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Agents of Avalon

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♪♫♪I see their knavery, this is to make an ass of me... to fright me if they could, but I will not stir from this place, do what they can....♪♫♪

[Elwood, Indiana]

"Did you hear that?" The dark haired quarterback sat back from the place he'd crouched to make out with his girlfriend. They'd been coming here for months to make out after their dates. The seclusion of the corn field bringing them a false sense of privacy as they made out. He'd been hoping that tonight they'd go farther and have their first time.

"Must have been the wind..." She smiled as she pulled him back down on top of her. Her blonde locks laying across the blanket as they listened to the music on his truck stereo system. She ran a furtive hand down his back and cupped his generous ass as the radio cut out and he sat back up.

"Did you see that?" He started searching with his eyes, looking anywhere but here. Feeling a little put out she added.

"See what?" Her exasperation at not being the focus of his attention clear in her voice. She added a sigh as he stood up to investigate. "Patrick." She gave a weak but disgusted sigh as he walked away.

"There's something out in the corn..." His voice holding stronger then his fear he felt creeping up his spine. Every instinct was telling him to run, run far away. Here there be danger... turn and run. But he couldn't, he turned back to look at her and the both jumped when they heard the movement through the stalks.

"Patrick, you're freaking me out...." She started looking around for the unseen foe. Silently vowing she'd beat them to death with her shoes if she needed to for interrupting her shot at going to second base with Patrick.

"I'm just having a quick look." He gave a light chuckle, miss reading her growingly evident terror as a chance to get laid. Smiling to himself as he told himself there wasn't anything to be worried about and he'd be getting laid soon enough, he stepped out into the dense stalks.

"Patrick." She wined, then when he didn't come back. "PATRICK!" Her fear giving way to frustration, making another vow that he wasn't getting past second base ever for this. She started to get nervous as the seconds ticked away, seconds feeling like hours as she waited in the clearing. Frustrated and angry now she told herself this wasn't the 90's anymore, women could do this sort of thing and not be belittled. She stormed forwards. "Patrick." She said again, calling his name to try to find him in the darkness that had enveloped the world since they'd come to the field to make out. "Patrick?" She asked the empty looking field as she made her way through.

There he was. She could hear him tromping through the field just ahead of her. Following along she started calling his name. His footsteps stopped. Good, she thought, he heard me. She struggled against the dark and slightly damp stalks to try to ketch up with him. She heard him scream, as a blinding flash of light filled the cornfield for a brief second. "PATRICK!" She yelled as she ran to the spot he'd been standing, only to find herself in a large depressed circle of corn. "Patrick?" She asked the empty space, confused an alone now in the dark. Dark for her, but not so much for Patrick, as he heard her voice fading from existence, he found himself in a bright light, surrounded by the warmth of it that he vaguely didn't realize his cloths were now gone.

Standing there naked and becoming aroused, hands seemed to form on either side of him leading him towards a table. He felt ashamed and unworthy some how for being naked and horny. But he also seemed to accept his fate as he was lead to the long metal table, his mind already filling in all the perverse things these beings would do to him since they took his cloths. So consumed with this he only just heard the voice speak to him.



"Can you believe that nut job?" Sam scoffed as they walked away.

"Her? It's you I don't believe." Dean shook his head as they walked down the street to the car.

"What?" Sam stopped and looked at Dean confused.

"Sam... you do realize you went from laying on the old Sammy charm to telling the old bad... she was an old bat? Why aren't you acting like the old Sam?" He sighed.

"Maybe because it's exhausting." Sam rolled his eyes. "Having to pick and choose my words so I don't come off soulless? I mean... come on Dean. You and I both know it's worn off. I don't have a soul. So why act like I do?" He stood and waited for the car to be unlocked.

"Right. And this is why the agency had to set us up with the freaking babysitters." Dean eyed his new, and hopefully temporary partner, Martin Bishop and Sam's partner, Maranda Whattkins.

"We're not that bad are we?" Maranda pouted as she stood beside Sam, having spent the last six hours questioning people while the rest of them did the same seemed to agree with her. If anything Maranda and her five seven busty frame of a lithe body seemed to almost bounce with extra energy. In contrast Martin was a cold customer. He barely spoke, and when he did it was brief.

"Was he really that bad?" Martin cocked his head to the side and considered all of those standing around the car.

"Well he could have been more polite about the fact that we simply don't believe the older woman." Maranda started droning on in her hyper way.

"The point is. Sam." Dean cut across her as he spoke directly to his brother, ignoring the sigh she gave. "You need to act like you have a soul."

"Why?" Sam frowned.

"Because." Dean opened the car door.

"Because? Because why? Because you said so?" Sam scoffed.

"Yes Sammy. Because I said so. As your older brother. As your partner. Hell as the only one in this car who may have a real soul. I'm saying act like you have a soul."

"Or what?" Sam countered.

"Or I'll kick your ass and leave you for dead in the side of the road." Dean looked at him hard.

"I'm your brother. You wouldn't do that to me." Sam rolled his eyes.

"No." Dean looked at him hard. "You're my brother's meat suit. You're his body, not him. He's in a box trapped with our worst nightmare using him as a play thing. I think, no I know. I don't have a problem pumping you full of silver and ending it." Dean kept his steely gaze.

"I don't believe you." Sam challenged.

"Fine." Dean opened up the glove compartment and showed Sam the colt.

"You'd use the colt. On me?" He looked slightly shocked.

"Loaded it with silver and had Bobby do his magic. Sam, I was just this side of asking Harry and Draco to do it." He looked at him hard. "Their both worried about you. Some of the shit you've pulled this summer...." He sighed. "Let's drop it for now. You act like you have a soul, I'll drive, and we all get some sleep."

"Why do we need to sleep in the middle of the day?" Maranda blinked as she got inside.

"The attacks only happened at night, in a corn field. Dean and I are planning on searching it while you and Sam keep an eye on the town." Martin smiled softly.

"You know... that's the most I've heard you said since we met." Sam looked at him funny.

"What can I say. I'm curious about this one." Martin shrugged.

"Right." Dean put the car in gear and drove to the motel they'd rented rooms at. A couple hours sleep would do his frayed nerves wonders, or so Dean kept telling himself. He needed something to believe in just then.


"And we're inside a bar why?" Maranda asked skeptically.

"What? It's got a great view of the main roads, most of the town's foot traffic, and half the town's in here." Sam smiled at his waitress, flirting with out any feeling behind it.

"Men still flirt with out a soul. That's interesting to know." She shook her head.

"Soul or not I have a penis." Sam shrugged. "Look at it like this. I need to eat with out a soul. So I eat. I need to drink with out a soul, so I drink. I still need to have sex, so I get laid." He smiled at her cockily.

"Right, so which part is soul then? Cuz you just described most of the guys I've dated over the years." She smirked back.

"Well the feelings behind the act are all soul. I need to sink into a tight hole. I don't really care whose or why or about the person that much." He shrugged. "I just know I have to act like I care to get into said hole."

"Again, we're back to most guys." She sipped her drink as she people watched.

"Maybe most men are soulless." Sam thought about it.

"Naw, we'd notice if that many people were walking around soulless." Maranda nodded to herself.

"Congress." Sam countered.

"Okay now you have a point there." She grinned.

"Game, set, match." Sam grinned back.


"I think this isn't going to turn anything up." Martin sighed as he walked the cornfield with Dean.

"We won't know till we try." Dean crept up on the spot where the last kid had gone missing. They were almost at the crop circle when Martin started in again.

"Dean. Aliens? Really?" He scoffed.

"I've tracked demons, angels, reapers, and a host of other things. And hell, Death himself hinted that there's life out in the rest of the universe he'd rather be reaping rather then stuck on our little mud ball." He crossed the line and walked into the circle. "Typical crop circle, probably a hoax." Dean smiled.

"I just don't believe in aliens." Martin said in a petulant voice.

"Well... I don't think you have a choice." Dean's voice cracked.

"What?" Martin looked at Dean who was bathed in a soft glow. Looking where Dean was looking he went from mild confusion to utter shock. "What in the hell..." A bright light filled the area and began chasing them as they ran. Martin tried to split up but the light hit him with something and he went flying in a cloud of yellow dust. Dean only had time to dial Sam's number.

"Yeah Dean?"

"ALIENS!" He screamed.

"Come again?" Sam chuckled to himself.

"ALIENS SAM! ALIENS!" Dean's panting voice tried again.

"A close encounter? What kind?" Sam asked with mild curiosity.

"THE FUCKING SAUCER IS CHASING ME!" Dean yelled as he ran.

"Wow, third kind already. I'd run dude... I think the fourth is a butt thing."

"NOT HELPING!" Dean screamed.

"Calm down and run Dean." Sam tried to sound reassuring.

"I am... oh crap."

"Dean where's Martin? Dean, what's happening?" Maranda's ears perked up at that.

"It ... hit him... he's down. I don't know where. It's chasing me. Not him... SAM I.... FUCK!-" Dean's phone dropped in the field as he turned with gun and knife drawn. "Come and get me fuckers." The saucer stopped over him and beamed him up in a beam of throbbing white light.


Dean felt himself floating, he felt vaguely at peace as hands took hold of his arms. He tried to look at the beings holding him but they were like white light with arms. Too bright to look at but he 'knew' they were there. He could feel them in his soul, and some how he felt he belonged here. The feeling and the floating had lead to his cock plumping up as it moved in the open with his movements. He had a vague thought about being naked in public.

The silver of the craft's walls seemed to be blinking in and out of existence. Dean felt a vague sense that he was outside near water when the hands brought him near to a long metal looking table. He had a vague sense that he didn't want to go to the table. Something Sam said.. .about his butt. He struggled against the beings holding him.

"Eat..." A voice called to him. And at the same time he plunged the knife into one of the beings and started shooting the other. The voice was suddenly in his head, in him, telling him to relax, give in. He kept on fighting till the darkness seemed to close up on him.


