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A very colourful winter

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Two weeks into January and Seoul is still dry-cold in the winter. The Christmas decorations along the streets have been more or less taken down, the new year gloom hanging low over everyone. It was another year of doing the same thing all over again. Adults are roaming the streets, their hands holding warm drinks while rushing to work. Students dragging their feet to school, ‘getting ready’ for classes that will only end at night. Huge vans filled with idols rushing to the broadcasting stations to get ready for another day of filming. Yes, another year of repeating their lives until the day they die.




Jimin, the ever sunshine, jumped out of bed and rushed to the window. He lifted the blinds gently, bright eyes searching for small flakes of-




“Still no snow,” he pouted, walking back to make his bed. “Yah, Kim Taehyung. We have a morning class in 1 hour. Wake up you ass,” Jimin nagged as he jumped on his best friend, sandwiching his best friend.




“Go away…” Taehyung groaned, “you are hurting me.”




“Not until you wake up. Come on you jerk.”




“I’m already awake, aren’t I?” Taehyung rasped in his morning voice.




“No you aren’t.” Jimin said, crossing his arms while sitting on Taehyung’s side.




“Yah gerroff-” Taehyung grunted, pushing Jimin over to the side of his bed and Jimin yelped. His cries were ignored as Taehyung shuffled to the toilet while swearing under his breath about Jimin waking him up just when he was about to talk to a rainbow hippocampus.  




“KIM TAEHYUNG!” Jimin screamed when he got to their kitchen. Well not exactly a kitchen, but they have enough appliances to consider their small island as their kitchen/dining table.




“WHAT?” Taehyung shouted back from the shower.








“I’m sorry my friends I don’t mean to kill you,” Jimin repeated like a mantra.




Taehyung was finally done half an hour later so Jimin could only brush his teeth and wash his hair to get rid of his horrible bed hair.




“Jimin hurry up we only have 15 minutes left to get to class!”




“Says the one who spent half the day in the toilet!”




“Whatever let’s get to class so hurry up slowpoke!”




“You jerk who are you calling slowpoke?”




“Did you see my music scores?”




“How am I supposed to know where you left it?”




“You are my mom aren’t you? So you are supposed to know where it is!”




“When was I ever your mom idiot? Didn’t you leave it on the table in front of the couch because you were practising your saxophone at fucking 11pm before you decided to get a midnight snack-”




“See Jimin I told you! You ARE my mom.”




“10 minutes left to run to the other side of the campus asshole!”




“Oh fuck! Where’s my instrument case?”










Another day filled with sweat and scoldings passed again. Jimin could not wait to enjoy a hot shower to relieve all the tension in his muscles. Well but as a roommate of Kim Taehyung, things always go wrong, don’t they?








“Yah, I left some in the bucket for you.”








“Sorry,” Taehyung replied half-heartedly and continued to practise his saxophone, which sounded like a lot of tyres screeching and crows cawing to Jimin.




Jimin did a couple of jumping jacks after shedding his sweat-soaked clothes, trying to prepare his body for the shock from the cold water. He took a couple of deep breaths and stood under the shower head.




“Alright here goes nothing.”












Jimin screamed on top of his lungs as the cold water continue to pour onto his aching muscles. He turned off the water after he was completely soaked to shampoo his whole body. Nevertheless, it felt refreshing and Jimin could do with some waking up since he needed to do some theory work. When he turned on the tap again, he gritted his teeth and kept all the swearing in his mind.




When he stepped out of the shower, Taehyung, with a wild grin on his face, came running to him and shouted, “snow is falling!”




Jimin took less than 5 minutes to pull on his 3 layers of sweater and another 2 layers of pants and socks. He made a beeline to the nearest window and marveled at the sight of the first snow. Taehyung was jumping around behind him, cheering about how the campus would be cancelling their classes in conjunction with the campus’ traditional snowball fights.




As predicted, an email was sent to the student body within 10 minutes:




Dear students,


 In case you have not realised, Seoul is experiencing its first snow for the season. IN other words, classes would be cancelled and students and all faculty members are invited to our campus’ traditional snowball fight. (Yes, you can throw snowballs at your boring lecturers) Please do remember that we have the usual competitive, friendly, and free fights categories.


