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No Coming Back

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"That's a new look for you, isn't it, Will?"

Power crackles ominously around the witch. Her familiar red hair is black now, and her eyes are the same, sclera and all. There are even black veins running visibly beneath her porcelain skin, and Angelus hasn't been this delighted in years.

Rosenberg's silence doesn't deter him. "Never thought you'd be the one to go all Queen of the Damned. What happened, huh? You get a taste of real power and decide to step out of Buffy's shadow?"

"A taste for revenge," she corrects flatly. "Now get out of my way."

Angelus grins, teeth flashing white, and steps to the side with a flourish. "Gladly."

She storms past him, her electricity making his skin tingle as she goes by, and when he falls into step behind her, she doesn't even glance back.

Whatever she's planning, he can tell it's gonna be fun.