Martin lay in the broken corn. His chest scorched through to bare flesh, a dried and bloody mess. The pool of blood he was laying in staining his cloths as he lay there, his neck at an awkward angle. His eyes close and his chest still, his heart long ago stopped, some time after the impact of the light throwing him back snapped his neck. He lay there limp and broken till his eyes opened and he screamed in agony. His eyes wide and wild he screamed for a long time.


Deans ring tone played and played till Sam walked up on the phone and picked it up. He cursed silently to himself. He looked around and saw only dark and corn.

"You find him yet Maranda?!" Sam yelled.

"Not yet." She called back. Sam pulled out a wand from his back pocket.

"Point me Martin." He said softly. It began to spin around and round. Finally it picked a direction. "Over here Maranda!" Sam shouted as he took off running in the direction his wand had indicated. Maranda came running towards his voice and together they came across Martin laying there looking slightly rumpled and unconscious. Maranda knelt down in the bent corn and checked his pulse.

"He's alive. His pulse is strong. He must have just knocked himself unconscious." She rolled her eyes.

"Something... smells off..." Sam sniffed the air. There was no blood in sight but he was sure he could smell blood... tasty blood... somewhere near by. "This makes no sense.... I..."

"Ow!" Martin started coming to.

"You okay?" Maranda knelt down to help Martin up. Sam looked at him confused for a second before helping him to his feet.

"Bright light... threw me out of the way and went for Dean. Must be because I'm not technically the first born." Martin gave a soft chuckle before limping towards the car with the other two.

"I'm going to take you to the emergency room, and then I'm going to go have a talk with our local alien hunters. Maybe they know a trick or two we don't."

"You really think it was aliens?" Maranda looked up at Sam's face.

"Bright light... and Dean said he saw a UFO. So... I'm not sure what else it could be."

"Be careful. I'd hate to loose my partner." She said pointedly as she looked him in the eyes.

"Okay." Sam smiled as he drove them out of the cornfield. An hour later he had Martin checked into the local ER and had Maranda standing guard over him just in case anything should happen. As for Sam, he was parking in the caravan of UFO hunters who had made their own little RV village at the edge of town. He zeroed in on Wayne Whitaker, the head UFO nut as they'd been calling him since they got into town. Now he looked like Sam's best bet to getting Dean back.

Looking around at the maps of UFO sightings, the little green men statues and window stickers, Sam was starting to feel he was in the wrong place. How could any hunter, any serious hunter, live this way. But maybe it was like Bobby said, maybe you hide in plain sight so that no one knows who or what you are and you can operate freer. But those were the old days. Weren't they? Weren't all the hunters supposed to be legit now, working with and for the government? As he looked around the gypsy caravan they'd built from RV's, buses, and mobile homes, suddenly he wasn't sure he'd ever classify these people as hunters. Sam walked up to the tangled mess of

"So their real. UFO's." Sam said by way of clarifying himself.

"Like I said before son. The truth is out there." Wayne said with a practiced smugness that made part of Sam ache to hit him.

"Okay, you're the expert, how to I get them?" He said like a man drowning, knowing he's going to die, and had to ask his mortal enemy to hand him a life preserver.

"Come again?" Wayne stood up as he blinked at Sam.

"Well you hunt ET's, right? I need to know how to get them" He sighed exasperatedly as he looked around slightly.

"You and me both." Wayne gave a little chuckle as he pointed out their reading material. Sam looked at him as he picked up the clearly Xeroxed photo copies of a few dozen pages. He flipped through it, skimming with his new found ability to speed read. He'd found the skill after realizing he didn't sleep, he didn't tire, he just kept going. Having no soul had some benefits, or at least that's what he told himself in the empty meaningless nights.

"This is it?" Sam asked in a tone that very clearly showed he didn't believe in either the data or the lack there of.

"I'd say thirty years of eye witnesses speak for themselves as incontrovertible proof." Wayne tapped the paper a bit. His voice breaking slightly as he went on autopilot and began to defend his work. He'd seen skeptics before and he was trying his hardest to win Sammy over.

"Yeah, right. My brother was abducted, so I'm pretty good on the whole proof thing." He said getting a little flustered at the man's short sightedness.

"Your brother was abducted?" A boy who looked to vaguely be about 19 came up to listen to Sam. The boy's hippie mother not far off listening in.

"Yeah" Sam said dismissively as he turned back to Wayne.

"Oh my god." The looked like he was wanting to have Sam's babies.

"It's fine. I mean I've had time to adjust" Sam said as he tried yet again to engage Wayne in talking.

"Did it happen when you were kids?" The boy's mind seemed to be stuck on some fantasy and Sam just didn't have the soul he needed to be polite and tactful.

"No a half hour ago." He turned back to Wayne who was looking at him shocked. "So you've been hunting UFO's for over three decades. You have no concrete data and no workable leads? Have you considered the possibility that you suck at hunting UFO's?" Sam pronounced Wayne's lacking areas.

"Well I..." Wayne started but Sam turned and walked away.

"I'd like to help if I can..." The boy walked up, holding on arm and blushing slightly as he looked up into Sam's eyes. His shaggy red hair catching the light of the trailers lights behind him. Sam looked him up and down, sizing the kid up and grinned as he looked into the kid's eyes. He was throwing himself at him, and Harry and Nathaniel didn't have a problem with him exploring himself. He smiled at the kid and gave a low chuckle.


Dean appeared back in the field screaming and shooting his gun wildly into the now empty cornfield. He looked around confused and lost for a bit. Looking for his phone that he couldn't find he turned and realized the car was gone too. Confused he headed towards town, his body feeling slightly itchy.


Dean went back to his and Sam's motel room and found the car parked out front. The lights were out which mean Sam was probably laying down or working out, since the great soulless one never slept anymore. He walked in and turned on the light switch to find a teenaged boy sitting bare chested on Sam's lap. Sam, equally bare chested was holding the kid's hips and the blankets that were tangled around the pair of them. He blinked and his mind shut down as he simply reacted.

"What the hell." Dean was shocked to see his brother openly fucking someone other then his regular trio. He'd stuck to the boys back at Anita's for this whole year, why should he suddenly change. Oh, right, the no soul thing. Dean mentally checked off another box of stupid stuff your soul stopped you from doing.

"Dean?" Sam gave a startled moan as he pulled the kid down on top of him.

"Dean? Your brother? Sam, they brought your brother back!" The kid smiled as he leaned in close, chest to chest with Sam. He smiled brightly and started to get up.

"No. Don't stop." Sam didn't mean to do it, but with out his wand and with out trying he silently Imperio-ed the boy who was sitting on his cock. He willed the boy to keep going, keep pumping up and down on his cock and to be less shy. Opening the kid's personality with his mind, his will with out really caring what it would mean to the kid later. Pretty soon the kid was rocking back and forth while bouncing on Sam's large rod, all the while loosing his grip on the sheets that started to sag.

"Are we really going to do this... while you fuck him?" Dean tried to look away but kept looking back.

"Sure." Sam fained a smile while he pulled the kid on his cock back and forth, grasping him at the hips to bounce him on his cock.

"Sam... that's.... not ethical." Dean kept trying to avert his eyes.

"Do you care if I take the blanket it off?" Sam looked into the guy's eyes.

"Please... don't...." The kid's voice seemed a little disjointed.

"I can take the blanket off now, can't I." Sam's will battled into the kid's mind.

"You can take the blanket off now." The kid said in a strange calm while he bounced on Sam's cock. Sam pulled the blanket off and threw it, across the room revealing the kid's naked body to Dean, right down to the point where their bodies joined. Sam moaned as he bucked up, his bloated balls close to emptying themselves.

"Sam...." Dean's voice was strained, his face flushed as he watched his brother take this boy. But something in him had reacted to the uses of wandless magic that Sam had just done. Dean could almost feel the magic that bound the two of them and his body was reacting to it as he became aroused. He retch out a hand as Sam bucked one last time, bottoming out into the boy's ass, his balls contracting as his cock spewed forth his molten cum. Dean came hard in his pants when he touched the floating web like trails of Sam's magic in the air. His eyes rolling back in his head from the pleasure as he dropped to his knees.

"Dean?" Sam blinked, his mind seeming to come back to him as he wiggled the kid on his cock back and forth till he had himself pressed against the kid's prostate. Aiming hard he sent a spark of magic through his cock into the kid and set off his orgasm. His anal walls nearly vibrating around Sam's rigid cock as the kid came hard all over Sam's chest. Sam looked at his brother, the damp wet spot spreading across his jeans that were tented. But what caught his attention was that he could feel Dean. Feel him touching the edge of his magic like a wand he didn't quite know the core of. He felt drawn to this new force in Dean and let his magic touch it.

Dean instantly began moaning and arched his back from the floor as he began having orgasm after orgasm, caught in some never ending loop of sexual pleasure, right on the verge of sexual torture. Mean while, Sam's eyes went nearly black from the power pouring into him. His connection to the guy he was fucking translated that magic into pure sexual gratification, making him cum again and again till the three of them eventually passed out from intense pleasure. Sam's magic eventually calmed down some where near dawn, finally letting Dean's tortured body drop back to the floor, unseen by the three sleeping men.

In the morning Sam woke up cuddling the naked kid to his side, and watching Dean coming out of the bathroom, clearly having just gotten out of the shower as he was wet and wearing naught but a towel. Dean walked carefully and the pain of movement showed in his face.

"You okay?" Sam's voice was horse.

"No. No I'm not Sammy. I got abducted, then had to walk back to town, and after all that I find you using magic to screw some kid. Then you did... that last night." He blushed as he pointed to his jeans and boxers that he'd laid out, both of which had massive cum stains cover nearly the entire crotch.

"Holy shit. How much did you cum?" Sam sat up, the blankets sliding down to reveal his morning wood peaking up over his light treasure trail.