Venue: Outdoor court 1, in front of Gym 2 (sectioned into 3 courts)


Time: 9am


Attire: Appropriate Winter Attire (no funny business like the previous year PLEASE)


IN case of poor weather conditions: Event will be postponed to the next first snow (in other words, event CANCELLED)


For students interested in the competitive and friendly fight categories, please gather your teams immediately and submit your application latest by tomorrow morning 6am. Prizes to be won as usual, please have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep tight.

Yours Sincerely,

Kim s.j

President of the Student Union




Jimin could feel his favourite hyung’s sass and exasperation from across the hall, where he stays with his roommate /cough/ boyfriend /cough/. As soon as that thought ran across his mind, his favourite (and only) group chat burst into life.




Hobi hyung

Hyung so much sass HAHAHAHAHA all read 2206





Jinnie hyung

Ya shut up all read 2207

Namjoon is already sleeping all read 2209

Im registering all of you idiots right all read 2209

Jimin you are joining too right? all read 2210



Yes hyung! (: all read 2210



Wah hyung all read 2211

Jimin is not an idiot? all read 2211


Jinnie hyung

You cant grp a mochi with a bunch of idiots right all read 2212



all read 2212


Jinnie hyung

U know that i included all those () info is for the 2 of u idiots right all read 2213



delivered 2214

:D delivered 2215





With the announcement of the snowball fight, Jimin decided not to do his assignment and instead snuggled himself under his layers of blankets




“Taehyung ah. What are you doing?” Jimin muttered, as he heard the familiar thud of boots against the floor, which signifies that Taehyung is wearing it and is hitting the sole against the floor to make it fit his foot.




“I’m going out to get our usual necessities.”




At that thought, Jimin jumped out of bed as he realised what Taehyung was referring to. He slipped into his winter jacket while Taehyung grinned and quickly took both of their wallets and escaped the dorm.






“Jimin look! It’s 3 for ₩4000! That’s pretty cheap!” Taehyung exclaimed.




“How many do you think we will need? Are we going hardcore or…”




“Let’s get 3 packets of this. We also have Hoseok hyung to take care of.”




“How about 4? Just in case…”




“Do you have enough to pay for all of this?”




“I think so,” Jimin said, as he opened the wallet to check. Then he nodded, “I have enough to get 7 packets of this.”




“Oh…7 packets of this?” Taehyung smirked.




“Yah what are you thinking about? We still have to buy other things! I don’t want to spend all my money just on hot packs!” Jimin slapped Taehyung’s arm before standing to go to the other aisle filled with more winter items on sale.




“Tae what else do we need?” Jimin asked, as he scanned the aisle with eagle-eyes, just in case any products may trigger his memory.




“Hot packs, and more hot packs.”




“You are not helping.”




“Says the one who was preparing to sleep and completely forgot about our ritual.”




“Fuck off.”




Taehyung chuckled and went to the other aisle of the convenience store.




“Ah, I wanted to get a new lip balm too! I finished mine.”




“Why don’t you get it from Kookie? I’m sure he has a drawer filled with lipbalms. You name it, he has it,” Jimin shuddered at the thought.




“Oh wait I know what else I need!” Jimin exclaimed after a while.




“More socks!”






At 5am sharp, Jimin and Taehyung jumped out of bed and started getting ready. They pulled on layers of sweaters and turtlenecks, ready to win the snowball fight again. Jimin even managed to stuff 2 stray hot packs inside his clothes to make sure he was almost like a body warmer.




Tearing open the new hot pack packets, they inserted 2 hot packs down the sides, ensuring an extremely warm feet. Taehyung threw Jimin’s favourite beanie at him, while he pulled on his own quickly.




The door opened and revealed Hoseok and Jungkook, both also ready to head out into the early morning chill. Jungkook threw a brand new lip balm at Taehyung who caught it perfectly, immediately running to the mirror to make sure his lips are covered with it.




Together they head out to the appointed location, forming plans as their feet sink into the fresh snow.






By the time the rest of the school has assembled at the outdoor court, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok had already built a huge snowfort, looking extremely proud of themselves.




“We’re going to slay this again right?”




“Of course! Who are we?” Jungkook said, knocking his shoulder with Jimin.




“Hobi hyung please don’t scream like last year again. Oh my God that was so embarrassing, how you screamed,” Taehyung complained.




Jimin and Jungkook stifled their laughter as Hoseok began chasing Taehyung around, determined to smash him face into the snow.




“Jimin, our ammunition. They are still at base right?” Taehyung asked seriously.




