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The Mark

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[In a cave deep in the heart of the Black Forest, 1344 A.D.]

"There are many terrible creatures that roam our lands." A man in a blood red cloak spoke into the hollowed cave. The flickering light of the flames throwing his shadow wildly across the back wall. "There is the Verr." A man was brought in, naked and chained. "These filthy beasts wear our Triskelion as a badge of honor." The man was turned around to show the triple spiral tattoo on his back. "But we know what he is." The man in the red robe stood and raised his hand out to the naked prisoner. "SHOW THY SELF!" He called, and the nude man transformed into a black wolf man, with a silver Triskelion shaped marking in his fur.

"But the Verr is not alone. The Hexenbiest also roams our land unchecked." A naked woman was dragged in, a muzzle about her face, her blonde hair hiding her wild eyes. "They try to hide with the Hexens; try to fool us into thinking they are human or Hexen. But a Hexenbiest is always given away by her Hexen Mark." The woman's hair was moved and her next exposed where a pentagram seemed to be branded. "SHOW THY SELF!" The man again out stretched his hand and with a mighty hiss the woman's shape melted away leaving two legged feline woman tawny in color, with a dark amber colored pentagram on it's furry neck.

"But our lands are likewise plagued by the Vampir." Another man was brought in, like wise nude, but bound in chains etched with religious symbols. "These beasts pervert our dead and bring them back as beasts of the night. They see our kin out to turn us into there kind." He stood and stretched forth his hand. "SHOW THY SELF!" He cried in a loud voice, and the vampires flesh rippled out and where had once been a the visage of a man now stood a creature covered in fur, the size of a man, but who's arms were fearsome wings and who's face was that of a twisted bat creature.

"These creatures stain our lands with their ilk and if that were not enough. They have found a way to breed amongst themselves, beyond their perverse bit transmitting their curses upon our lands." Another nude man, barely in his twenties was lead into the room. "This filth, this.. Lupe Garu is the spawn of a Vampir and a Verr. And like his predecessors he can give rise to his own ilk by his bite." The man raised a hand to the Lupe Garu and cried out. "SHOW THY SELF!" He bowed to his knees as his body erupted in fur, becoming like the Verr, a wolf man, but larger then a normal Verr, and possessing the Vampir's fangs.

"We must rid ourselves of these vermin before they breed with the Hexenbiest. The magic in the life blood of the Hexenbiest would grant untold power unto the spawn of these devils. We must never allow their kinds to mix their lines." He held up his hand and showed the Triskelion inscribed into a pentagram burned into his flesh. "WE WILL STAND AGAINST THESE FOUL CREATURES OF EVIL AND RID OUR WORLD OF THEIR KIND ONCE AND FOR ALL!"


[Beacon Hills Hospital; Beacon Hills, California; 2012]

Lydia had been in and out of coma for months now. Stiles only left when the hospital staff assured him they'd call if there was any change. But he spent the entire summer near her, fearing what could happen if he wasn't there. Memories of his mother's death that happened too quickly for him to get there to say good bye, haunting him behind his brown eyes, as Stiles made his way to her room yet again. He got there and Jackson was sitting outside her room in the hall.

"Couldn't face her?" He paused, studying Jackson.

"no…" Jackson looked down at his hands. "The smell… I can't take it." He looked up at Stiles, tears running down his face.

"It's okay. Your heart is in the right place and you're here as often as your new senses will allow you to be here." He hugged Jackson. "Listen, I'll tell her you stopped by again when she wakes up." Stiles smiled softly.

"Okay. Any messages for Scott or Derek?" Jackson's empty eyes looked at Stiles, and Stiles wondered how much the change was hurting Jackson's fragile self image.

"Just that the bite on her neck changed into a burse. It's healing… but it's starting to look like a pentagram and I have no clue what causes that."

"I'll let them know." Jackson stood up. "You sure you don't want to join?" Jackson looked like he needed another hug.

"I think they can only handle one of us at a time." Stiles hugged Jackson again. "Besides. Picture me, on hyper senses. I'd probably burn through a week's doses of adderall before it even started to touch me." Stiles gave a small smile.

"You know I can hear the lie in that right?" Jackson hugged him again.

"I'm just not ready yet. I… I want it… more then anything. But… I… I'm not ready." Stiles shrugged.

"You will be." Jackson said solemnly as he turned and walked away. Leaving Stiles to his 'what the fuck' face. Turning he went into Lydia's room to find her sitting up.

"He still thinks it's the meds and the cleaning supplies he can't stand the smell of." She said as she sat there in her hospital gown, her hair hiding her face, even though Stiles knew her eyes would be closed.

"I haven't found any literature about the mark or what happened to you." Stiles sighed. "I brought more books."

"The books will say the same thing. A werewolf's bite does two things. It either turns you or kills you. But I didn't turn and I didn't die. I just, keep slipping in and out of coma states." She sighed. "And I'm starting to feel things."

"Like what?" Stiles moved to the edge of the seat.

"I know the exact path of the wires in the wall and how much charge they are carrying." She turned her head at the wall. "Not because I can hear the hum of the electricity, but because I can feel the power in the walls."

"Okay, excellent hearing, and sensitive to electricity. Knowing that helps." He opened his bag and started putting books on the hospital tray that was in the room.

"stop." She froze in mid movement and so did Stiles. She opened her eyes and they had turned almost a glowing golden orange in color as she pointed to the book, her teeth going to fangs. Her nails grew more rounded into claws and she felt her body shifting around itself.

"What?" Stiles swallowed as he looked at her.

"That book. There's something in it."

"Okay." He tossed the book to her, she caught it out of the air and sat back down, flipping through it till she shifted back to her human form, and opening a page to a picture of a woman surrounded by cats. "Can I see that?" She nodded and handed him the book. "What's a Hexenbiest?" Stiles frowned as he looked at the page.


"Jackson?" Scott's voice met him at the door.

"Yeah?" Jackson hung his jacket up on his hook, and pulled his shirt over his head. He'd been embarrassed when Derek had initiated this rule, but over the last few weeks it'd helped them bond as a pack. Undoing his belt he hung it on the hook, and toed off his shoes.

"How's stiles?" Scott's voice sounded like it was getting closer.

"He's going to sit with her again tonight." Jackson sighed as he dropped his jeans and boxers at the same time. Stepping out of them he stayed bent over to pull his socks off. Once he was naked he turned around to find Scott leaning against the door way just as naked.

"Any messages?" Scott's eyes were on level with his own.

"She's developing a pentagram on her neck." Jackson shrugged.

"Right over the bite?" Derek walked down, his body too utterly exposed and defined from his work outs as he cleaned and repaired his house.

"Yeah?" Jackson tried not to look directly at Derek's semi hard slab of man meat laying on his bare thigh.

"We may have a problem." Derek started to stand and stopped. "Does the room smell like wet fur?" Jackson nodded, his hands going to cover his man hood on instinct. "I'll go talk to Stiles, you two, see if you can get that north wall up tonight." Derek turned to go to his bedroom. "Damn it." He cursed under his breath.


"help…" Danny fell out into the road, his body bloodied as he crawled away from the moving van that swerved and stopped a few car lengths away from him. His badly injured face could only barely be recognized as Danny with the cuts and blood. One eye had already swollen shut as he crawled to get away from his captors.

"You get your ass back here." A man in a blood red mask jumped out of the stopped black van.

"HELP!" Danny managed to scream. The guy from the van wasn't walking that fast. Danny may have been surprised when they jumped him but he wasn't slow, nor had he not paid one of them back in kind for his wounds. But as he crawled he was pretty sure at least one leg was broken and maybe a couple ribs. "HEL-" He screamed as the man caught up with him and yanked him back by his short hair.

"No one's going to help you out. You're going to be dinner tonight." The man chuckled as he started dragging Danny towards the van. Trying to pull away and failing, Danny nailed the guy in the crotch dropping him. He fall on his own side and started crawling again. He heard a motor cycle and hoped that it was Stiles' friend Miguel. He needed someone to help him.

"HELP!" He screamed again, panting hard from the pain and the exertion. The motor cycle stopped in front of him and the tall man took off his helmet. "thank… god…" He saw his world swimming up with black.

"Hang in there Danny." Derek checked his vitals. He noticed the man in the red mask standing again, he was about to charge at Derek when he stopped.

"No, Mathieu…" The other robed figure sounded older stepped out of the back of the van. "Let nature take her course." And Derek turned and went to pick up Danny. He'd only just picked him up when he felt the dart hit him in the base of the neck. He pulled it out and his eyes flashed blue. "My, an alpha. How rare." The older masked man sounded like he smiled. "Take the fairy. Take him hard, and enjoy his meat." He chuckled as he got into the van. "Come Mathieu." Mathieu spit through his mask's mouth piece and walked away. Derek took a step and nearly dropped Danny. He wasn't sure what the hell was in those drugs they'd just shot him up with, but he was loosing control quickly. He felt himself entering his beta form.

"Danny I've got to get you some where… safe… away from…" Derek hunched over, his body rippling out as he grew in side and hair till he was fully in his beta form. He had just enough presence of mind to knock his motor cycle off the road and out of the way of traffic before heading to the woods. Derek could feel his heart pounding faster and faster and his cloths began to tear. He was transforming and he had no way of stopping it. As his electric blue eyes faded into a glowing red Derek's last thought was of Danny's safety. But as the Alpha, Derek's senses were 100 times more powerful then they'd been in his human form. He could smell that Danny was dying. Smell that every second he slipped closer. Leaning in Derek did the only thing he could do. He bit into Danny's shoulder, drawing blood, and licked the wound. He could smell the bite starting to take effect. He only hoped he'd be able to transform into his human self again to get Danny to a hospital.


"Nurse!" Derek stumbled into the hospital, his ragged cloths draped over his body, and carrying Danny's unconscious body. "NURSE!" Derek bellowed.

"What the hell happened here?" Melissa, Scott's mom, walked up to them.

"Some body… grabbed him off the street and tried to kill him in a van. He was escaping when I drove up… he passed out on the way here." Derek panted, his eyes still dilated and more blue then green.

"Connie, take Derek here to Exam 1, I'll be there to check on them in a sec, I just need to go get something." Melissa gave Derek a meaningful look as he followed the nurse. Meanwhile Melissa went the short distance to Lydia's room.

"What's up Mrs. McCall?" Stiles asked while reading over a book.

"Danny's in Exam 1 with Derek, someone grabbed him off the street and tried to kill him. Derek had to bite him to keep him alive enough to have a chance at living." She left the room, Stiles looked at Lydia who nodded, and he fled the room after her.

"Is he…?" Stiles asked as Derek double checked that Exam 1 was sealed to his liking.

"He's acclimating to the bite well. Good thinking Derek. It at least keeps him alive long enough for us to try to treat him." She smiled at him.

"I didn't have a choice. They shot me up with some drug as we were getting away. The next thing I knew I was in full on Alpha mode and couldn't not turn him." Derek looked a shamed.

"Did it smell kind of like tobacco and old spice?" Stiles looked at him from next to Danny's side.

"Yeah… how'd you know?" Derek looked at him funny.

"The Argents. They were telling me how Kate used to have this… scent device that put out a smell like that, would make wolves turn and rampage so she could justify breaking the treaty and killing as many as she could." Stiles sighed. "It's one part attractant, four parts aggression stimulator, and two parts neurotoxin. It helps disorient the human mind and let the animal have more freedom."

"It scares me that you know that." Derek looked at him.

"Well someone has to be research boy." He pulled out a note book from his jean's pocket. "And I at least am making a book that's got answers to look up." He turned the pages. "Kate named the mixture –Ag because of it's effect of transforming werewolves almost instantly as apposed to Ag reaction that transform them from wolf to man." Stiles looked up.

"I didn't know you could even do that." Derek frowned.

"The hunters have been toying with a lot of things, and are starting to exploit weaknesses even the born werewolves done know about."

"Speaking about things we don't know about. How is Lydia since she woke up?" Derek watched Stiles.

"She transformed into a cat like creature and," Stiles opened the other book he'd carried with him. "Said that this entry about Hexenbiests had something to do with it." Stiles showed him the page.

"Well it looks like there's now a cat among the dogs." Derek sighed as he turned his focus back on Danny. "How is he?"

"He's pulling through. His vitals are increasing rapidly. I think you made yourself a new beta." She patted him on the shoulder. "Do you want me to sit his parents down?"

"Call the Argents, and Scott, he'll tell Jackson, and Jackson can come here and be with his friend, and Scott can go with you to show Danny's parents what their son will go through." Derek sighed. "I was hoping to keep him out of this." He shook his head.

"Well we don't always get our wishes." Stiles sighed as he put his chin on the blanket.

"No, sometimes we get more then we bargained for." Derek shook his head.


"W-where am I?" Danny said through a gravely throat as he slowly sat up in his hospital bed. Derek was at the foot of his bed, Jackson on one side of him and Stiles on the other.

"You're in Beacon Hills Hospital." Stiles spoke up. "What do you remember?" He asked as he sucked his upper lip in.

"I was answering an IM… I thought it was from this guy I'd been cybering with… I showed up… and these morons in masks started talking about how they were going to teach me a lesson for being unclean." Danny groaned as he sat up farther. "Fuckers didn't know what was coming." Danny grinned.

"That's Danny for you. Beat up all the bad guys and leave none of the fun for us." Stiles grinned.

"Didn't get them all. Some guy walked up behind me with a cattle prod. Next thing I knew I was on my knees trying to remember how to breathe." Danny's smile faded. "Kept telling me they were going to kill me and eat me." He frowned for a bit. "And then I remember kicking one of them into the door, and it unlocked when his skull hit the button." His eyes going wide as the events on the road earlier played out in his mind. "Thanks… Miguel." He smiled up at him.

"About that… his name isn't…" Stiles started at an angry look from Derek.

"I know, he's Derek Hale. I was just kind of shocked to see him back and all." Danny settled into the pillows. "But he'll still be Miguel to me." He smirked. "And we'll always have the blue and orange stripe." He chuckled.

"This is Miguel? Hottie Miguel you saw take his cloths off…" Jackson looked shocked and blushed.

"Not my cloths, just my shirt." Derek admonished.

"Eh, you say shirt, I wish pants." Danny shrugged. He tried to focus but everything kept going between blurry and tightly in focus. "What the hell did they give me? Oxycotton?" He blinked trying to get his eyes to focus right.

"Uh, no. No, they didn't give you Oxycontin. That would be why we're all gathered here besides your traumatic attempted murder and successful kidnapping." Stiles smiles and then stopped as he licked his lips.

"What'd they do?" Danny's eyes went wide and frightful as his heart sped up. "They didn't give me aids or something did they?" Danny's pulse jumped and he felt like his whole body was rippling out from the center. Everything in the room went form focused to a sharp focus and developed a red tint on the edges. "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?" He roared, his panic fueling the first transformation.

"You see why I had her make sure it was a sound proofed ward?" Stiles said as he turned his head to look at the other two. "Danny." Danny glared at him. "Danny listen to my voice. Hear the tone in it, hear the rhythm, and focus on the sound of my voice Danny." Danny was staring at him like he'd grown a second head but was watching his lips. "Now back track down the sound of my voice and hear my heart beat. Do you hear my heart Danny?" Danny nodded. "Good. Now let that sound just fill your mind and fill your being. Listen to that calm even tone and relax. Just, relax." Stiles sat there calm and looking Danny in the eyes when he could. Slowly Danny's eyes shifted from an emerald green back to his hazel eyes.

"Where'd you learn that?" Derek blinked as he looked back at Stiles.

"I was the one teaching Scott how to deal before you vanished, and I taught Jackson how to deal after you vanished. I think I know how to clam down a werewolf. And besides, Danny wouldn't hurt me on purpose." Stiles grinned.

"But the wolf doesn't always allow you to do things on purpose. Sometimes there's just action." Derek frowned.

"Yeah, trust Stiles. He knows how to distract the wolf." Jackson blushed.

"AWWW. Have a cookie." Stiles threw a small treat at Jackson and he snagged it in mid air.

"You… conditioned them?" Derek's eye twitched.

"Their wolves. Dogs were wolves once. They just learned not to bite. These guys are wolves; they just need to know that they get a treat for behaving." Stiles grinned. "Positive reinforcement is a really big thing." Stiles handed one of the cookies to Danny.

"What do you mean wolves?" He frowned at the cookie till his stomach growled and he ate it. He was a little shocked when he tasted a few flavors together, as well as suddenly felt very full.

"Okay, Danny, you know how Scott was acting strange last year and this summer Jackson was nuts for a LONG while?" Danny nodded, feeling more relaxed oddly. "It's because Derek's family was werewolves before they all died, and one of them bit Scott last year and Jackson got bit by Derek… about like you did." He paused while he let that sink in.

"He's taking it pretty good." Derek studied Danny.

"Well that's because of the treats." He handed one to Derek to examine. "High protein, packed with flavor, and has all the calories of about half a regular sized meal." Derek ate the small cook and looked at Stiles as if he were a god. "I know right? Normal humans would be only able to eat about three of those a day. But werewolf metabolism along with their dietary needs allows for you guys to scarf about twenty of those a day. Keeps me busy, but I have a guy making them for me." Stiles smiled.

"What guy?" Derek narrowed his eyes, his belly may have felt great but that didn't automatically make the Alpha full of rainbows. It came close, but not quite.

"The Argents knew a guy who happens to be local who's got connections and resources. We're kind of … distributing them to all the packs." Stiles blushed.

"You… made a dietary thing for werewolves… and you're… selling it to… them and…" Derek's brain shut down.

"This is why I don't involve you in my plans." Stiles patted his arm. "Now Danny, back to you. You need to be careful about your mood swings. If you feel yourself getting angry I want you to focus on a sound that is even and steady like my heart was. It's a natural mechanism of wolfing out and going to your Beta state. It helps even you out and transforms you back to human or keep you from transforming." He patted Danny's arm. "Now, seeing as I had some time this last summer, I wrote something that I think you'll find most helpful." Stiles turned and dug into his back pack where he pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to Danny. "Now I had to retype it a little last night due to a few things we learned, but eh."

"So you're a Werewolf now?" Danny raised an eyebrow.

"Trust me, the title is just HALF of the genius." Stiles grinned, and Danny raised an eyebrow.


So you're a Werewolf now.

The majestic werewolf is by far one of nature's more beautiful and stream lined predators. But we'll get more into the benefits of being a Werewolf soon. First we'll cover the hows of becoming a Werewolf and teach you a bit about werewolf safety. Then we will cover the benefits and draw backs to being a Werewolf, and finally we'll cover important tips about hygiene and Werewolf daily life so that you can become a productive if furry member of society and keep yourself from making more Werewolves on accident.

The How: Werewolves, or Lycanthropes, are a genetic link between humanity and our beastly brethren. According to ancient lore Lycans on all breeds of animals once roamed the Earth; they were unusual because they were animals that took human form. Eventually they had children and these children sometimes were Lycans and sometimes they were what we know now as normal Humans. Humans evolved at a similar time. But there was an important difference between Humans and Lycans. Another competing theory is that the wolf god, or first Lycan bred his children to mortal humans and produced the first Lycan who could shift from man to beast. Lycans of all kinds carry a genetic mutative virus in their saliva. It works like a devolution virus, it changes normal human physiology into that of which ever Lycan strain of the virus that human has been infected with. To the point of improving, changing, and growing new organs and systems inside the body.

Primarily, due to current research, there are only two breeds of Lycans know to have survived centuries of hunting from families like the Argent family. The Werewolf or Verr who comes from Norse Ancestry and the Hexenbiest or Werecat who comes from German Ancestry. You my friend were bitten by a Werewolf; as such there are some vital keys and lessons you are going to need to know.

The virus: The lycanthrope virus survives in the bodily fluids of a lycanthrope. The virus enters through contact with saliva through an opening on the skin, usually, or through blood transfusion. The virus instantly goes to work doing three things. First improving the organs and systems you already haven, giving you sensory spikes that are almost impossible to tolerate and often incapacitate anyone awake during this part of infection. While it is doing this it also starts causing your body to release stem cells that are dormant and directs them with a genetic code to grow new organs to facilitate your new powers and the metamorphic change. The third thing it does is attempt to rapidly spread and permeate every facet of your physical being.

Now among the changes it causes is giving you a greater range of vision. You will notice over time that you no longer see things as plainly as a human does. You'll see as a werewolf does, in your basic human or Homid form, more on this in a moment. You'll now notice that the visual spectrum of sight now includes ultraviolet and night vision. And when you shift into your Glabro or Beta state, you'll possess almost a thermal vision, as well as a motion sensitive sight. You'll pick up on small movements in a black room much easier now.

Hearing is also improved to the point that in Homid form you're able to hear audio ranges much greater then a normal human. While normal humans hear in a 12 Hz to 20,000 Hz range, your Homid hearing will be between 6 Hz to 50,000 Hz. Once you transform to Glabro form your range of hearing goes from 3 Hz to 70,000 Hz. This combines with your sight to create a pulsing vision that lets you hone into the sound of heart beats from up to three blocks away.

Skin sensitivity also increases to the point that you'll be able to read faint traces of things written on a memo pad up to 10 sheets of paper after the original. And you'll also find that at certain times of the month clothing will feel entirely too restrictive. But again more on that later.

The ability to smell will increase as well. Humans have a very limited sense of smell. You're Homid sense of smell will be 50 million times stronger then a normal human nose with your Glabro sense of smell topping out at a 120 million times stronger then a human nose. You'll be able to detect trace scents up to two weeks old and smell the various emotions, thoughts, and reactions in normal humans. This also mixes with your sight to give you the ability to see smells. From what I'm given to know, fear smells orange brown, anger smells red orange, shock smells yellow, lust smells a kind of pink, and frustration smells purple. Black apparently also means you've pushed the human too far and behave or he'll put you in a time out.

Taste will also increase, allowing you to pick out multiple ingredients in a recipe, and works with your sense of smell to allow for a greater and more accurate sense memory about tastes and smells. It also allows werewolves to apparently spoil the surprise of which secret herbs and spices are used in KFC original recipe. Just saying.

Your sense of Balance and acceleration are drastically improved in your Homid form. Allowing for a greater range of motion as well as a faster speed and more accurate balance, in short, yes everything you are about to do on the Lacrosse field to show Stiles up is in fact illegal until he becomes a werewolf too. But in your Glabro form you achieve a state of equilibrium that boarders on gymnastic Olympic finalists caliber grace.

You'll also know your temperature runs differently. Humans tend to work best at about 75°F and run about 97°F to 100°F, with 98.6°F seen as normal, a Lycan in Homid or Glabro state can tolerate temperatures of 20°F and still maintain a 111°F normal body temperature. Theoretically for a werewolf to start to feel cold, the temperature has to reach -40°F for a sustained period of more then 52 minutes. This test also let us test the range of werewolf resiliency to infections and colds. Also while a human's brain starts having problems and eventually dying at temps above 104°F-110°F, you're body temp will have to reach 147°F before you collapse of heat exhaustion. Trust me; if you start sweating, it's time to start cooling off rapidly.

Next you'll notice that your Proprioception is going to be heightened. Your Exteroception will allow you to perceive changes in your environment much quicker and 100 times more accurate then any human ever will. While your hand eye coadunation will improve 120%. It's the Interoception how ever will be off. Mostly because while your body belongs to that of Homo Sapien Lupus, the scientific name for a werewolf, instead of Homo Sapien Sapien, your mind is still human. So, while you've had your whole life to learn every little nuance of your body and what they mean as for pain and hunger ect, you're going to have to relearn them all. You're body will also have hundreds of new signals that will confuse and confound you. If you don't know what something means, ask one of the other wolves, they'll be more then happy to fill you in. Or find Stiles. Stiles knows a lot. More then he should. And if you smell roast beef and there is no roast beef, do us all a favor, lock yourself in your bedroom and masturbate in private.

Pain is something you'll still have to deal with. While you do feel pain it is of a higher pain threshold then you're used to. While most humans would wince on walking on a twisted ankle, you'll now be able to walk half dead and bloody up a hill in full army gear and keep on for days provided you don't encounter any silver, wolfsbane, or Rowan. Pain associated with something major like a car impact will stop your transformation from Homid to Glabro. And electrical shocks that are half the lethal dose of electricity for a human will prevent your transformation. Also know that pain of that level or higher prevents your healing abilities. Meaning it takes about 5,000 volts for you to feel it, 10,000 volts to stop you from transforming. At 40,000 volts you will loose consciousness for approximately 4 hours. And at 80,000 volts you will die.

Now your healing factor in Homid form is 10x faster then a normal human. And your Glabro form heals at a rate of 115x faster. The stronger you become as a Lycan the more selective your healing becomes and you can heal almost instantly. Now infections, don't happen to werewolves. Unless their dosed up on silver or wolfsbane We studied some werewolf blood and determined that the virus ramps up the immune system of the host over 4000x the normal levels and teaches each successive host's body how fight off any and all infections that the one who bit him or her experienced in their life time. Meaning the longer the line of the wolf lineage, the more things you're immune to.

Your libido is also going to be heightened. I personally recommend you change your masturbation schedule to the point of being prepared to do it more then six and sometimes up to 14 times in one day. Every day. You're going to be a walking hard on and it's going to last for the rest of your life. Also between your sex drive, your body temp, and your general out look, your inhibitions will vanish and you'll find your spending a LOT more time naked. Go with the flow and accept the nudity as just another part of being in the pack.

Speaking of life spans, your going to live a while. According to the records that we've been able to find, werewolves outwardly age like normal people, but because of their healing are able to revert their external bodies back to a younger form. Meaning you could live and look like you're 90 years old, and then when everyone you know is long dead, you could revert yourself back to being all the way back to being 16-17 years old. The virus doesn't let you appear younger then you were at the moment of infection. That seems to be your limit on how young you become. Your human body being the template that the virus will keep you at.

Metabolism and metabolic as well as dietary needs will have drastically changed. To facilitate the change from Homid to Glabro forms, you'll have to eat a lot of food. You're portion requirements will have multiplied by a factor of 5 and you should try to get between six and eight meals daily. Also, the Wolf Snacks count as one meal if you eat 3-7 of them in one sitting. They're designed to help your metabolism stabilize and allow for an easier shifting.

The final change is entirely physical. Any imperfections in your body or DNA are repaired to be better. Scott had asthma before his infection, and now he does. It also causes muscle mass to build so that you become stronger and more ripped. It also apparently, according to my questioning of our subjects, adds a minimum of two inches to length and between one and three inches of girth. It also causes testicular enlargement and prostate sensitivity. Seriously, the slightest touch will probably make you howl and empty your balls. You so should have seen Scott and Jackson during this test.

Psychological Changes:

Werewolves seem to be inclined to take bigger risks, are rebellious and distrustful of authority who isn't the Alpha. They have homicidal tendencies stemming form the fact that their predatory. Their sex drive is increased, and they loose their desire to follow social behavior. Also they begin to think in animalistic terms. Growling to show displeasure, that sort of thing.

Lycan forms:

Betas such as you have two basic forms; humanoid or Homid and wolven or Glabro. Alpha werewolves, such as Derek, who heads our pack, can achieve Alpha form or Crinos form. The last Alpha in this area was able to make it all the way to Hispo form, which is a giant wolf shaped wolf; also know as the Dire Wolf of myth. Legends and lore speak of werewolves who could go all the way to full Lupus form and become a regular looking wolf that could perfectly blend in with any wolf pack. But it's been generations of selective mutation of the virus since anyone's been strong enough to reach that level.

Things to watch out for:

Now you'll notice the first few times you're notice that the first few nights you go to sleep after you get home you'll wake up in the woods. Sniff out either Derek's house or Stiles' house. Both keep extra clothing for emergencies and are willing to give rides into town or take you home. We also recommend you keep spare clothing in your car as well as at both locations. It helps, you'll also want to budget more money for more cloths. You'll probably wolf out and damage almost everything you own at least twice.

Watch out that people aren't paying closer attention to you and your habits then they should. The last thing you want is more hunters who don't follow the rules or the treaty. The Argents are pretty good at self regulating their members into following the code. But not every hunter is as forgiving or understanding. So watch yourself and don't draw attention to yourself.

Now you'll also find out that your metabolism no longer tolerates some foods. For some unknown reason, foods requiring dill weed in them will cause you horrific stomach cramps. While you're have a massive craving for meat. It was touch and go for a while but we found the right combination of meats and other food sources to supplement a Lycan diet system. Also, stay away from wild rabbit. Seriously, it gasses up werewolves to the point that their flatulence can be classified a deadly weapon. And violation of this rule looses you Wolf Snacks.


Werewolves have four areas of weakness. Pain that prevents them from healing or transforming is the most basic of these. But there is also metallic, wooden, and herbal weaknesses that come along with being a werewolf.

Silver harms werewolves in all its many forms. Pure silver burns, while Silver Nitrate can leave lasting wounds that could fester. Colloidal Silver such as Silver Sulfadiazine (Ag-SD) burn the lungs and air ways. Silver nitride (Ag3N) is an explosive compound that will cripple and or kill if in close proximity to the blast. Silver Halides (AgX), including but not limited Silver Bromide (AgBr), Silver Chloride (AgCl), Silver Iodide (Agl), Silver Fluoride (AgF), Silver Difluoride (AgF2), OR Silver Subfluoride (Ag2F), will blind a werewolf and if used close enough to the eyes, could lead to near total or permanent blinding. Some hospitals have started using Silver Nanomaterials in their wrappings, be sure to tell the doctors this has caused sever reactions and irritations in the past.

The Rowan tree also known as Mountain Ash bars the way of werewolves and turns us away from any prey that hides behind it. Beware its power. Seriously, the stuff repels werewolves.

Wolfsbane, Aconite, and monkshood, all being the same plant, cause extreme reactions in werewolves. Hyper aggression and severe allergic reactions. Once we're dead how ever, this same plant keeps our corpses from returning to human form, because with it they tend to be trapped in either Hispo or Lupus form. At least in known cases of the corpses being disturbed, we know that if you remove the wolfsbane the corpse reverts to human form. Beware Nordic Blue Monkshood (Aconit Napel Bleu Nordique). It's a toxic substance that drains you of strength and poisons you to a slow painful death. You'll need a sample of the Nordic Blue Monkshood, and be able to burn it to cure yourself. This rare form of Blue Monkshood is an even rare version of the main branch of Blue Monkshood (Aconitum Noveboracense). Also beware of Silver Nightshade. It's the only form of Nightshade that's lethal to werewolves. Normal Nightshade isn't deadly to werewolves; it just severely pisses them off when they get up off the floor and give you this murderous glare for the headache.

Full Moons:

We have a place built in Derek's house for the full moons. Stiles has the only keys to open the cages once the cages are locked. And he also controls the food dispensers. Do not anger the Stiles. The Stiles doesn't take kindly to acts of Scott during the full moon. Named this for the sudden loss of all rational thought and consuming urge to be a jerk off alpha male and take girls that other guys have feelings for. If you're gay, well then you may want to keep any males in your life or friends who you don't want to suddenly find out you'd had sex with at arms length till after the full moon. We'll tell your parents that you need the time of the full moon away from family and friends and we will explain to them not to hold anything you say or do around the full moon against you. It's your monthly cycle, lasts three days, and still manages to be worse then PMS.

Blue Moons, after one failed attempt, will be attended totally sedated. Because Stiles refuses to have to replace that much clothing three days in a row. Also there's a jar in the basement marked Full Moon money. Donate often. Stiles puts up with a LOT of crap from at minimum three very cranky male wolves and he does NOT think sorry covers it the day after. Be kind to the Stiles. Be kind and love him with the moneys. Because trust me, Stiles knows how to get even.

The week before the full moon you'll find yourself drawn to bouts of moodiness, and sullen behavior, and then like a switch was flipped you'll find yourself in a bloody rage. Accept you're loosing control of your emotions, and ask Stiles for Caffeine pills. The stimulant seems to stave off the grumpy mood the week before and the week after. But, during a blue moon, Stiles will be issuing valerian pills. They're made from Valerian, a powerful sedative herb that works wonders on werewolves. Please submit a blood sample at your convenience so Stiles can test to see your individual strengths and weaknesses as applied to each substance in his compendium of werewolf side effects.


Just like the onset of puberty came with constant needs to wash up and scrub and tend to new places and new hair, being a werewolf comes with its own joys of hygiene. You'll notice that after transforming your natural musk is stronger. So that people don't start to complain, I suggest using the showers as often as you can. We have a system set up at Derek's house, Stiles' house, and Scott's house for showers to be used as often as possible. Jackson's family… took the news rather hard and sadly we're not welcome there. So all the wolves avoid there. Stiles is the only one in the pack they'll even speak to now. So don't try it. If you need to shower and you're close to one of those locations, come on by, and use the shower.

Also, it's recommended you double up on your shower supplies. You'll notice you go through them more, and triple up on hair care products. The growth of body hair all over… yeah it tends to feel better if you manage it better with products.

At Derek's house though it's required to be nude for the wolves in the pack. And it makes the place smell like home with some many sweaty nude wolves roaming the halls. Plan accordingly.

Safe Sex and Managing your infection:

As we mentioned before, the virus is carried in your bodily fluids. Having had a chance to look at Lycan blood, saliva, urine, and semen, it's easy to conclude the following. The blood carries high infection possibilities, mostly due to the permeation of the cells. The virus isn't as active here, and is rather dormant. The Saliva carries the most active virus because the virus' point of production is inside the glands that line the mouth of a Lycan. The urine, if anything, shockingly tested negative for all viruses, infections, and was more concentrated leading me to believe that the Lycan kidneys work better and more efficiently then a humans, and I think it'll prevent failure or kidney stones in werewolves. Now the semen, and we've tested two wolves thus far, has prove to be very enlightening. Your sperm will now be capable of up to 900x more mobility, fertility ratings go through the roof. Quality of the sperm and the semen are both beyond anything in any records so far. But, strangely why sequencing the virus from the sperm, attempting to see how potent the virus is we discovered an interesting fact.

Werewolf sperm contains two viruses. One that contains a dormant strain of the werewolf making virus, this ensures the child after conception is a werewolf. But it also contains a retrovirus that when ejaculated through the werewolf's penis into their partner begins creating an unusual effect. Testing the retrovirus on samples of male and female cells we discovered the retrovirus sets the female into heat instantly, no mater what her place in her reproductive cycle. Bare sex between a werewolf and a human female results in a 98% of conception. In male to male transferences it seems to produce a different effect.

I tested the sperm against male anal cells, cultivated from our own human subject in the pack who's male, and as a result found it causes a completely new and uncharted effect in male humans. It causes the anus to become 78% more absorbent, and semi-permeable to sperm. It also, like the werewolf virus, causes the host to grow new organs. Only these organs are a closed system uterus that would appear to be fully functional. It how ever doesn't ovulate. Instead it requires hormones from the male werewolf to force the body to go into heat, the sperm travels through the new vessels linking the uterus and anus. And then have a 74% chance of getting the male human partner pregnant.

It seems nature's found a way to make it so that even gay werewolves can have babies. We've not had any female werewolves to study and I greatly wait on baited breath for the chance. Though I've been told that I'm not allowed to do any of my stupid or harmful tests on Allison if she's ever turned. Where's the love? Anyways, my suggest is wear a condom unless you're sure the person you're with is okay with you being a werewolf and READY to have kids. And be careful using your mouth, so long as you don't morph your saliva SHOULD be harmless but we've never tested to see if it can infect a human if you bite them and break the surface in Homid form. So above all else, be careful.

More research is pending so this is always getting revised or updated. Please check with Stiles if you have any questions.


"You… wrote a pamphlet…?" Danny blinked after reading through it. "And where'd you get human male anal samples from? I thought you were the only human male…" Danny stopped talking as Stiles made a face.

"Yeah, you ever tried to explain to your dad why you have a probe up your ass and are bare naked in the bathroom screaming when you scraped too hard for the sample?" Stiles shuddered.

"What'd you tell him you were doing?" Derek frowned but looked curious to know the answer as well, and glad that Danny asked it before he did.

"The truth. I needed to test if I could get pregnant if a werewolf ever fucked me in the ass." Stiles sat there with a straight face.

"And what did he say to that?" Danny looked shocked.

"At the time, put your pants back on, werewolves aren't really but if you're worried about anal sex, I can look some stuff up online and have a talk with you about what Scott should be doing to make it easier on you." Stiles blushed and spoke extremely fast.

"He doesn't-"

"Not at the time. He didn't know. Now.. well it became prudent for him, Melissa, and Jackson's folks to know what was going on. Kind of keep families in the pack."

"Okay…" Danny went back and read through the pages. "Wait… you found a Hexenbiest? Where?"

"Lydia." Derek answered.

"You know?" Stiles frowned. "How do you know?"

"The smells Jackson described; her not dying but not turning by the bite. She's a born Hexenbiest." Derek crossed his arms.

"I take it there's a difference in born and turned for them as well?" Stiles focused all of his attention on Derek just then.

"Well a born werewolf doesn't turn till puberty. A bitten werewolf turns rapidly quickly. It's similar for the Hexenbiests. Their bitten victims turn almost immediately. But their born children… they have to face life threatening events where they're almost sure to die, and they simply rebound as full blooded Hexenbiests." Derek took a deep breath. "But we may have a stronger problem then just Lydia being a cat."

"Like what?" Stiles flailed and flopped back in the chair.

"Where there's a Hexenbiest, there is ALWAYS a Hexen." Derek said very carefully.

"What's a Hexen?" Danny beat Stiles to it earning himself a frown from the erratic teen in the chair.

"A witch."


"Brothers!" The tall elderly man in the red cloak stood before several flat screen monitors in a blackened room. "The time of the purge is upon us." He smiled. "We have ensured the young one who lays with men will be turned into a Verr by the Alpha. We've gained word the signs have pointed to a born Hexenbiest's powers having been activated recently." He cheered. "We traced the Hexen we killed here almost a decade ago, and we were right dear brothers. The Hexen was survived. She'd born the devil's fruit. A Male Hexen just as the prophecy foretold." He grinned. "All we need now is for the Vampir Elder and the half breed, and we will be ready to wipe these beasts from our lands for all time!"

"Brother Darkholm, the Vampir Elder will be brought to you along with the half breed. We've waited a long time for this convergence. Do not waste it or you will be the cost of this endeavor."

"Yes Brother Blacknight. I wouldn't dream of wasting any more time. Send me the tools I need and by the time of the conjunction, we will have them in our grasps for the sacrifice."

"See to it that you do." The monitors shut off leaving the old man alone in the room, and suddenly he wasn't so sure he could maneuver all the chess pieces.