"I had a dry orgasm in the shower." Dean blushed as he looked at his soiled cloths.

"You.. jerked off in the shower." Dean's ears turned red at Sam's statement.

"Well I was horny..." He said as his weak defense.

"And now?" Sam asked.

"Not so much." Dean said as he wondered where the nearest laundromat was.

"Okay." Sam retch out with his magic and traced the edge of what he felt coming from Dean. Dean moaned as his towel came apart, his hard cock pushing it apart to get out in the opening.

"Sam..." Dean moaned in a warning tone.

"Just testing... interesting side effect of being abducted." Sam grinned. "Any magical probing and you get so hard you're ready and nearly willing. Draco and Micheal will both enjoy that." Sam kidded him.

"Yeah, well let's not talk in front of ..." Dean motioned towards the kid who was starting to wake up.

"You can talk in front of me... I want to know what they were like..." He said in a dreamy airy sort of way.

"They were grabby incandescent douche bags" Dean said with a forced smile as he tried to hide his throbbing hard on in his towel. "And I think I need to talk to my brother alone for a bit."

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♪♫♪I will work, up and down here. And I will Sing. That they shall hear, that I am not... I am not afraid. I am not... afraid....♪♫♪

[Elwood, Indiana]

"You're upset?" Sam tried to gauge the strange vibe he was getting off of Dean as he paced the room after the kid had left.

"I was abducted. And you were here banging patchouli." Dean glared at Sam.

"I didn't think he smelled like..."

"I was abducted by aliens." Dean yelled.

"I was looking into it." Sam defended.

"Looking into it? I was gone for like an hour." Dean looked at Sam like he wanted to hit him.

"An hour?" Sam frowned.

"Yeah, and most of that was walking aback in to town."

"Dean.. I think you're clock is off."

"It's not..." But Sam held up his phone and displayed what time Dean had called him.

"You were gone over six hours." Sam watched the shock register on Dean's face.

"What? How is that even possible." Dean frowned as he checked his own phone and his watch.

"A U.F.O time slip..." Sam gasped.

"What?" Dean tried very hard to remind himself that he needed Sam in one piece.

"It actually falls in line with a lot of U.F.O abduction stories." Sam sounded excited.

"Nothing's falling in line." Dean was struggling to hold his temper in check. As Sam dirrected him on the bed and poured him a drink. Some good strong coffee to settle his nerves, and hopefully open him up to talking.

"Come on, what do you remember?" Sam was sitting on the bed finally dressed at Dean's request. "What happened."

"Well there as a saucer, and it chased me. I called you. Then it caught up with me. And there was this... this..." He paused. "God help me Sammy there was this bright white light..." He sighed and drank some of his coffee. "The next thing I know I was in a different place... and there were this beings... they were too bright to see but I could sort of feel them pulling me along... towards this table..."

"A probing table?" Sam's tone of joy not sitting with Dean.

"GOD DON'T SAY THAT!" Dean stood up.

"What happened next?" Sam tried to ignore Dean's out burst.

"I fought back. The bastards actually were kind of surprised. You know I don't think anyone's ever done that..." Dean grinned as went back to pacing the room. "I had a close encounter Sam. And I won." He grinned.

"You should probably drink a couple more cups of that." Sam looked worried at Dean. Talking about it seemed to have set him on edge again.

"I will... I will..." Dean poured himself some more coffee, suddenly having an odd flash back. "There was food...." He blinked.

"What do you mean?" Sam stood up and walked to Dean where he was standing starring out into space.

"There was food... on the table... they wanted me to eat... but..." Dean frowned.

"What happened?" Sam put his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"I didn't eat... I wouldn't... some where after that's when I fought. But... I.... there was food." Dean's mind seemed to close whatever door it had opened just then. "I don't know what else happened." Dean sounded confused.

"You'll remember when it's time. And if all else fails I can always do a memory charm. For now." Sam hugged Dean. "Let's just let your mind process with what it can and then it can deal with the next part of it till you remember and you can handle it."

"I can handle it now..." Dean's voice sounded more sullen then he'd meant for it to.

"I know... I know. But your brain is saying other wise. So let's listen to your brain. Shall we go get something to eat?"

"Sure...." Dean sighed and grabbed his coat on the way to the local diner. They took a table near the back and were sitting there eating when Dean had a though. "If aliens are real... what's next?" He sipped his coffee.

"I don't know..." Sam was busy looking the bus boy up and down.

"Dude, what is up with you?" Dean frowned.

"I have no soul. So... I don't really need people... or want them for that mater. But I have needs. And a very over active sex drive. Back at the house I was nailing Harry, Nathaniel, and Draco four or five times a day. Now out here on a case... I have to drain my balls some how." He flashed a flirtatious smile at the guy who'd caught his eye now.

"Dude.. use your hand then." Dean sighed.

"I still do. But I need someone to fuck." Sam frowned as he looked at Dean. "You're still mad about the whole, me having sex while you're missing thing." Sam looked confused. "What do you think I'd have done if I had my soul?"

"Sit alone in the dark with your pain like a normal person." Dean glared at his coffee cup.

"So having a soul is accepting pain and longing and not acting on it...." Sam frowned.

"Yes damn it. You sit and hurt and live through it. You do not go fuck anything with a hole willing to take you." Dean tried to control his voice.

"Really? Because I remember a time in New York...." Dean glared at Sam. "Well you did." Sam grinned.

"That is hardly the point." Dean tried to end the conversation there.

"Yeah it kind of is. I'd been kidnapped, tortured, and had to escape. And I come back to find you fucking the brains out of the chick who saw to my kidnapping." Sam sighed. "The point is. I was missing, and you went and had sex. I was pissed at you, but moved on. Now you're trying to say I only did that because I have no soul. If that's my excuse, what's yours?" Sam grinned as Dean shut up and blushed.

"Let's just drop it and get out of here." Dean tried a change of tact.

"Sure." Sam smiled. "That just leaves us with how do we deal with the little green men?"

"Research. We have about a century of UFO lore to ketch up on." Dean left a tip for the waitress. "There's no time...." He paused and looked out the window at a homeless looking guy in a red cap. "What's up with that guy?"

"Who?" Sam turned around and couldn't see anyone in the diner that was even remotely looking at Dean.

"The guy by the window giving me the stink eye." Dean looked right at the guy in the red cap.

"You mean the cop?" Sam frowned, since he only saw the cop standing on their side of the window.

"No, not the cop the guy... who was right there..." Dean pointed and realized the guy was gone. "Let's just get out of here." Dean hurried out.


Dean sighed as he read through the hundredth web site about UFOs and aliens. He was starting to wonder if he'd lost his mind rather then got abducted. He was liking that idea better by far then being a part of the never-ending insanity of all these people online. He'd taken the computer over going to the library, where he'd sent Sam. Sam was on his way back by now due to the library closing in the next fifteen minutes. Mean while the other two agents were still at the hospital. Martin would be in the hospital for a few more days and Miranda had opted to stay with him, which put Dean here plugging away at the site it was on till he heard 'Ground control to Major Tom' begin to play. He frowned and the lights went out.

"oh no." He stood up in time to see the window flood with white light. "Not again...." He jumped as the door flung open and he was bathed in white light. But the light burned away and suddenly there was a glowing orb of gold light floating in the door. He made for the gun on his bed and with a sound of fluttering wings the gold orb moved between him and the gun. He starred at it for the longest time, his eyes adjusting to it's light. "Nipples?" He frowned as the orb came at him and the light punched him. "Bitch!" He checked his nose for blood.

The light kept coming, hitting him, and trying to push him into the wall. But with a sense of his surroundings that his father had instilled in him as a boy he moved with the herding the light was doing. Moving and moving till he was right in front of the microwave, the light came in for another punch and he moved, hitting the open button on the microwave. He closed the door quickly, trapping the glowing ball of fury in the small space. Randomly typing in numbers he set the microwave to going. The small ball of light began fighting to get out, blue and purple electrical bolts from the microwave are light striking it down. Dean held bodily on as the microwave seemed to be trying to fly apart. He heard the shrill voice of the creature scream to be let out before it exploded in the microwave. Thick green and black blood scorched and covered the entire surface of the inside of the microwave.


"See what?" Sam frowned into the clean microwave.

"See what? See the blood and the yuck." Dean pointed to the green blood dripping from the roof of the microwave down.

"Sorry man. I'm just not seeing it." Sam straightened up and looked at his brother. "Let's go with you can see it and I don't. What the hell was it?"

"It was a ... a little naked lady... okay?" Dean struggled to describe his now dead attacker.

"A little what?" Sam's face screwed up.

"A little glowing... hot... glowing... naked lady. With nipples... and... and she hit me...." Dean blushed.

"And I'm not supposed to laugh here right..." A dirty look from Dean enough to shut him up, Sam moved on. "Right. She didn't happen to have wings did she."

"She... wait what made you even ask that?" Dean's frown deepened as he almost scowled at his brother.

"Because it's one of the more out there theories. In fact it's what the crazy Crystal lady was talking about." Sam got onto his laptop, glad again that they could now afford hotels that offered wifi services with their new jobs.

"What?" Dean moved over to look at his brother.

"The theory goes, what if it's not extra terrestrials, but ultra terrestrials. Instead of aliens... it's..." Sam turned the laptop around.

"Smurfs?" Dean asked dismissively.

"Fairies." Sam corrected, even with out a soul it was still habit.

"Fairies?" Dean looked at his brother like he had lost his mind.

"There's a straight line between ET's and Fairies. People have been reporting the same things for hundreds of years. It's just hiding under different skin."

"You seriously think it's fairies?" Dean's face screwed up in the absurdity that he was feeling.

"Hey, you're the one who pizza rolled Tinkerbell.... but there's something else."

"What?" Dean sighed, liking this less and less.

"This is a lead." Sam grinned.