“Yes you brat. You want to have a taste of my famous grenade?” Jimin threatened.




By 8.30am, most of the other groups had finished building their own forts. The rules are idiot-proof, so “Hoseok and Taehyung can understand with no problems,” as said by Seokjin.




“Dear students, the rules of the game have been sent out to all of you. If you find the need to refer to the rules again, please do so to make sure a fair gameplay for all. The game will commence in half an hour’s time, on MY whistle,” Seokjin announced from the referee’s table.




Jimin pulled out his phone and quickly pressed on the new notification of an unread email:



Dear Students,


 Below is the list of rules that have remained unchanged from the start of this campus’ tradition. Any comments or unconstructive remarks will be denied.



1.All snow forts must be below the shoulder of all players in the team.


2.A team’s territory can only be up to 3 metres long and 5 metres wide.


3.Dirty tricks are encouraged, however please be subtle about it. Any reports of dirty tricks will lead to disqualification of the team.


4.A team player that is hit by any authorised ammunition when inside an opposition team’s territory will sit out of the game for 5 minutes before entering the playing area again.


5.A team will win if their fort is the tallest/widest by the end of the game.




1.A team will be fouled if any player uses force to detain any opposition player


2.A team will be fouled if unauthorised ammunition is used during the game.


Authorised ammunitions:




2.Any body parts capable of destroying snow forts


A team is allowed to:


1.Defend their fort from any opposition players with the use of authorised ammunitions


2.Destroy any opposition players’ forts with the use of authorised ammunitions


3.Foul any opposition players if they commit the fouls listed by either jailing a player or “snow-bombing” a player. [snow-bombing: A player will be surrounded by the victimized team players and get hit by their snowballs]


 Please heed the rules and display good sportsmanship. First aid is stationed inside Gym 2. Any questions regarding the rules please feel free to ask:


Kim SeokJin, President of the Student Union

Kim Namjoon, Vice-president of the Student Union


who are stationed at the referees’ table. Thank you and enjoy yourselves.


Free Hot chocolate available to all participating students and faculty members of all categories.

Yours sincerely,

Kim s.j

President of the Student Union




“Jimin, did you see that? Dirty tricks are encouraged.” Taehyung grinned.




“Whatever brat, what kind of dirty tricks can you pull anyway?” Jimin snorted.




“Hmm I don’t know maybe accidentally tripping them so that they face plant the snow?




“I don’t know who you are, get out of my face.”




Taehyung ran away laughing, while Jimin stalked back to their snow fort, muttering under his breath wondering how the hell he had put up with Taehyung since middle school.




“The game will begin in 10 minutes time. Players, please get ready behind your forts. You have 5 minutes to do a last check on your forts.”




Jungkook immediately ran back to their fort, pacing around it to check for any obvious flaws. Jimin quickly made more snow balls and place them near his feet, as he was in charge of protecting the fort with Hoseok. Taehyung bounded after Hoseok, who was smiling cheerily with a warm cup of hot chocolate in his hands.



“Okay guys, remember our plan. Jimin and Hobi hyung, hold the fort for as long as you can. I eavesdropped on the other teams and I think they will attack the centre right away. So I’ll need the both of you to direct attacks at all opposition teams, okay? We can’t let our guards down so just attack. Taehyung hyung and I will stealth to the other teams and make surprise attacks. And we can try the canon-balling thing into their forts,” Jungkook grinned at Taehyung who was grinning as crazily.




“5 minutes left to regroup yourselves! No more fixing of your snow forts!” A loud groan of complaint rose from the other side of the court, to the joy of the other 3 teams.




“Guys, remember. Free Starbucks for the rest of the semester. LET’S NAIL THIS!”








A loud roar came from the side of the court. Jimin and Hoseok quickly equipped themselves with snowballs, scanning the surrounding chaos. They could make out Taehyung slinking to the left side of the court, using his body to destroy part of a fort while the defenders were engaged with opposition front-line attackers. Jungkook ran to the fort next to the one Taehyung had just messed with, and quickly punch a hole at the side when the defenders were not looking. Everything seemed really impressive- other teams attacking one another, faces being smashed back into the skulls by snow balls and-




“JIMIN NINE O’CLOCK!” Hoseok screeched. Jimin turned to his left sharply and quickly launched his two snowballs into the attackers’ faces.  He bent down to reload his hands and dropped the snow balls on another attacker’s head who was trying to hide at the foot of their fort. The attackers were quickly removed from the court and had to wait for 5 minutes. Very quickly, most of the players had been cleared because of the strong defenders from each fort.




