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Shit man

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A camera was switched on and propped up to show a dark mass on what appeared to be the top bunk of a bunk bed, it was too dark to really make out many details that was until a light was switched on and a voice with a heavy french accent shouted
A man with long dark hair and equally as dark eyes with matching bags sat up and glared in the direction of someone by the camera before rubbing his eyes and grumbling
“Oh God, Lafayette what the fuck”
Another figure sat up making the covers fall off his chest to reveal the dark skin and muscle beneath, dark curly hair springing up into a mess around the owner's face as he blearily looked in the same direction as his bedmate, his voice heavy with a thick southern accent and husky with sleep
“The fuck, man?”
The person next to the camera made a shocked noise in the back of their throat as they turned to the camera with wide, laughing eyes, their hand covering their mouth before they switched the camera off.

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Is this overkill? Probably.