"Fairy comes in many shapes and sizes..." Dean said in a slightly mocking voice.

"Hey, we learned a lot of important things from her." Sam commented.

"Like what?" Dean frowned.

"Only people who have been to Avalon can see fairies all the time. They take only first born sons. They take them to Avalon..."

"SHUT UP SAM." Dean warned, after learning Marian's theory that the first born sons were being taken to serve Oberon, the king of fairies, Sam had promptly asked Dean if he'd serviced Oberon. He still hated that idea.

"We also learned that they have a thing for fresh cream. Dark fairies burn when touched by silver, all fairy hate iron. And that thing with the sugar and salt, where they have to count the grains sounds interesting. I still think Anita's case with the Homo Arcanus she encountered shows we can't trust silver." Sam said as they kept on walking back towards where they'd left the car. On the way back to the car they spotted the local watch repair story owner loading the back of his car down with fresh cream. They looked at each other, neither had suspected him because his son had been taken... but now... this led them towards his involvement in this case.

They followed him back to his store where he unloaded the cream. Seven trips later, he locked up the shop and headed towards the local bar. Sam went after the watch guy while Dean decided to check out the store. Going around back he slowly opened the side door and snuck into the back of the store. Dean was cautious as he listened to the odd sounds coming from the supposedly empty workshop. As he turned the last corner in the back of the shop, Dean was brought face to back with several small figures working. His mind grasping for the fairy names that the lady they'd talked to had given him, he guessed these must be gnomes. Each looked like a regular human, only they were roughly a foot tall. Each seemed possessed of a single mindedness that kept them on task, except when they spotted the cream. Every time they spotted the cream, they seemed drawn to it, and would sip from the cream bowls that seemed to litter the room at random. After just a few sips they'd become utterly drunk. Dean gave a silent snort at the idea of being such lightweights and eased off till he was outside again.

Dean picked up his phone and dialed Sam's number. "We're freak fully of Kebblers over here Sam, freaking full of them."


"It's like the ... the story... with the shoe guy... and ... and the elves. Hey." Dean stopped moving. "You think Brennen made a deal with a bunch of fairies?"

"Dunno. Do you think they can?" Sam frowned into his beer as he asked.

"Let me get back to you."

"Okay." Dean hung up.


"Yeah... can you get here soon. We're pretty sure we're dealing with some fairies." Sam said in a low voice into his phone.

"Fairies?" Harry asked confused.

"I'll explain when you get here..."

"I will. Anita wants to know if we're dealing with full blown Homo Arcanus?"

"I think we're dealing with every breed of the Arcanus sub grouping." Sam sighed.

"What?" Anita's voice broke in.

"Dean's seeing human sized fairies, and small balls of light. I'm going to say the whole lot of them, seeing as he was taken to Avalon apparently."

"Taken where... wait... apparently?" Anita's voice grew careful.

"He can't remember. We thought aliens abducted him. But one of the people we talked to told us some stuff that added up with what we've seen and learned. So we're banking on fairies. And she said they take first borns to Avalon."

"Shit. Did you do a silver test yet?" Anita sounded drawn.

"Silver test?" Sam sounded confused.

"Fairies are attuned to silver. Dark fairies burn under it's touch, while white fairies melt it. It also powers them up. Lycans it burns. And humans have no reaction normally. It's a common test, because you never know if he was replaced with a changeling."

"Changelings are kids..." Sam corrected her.

"That's when they are born here. When they take someone back to the island, they have the power to replicate the whole person, regardless of age."

"That's not in any books any of the hunters have." Sam thought back to Samuel's library.

"Well hunters don't know everything. I've dealt with fairies before. And their human offspring. Lead me to read up on the little known stuff the researchers that lived with them have written."

"Well most of the hunters I know wouldn't believe in fairies let alone try to hunt one." Sam smiled trying to picture Bobby fighting a naked chick ensconced in an orb of golden light. "Yeah... I just don't see it."

"Well while we're getting things ready on our end, you do know you can do a memory charm to help him remember what happened, right?" Harry's voice came back.

"What?" Sam blinked.

"Yeah, that book you borrowed on Auror law and magic. It's on page like 206 I think. Very simple. A basic wand movement and a little flick at the end and remember to roll the R's." Harry chuckled. "Try on yourself first to make sure it's right. Worst that happens if you fugger it is you'll be slightly confused for a minute or two."


"You want to do what?" Dean sat down on the bed, his arms crossed. Still pissed off that Sam had put him through the silver test. And even more pissed that the silver had reacted to him but that Sam hadn't seen it. The silver had glowed and made him feel slightly giddy inside. The feeling of that alone was enough to bring agitation and aggravation into his disposition.

"It's just a little spell." Sam had a hold of his wand. The very need to use his magic gnawing at him in a way that Sam wasn't sure he could even begin to tell Dean about.

"You may have went through and passed the Fed's test for magic and are rated on that... that thing." Dean gestured loosely to Sam's wand. "But I know for a fact Draco and Harry both said you're rated at a third year at best right now." Dean looked Sam in the eyes.

"Yeah, but Harry said the spell is simple and that it can be done by someone with my training." Sam said pleadingly.

"Sam I said no."

"And I said." Sam stopped talking.

"You said what?"

"Memoria!" Sam pointed his wand and flicked it at the end resulting in a jet of gold and silver sparks that hit Dean square in the face. He shuddered as memories began pouring into his head. Memories of the time they hiked up the mountain with their dad only to find out he'd packed useless things in their packs for them to learn to look into and check everything anyone game them. He'd left them alone in the woods and told them to find their own way home. Dean remembered how they'd waited till dark and found their way home a few days later. Thinking the whole time that if they ever got the chance they'd do better, not for them, but for dad.

Dean's mind drifted to the first time with Lisa. How he'd wanted to be better for her. He'd been on his A game that night and rocked both their worlds. But she was the first woman he'd ever been with since he was fourteen that he'd wanted to be better for. He couldn't put a name to the feeling, and he knew he couldn't. He'd cried after he'd left her that night. He'd never told anyone that. Hell he'd tried his hardest to remember how for days after he'd wake up hard in the morning thinking he was still in her bed, realize she wasn't there and cry to himself before he went and showered to get rid of his hard on.

Lisa's memory brought him back to when he'd met Ben. Fuck the kid looked so much like him that it creeped him out when he'd seen the kid the first time. Then learning he was Lisa's kid. He'd never thought about kids before. He was a hunter. He killed things so other people would have the wife, kids, and the house with the white picket fence. He didn't get to have that. He didn't want it. But fuck when he'd seen Ben again after finding out about who his mom was. He wanted it. He wanted the whole quiet life and wished with every fiber of his being that he had never been a hunter. But later he'd been glad. Glad his mom had died like that; glad it'd lead them to be a family of hunters. Glad because he saved Lisa. Glad because he saved Ben. Saved his son from the monsters.

Monsters. Monsters like the Dijinn that attacked him a few years back. The one that was the father to the ones that had attacked him when he was living the quiet life with Lisa and Ben. The quiet life their father had shown him he wanted, they tore apart by killing his best friends and making him have to hunt them down. Shit, the feeling of ganking that bitch that hit him with her whammy in the bar that night was good. Then he'd found out that his Grandfather Samuel had handed her over to Crowley to torture. Killing monsters while their feeding was one thing. Catching them and slowly torturing them day in and day out, till you were just as bad as the creatures that they hunted. Just as bad as what he'd been like in hell.

Dean's eyes widened as his time in hell flashed back in crystal clarity. The endless chains of the rack. The best way to break in a newbe. Hell was preset to drop them into the rack Set them up to feel unimaginable pain as their slowly tugged and held taunt while their tormenter appears. First they bring in the newest person to turn from target to torture giver. They get to practice on you for a long while. Stripping the cloths off your flesh with a barbed whip and then working on your bare skin till you're a raw flash of nerve and flesh begging to die. Then they heal you. Painfully. Till you're a naked sobbing mess stretched taunt for the next round. Again and again the torture happened till they got ready to move up to a new toy. Then they brought out Howl to show you how a true master works. Dean screamed and screamed till he lost his voice and was wracked with dry sobs. He'd begged for anything, been willing to be anything. been willing to do anything that Howl wanted, just to make the pain stop.

He was a broken bitch and he was given to Alister because Howl was tired of his toy. Given to a master who was Howl's lover and just as dark and twisted as him. But he turned the torture into a sexual thing. It wasn't the first time Dean had been with a man. That honor belonged to the Chief. He'd taken Dean hard and fast and used him most of the night. Alister was more. He had a way of consuming all that Dean was and encasing him inside of him. The memory of the first time in bed flooded into Dean's conscious mind. Flooded past all his barriers and he remembered how he'd begged and pleaded but afterwards he'd been Alister's willing bitch. Taken over and over till he was well versed in being the bottom. He knew his place. He was a thing, to be passed around at Alister's whim. Till the day they took him to the rack. Shit he'd been scared, worried they were going to put him back. That all this was just a fleeting glimpse of paradise just to make him really suffer in hell.

He'd been begging and pleading with Alister till he'd seen the naked sobbing mess on the rack in front of him. Alister had pulled him into a deep kiss and handed him his first whip. They gave him the very whip that had taken his clothing and made him a whore in hell. The rage he felt as he held it was enough to make him do it. He took it and he laid into the bastard on the rack. He inflicted the pain and he felt good. It felt good, damn good, to be the one who was on the giving side of this. No wonder they liked doing this so much. He felt a piece of him finally die as he drew blood from the dark haired man he tortured. He tortured him every day for ten long years before he was given the broken sobbing man for his bitch.