Jimin spotted Taehyung and Jungkook grouping, both panting as their breath condensed in the air. He caught Jungkook whispering excitedly and Taehyung’s eyes glint. Oh my god.








As the other attackers ran into the court again, Taehyung jumped and curled himself into a ball, smashing a giant hole into an opponent’s fort right at the centre. He recovered just as quickly to escape the territory, high-fiving Jungkook who was laughing. All was great until-




“Uh oh,” Hoseok whispered.




The team’s attackers turned to their fort really slowly and walked towards them while cracking their knuckles.




“Oh shit I warned them why-”




“YAAHH!” the attackers battle-cried and charged towards their fort.




“Hold the lines!” they could make out Jungkook scream.




Hoseok and Jimin could only hurl snowballs helplessly at the incoming attackers. One went down when Jimin hit the target (face) with a giant snow ball. Another snowball sailed and hit another attacker’s chest but the snowball seemed to explode into tiny pieces and Hoseok stifled another scream.




Then suddenly, they were not there anymore.




Hoseok and Jimin stood up and peep over their fort to see what had happened, to find the remaining members laying face flat in the snow. Taehyung and Jungkook were at the side, trying to hide. Jimin closed his eyes as he heard the inevitable sound of the whistle “BEEP!”




“Group 1 is disqualified because of non-subtle dirty trick so please make your way out of the court,” came Seokjin’s voice. They looked over their fort to find the remaining attackers face flat in the snow, and-




Red. That was all Hoseok saw.








Great. The reigning champions of 2 years were finally defeated. And Hoseok wasn’t happy about it.




As they walked out of the court, Hoseok was seen punching a hole into their own fort while Taehyung and Jungkook hung their head in embarrassment. Jimin lagged behind, kicking the snow as he cursed under his breath.




As soon as they reached the referees’ table, Seokjin offered them hot chocolate with a smile of pity.




“Don’t give me that look,” Hoseok snarled.




Seokjin immediately closed his mouth then burst into laughter. Hoseok glared at Seokjin and finished his hot chocolate angrily.




“I told you guys that you are idiots, didn’t I? See? Jungkook and Taehyung? See?” Seokjin guffawed. When he calmed down, he continued,




“But honestly? That was fucking funny. Did you see their expressions as they fell?” and continued shaking with laughter.




“It’s not my fault! Hyung! Like what you said, Jimin hyung looks so much like a mochi and he looked like he was going to be crushed into a pulp by those bulldozers!” Jungkook complained as Hoseok continued shooting daggers at him and Taehyung.




“I may be a mochi, but I’m a freaking muscular mochi you brat,” Jimin retorted, throwing a snowball at the back of Jungkook’s head.




“Hyung! That hurts!” Jungkook whined while rubbing his head.




“That hurts? That should hurt a hundred times more because you deserve it!” Hoseok shrieked, throwing another snowball at Jungkook.




“HYUNG!” Jungkook screamed at the continuous onslaught of snowballs Hoseok hastily made.




“Where’s Kim Taehyung by the way?” Hoseok stopped abruptly.



Jimin turned around to find Taehyung quietly sipping on his hot chocolate. When he caught Jimin’s eye, he waved sheepishly but upon seeing the snowball in his hands, Taehyung quickly put the cup away and held his hands up in surrender.



“I’m sorry Hoseok hyung and Jiminnie, I’m really sorr-YAK!” the snowball had hit its target perfectly.



“Taehyung ah, one thing I learnt from life is if you are going to apologise for something that you are going to do,” Jimin said, bending down to gather more snow, “don’t bother.”









Target… hit?



Jimin looked up, to see that Taehyung had duck just in time. And so the person who shouted was…




Before he knew what he was doing, Jimin started running towards the fallen, his mind already filled with nonsensical thoughts. Did I kill him? Is it a guy? What if it’s a girl? Oh my god this is a crisis!




“Hey are you alright? Do you need-WOAH!” Jimin yelped as he managed to slip on the frozen pavement. Great luck he had there.




“Hey do you need-oh.”




