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Nowhere I'd Rather Be

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As long as you're around
Open Road - Timestamp

"Do we really have to go to this thing?" Jared grumbled in a tight voice, discomfort etched into his jawline.

He was fumbling with his tie, muttering curses under his breath and growing more impatient by the second.

Jensen pushed Jared's tattooed hands away, taking the silk with his own fingers and weaving the tie into a Windsor knot.

"You don't have to come, you know?" he said softly. "It's not a big deal."

The New Year's Party at Yale University was a formal event with suits and champagne and lots of people who liked to brag about their flashy cars and shiny college degrees.

It was Jensen's first year as an Associate Professor, so he needed to show his face for at least an hour or so, shaking hands and making shallow conversation.

"And miss out on all the arrogant assholes treating me like I'm beneath them?" Jared snarked.

Jensen sighed and placed his hand on Jared's cheek, thumb tracing his cheekbone in a featherlight caress.

"Fuck them. We'll just mind our business and let them mind theirs."

"And you think that's good for you? Showing up with someone like me in tow? A fucking mechanic?"

"Careful," Jensen whispered. "That's the father of my kids you're talking about."

Jared snorted and pulled Jensen in for a languid kiss, their lips dragging lazily across each other as their eyes fluttered closed.

"I love you," Jensen breathed when they broke apart, just in case Jared hadn't gotten the message.

Jared licked his bottom lip and nodded, the tension slowly bleeding from his features under Jensen's worshipful gaze.

"Let's go and drink all the fucking free champagne we can find."

"Agreed," Jensen smiled, eyes twinkling at the thought of what the night held in store for them.

Good food, expensive suits and Jared kissing him breathless as the night sky above them exploded in a multitude of colors.

What was not to like about that?