Graham had been his bitch that he only shared with Alister. Graham was his. HIS. And he enjoyed taking him hard. He'd been Graham's first. He knew it with the squeals and screams and the sobs afterwards. The first time he'd felt dirty doing that to Graham. But then Alister had wanted to watch the next time. And join in after that. He had to please Alister. Graham just didn't mater next to Alister's approval. He grew to love both Alister and Graham. They were his world and the only thing that made hell bearable. He remembered how much Graham had grown to depend on him to save him from the others. He'd felt his humanity burning away till the day Graham had offered to do anything for him if he'd just hold him and keep him safe. It was the first time in forty years that he'd felt human, truly human again.

That'd been one of the last times he'd ever seen Graham. He'd been out torturing a newbe, making them beg and plead while coughing up blood when it happened. A radiant burst of light in the dark hole flooded the place. He felt hands on his body and he was being dragged away. He remembered the terror, the fear that he'd done something wrong and now they'd found a new way to torture him. A new way to hurt him. His last fleeting thought had been about Graham. Who would look after him? Why couldn't he have said goodbye? Why.... He had longed to be with Graham just one more time. And then he'd woken up in a pine box buried in a field. Digging out he'd found the place looked like a blast zone. And then that night he'd met Castiel.

Castiel, the one who'd taken him from both his lovers and made him walk in the light again. He had to live like a human again, and be part from that him that he'd been in hell. He had to be Dean again. Dean the hunter. Dean the crusader. Dean the good guy. Not Dean the hell-ridden torture machine. And when he'd had to put that away, he'd put away all thoughts of Graham. He couldn't remember the man he loved and would never see again. So he threw himself into getting chicks. Getting as much tail as he could handle till he'd all but OD'ed on sex. All in an attempt to put that place... those people... behind him. Hell, he'd even thought about torturing and fucking the poor bastard that female Dijinn had killed. They were friends after all. That's what friends did... in hell anyways. Dean sobbed as his mind went back to Graham. Alone in hell with no one to look out for him and Alister mad at loosing Dean. He didn't have a pretty picture in his head of what Graham was like now.

He began to sob as he pictured Graham left to hell on his own. The man had no skills, he was a bottom bitch whore who needed Dean. Had needed and trusted his lover and now he was topside while Graham was left to rot in hell. Dean was beside himself with terror and pain. A deep need for Graham wrenched his being apart as he begged himself to hold together long enough to figure a way into saving Graham. Graham.... Graham. Dean's mind blanked out as he suddenly saw hell again, say his old quarters and saw Graham in their bed, laying there with a blank look on his face. Saw no one with him. And knew in his very soul that no one had ever touched him since Dean left.

He knew some how that others had tried. But some force had destroyed them every time they tried to take Graham. They'd eventually cleared out and left him alone. He had his own private hell now. No Dean in his hell meant he had no peace now. He was lost and consumed by his grief and loneliness but he'd been protected. Why'd he been protected. Images flooded into Dean's mind. Alister handing Dean the whip. The rage he'd felt. The static shock he'd felt the second the whip had connected to Graham's bare flesh, and his blood had flowed into the void. He knew then what had happened. Alister had given him a real gift. He'd transferred ownership of Graham over to Dean. Graham wasn't just another toy to throw away. Dean held Graham's contract. He owned him. Mind, body, and soul. He owned Graham. And till he said otherwise no man and not demon could lay hands on Graham's soul in hell. He'd been protecting Graham this whole time and no one could touch him so long as Dean held him in his possession.

Dean pulled himself out of his recollections. Pushed himself off of the bed and punched Sam right in the nose. Leaving his brother on the motel floor bleeding he stormed out into the night and yelled for Castiel. When Cas showed up Dean glared at him.


"You ass hole." Dean fumed.

"Dean, what's..." Castiel looked confused.

"You took me out of hell."


"You took me out of hell and gave me back my body."

"Yes Dean."

"You did that and you left him in hell." Dean's fury focused on Castiel.

"Left who?" Castiel blinked.


"Who?" Castiel blinked.

"GRAHAM!" Dean punched Castiel in the face, actually moving the angel with the punch. But the second they connected Castiel was flooded with images himself. Reliving Dean's time in hell, the source of this forgotten fury. The connection from Dean to a soul in hell. The feeling of wholeness the two gained from the bond. Castiel understood in that moment what he'd left in hell for Dean. He'd left Dean's soul mate in hell and Dean had realized on some base level what he was lacking now. Castiel blinked out of existence and was standing behind Dean. "You bastard!" Dean wheeled around and Castiel caught his fist in his hand.

"I have taken you away from your soul mate. And torn you to a world where you can't touch or see him. I left him in hell and your furious. And where it with in my power I'd storm hell now and bring him back to you. But I do not have the angels nor the powers to spear to do such a thing. I can not bring him out of hell." Castiel looked Dean in the eyes. "I just can't help you."

"Can you put him back." Dean said as he shook.

"Dean, he's in hell." Castiel tried to take on a pleading tone.

"Do. You. Have. The. Power. To. Put. Him. Back." Dean looked him in the eyes, his face streaked with tears.

"If I could get his soul out..."

"That's not what I'm asking." Dean pulled free of Castiel's hand. "I'm asking if you can put him back in his body. Fix it up like you did mine." Dean turned and looked at him in the eyes.

"Dean, if I had access to his soul, yes I could put it in the body. But it's not likely. He's in..."

"Not for long." Dean clinched his jaw.

"Dean?" Castiel blinked.

"Be ready. You'll have to grab him, find his body, put him in it, heal him, and bring him back here to me quickly. Oh... and don't tell Sam I cried. Cuz... well you know." Dean shrugged and closed his eyes. He knew he had some kind of magic. He pulled the part of him that he'd felt when he'd touched the silver. He knew he had a piece of him that touched Micheal. He pulled on that and felt Micheal appear. He ignored it as the angels talked things out. He knew there was a part of him that was a demon. He felt that dark impulse swell in him. He knew a part of him was tied to Graham. He felt in the darkness till it was nearly a tangible thing. He focused till he felt and saw Graham look up in confusion.

"GRAHAM!" Dean yelled. His voice echoing and the sound of rolling thunder filled the street where they were standing. The street cracked with a bolt of lightning and a black mist flooded up till it formed into a flickering ghost that solidified into a transparent then a solid looking ghost. Graham was standing there, naked and chained as he struggled to walk. Dean put his hands on the chains and they melted away from Graham, but the binding was still there, still in Dean's mind. He put his hand on the now solid ghost.

"D-dean?" Graham struggled to speak.

"Yeah. It's me." He held Graham close. "It's me. And soon it'll be you too. Cas... hurry." Dean stepped back as Castiel and Micheal grabbed Graham and vanished. Moments later they were back with their hands on Graham's bare shoulders. He was dressed in rags that passed for pants Dean hugged him close and tried to keep from crying, but when Graham started to whimper, Dean broke. He sobbed as he held Graham to him and the two fit together like nothing else in the universe had ever fit for either of them. They were whole. Whole and together. Dean looked up at the angels who vanished and he smiled. He hooked an arm around Graham's neck and walked back into the motel room with him.

"Dean I know ... I... who's this?" Sam looked confused.

"did you replace me?" Graham asked in a little voice.

"No." Dean said into Graham's neck. "Sam this is Graham... my soul mate." Dean smiled as Graham looked down, shocked.

"The Sam?" Graham looked in awe.

"Yes." Dean smiled.

"Graham ... who?" Sam blinked.

"He was the only real good thing to come out of hell. He's my soul mate. My other half. My boyfriend. My everything." Dean held Graham as he talked.

"I'm glad to hear that. Now. Shall we do that spell right?" Harry butted in from where he, Anita, Richard, and London were sitting in the motel room.

Chapter Text

♪♫♪I know not by what power I may hold, but still you flout my insufficiency. The more my prayer the lesser is my grace.... ♪♫♪

[Elwood, Indiana]

"Harry? How'd you get here so fast?" Dean blinked, his hands instinctively moving Graham to a protective stance.

"We apperated. The state Auror's office was kind enough to allow us to use their system for it." He looked over to London who had a pinched look on his face. His normal vampiric complextion waxen and drawn. "Apparently apperation doesn't agree well with Vampire digestion." Harry said with a bit of a light tone, watching London close himself off even more as he drew into himself.

"Poor London threw up a lot of blood all over the floor." Anita stroked his back. "If we'd known we wouldn't have used it." She kissed the back of his neck. "But as it was the hardest part was getting the Vamp in this area to pick up the phone."

"Right... the lead vamp in this area... isn't that... Augustine?" Sam frowned.

"Well he's the master who commands the next state over and part of this state too. But the vampire who runs this city is small time. He's just strong enough to control this town and the next one over. He asked us to hurry." Anita grinned.

"Homo Arcanus and Homo Nocturnus not on good speaking terms?" Sam grinned.

"We do not like them." London finally spoke. "Filthy vermin." He shook. "They call us..."

"Blood thieves." Dean spat at him. "Filthy drinkers of life." He spit again, his eyes a livid green instead of his normal grey eyes.

"Dean..." Sam started to move but Richard's hand stopped him.

"Not good." He scented the air.

"How did you know that?" London frowned. "You act like..." He took a step towards Dean and both looked uncomfortable. London hissed and spit at Dean's feat. "Filthy beast." He recoiled.

"Someone want to clue me in?" Sam frowned.

"You brought a blood thief into my resting place." Dean glared at Harry and Anita, his eyes glowing green.

"We bring much into your territory, Sidhe." London started pacing around Dean.

"Vampyr do not test me." Dean grinned wickedly.

"You really think you'll stop me from doing what I like here, Sidhe."

"Yes. I do. Leach." London lunched at him and vanished. "Filthy creatures really. Born hungry for the lifeblood. Worthless in the long run." Dean frowned as he eyes went grey. "What the hell."

"You said there wasn't a silver reaction." Richard looked at Sam.

"I didn't see one." Sam offered, as Harry threw a silver coin. Dean grabbed it and it glowed like an evening star before turning to liquid in his hand.