With blood rushing to his face in 0.001 seconds, Jimin stared at the male who was below him, pinned down by Jimin’s weight. The male had mesmerising cold black eyes that seemed to bore deep into Jimin’s soul. His thin lips were shaped like as if he had just spouted a string of curses. Which he probably did anyway. Just as quickly, the lips changed shape. Out of those lips came out a raw and deep chuckle. At first, Jimin was confused. Why did he start laughing? Why did he…oh. 




As soon as Jimin thought of how he must have looked from the male’s point of view, a tiny giggle tumbled out of his mouth. The giggling and chuckling turned into a mixture of high and low pitched laughter, creating a pleasant and pleasing sound to the ear. Jimin’s chest started to hurt from the cold hair and instead, he started coughing, his small fist thumping his chest.




“Hey you okay?” the male asked when he realised Jimin was wheezing.




“Yeah, I am alright,” Jimin waved his hands in embarrassment, turning back to look at the male.




Am I seeing things or are his eyes actually brown? They look so warm suddenly. Warm black eyes. Is there such a thing?




“Your eyes are pretty too,” the male murmured, hand brushing away Jimin’s stray hair to take a clearer look.




God damn it.




“Yoongi hyung?”




Upon hearing the voice, Jimin quickly scrambled off the guy- Yoongi? - and brushed off any snow on his coat. Yoongi also sat up quickly, gathering some of his loose papers and folders that had probably flew into the air when the snowball smacked him in the face.




“Oh, Namjoon ah. Hoseok, you’re here too huh?” Yoongi smiled awkwardly, jumping a few times to adjust his bag.




“Hyung this is…”




“Oh this is Yoongi hyung, the one I told you about the other time. He is an Architect major and minoring in Music Production. I met him and Namjoon together before college,” Hoseok explained.




“Ah…” Jimin said in mock realisation, because he was more embarrassed about the fact that out of all people, he had to fall on him.




“Hyung,” Namjoon said, and when Jimin saw Yoongi’s expression, it clearly said “shut the fuck up” so Jimin safely assumed that there was more to what Namjoon had meant.




“Uh…so!” Yoongi cleared his throat. “I better get going, I still have quite a number of things to finish so…”




“Yoongi sunbae!” Jimin quickly said, “I’m sorry for that…snowball.”




Yoongi looked at Jimin for a while and smiled, “hope to see you around again.”




As Yoongi walked off towards the main library, Hoseok skipped towards Jimin and said teasingly, “someone’s lovestruck~”




“Yah hyung get off me I’m not lovestruck hyung stop it no!”






“So how is it going with loverboy?” Taehyung smirked, hands propping his head up against the island.




“Get out of my face before I do it for you,” Jimin deadpanned, eyes glued to his laptop, fingers flying over the keyboard.




“Someone’s angsty~” Taehyung danced away, jumping onto the couch.




“I said fuck off Kim Taehyung,” Jimin said distractedly, his fingers still typing away furiously.




“You know I can get his number for you,” Taehyung sipped his warm coffee, eyes trained on Jimin’s back to get ready for any Jimin action.




“5. 4. 3. 2-”




“Okay okay I’ll leave. Remember to get your lunch!” Taehyung sashayed off and closed the door rather loudly.




Once the coast was clear, Jimin groaned, fingers struggling not to pull off every strand of hair he could reach. It was not that Jimin did not take a liking to Yoongi or did not find him attractive. Yes, although Jimin’s ideal type is someone tall who can take care of him, but Yoongi entered Jimin’s life like a gentle wind but swiftly smashed through Jimin’s dreams and his ideals. Yoongi reminded Jimin of small children. Either angelic or little spawns of devil there’s no in between.




It would be a lie if Jimin were to say that he hasn’t thought about Yoongi since that day. His black orbs that seemed to penetrate Jimin and dig out his soul to look for any dirty secrets. His thin lips that seemed so attractive, in contrast to Jimin’s thick plump lips, that would look so beautiful when profanities leave those 2 doors. And speaking of which, his deep voice that seemed to be the result of smoking a pack a day. Who knows, he may be but his gummy white teeth beg to differ.




“ARGHH!” Jimin wailed, his forehead thumping on the marble island with a thud. He was overflowing with emotion that he barely cared about the stinging on his forehead.




“I can’t do this anymore,” Jimin said finally, saving his assignment and closing the laptop shut immediately. He did not even know what he was doing, but apparently his body had made him pull on his coat, grab his wallet and phone and scoop up his keys. He considered for a while before deciding to bring his headphones along with him, along with a book he had yet to finish.




