his progression down somewhat, but that only led to their hard shafts rubbing together, leaking pre-cum onto Jyugo's stomach. Uno hesitantly licking at his lips and moaning into the others mouth when he was accepted, god how much he just wanted to shove it in right now, but all in good time.


      Breaking the heated kiss, Uno shoved his long fingers into the awaiting mouth. "Suck." Another wave of heat flushed through the smaller's body, his erection twitching at the order. Suckling the fingers like his life depended on it, slowly removing the slick fingers he placed the first at Jyugo's opening. A shared glance and a nod was all the taller needed before the finger surged into the other boy's warmth, his gasp echoing off the surrounding walls as another was inserted. Scissoring his fingers, Uno traveled deeper into the cavern finding the one thing that would bring only pleasure.


      "Nnaahhhaaaa!" Found it, Uno quickly added a third and deliberately pounded that spot till he was sure Jyugo was ready, "S-staaa, mmm, s-sto-staaaaah!" His finger were removed as the over stimulated boy collapsed panting for breath, the taller rubbed his unforgiving erection against Jyugo's stretched opening, his pre-cum acting as lubricant as he swiftly impaled the boy.


      "Nnngh, so tight..." he whispered into Jyugo's ear, which only cause the boy to clench more as the foreign feeling of being filled consumed him. Uno smiled gently and slowly pumped his erection, "Breathe, Angel, you gotta breathe." Angel, how he wished for the taller to say it again. "That's it, keep breathing." Uno slowly began unsheathing himself only to ram back in, straight into the boys prostate. Jyugo arched his back slamming their chests together as the pleasure increased ten folds compared to Uno's fingers. The pleasure continued as he was fucked again and again, his body screaming yes, yes, god yes! Jyugo was so enveloped in pleasure he hadn't felt either of them climax or the fact he had been voicing his thoughts out loud.


      Still panting hard, they collapsed next to each other. " like being called Angel?" Uno whispered with a smirk, eyeing his blushing new lover.