"Uh... this isn't a good thing... is it." He looked at the liquid silver before leaning forwards and licking it up like milk. He shuddered in pleasure and his eyes bled back to green. "Better." He smiled.

"Can you find London?" Anita turned to Harry.

"Hominis Nocturnum Accito, Accio London!" Harry yelled out, his wand in the air, and quickly caught a materialized London and put him on the other side of the bed. "Now that was very naughty. Let's leave this behind.."

"Sure. Over it's dead body." London lunged at Dean again. Dean snorted and stepped aside, the vampire fell on the floor and snarled.

"So blood thief, you want more?" Dean smirked, his voice taking on a more of an Irish broad as he mocked the undead beauty that was London's dark nature. "Now you just stay down there." London's look of out rage showed how much he wanted to get up but couldn't.

"Dean?" Harry swallowed before doing something he hoped he didn't regret all too soon.

"Stuprify!" Harry had meant to cast a stunner but when London had tried to move, he'd knocked into Harry mid spell and caused an extra letter to be added to his spell. As a result, instead of stunning Dean, Harry had cast a ravishing curse instead. Much to their surprise, Dean dropped to his side moaning in utter pleasure as the spell took hold. Confused by the use of such magic, Graham reacted by instinctually drawing on his bond with Dean and tapping the unknown reservoirs of Dean's new powers. With out any provocation or predilection, Graham disapperated the both of them.

"How the hell did he do that?" Richard was up sniffing the ground where they'd vanished from.

"He disapperated... Dean can't disapperate... Graham shouldn't be able to... how'd..." Sam started scenting the place too.

"What do we do now?" Anita was out of her element. If it was dead she could control it. If it was undead she could kill it. If it was magic, she was a God fearing woman who had a gun and bullets. If it didn't die easy, she'd reload.

"I'm not entirely sure. I'd suggest binding magic. But I'd have to hit them both with one shot because they're not exactly the most orthodox people to go up against ... apparently." Harry scratched the back of his head with his wand. "There has got to be a way. If I only knew the kind of magic they were using." Harry sat down.

"Well he's using fairy magic." Richard rubbed his nose. "He's human. But he smells... odd now."

"He smells like a demon. But he smells human. And he smells like a fairy." Richard snickered a little as Sam spoke.

"What's the joke?" Harry blinked.

"We say fairy like you'd say shirt lifter." Anita chided the boys as she shook her head.

"And this is a bad thing to be?" Harry frowned at both Richard and Sam who blushed for their credit.

"Forgive them." London stood up, cleaning himself off. "Their young. Many of us find such things funny and scandalous when we are so young." He shrugged. "They still snicker at times about Anita's needs." He looked at her knowingly.

"I fed two hours before we left. I made sure I'm good, your just in case I need to feed to get over something." Anita backed up.

"Ah, still so squeamish. You do not care what others think about anything. But when it comes to how much sex you require.... my point exactly." London turned and bowed. "I will be needing to sleep soon. The sun, she is a harsh mistress." He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. They all knew he'd be in there double checking that the room was set up to prevent any and all sunlight from entering while he slept. His coffin resting perpendicular to the bathtub thanks to a charm from Harry to expand the bathroom to make it big enough.

"But again... what do we do?" Harry sighed. "Because I can wrangle a muggle. I can hurt a demon. But... I've never dealt with fairies. Well, not counting Fairy Lights. We use them as a light source for romantic situations." Harry blushed as they looked at him.


"What?" Dean came around hours later.

"I'm not sure where we are." Graham said from where he was huddled at Dean's side.

"How'd we get here?" Dean frowned.

"They hurt you... and I.. I wanted to go away... and we ended up here." Graham said into his knees.

"Okay. Where's here?" Dean looked around, confused by the darkness around them.

"A cave... I knew it when I was alive." Graham looked around with him. "I don't know how we got here." He said in a small voice. "I just wanted to protect you too." He blushed as his face returned to his knees.

"It's okay. You did good." Dean ruffled the short close-cropped hair on Graham's head. "You did good." Dean pulled Graham's chin up and looked him in the eyes. "Can I get a kiss?" He gave a smile.

"sure." Graham smiled as he leaned forward and gave Dean a chased kiss.

"That's good. But we'll work on it." Dean smiled back as he held Graham close, leaning his head onto Graham's as it lay upon his shoulder. "They didn't mean to hurt me. Those are my friends. They're worried for me. And they're probably trying to figure out where we are and how to help us." He cuddled Graham close. "We just have to sit and wait and enjoy this time together." Dean smiled and let himself relax for the first time in a long time.


"Okay. Accio Dean and Graham!" Harry pointed his wand at the same time Sam pointed his, both of them casting the spell at the same time. Their magic together reaching through the disapperation scar and pulling Dean and Graham back through it till they apperated back in. "We okay?" Harry lowered his wand.

"Yeah. I burned the silver out." Dean said with a slight blush.

"So you want to tell me what that was?" Sam crossed his arms.

"Me... or part of me. I've been having these weird flashes of magic since I got back from where ever the fairies took me." Dean sighed.

"Prove your Dean." Sam said harshly.

"Right, cuz I'm the one who has something to prove." He snapped back at his brother.

"I'm not convinced." Sam said in the same tone.

"Agnosco." Harry intoned with a flick of his wand. The words, 'I am Dean Winchester, born January 24th, 1979, died on May 2nd 2008, resurrected on September 18th, 2008, I have two children, both male. I have two living brothers. Sam Winchester born May 2nd, 1983. Adam Milligan born September 29th, 1990. My favorite part of my body is my..' Dean reached up and wiped the words away before they could form.

"You don't need to know that." Dean blushed horribly.

"Okay. But how is he able to do magic?" Sam frowned.

"I'm more concerned about the two kids part. I didn't know that. I have a kid, let alone two kids?" Dean looked up at the words where they hung in the air.

"The spell tells truth that your soul is aware of. Creating a life is something your soul knows about. As for how your able to do magic. I think a memory charm should help you to remember." Harry raised his wand.

"Oh no." Dean ducked away. "You're not using that charm on me again."

"Which charm did you use Sam?" Harry turned to him.

"Memoria." Sam shrugged.

"Not strong enough or specific enough. I think Recupo or Revoca coupled with the phrase missing time, might be enough to focus his mind on just his time away from you. But then again, maybe adding Avalon instead of missing time..." He turned back to Dean. "This will focus your mind down to JUST your time on Avalon."

"Ok." Dean sat down, looking for all the world that he wasn't okay with this.

"Recupo Avalonis!" Harry cast as his wand went from pointing to Dean's right ear to a zig zag pattern across his face to be pointing to his left ear. The spell left a fuzzy blue lightning bolt looking symbol in the air that dissolved into Dean's face till his eyes went vivid green. His mind drifted back to where he'd been.

He was back in the field. He was walking around and Martin was there. Martin was thrown from the light and the light cased him. He'd called Sam and been taken shortly after the phone fell out of his hand. He remembered the cold metal ship and beings of light taking him towards a table. But he saw the blue lightning bolt again and it seemed to dissolve into the whole world now. The metal ship bled away to a lush jungle island in bright daylight. He looked up and saw two twin suns in the sky and was wondering where he was when the two balls of light at either side of him carried his out stretched arms and his naked body towards the long wooden table in front of him.

"Eat." A man stood before him wearing nothing but a regal loincloth and a Celtic looking ring around his neck. It looked like he had a thin rounded horseshoe all the way around his neck. His long hair flowing in the wind. "Eat." He offered the food again. Dean realized then that he still had a hold of his gun and the knife. He killed one of the balls of light holding his hand with the knife and turned to stab the other but the man was no longer on the other side of the table. He was suddenly in front of Dean. He put a hand on his chest, right over his heart. "A strong warrior. You possess what I've been looking for." Dean remembered the man's vivid green eyes as he leaned in and breathed into Dean's mouth, taking his air from him but giving him back such a rich oxygen that Dean didn't care. He felt light headed and confused as he was presented, naked and unarmed to a woman reclining on sapphire and emerald feathers; each one as soft as silk but light from inside with some kind of inner sun.

"Husband, why do you bring a mortal to my resting chambers." She said in an obvious disdain for both Dean and her husband.

"Wife, he fulfills the prophecy." The man smiled, his green eyes sparkling. The cobweb like curtains that had obscured the woman parted and revealed a woman laying there bare from the waist up, her head crowned with a mane of hair that looked like tamed fire. Her eyes were like a liquid green fire.

"You jest." She said in scorn as she looked over Dean's body, his cock responding to the man's hand on it showed her just how happy he was so far just looking at either of them.

"He straddles two worlds. Born to be a man, born to hunt the beasts, and born to house a piece of the heavens in his soul. He holds the taint of the demon's fire, but wears his own flesh. He was once dead, killed by a hound of hell, but is whole. And he is a first born of three brothers." The man cupped Dean's balls with his engorged cock. "Just look at it. His flesh is most desirable." He pulled Dean in for a kiss and smirked as he looked dazed again. "We connect." He grinned.

"You have, connected, before." She looked unimpressed. Walking up she put a hand on Dean's cock with her husband's hand and kissed Dean deeply. The rush of lush winds and light was just as strong for both of them. "Oh he is the one." She smiled as she pulled back. "The ritual..." She stepped back and smiled.

"Ith muin díles ar do bél." The man put Dean on his knees before him, and undid his loincloth, revealing a larger then average cock. "Bhuaim chugad." He tapped the large flared crown of his cock against Dean's lips "Bhuaim chugad, ith muin díles ar do bél." He smiled. "Comól." The man said as Dean kissed his dick head.

"Ibid." Dean said, his eyes glassy. Not knowing that he was saying his part in the ritual. A fitting thing since he spoke of how he drank in ignorance. "Garit." Dean smiled as his silky lips sank down the long hard slab of man meat before him.

" A-dat-árlór, Lasgair muin." The man began to pump himself into Dean's willing mouth. Enjoying himself thoroughly as he bred Dean's sweet lips. Back and forth his solid member plunged into Dean till at last the man emptied himself into Dean's sweet mouth. Dean's face was a picture of pure rapture joy.

"Íccaid, Fíada." Dean said with a thick voice, his face flushed and his eyes like liquid green flames.

"Laigid Lasgair." The man dirrected; pointing at the now naked woman laying prone and spread on the bed before them. As Dean mounted her, the man began to recite an old rite that he'd learned long ago for this moment. "Aimsir ar-sissedar assa ad-ágathar cé días, ainnir assa ban-rìgh. Imm-airicc gaibid ar-da, ara ilar ar-tá a foss. Gainithir gein buithi de-dan. Ale abair Oberon, rìgh de sìth." The man named himself Oberon. His spell stopping all time everywhere and allowing them near infinity to do their work there. Dean, unaware of the magics around him began pounding into the young woman he was atop. Oberon smiled and got on the bed behind Dean. His strong hands kneading the flesh of Dean's ass. "Airsclaicthe" He enchanted as his warm fingers found Dean's puckered anus.

He drove his fingers in and out of Dean's willing hole, listening to him moan as he rutted with the Queen. Dean's mind seemed to fade in and out as hours upon hours were garnered from him this way. Sexual coupling after sexual coupling till at last the king had decided to be apart of the games. He'd been forced by rituals and rites to wait and let this new found man bed his wife before him. But no longer had he to play the cuckold. No, now he was to be the stallion brought in to breed the fine young stead. "Ar-eim-dam?" He asked Dean as he stood poised to strike at Dean's open hole.

"Yes...." Dean moaned.

"Ar-eim-dam?" He asked again, feeling the moment grow ripe with time.

"Cet!" Dean yelled, to Oberon's pleasure as he sank all of his long cock up the very tight and pleasurable hole in Dean's ass. Oberon bred Dean hard and long, hours bled into what felt like days. Over and over the trio went at it, Dean's eyes lit with green flames, he never noticed the mark on his back form between his shoulder blades. The tattoo scared and became a part of him, binding him to this place, this magic, this pair. He was theirs and they were his. He stayed there weeks in that bed, till they were sure new life was growing into the Queen. Then he'd accidentally walked outside the spelled space and instantly went back to being terrified. He'd fought and fell backwards till he woke up in the field.

Dean sat up and looked at Harry. His eyes green flame while he looked into Harry's eyes. "I was in a threesome...." Tears streaming down his eyes as they looked up into Harry's, pleading with him to make it go away. "I...." Dean lost his words in Harry's eyes before darkness consumed him and the world vanished.


"He's resting." Harry said after coming out to stand on the make shift porch of the motel. "He... well he has a lot to deal with today." Harry looked at Sam.

"You sure leaving... Graham in there was a good idea?" Sam nodded with his head towards the room.

"They're a mated pair." Richard said as if it explained everything.

"The two of them are bonded in a way that I don't think was supposed to happen. Dean owns Graham's soul. Dean's a demon, a human, a vessel, and apparently part Fae now. That bond is doing something to him and through their link, Graham as well. It's better their together rather then separate while this is going on."

"He feels... so... strange." Anita was walking towards the windows. "I can feel that he's not... right." She looked at them, her eyes darker then normal, even in the sunlight. "He's not alive... not totally yet. One foot in the other side." She turned back towards the window. "I can see how they did it. Feel the power that put his soul back in his body and pulled his corpse back out of the ground as a fully formed living-breathing human. I'd not have known the difference except for some things that have happened in the last few years." She stood there shivering.

"Anita..." Richard moved towards her.

"I never knew how easy it was to bring people back so fully..." She sounded in awe of what Castiel had done.

"Anita, I think." Richard put a hand on her and jumped back, she was ice cold, but his touch had been enough to bring her out of it. "I think we need to rent a room." She looked him in the eyes. "Because other wise all these nice people are going to get a VERY exclusive show." She looked around.

"Anita..." Richard growled the word as he pressed his front to her.

"Right..." Sam handed them the second hotel room key. "I figured... might come in handy." They nodded, took the key and practically ran next door.

"I think we need to go away from here." Harry shuddered.

"Too much for you?" Sam chuckled.

"Your brother with guys. I can handle. Anita with Micah, Nathaniel, hell even Damian and Jean-Claude, I can handle. Richard's... loud. VERY VERY loud by lycan standards." Harry blushed. "I..." He looked fixed at the ground.

"You mean after all we do in bed. Hell the bit where you and I were in Nathaniel and Draco put his ice cold cock up into you... you can do that and not even flush, but... hearing other people... that stops you?" Sam smirked.

"Stop smirking." Harry said angrily as he walked away from the motel.

"I will when it stops being funny." Sam grinned as he walked along beside Harry.

"And I'm not a prude." Harry said after a long time of walking.

"Harry, I watched your act last month. You took a fully shifted lycan cock. Trust me... you are anything but a prude. You just... get squeamish about other people having sex around. I find it odd... but not bad." He shrugged.

"You'd think I'd be okay with this. Ron and Hermione had sex in the next bed over all the time our last year. Hell everyone had sex in their bed our last year. Except Draco and I. Draco was too busy being in the hospital wing that last year. Me... I was in and out of the medical ward. I vaguely remember that last year. I was too busy living in the moment I killed him. The moment I felt him die and felt something in me let go. And since then I've not looked back. I'm happy. I'm free. But I'm still so innocent." Harry looked down again as he blushed harder.

"You are SO not innocent." Sam laughed.

"Hey, that thing I did last week with the ice cubes doesn't count. I learned that from Jason." Harry said quietly.

"That's where you learned that? You and Jason huh. Never would have-"

"WHAT?" Harry flushed as he looked at Sam, stopping them both dead in their track. "Gods... Fuck no. I didn't even I wouldn't... I mean... I... He... Bugger." Harry stomped his foot and cleared his throat. "I did not have sex with Jason to learn that move. He told me about it when we were talking about you.... damn it I said too much." He turned and went quickly

"Wait, you and Jason were talking about me and blow job techniques came up?" Sam jogged to keep up with Harry.

"Yes." Harry said, keeping his brisk pace.

"Are you going to at least tell me what was said about me?" Sam smirked.

"No." Harry kept moving.

"Do I have to use a truth spell on you?" Sam said as he jogged and matched Harry's pace perfectly.

"Damn magical wolf." Harry stopped and smacked at Sam. "You make running away VERY hard to do." He frowned at his live in lover before sighing. "You know what. Yeah I'll tell you what we were talking about. Jason wanted to know if we could get you up on stage. He wants to know if you'll have sex with us on stage." Harry fumed and crossed his arms.

"And?" Sam blinked.

"And I told him no. But knowing you and your no soul thing, you'd probably be up for it. Hell you're jonesing for anything with a warm hole these days." Harry sighed.

"You're pissed about Jason wanting sex?" Sam frowned.

"No I'm pissed because I can smell the hippie boy on you. I'm pissed because you didn't call and tell me about that. I'm pissed that you don't seem to care to tell Nathaniel or me about your very extra curricular sex life." Harry was fuming now.

"Harry. My body has needs..."

"And I'm not enough?" Harry's eyes flashed blue for a moment. "Nathaniel's not enough? Draco's not enough? What? How many? How many will it take to sate your need?" Harry was breathing hard. He'd not lost control like this in years, and some small part of him was suddenly very afraid for Sam.

"I don't know. I just need more. I just need what I need." Sam shrugged.

"YOU FUCKING ASS!" Harry went to shove Sam but the air between them exploded with raw power, blasting Sam across the street. Harry collapsed on the street as raw power tore out of him to attack Sam. He lay there till he passed out, laid there long after the magic stopped, and was still there barely breathing when the Aurors showed up and took them both to the local portal to the local magical hospital.


"Where... where am I?" Harry couched up a little blood.

"Easy Mr. Potter." A man in sea green robes pushed him back on the bed. "You did something most wizards only dream they could do." He waved his wand over Harry, checking his status.

"What'd I do?" Harry looked confused.

"Well before or after you converted all your divine magic and arcane magic directly into wild magic. Some how you did something that most wizards stop doing after they get a wand, and did it on such a scale that you were able to do the next part. You did wandless magic." The mediwizard sounded impressed.

"Sam..." Harry's parched voice broke.

"Mr. Winchester is in the healing center. Are you aware he is soulless?" The mediwizard looked over his chart to Harry's reaction.

"Yeah. He was thrown into a hell void and a demon pulled him out. But he didn't take the soul, he left it in the void. Sam... Sam's trying to cope." Harry swallowed hard and looked away.

"Ah. Well the Shawmen said they couldn't put it back. Something about it being unlocatable." The mediwizard made a note on his chart.

"Yeah... unlocatable." Harry sighed. "How long have I been out?" Harry looked around the room for a clock.

"Two days. We're not sure exactly how you did the conversion. It may be something to do with the fact that you're a unique and uncharted species of lycanthrope. But it could also be because you're you." The mediwizard shrugged.

"I need you to make some calls for me... is there a muggle born around?" Harry sat up, winced and relaxed as his body began actively healing.

"I'll have one sent in." The mediwizard nodded.

"Thanks." Harry winced and held his side. He had to let Anita, Richard, Dean, Graham, and London know what was going on.

Chapter Text

♪♫♪My ear should catch your voice, my eye your eye, My tongue should catch your tongue's sweet melody. My tongue your tongue, were the world mine....♪♫♪

[Elwood, Indiana]
{St Waldo's Hospital for the Magically Maligned}

"Harry?" Sam looked haggard as the magical props stitched him up.

"I... I'm so sorry." Harry bit his lip as he held Sam's hand.

"You were right." Sam squeezed Harry's hand. "You were right. I need to learn to control myself. I don't know how my soul does it." He looked lost for a bit.