Walking past Starbucks, Jimin continued his way to the isolated coffee shop near his Art major wing. While he remained poker faced, his mind were filled with thoughts of anger, most of them directed towards a certain Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. I could have entered Starbucks but here I am walking towards a coffee shop that no one knows about.




Headphones still hung around his neck, he pushed open the door and was immediately welcomed by the aroma of homemade muffins and black coffee. There were a couple of students who were as broke as him getting coffee from this humble coffee house, some just finding a safe haven inside as Starbucks would be crowded with obnoxious students. As he approached the counter, his eyes trailed over the menu before deciding to get the coffee house’s classic mocha, with whipped cream and caramel drizzled over it.




Finding his favourite corner empty, Jimin quickly sank into the beanbag and popped his book open, finished with his headphones over his ears blasting his favourite music. Not even halfway through the book, another student came over and asked to share the table with him. He nodded half-heartedly, disappointed that he was not able to fully enjoy his space.




“Sorry can I take a seat here?”




“I was sitting here though-”




“Scram in 3,2,1-”








Jimin looked up from his book to see what the fuss was all about to see god damn it-




“Hello Jiminnie~” Hoseok sang.




“Ah hyung why~” Jimin whined, to Hoseok’s amusement.




“Nothing my dear dongsaeng, I just came over to say hi becau-”




“-because you could not afford Starbucks because of Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. Yes hyung you have said so many times I have already memorised it,” Jimin lamented, going back to his book, but not bothering to wear the headphones, considering that Hoseok would probably still talk to him non-stop.




“Speaking of the devil,” Hoseok smirked.




Jimin looked up yet again to see why-




“Oh hyung!” Jungkook beamed, while Taehyung was busily texting on his phone.




“Can I have some quiet time god damn it!” Jimin moaned, rubbing his face in dejection.




“Someone’s angsty~”




“I said I will get you out of my face by myself if you don’t do it yourself Kim Taehyung,” Jimin warned.




“What’s the party about?”




Jimin’s head snapped up to see oh fucking lord- Yoongi.




“Alright, that’s our cue to leave, let’s go!” Hoseok cheered, hooking his arms with Jungkook and Taehyung and dragging them out together with him.




Yoongi turned to look as Hoseok clamped his hands around Taehyung’s mouth and grin sheepishly at him, like a mother scolding 2 sons for misbehaving.




“Well, may I take seat?” Yoongi asked, one hand holding a cup of- hot chocolate with mini marshmallows?- and another holding a stack of papers with a couple of wooden pencils stuck to it by clips.




“Yes sure,” Jimin said, clearing the table for more space.




“Ah, that does feel nice, doesn’t it?” Yoongi sighed, melting into the beanbag.




“Yes, it does, ha,” Jimin laughed weakly. He could feel his heart starting to race, blood rushing to his face and if he didn’t cover it soon-




“How was your week?” Yoongi asked politely, just as Jimin held up his book directly right in front of his face.




“Pretty good I guess?” came Jimin’s muffled voice.




“Oh, The Cuckoo’s Calling? I read that book before!” Yoongi exclaimed.




“You did? That’s great! I guess…” Jimin silently prayed that Yoongi would stop talking and leave him alone but-




“How are you finding the book?”




“Hmm nice. A lot of names though, I got confused halfway.”




“True, and I think the author used a wide range of vocabularies. I couldn’t understand some of them,” Yoongi chuckled. There was a rustling of papers, and Jimin silently thanked God because finally Yoongi could leave him alone.




“Speaking of which,” Yoongi added.




Jimin looked down to see a paper being pushed towards his vision.




“Open that at home, or else I’ll leave first,” Yoongi said softly, and Jimin could almost imagine Yoongi scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.




Jimin quietly pulled the paper towards him and place it on his lap. It was nothing special, just an ordinary drawing paper. Glancing above his book to make sure Yoongi was minding his own business, Jimin opened the paper carefully and fought back a gasp. Taking a peep at Yoongi again, he made himself more comfortable and pretended to be reading his book. Jimin then carefully smoothed out the drawing paper against the page he was reading and swallowed.




On the drawing paper was a close-up sketch of him, giggling with his stray hair littered with tiny specks on snow. Jimin realised that it was a sketch from Yoongi’s point of view from that day. At the corner was unmistakably a series of digits that belonged to none other than Yoongi, and a tiny scrawl that made Jimin grin widely:




Call me? (: