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Nowhere I'd Rather Be

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Sway and Grind 
Open Road – Timestamp

If Jensen had one constant in his life it was his friends’ surefire talent to get on his nerves.

“Katie I love you and you know it, but if you bring up that damn club one more time—“

“Oh c’mon, Jen,” Jensen could hear the eye-roll in her voice without looking up from the textbook in his lap. “You can study another time. Tonight’s for celebrating. End of finals, winter break, any of that ring a bell with you? I know you’re kind of a nerd but staying home on a Saturday night is a whole new level of lame, even for you.”

Ignoring the excellent argument Katie just brought forth, Jensen didn’t lift his gaze up from his notes.

Starting to get frustrated by his lack of response, Katie seemed more determined than ever to convince him to come along to this new nightclub that opened up in Boston.

“Okay, imagine this. The place is packed; sweaty bodies everywhere, people are totally going wild.  And in the middle of it all, you and Jared, grinding against each other to the rhythm of DJ Loaf’s latest single—“

“You’re getting off track,” Jensen cut her off. “And the answer is still no.”

Because while Jensen would have loved nothing more than to get his sexy on with Jared on some crowded dance floor, he was also right in the middle of his preparations for the finals and he couldn’t afford to get distracted by Jared’s sweaty anything.

“How can the prospect of a sweaty Jared not convince you? The semester’s over, Jen. The entire fucking campus is out celebrating and you’re—“

“I’m here, trying not to fail my last round of exams I need to pass in order to get my degree.”

“Dude, you’re a genius! Do I really have to remind you of that? You could probably read that entire monster of a book in one sitting and still remember every word of it three years from now.”

Jensen frowned a bit at the exaggeration, but he knew better than to argue with Katie when she got like this. He didn’t know whether it was the image of Jared and Jensen together on a dance floor that got her so stuck on the idea, but she was nothing if not persistent. So much was for sure.

“Listen Katie…”

“No, you listen,” Katie spun Jensen’s office chair around and yanked the textbook out of his hands.“You can finish this another day. Tonight, you’re coming to celebrate the end of the semester with us, Mr. Overachiever. We’re gonna do something nice with your hair and put you in some obscene clothes and watch as Jared grows more possessive with each fucker who’s stupid enough to shoot you as much as a passing glance.”

Jensen’s eyebrows climbed up to his hairline and a slow smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

“You’re only doing this because you want us to have hot, possessive sex in the aftermath, aren’t you?”

And god, but the prospect of having Jared all hard and hot against him in some graffiti-smeared bathroom stall wasn’t going to leave Jensen’s mind anytime soon.

Damn Katie for making him think about that kind of dirty, hotter-than-hell shit when Jensen had already switched his phone off earlier, trying to avoid any distractions.

“Please, Jensen. C’mon,” Katie whined, clasping her hands together before slinging her tattooed arms around his neck and pulling him in for an awkward, mostly one-sided hug. “Please, pleaaaasee… please come with us tonight.”

“Why is this so important to you?” Jensen tried to ease out of the weirdly-angled embrace in order to look her in the eyes.

It wasn’t like the gang had never gone out without him before.

Sure, Jensen would join them if he could somehow arrange it, but he couldn’t remember ever having gotten cornered like this before.

Katie’s mouth tugged down at the corners, the smile from earlier now gone from her lips and there was a sudden frown marring her pretty features that didn’t sit well with Jensen.

Okay, something was definitely up here and it wasn’t just Katie trying to satisfy her kinky pleasures by watching Jensen and Jared make out against every possible surface of that damn nightclub.

“It might be our last chance,” Katie hesitantly started, chewing on her bottom lip. “To do this together. Before you guys move to New Haven.”

She drew in a small breath and then looked away, but not before Jensen caught a glimmer of tears in her eyes.

Well, shit.

“You know this isn’t goodbye, right?” Jensen asked softly, voice gentle and hesitant. “We’re still going to hang out and see each other, even after the move.”

“Yeah, no, I know,” Katie nodded and sniffed, gently extracting herself out of Jensen’s arms. “You’re right, you should study and I shouldn’t have bothered you with this. I’m sorry.”

And okay, for Katie to barge into his dorm room and be an annoying (and yet lovable) little shit- that was one thing, but to hear her apologizing for being her usual bratty self? That wasn’t something Jensen was used to. It wasn’t something he ever wanted to get used to.

“Woah, hold on for a second,” Jensen shot forward to capture her wrist. “Don’t just run off like that.”

Jensen gently pulled his textbook out of Katie’s grasp and dropped it on his workstation.

Then he let out a soft sigh and rubbed a hand through his hair. “Okay.”

“Okay?” She asked, her voice the perfect mix of skepticism and hopefulness.

Jensen gave her a smile. “Okay, yeah. I’ll come along.”

“Really?” Katie’s eyes widened and her voice got high-pitched with excitement.

“Under one condition,” Jensen held up a digit in protest. “If I agree to go to this club tonight, you’ll shut up and let me study in peace for the next few hours.”

“Done,” Katie grinned, bouncing up and down excitedly and clapping her hands.

Jensen sighed in defeat and flopped back into his seat, opening the book back up to the page he’d last worked on. It was about five more hours until he needed to get ready for the club.

Better kick it into fucking high gear.

“You’re going to have so much fun, Jen, I promise! I’ll invite Tom and Mike along as well. Danni already texted Misha earlier, so we should be a large group—“


“Club’s pretty well-known in the LGBT community so there’ll be tons of hot guys on the lookout for some fun and—“


Katie paused her impassioned rambling just long enough to see Jensen’s pointed glare before she blushed a little and cleared her throat. “Yeah, right. Shutting up, now. I got it.”

She mimed zipping her lips and tossing the key over her shoulder.

“I’ll just leave you to it.”

Jensen watched her go and waved at her in goodbye.

“See you later!” Katie grinned before ducking out the door and Jensen shook his head, a fond grin on his lips as he returned his attention to his textbook.



Jensen’s head was throbbing from the intense five hours study session he’d pulled, but the second Jared stepped off his Harley with that devil-may-care grin on his face and a dark V-neck that clung to his chest in all the right places, he knew he had made the right decision.

“Hey,” Jared pulled Jensen forward by grabbing a fistful of his shirt and Jensen’s eyes fluttered closed at the soft press of warm lips against his own.

“Hey, yourself,” He sighed into the sensation, melting into Jared’s arms.

“Not that I’m complaining, but weren’t you supposed to spend the night buried in books?”

Jensen sighed. “Katie asked me to come along.”

A small grin formed on Jared's lips. “And by ‘asked’ you mean she pestered you long enough to give in and agree to whatever she wanted?”

“That about sums it up, yeah.”

“Jen…” Jared stepped back to brush a finger over Jensen’s bottom lip. “As much as I’d love for you to join us, you shouldn’t do it just because Katie wants you to.”

“Relax, big boy, I didn’t do it just for her,” Jensen winked at Jared. “I’m coming because I want to.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Over the past hour and a half or so, the idea of having Jared’s firm, sweaty chest plastered to his back as they moved in sync, hearts beating in tune to the beat of the music, had become gradually more tempting.

“Alright,” Jared said and entangled his fingers with Jensen’s before nodding towards his Harley.

“Let’s get going, then.”

Jensen grinned as he let himself get steered towards Jared’s bike.



The club was on fucking fire.

The feeling Jensen got from the first second he stepped inside and slipped among the crowd was electric.

Jensen pulled out of his jacket, leaving him in nothing but a pair of ridiculously tight jeans and a forest green T-shirt that clung to his chest almost obscenely.

He had briefly debated putting on a Henley but then decided on something a little more daring, something that would allow Jared a glimpse of the pale, freckled skin beneath.

It was a flimsy material, thin and kind of see-through and Jensen had picked it because he knew it would drive Jared crazy, if not for the fact that it showed off the dusky outline of his nipples than because it would doubtlessly get him some attention from the rest of the male audience. He had styled his hair into a natural tousle rather than letting it curl against his forehead and borrowed a pair of battered looking dog marks from Steve’s necklace collection to complete the look.

Jared gaped at him when he slid out of his jacket to reveal his outfit. "Like what you see?"

"I always do," Sidling up close from behind from behind him, Jared slipped an arm around Jensen’s stomach, fingers sliding up to push the green cotton of his shirt above his belt buckle. “If I didn’t know it any better, I’d think you’d want to get laid tonight.”

As much as Jared loved Jensen’s college boy looks with the Penny loafers and nerdy glasses, these outfits usually didn’t get under Jared’s skin with so much vengeance.

They elicited more of a slow-burning need, something he’d gotten used to over the past months through heightened exposure; just like Jensen had learned not to get a raging hard on every time Jared was bent over one of his bike engines, muscles jumping tantalizingly beneath his heavily tattooed skin and the standard leather jacket.

So while Jensen knew what he was doing to Jared on a regular basis, Jensen in clubbing clothes was a whole new ballpark of heat and desire that Jared hadn’t been prepared for.

It was almost like Jensen had switched personas for one night; turning from Mr. Overachiever into Mr. I’ll give you a blowjob for a fifty and buy my own drinks, too.

“Oh, I am getting laid tonight,” Jensen said, eyes twinkling up at Jared in the relative darkness of the club.

Because no matter how hot and filthy people would get around them, the only person Jensen would want to get laid by was Jared and that bastard damn well knew it.

Jensen reached out to lightly circle Jared’s wrist with his forefinger and thumb, tugging him towards the bar, were Katie, Steve and Chris were already waiting for them.

They ordered a round of shots for the entire gang and not soon after, Jared squeezed Jensen’s arm and excused himself to go take a piss. “Be right back.”

Jensen gave him a nod and watched him go, mouth twisting aggressively around the straw of his gin tonic when he saw the appreciative looks Jared was shot as he moved through the crowd.

It was with equal parts of pride and possessiveness, that Jensen realized that Jared could literally have his pick at anybody in this club tonight.

He had the kind of face that stopped you dead in your tracks.

The tousled dark brown hair, thick and lustrous.

The eyes, a mesmerizing chestnut color with specks of silver light catching in them.

His face so strong and defined; his features molded from granite.

Jensen guessed Jared must have gotten used to the effect he had on the people around him, that sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way, followed by an overcompensated glance to the side or an embarrassed blush.

Yeah, Jay could have had just about anyone, could have had someone with bigger muscles or a smaller waist, with blonde hair or a higher sense of self-worth.

Someone new and exciting with less emotional baggage, who didn’t wake up at night screaming or crying. Someone easy.

But he didn’t want anybody else.

And neither did Jensen.

His train of thoughts was interrupted when Katie slung a skinny arm around his neck and pulled him down to drunkenly press a kiss against the side of his face. “See? Told you, you were going to like it here.”

"You were right," Jensen chuckled and wiped some of Katie’s lipstick off his cheek with a slight grimace. “Didn’t realize how much I needed this after days cooped up in my dorm room.”

“You’re welcome!” Katie grinned so fucking wide, it nearly split her face open. “Now how long do you think it will take for you and Jared to get naked?”

“Shit, don’t encourage them,” Steve slurred from the side, downing a shot and slamming the empty glass back down on the counter. “It’s bad enough as it is.”

Jensen shook his head with a fond smile. “Think we’ll hit the dance floor first.”

Chris snorted into his glass, and Jensen narrowed his eyes at him as he coughed and sputtered.

“What?” he frowned. “It’s a night club. The whole point of being here’s dancing, isn’t it?”

Chris exchanged a knowing little smirk with Steve. “Good luck explaining that to Jay.”

Katie bit her lower lip and bounced back on her heels, looking nervous as she looked up at Jensen. “I might have tweaked the truth a tiny bit back at your dorm room. Jay's not really all that big on dancing. We’ve been trying to get him to do it for years, but he straight out refuses to move a freaking muscle every time we go to a club.”

And okay, Jensen could see why Jared- the notorious hard ass- wasn’t exactly keen on getting his dance moves on in the middle of a crowded dance floor.

He wasn't exactly the hip-hop type and there were tons of people, who didn’t like dancing, after all.

But Katie had made it sound so tempting back in the dorm rooms and Jensen's imagination might have run a little wild after that.

“You think I could get him to do it?” Jensen asked almost casually, lips quirking up into a daunting little grin around the rim of his gin glass.

He was holding Katie’s gaze, but he could feel the whole gangs’ attention on him, now.

Steve pulled a crumpled twenty dollar bill from his jeans pocket with a snort and slammed it down on the counter. “No fucking way, man. You can get him to do a lot of shit but not that."

Jensen’s grin widened.

The game was on.



Ten minutes and three shots later and Jensen was ready to move with the music, body relaxed and uncoiled as he laughed and talked to the others.

The vibe of the nightlife was like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart; the combined feeling of being surrounded by so many people, laughing, drinking, feeling the steady thrum of the beat pulsate through every fiber of his being.

It was exactly what he had been looking for.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you tonight,” Jared grabbed him by the hips and yanked him backward until their bodies were pressed flush against each other. He leaned in to bite Jensen’s earlobe, chasing away the sting with a swipe of his tongue. “But I like it.”

“Good,” Jensen grinned and started to grind against Jared in little circles, swaying his hips in tune to the music.

Something flickered in Jared’s gaze, dark and dangerous and then his large hands slipped down to cup Jensen’s ass through the tight-fitting material of his jeans.

“Fucking tease,” Jared breathed hot and heavy against his ear. His dick was half-hard in his jeans and when Jensen captured his lips in a fiery kiss, biting and gnawing on them like he was starving for Jared’s tongue, it was all Jared could do not to drag him into a dark corner and have his wicked ways with him before the party even really started. “Keep that shit up and I’ll do you right here, give them all a front-row show.”

“No,” Jensen grinned, reaching back to gently pry Jared’s fingers away from his ass.

“No?” Jared repeated with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“First we dance. Then you can have me whatever way you want,” Jensen leaned in for another kiss, sucking in his lower lip and swiping his tongue over the older man’s lips.

“I don’t dance,” Jared hummed out against Jensen’s mouth.

“What do you mean?” Jensen pretended to be confused, feeling the alcohol buzz heavy in his veins as he leaned up to chase the Whisky flavor from Jared’s lips. “This is a dance club.”

Jared shrugged, pulled away just far enough to show Jensen that he was dead serious. “I just don't, alright?”

Fair enough.

Time for plan B.

Jensen pressed his index finger against Jared’s lips and then leaned in to whisper hotly into his ear. “Well, then I’m going to have to find someone else to dance with, won’t I?”

Jared’s eyes narrowed and his mouth opened in protest, but before he could do anything to stop him, Jensen turned around with a little wink that was purely teasing and mingled with the crowd on the dance floor.

He didn’t go in too far, just far enough to make himself noticed.

He could feel Jared’s gaze burning into him as he lowered his eyelids and started swaying his body in tune to the heavy hip-hop they were playing.

It didn’t take long before a firm chest pressed against his back from behind, unfamiliar hands settling on either side of his hips.

There was a fleeting moment of instant panic, of cold tiles and grogginess and a stranger’s hot whisper against his ear and just like that the breath was punched from Jensen’s lungs with enough force to leave him winded, body growing impossibly tense beneath the touch.

Jensen’s eyes fluttered shut for a second, the ghost feeling of somebody’s unwanted touch on his flushed skin, of somebody taking things from him he wasn’t willing to give.

For a second he regretted his choice to do this; to let himself get felt up by a stranger in some club just to win a damn bet.

But then his frantic gaze flew over to the bar and his heart rate slowed down when he saw Jared.

In the darkness of the club, all he could see was the angry twist of Jared’s lips and the dark, stormy fire in his gaze.

The eye contact grounded him, brought him back to the here-and-now; reminding him that Jared was watching, that he was there to step in if things got out of hand.

So, with his eyes still focused on Jared’s charcoal ones, Jensen focused on the way the stranger pressed against him; on the beat of a stranger’s heart beating against his spine.

The guy started moving against him, his hands gripping Jensen’s hips hard from behind.

He nosed at the back of Jensen's neck, squeezing him tighter and tighter until the pressure made it hard to breathe.

Jensen’s eyes fell closed as he tried to tell himself to relax, to go with it, just for a minute or two.

But he couldn’t do it.

Not when the guy’s hands started wandering and his lips latched onto Jensen's neck, trying to suck bruises into the skin.

Because dancing was one thing but this- this was more than just dancing. This was letting himself get touched and kissed by someone who wasn’t Jared- this was being felt up by a total stranger and he couldn’t do it. 

A cold shudder wracked through him and twisted around, pushing the guy away by the shoulder just far enough to set a clear sign.

The guy was about Jared’s size, tall, lean and handsome, with messy black hair and bright eyes.

Under different circumstances, Jensen might have jumped at a chance to get with a guy like him, but right here, right now, with Jared standing right across the room and watching them, he was about as interesting to Jensen as the dirty floor he was standing on.

“Hey,” the guy greeted over the loud beat of the music, a cocky little smile playing his lips.

Forcing a polite smile on his own lips, Jensen’s gaze flicked back to the bar to see that Jared had turned his attention away from him and back to their friends.

A pang of something, hurt or irrational jealousy or maybe disappointment, shot through Jensen at the sight.

Which was stupid, because he had been the one to walk away and let some stranger feel him up in front of Jared, but Jared was supposed to get all growly and possessive, not just stand at the bar and talk to Steve like Jensen wasn't getting hit on by some random sleazebag.

“I’m Jack,” the guy greeted with his dazzling smile still in place. “How come I’ve never seen you around here before? You new in town?”

“Listen—” Jensen’s gaze returned back to the bar and his heart kicked up a notch when he found Jared gone.

Had he left the club?

God fucking damn it.

Of course, he had left.

He was probably pissed and rightfully so.

What the hell had Jensen been thinking, toying with Jared like that, making him believe that he would actually be interested in anyone else when Jared was literally all Jensen could think about.

Jack,” the guy supplied with a snort that was half amusement, half bitterness over the fact that Jensen was so disinterested he couldn’t even remember his name.

“Right, listen, Jack, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m actually here with someone.”

Jensen raked his hand through his hair, desperately searching the crowd for the familiar pair of hazel eyes he loved so much, a tattooed arm, a sharp jawline and wild mop of tousled bangs. Anything.

“Okay,” Jack replied, slowly, sounding entirely unconvinced, which only heightened Jensen’s exasperation. “I didn’t see anyone with you, so…”

Jensen knew guys like ‘Jack’.

Rejection wasn’t in their fucking vocabulary.

“Look, I’m serious,” he forced out, nearly hissing. “I’m not interested. Now fuck off.”

Maybe the aggressiveness was uncalled for, but Jensen had told the guy off twice already.

“Oh, c’mon,” Jack smirked, reaching around Jensen to run a hand over his hips down to the waistband of his jeans, trying to cover as much ground as humanly possible. “You don’t need to be nervous or anything. I promise I’ll take good care of you.”

Eyes narrowing to poisonous little slits, Jensen grabbed hold Jack’s wandering hand and forcefully yanked it away from his hip.

“In case you didn’t get the hint when I told you the last two times, it’s a big fat ‘No, I’m not interested in your dick’ with a very clear undertone of ‘get lost’.”

Jensen drove his point home by digging his fingernails into the guy’s wrist.

The guy looked absolutely dumbfounded for a second before his eyes darkened and his features twisted into a sneer. “Fine, suit yourself. You little—“

'Jack' didn’t get to voice whatever insult was on the tip of his tongue when two broad shoulders and a whole lot of leather entered Jensen’s line of vision.

Jared grabbed the front of the guy’s shirt and yanked him forward so hard he nearly tripped over his own sneakers. 

“I think he told you to fuck off,” he growled out in a tone that was two octaves deeper than his usual one. 

Jack’s eyes were huge and glassy as he shrunk under the six-foot-four wall of muscle and bristling fury that was Jared.

Some of the other people in the club had stopped dancing and turned to watch the scene unfold, their eyes filled with a mix of apprehension and excitement.

Jensen’s breath was kind of knocked from his lungs at the tone Jared had used.

There were probably about two million reasons why Jensen shouldn’t be turned on right now. But there was that static again, that crackling spark of electricity that always filled his lungs and nose and airways whenever Jared got like this.

When Jensen had been just this nerdy kid from Harvard and Jared had been the world’s most obnoxious hard ass and there should have been nothing between them, the crackling fire had made the hairs on the back of Jensen’s neck stand up.

But now it was strong enough to make him afraid for his own life, like if Jared turned around to look at Jensen or if he reached out to actually touch him, one of them would spontaneously combust from all that sexual tension.

“Get the fuck outta here before I change my mind,” Jared growled out and released Jack with a warning jostle.

The guy didn’t waste two fucking seconds before he scrammed, nearly tripping in his haste to get away.

Jensen figured he must have known how close he just came to getting his face bashed in.

As soon as he was gone, the crowd that had gathered around them dissolved and everyone went back to normal; feeding off of smiles and fast dancing.

The dance floor was vibrating, the sound of the speakers blared and Jensen felt like his eardrums were going to burst while the crowd was going crazy around them.

Yet, his heart was still in his throat and he didn’t dare to breathe in the wake of what had happened.

“Jay listen,” Jensen started in an attempt to explain, but Jared wasn't listening.

“You wanna dance?” he husked as he stepped closer.

His hazel eyes were charcoal black with anger or desire, Jensen couldn’t be sure.

He felt Jared's hand slide around his waist and under his shirt. “Let’s fucking dance.”

Without warning, Jared grabbed Jensen’s hipbones and yanked him around so that he was facing the crowd and Jared was behind him.

It made Jensen hiss, fingers twisting around to curl into Jared’s clothing, trying to pull him closer.

“Show me what you got,” Jared whispered hotly against his ear. He pressed his lips to Jensen’s neck, light brushes of his hot mouth across the nape, slowly trailing his way up to the sensitive spot behind Jensen’s ear.

Jensen tilted his head to the side on instinct, granting Jared better access and feeling Jared smile against his skin.

“Trying to get me jealous?” Jared’s fingers dug harder into Jensen’s waist as he slid his thumbs beneath the shirt that had ridden up on Jensen’s skin.

“It got you dancing, didn’t it?” Jensen panted out, unable to suppress the tremble that shot through his body at the intimate touch, each press of Jared’s fingers like an electric current hardwired to his groin.

Jared inched his fingers lower, dipping just beneath the front of Jensen’s waistband. “You’re lucky I let him live.”

Jensen’s eyes fluttered close and he let out a breathy moan, arching his back and grinding his backside harder into Jared’s groin.

“Jay,” Jensen’s voice had gone low and breathy with want when Jared’s hot mouth latched onto his earlobe from behind, sucking it into his mouth and grazing his teeth over the soft skin.

He was giving minute thrusts of his hips, so shallow no one near them would think it was anything more than two men clearly enjoying the night, when in reality- each movement was a statement of its very own; each thrust rubbing his hard length against the cleft of Jensen’s ass with purpose. He nuzzled lower, his mouth working at Jensen’s collarbone, teeth gently grazing the skin there and causing the tiny hair on the back of Jensen’s neck to rise.

Jensen was trying to keep up with the dance moves, but it was harder to concentrate now, with Jared’s lips and teeth and tongue working bruises into his neck, claiming him so publically and making him think of all the other things Jared could do with his mouth, which really didn’t help the uncomfortable tightness in his jeans.

Whatever reason he might have had not to dance, Jensen was beginning to realize that it wasn't lack of skill because Jared's movements were strong and sure, in perfect tune with the beat.

Every sway and grind of his hips, every bounce of his heels was smoothe; perfectly synchronized to the heavy beat of the music. 

Jared was actually good at this.

Much better than any of them would have probably given him credit for.

“Would ye’ look at that,” Jared taunted, voice nothing more than a breathy whisper against Jensen’s skin. “Not so fucking smug anymore, are you now?”

“I…” Jensen tried to form a coherent sentence, but the ache in his abdomen grew more painful by each second, the pressure building up to a point where it was unbearable.

Jared’s patience finally seemed to snap and he whirled him around, shutting him up with a brutal kiss; his long fingers tangled in Jensen’s hair and his teeth digging into Jensen’s pouty lips, biting, sucking, growling in a way that made Jensen feel bruised and vulnerable but also aching for more.

Jared was the one who broke away first, panting roughly against Jensen’s kiss-swollen lips. 

"Bathroom. Now."



The door handle to the restroom was missing and a sliding latch held the broken door in place.

Jared undid it and stumbled into a room that faintly smelled of piss and sex. It was grimy and the broken tiles on the walls were smeared with graffiti and lipstick.

The toilets had been removed probably a while ago but the counter was still there, a grime-covered mirror running along the wall in front of them and casting an infinitely repeating reflection of them.

Jensen’s breath was still punching in and out of his chest at a near frantic pace. It felt like his body was on fire- like his heart was beating outside of his body and he had lost all control over it.

He looked past Jared’s shoulder, hovering a step behind him and caught Jared’s eye in the mirror.

The moment was strangely intense, sending a ripple of excitement through Jensen’s very core.

Jared was oddly beautiful in the bright light of the fluorescent neon bulb above their heads- his Adam’s apple standing out beneath his corded neck as he ran a hair through the sweaty bangs of hair that kept falling into his eyes.

His shirt was crumpled, his eyes blown.

His lips bitten raw and swollen from all the kissing they had done.

Marked up.

The arousal, combined with the disorientation of the alcohol briefly overwhelmed Jensen, leaving him disconnected from the here and now as he broke away from Jared and let himself get backed up against the counter.

Jared didn’t waste any time and Jensen’s sense of reality was brought back with ferocity when Jared latched onto his nipple through the thin fabric of the shirt Jensen was wearing and dug his teeth into the nub until Jensen hissed out his pain and scrambled to tug on Jared’s hair to pull him back.

Jared grabbed the hem of Jensen’s shirt and gave it a tug, growling out in frustration when it didn’t immediately come off.

“Jay—J-Jared, wait. Hold on,” Jensen gasped and covered Jared’s searching hands with his own to stop him. “We are literally about to fuck twenty feet away from 200 people, any of whom could walk into this goddamn bathroom any moment.”

Ignoring his protest, Jared grabbed him by the hips and lifted him up onto the counter, groaning as their mouths meet in a hungry kiss.

Let them come.

Show ‘em what they can’t have.

“Gonna let me fuck you?” Jared bit harshly at Jensen’s bottom lip, tugging just enough to make him moan. “Right here in this shitty club with all these people just outside the door?”

“Yes, fuck. Do it.”

Jared roughly bit and kissed his way down Jensen’s neck and chest, stopping only when his lips reached the hem of his rucked up shirt. He ripped it off and swallowed Jensen’s whimper with his lips, before stepping back to yank his own jacket and shirt off.

“C’mon, hurry the fuck up,” Jensen breathed hotly, biting at the sensitive skin just below the tattoo on Jared’s neck. “Need you so bad. Now.”

Jared growled and tugged hard on Jensen’s waistband, nearly causing him to slip from the counter. His arms shot out to hold Jensen up and balance him, sending both their shirts and a soap dispenser off the counter to drop to the dirty floor.

He shoved Jensen back until his back and shoulders hit the mirror behind him while Jensen fumbled with his zipper, their breaths mingling hot and ragged between them.

Jensen spread his legs as far as he could with his jeans all bunched up around his ankles and Jared tugged him hard to the edge of the counter, wrapping an arm around his shoulders to steady him as their mouths met in a hungry kiss. “Should have snapped that fucker’s neck when he touched you. What the fuck were you thinking, letting him touch you like that, huh?”

“They said I couldn’t—“ Jensen broke off on a gasp. “Said I couldn’t get you to dance with me.”

Someone banged on the door and Jensen pulled away with a panicked expression on his flushed face, nails scraping down hard Jared’s back and making him wince.

“FUCK OFF!” Jared yelled and then laughed when Jensen gripped the back of his neck and slammed their mouths together once more.

“What happened to ‘let ‘em come’?” Jensen panted; a smug little grin slowly forming on his lips.

Jared grabbed his legs and yanked him off the counter before harshly spinning him around by the back of his neck and pressing him forward. 

Jensen let out a breathy moan as he fumbled to grip the counter and hold himself upright, pitched awkwardly forward at the way Jared had fit his hips snugly against his ass.

He knocked over a soap tray when he reaches up to slap a palm against the mirror.

Jared kissed a hot trail of kisses down Jensen’s back, stopping to bite at the knobs of bone and sucking possessive little marks into the wings of his shoulder blades.

“Open up,” Jared commanded in a husky, fucked out voice and Jensen’s lips parted on instinct as Jared shoved them inside. “Get them good and wet.”

Jensen’s eyes darkened as he curled his tongue around the digits, hollowing his cheeks out obscenely as he sucked at the fingers like he was starved for them, eyes hooded as he peered up at Jared.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” Jared growled and kicked Jensen’s legs farther apart before pulling his fingers out of Jensen’s mouth and reaching down to line them up with Jensen’s tightly furled muscle.

He wasted no time in sliding one finger in, crooking it up expertly to try and find Jensen’s prostate.

Jensen let out a soft keening noise that further spurred Jared on and made him move his fingers back and forth, scissoring them as he surged down to claim Jensen’s lips yet again.

“God, please just—“ Jensen panted the words out, scrambling desperately against the counter as he pushed his ass back into the sensation of Jared’s fingers, itching for more. “Fuck me, Jay… need to feel you. Wanna feel you, c’mon.”

“Love it when you beg me,” Jared smirked against Jensen’s spit-slick lips, fingers teasing at his hole as he slid a third one in.

“Do it again,” Jared demanded in a ragged order, punctuating his words with a particularly harsh thrust of his hand. Jensen let out a startled sound at the harsh treatment.

“Jesus Christ, yes. Please- please fuck me. Want you so fucking much, Jared. Please.”

Jared grinned at the slight note of desperation in his voice.

"Well, since you asked so nicely,” he purred and pulled a condom from the back of his jeans. He rolled it on before grabbing the back of Jensen’s neck to bend him even further and pressing into him.  

They both moaned in pleasure, Jensen pushing back against his dick, even when the stretch was painful.

Jared started fucking into him, setting up a steady rhythm and looking up to catch their reflection in the cracked mirror before them.

Jensen’s face was flushed a rosy red, sweaty hair plastered to his forehead as he clutched the counter for dear life with one hand while the other was still propped up against the mirror.

His sweaty palm slipped off the mirror and Jared wrapped an arm around his chest to haul him back up, lifting him just far enough to make him watch their reflection.

He let his hand slowly trail up from Jensen’s sweaty chest over to his neck, thumbing the slight dip of his throat.

He held him there, his strong fingers wrapped loosely around Jensen’s throat without applying any real pressure, just resting there. Owning him.

“Look at us,” he husked, squeezing Jensen’s neck just the tiniest bit, just to make him feel the power- the vulnerability- just to show him who he belonged to. “Look at yourself. How hot you are, how much you like taking my cock.”

The pressure around his neck seemed to turn Jensen on even more because it made him gasp and grind back against Jared’s dick, hands reaching back to claw at Jared’s back. “Jay. Fuck. Harder. Fuck me harder.”

Jared actually growled at the words, his eyes near black with desire as the words tipped him over the edge of sanity.

He roughly grabbed a fistful of Jensen’s sweat-soaked spikes and pressed him down until he was completely bent in half and needed to brace himself on the counter to keep his footing.

The urge to claim and own was overpowering at this point and Jensen just let him take whatever he fucking needed, wanting it, even. Begging for it.

“Fuck, Jay. Jesus fucking—“ Jensen’s voice broke on choked-off cry when Jared’s fingers reached around to curl around his dick, starting to stroke him in sync with his erratic thrusts. “Oh god. Jared. Jay. I- I’m gonna—“

Jared actually chuckled at the absolute desperation in Jensen’s voice. "Love it when you get this desperate."

Sometimes it was hard to remember that Jensen was that same nerdy Harvard student he had been when they’d first met at the biker expo.

“Come for me, baby,” Jared prompted and angled his thrusts so that they hit Jensen’s sweet spot on every damn stroke, hands moving rough and fast on Jensen’s cock as he pushed him over the edge.

The sensations were too much and Jensen came with a strangled yell of Jared’s name that bounced off the tiled walls. His ass clenched down around Jared’s cock like a vice, so hard and tight and fucking perfect –and Jared’s rhythm faltered when his own orgasm hit him like a punch to the gut, robbing him of his breath.

He bit down hard on Jensen’s shoulder to muffle his own grunt against the younger man’s sweaty skin and Jensen barely flinched at the pain, he was so out of it- so delirious with his own pleasure.

He shuddered and they stayed like that for a few minutes; just trying to catch their breaths.

Then Jensen started shaking beneath him. He was breathing so fast, heart hammering wildly beneath Jared’s fingertips as he peered up at Jared’s reflection in the mirror with something akin to worship.

“Jay...” he whispered, his impossibly thick lashes clumping with moisture from the heightened emotion of it all and Jared felt a surge of possessiveness that it made him dizzy.

Jared slipped out of him and a soft whimper escaped Jensen’s lips at the loss.

He didn’t even bother for a trash bin with the condom- this whole fucking place was a dump anyway- and stepped between Jensen’s legs before pressing their mouths together in a slow, sloppy kiss.

“Feel good?” Jared bumped their noses and foreheads together when they broke apart, one thumb drawing random patterns on the side of his cream-colored neck.

He set his mouth to the skin where his thumb had been and sucked a bruise into the flesh just to hear the way Jensen’s breath hitched in his throat and to feel the way his long fingers dug into the meaty muscles on his back.

“Mhhm,” Jensen sighed as his eyes closed and his forehead fell forward against Jared’s collarbone. "Always do."

Jared dug his chin into Jensen’s hair, catching a hint of Jensen’s lavender shampoo beneath the penetrant odor of piss and sweat and cheap alcohol.

Jensen slipped off the counter and Jared steadied him when his knees threatened to buckle, holding him steady. "Want me to carry you outta here bridal style, princess?”

“You can try,” Jensen huffed, lightly shoving Jared’s shoulder to push him back. His gaze flickered down to the pile of clothing on the floor and he shuddered at the prospect of having to put the sweaty, dirty fabric on again. “I can’t fucking believe I let you fuck me in this a cesspool of viruses and STDs. We probably both have AIDS now.”

Jared grinned and cupped the side of Jensen’s face before softly kissing him on the lips. “But what a way to go, huh?”

Jensen laughed at that, bright and brilliant, lighting up the whole fucking club with his smile.

He reached up to tangle his fingers in Jared’s messy hair and went in for another kiss.

“Totally worth it.”



They spent the rest of the night dancing and getting stupidly drunk.

Jensen cashed eighty dollars for winning the bet, only to end up spending it all on drinks.

Jared got teased mercilessly for his earlier performance on the dance floor until they pestered him enough to make him spill the beans about some long-ago street dance competition he participated in and it made Chris laugh so hard he was crying.

And in that moment, with Chris folded in half because he was laughing so hard and Jared grumbling something about ‘this is why I never told you fuckers’, time stood still for a minute and Jensen’s heart broke.

Not much longer and he would be moving to New Haven, leaving all of this- all of them- behind. 

Someone tapped Jensen on the shoulder and he half-expected it to be Jared, but to his surprise he found Katie grinning up at him, instead.

“Care for a dance?” she asked, cheeks still slightly flushed from her last dance with Steve. “Can’t promise I’ll be as good as Justin Timberlake over there, but I can try.”

Jensen grinned. 

He didn’t know what the future had in store for them or if they were ever going to have a night like this again, without a goddamn care in the world; just free and happy in every way that mattered.

He didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but tonight was theirs and they were going to make the absolute most of it.

Jensen knocked the rest of his drink back and slung an arm around Katie's neck. 

“C'mon," he smirked. "Let’s show these wannabes what we’re made of.”