"Then the only option is to put it back in you." Harry said in a low voice.

"But I don't know how to do it." Sam looked up at Harry, his whole being filling with need for Harry. As his hospital blankets tented as his large lycan cock stood at attention, Sam blushed a little and looked away from Harry.

"Maybe I should do something about that." Harry grinned, his hand snaking up under the blankets to cup Sam's hard member. "Do you swear to me by your binding word that you'll ask before you have sex with anyone else?" Harry looked Sam in the eyes.

"Yes." Sam felt something in him open up and grasp at Harry, holding the promise in him in a way he didn't understand. The confusion on his face made Harry smile.

"It wasn't exactly a spell. Just a binding promise between magical beings like us... it just locked into you. You have to ask permission before you go off to have sex with anyone other then Nathaniel, Draco, or I." Harry gave a wicked smile. "Because I know all about the fact that you lied to the Goddess of Truth. You lied to Veritas. No one lies to her. You did. So I knew any other promise and you'd lie and get out of it. This way I know you can't." He squeezed Sam's nuts. "So don't think you're getting away with anything. And don't expect me to just trust you fully, not till your soul is back in you." He slide under the blanket, his warm mouth engulfing Sam's swollen cock head.

"Oh shit..." Sam whimpered as Harry's lips slid down to the base of his needy prick. Sam picked a spot on the ceiling and tried his hardest not to react as Harry's head bobbed up and down on his meat pole under the hospital blankets in the transparent room. Sam was about to shout again as Harry nibbled his way down his cock, nipping here and there with his teeth on purpose, when Sam's mediwizard came in.

"How are we doing today Mr. Winchester?" He asked as he consulted his chart.

"I'm.... Good..." He shuddered slightly.

"Are you sure? That sounded like a chill." The man waved his wand over the bed. "Hum... you're heart rate's a little high." He said and went back to the chart. "We don't get many magic wielding Lycanthropes in these parts. So we're not entirely up on all of your tests. We do know you're on the mend. We're sure you'll be released either today or tomorrow." He smiled and then frowned at the odd expression of joy on Sam's face.

"THANK YOU. THANK YOU... oh yes... thank you." Sam panted.

"It's nothing to get so excited about." The mediwizard who looked to be in his mid thirties blinked. He waved his wand and blushed as he looked at the results. "I... uh... I..." He looked rather flustered. "Now see here Mr. Potter, we don NOT allow patients to engage in such acts here." He tried to sound stern. Harry began talking around Sam's cock.

"MARY MOTHER OF GOD DON'T MAKE HIM TALK!" Sam growled, he was trying to keep himself from emptying with this man in the room.

"What I said was, I injured him... so I had to kiss it better." Sam rolled his eyes as Harry's mouth went back to his pointed tip.

"Being that as it may, you didn't need to... to.... fellatio him here." The mediwizard fluffed.

"I think that's perform fellatio on him or fellate him." Harry pulled off again to comment before diving back in to nip at the flared opening.

"What ever...." Sam whimpered.

"Well I'm just saying...." Harry said, his hand working Sam even as his lips left his member. "It's always good to have good dictation." He smirked, Sam was sure, before diving down and humming around the engorged cock in his throat.

"FUCK!" Sam screamed, arching his back, as he came hard in Harry's willing mouth. His wounds healing quicker with all the sexual energy rushing through his body. Harry finally came out from under the blanket, patted Sam's moist crotch and faced the mediwizard.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry Potter. I suck cock for a living." He nodded with a cocky grin. "And this was some of my finest work." He patted Sam's crotch again for effect.


"Hey." Martin said with a dry voice as he looked at Maranda where she was sitting by the door.

"Hey yourself. Glad you're doing better." She smiled up from her book.

"Enjoying yourself while an injured agent lay here maybe dying?" He smirked.

"Salt on the floor to stop demons from getting in. Iron and gopher dust with that. And a line of load stone dust behind that. If it gets in this room it's human." She said pointing with out looking up from her book again. "Sam called last night to let us know what's up. We're dealing with fairies."

"Fairies?" Martin looked confused.

"Not aliens." She smiled. "The lights in the skies?" She replied to his confused look. "You might know them by the shop talk. Homo Arcanus?" Martin nodded. "Ah, yeah. See apparently some set up shop here recently. They like the first born sons. But from what Sam said happened to Dean, it sounds like they've been looking for someone to breed with their Queen."

"Dean slept with their Queen?" Martin looked taken a back.

"Yeah. He apparently got her knocked up. Harry's spell to make him reveal himself, apparently told them he has kids. So... yeah." Maranda sighed, pushing a curly lock of her frizzy looking dark hair behind her ear. "Dean's pretty freaked out about it." She sighed.

"Where's this leave us on the case?" Martin tried to leave Dean's feelings in Dean's head, if he could.

"Well, we can't get the kids back. If they've been in Avalon this long, they'll have surely eaten."

"I don't follow you."

"If you eat fairy food you go to sleep for a long time. You eat it in the fairy world... you don't go to sleep. But you're trapped there for a really long time."

"How long?" Martin sat up.

"Till all who knew of you are naught but dust and so much bone." She closed her book.

"Try that in the king's english?" He smirked, he loved baiting her like this when he could.

"Time moves differently on the island. One day in our world is one hour in their world. You eat fairy food on the other side, and you spend a thousand of our years on their island. It's only forty-one years and change to them. But in that time you become a fairy."

'Those kids will be the same things that took them?" Martin looked grave.

"Yeah. More fairies to hunt for first born sons." She sighed.


"Yeah." Maranda sighed heavily.

"What options do we have?" Martin balled his hands up into fists.

"We get the little elves working here in town, and make sure they don't get anymore here in this town. Beyond that... I don't know." She shrugged.

"Okay. Well, if you'd be so kind, I have to get to the bathroom and I don't have anything but a gown on under here." He smiled. "Oh, and you might as well wipe the dust from the bathroom door, it'll get moved when I move the door anyways." He started to get up.

"Okay. Let me." She brushed it out of the way and then stepped over the other line. "I'll be back in a bit." She smiled and moved out down the hall.

"So new...." He rolled his eyes as he went into the bathroom and closed the door.


"You two can't be left alone for 10 minutes." Anita sighed as they picked up Harry and Sam from the hospital.

"It was more like an hour..." Richard blushed as he looked away.

"You don't get to talk right now." She said pointedly. "I'm just a little pissed off at everyone right now. And before you complain, yes, I can spread it around, so enjoy." She glared at the traffic as she drove.

"Well to be honest, I had it coming." Sam shrugged. "I slept around on him. What would you have done if you found out that Jean-Claude was sleeping around on you?"

"Simple, he'd be dead. Granted I'd be dead shortly there after. But he'd be dead first." She nodded to herself.

"You'd really kill him for that?" Harry looked surprised.

"Oh we had this conversation before. He cheats on me, and I'll make sure he never does it again. Both ways." She grinned.

"You know... you're scary? Blood brilliant to have in a fight, but scary." Harry commented.

"I'm the executioner. Only time a vamp gets away from me is when I miss."

"You do know that doesn't sound nearly as impressive as just saying you never miss your target? Right?" Sam asked.

"Do you really want to correct me right now?" Anita asked over her shoulder.

"No ma'am." He looked down.

"Good boy." She concentrated on driving.

"You know, to hear Larry tell it, the best time to piss her off is when she's driving?" Harry piped up.

"What's that?" Anita asked, knowing that she'd probably have to hit Larry later.

"Well he said it's the only time you're most likely not to shoot someone. You're very... dedicated about car safety." Harry bit his lip as the car got instantly quiet.

"Yes. I am." Was the last words spoken as the car was enveloped in a strangle hold of silence for the rest of the ride to the motel.


"Martin?" Miranda knocked on the bathroom door, her head to the door listening.

"Be out in a sec." Martin coughed.

"You're not smoking in there are you?" She sighed.

"I needed a cigarette and I couldn't get outside." He opened the door waving the smoke away.

"Those things are going to kill you one day." She shook her head and put his cigarette out. "Plus you said you quit." She scolded him.

"I'm fine. I just needed to take the edge off." Martin settled down on the bed. "Besides, HQ called while you were out." He stretched.

"What'd they want?" She sighed.

"They wanted me to tell you that you made the right decision so far guarding me but that you can go help Sam and Dean if they need it. I really don't think they trust them alone."

"I think you have a point. And it's a real shame. I mean they have a great record. They..."

"They leave wakes of destruction and death in their passing. But their effective. I think they're going to need your knowledge about the supernatural to stop this one though." Martin gave a weak smile. "I'm a would be jar head. I don't know much out side of point me at it and I shoot." He cracked a grin.

"Okay. I'll go keep an eye on them." She rolled her eyes before swatting his leg. "See you later." She walked out.

"FINALLY." He rolled his eyes.


"May I help you?" Barnabas Xerns stood up, his business suit looking immaculate as he stood in the rich amber colored waiting lobby of the 45th floor. His dark blond hair parted down the middle and slightly slicked back catching the over head lights as he looked at the slightly plump woman who'd just gotten off the elevator looking pissed off.

"Yes. I'd like to speak to you Mr. Xerns, Mr. Parker, Mr. Augustus, Ms. Bentley, Mr. Nox, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Masters, and Mr. Lawn in conference room three." She said with a fake smile before scowling again.

"Do we have an appointment?" He looked confused.

"No. Nothing written down anyways. But seeing as I'm your boss and I've been pissed upon from a great height, I felt like spreading the wealth of my wrath upon you." She stormed passed him. She glared at a red headed asian man who was in a pure white suit. He bowed to her and moved down the hall till he was standing next to Barnabas.

"Barney boy, what'd you go and piss her off for?" He chuckled to himself.

"I didn't do that. She probably dropped out of her mother that pissed off." Barnabas crossed his arms. "Harland, you've worked here longer then I have. Who was that? She muttered some rubbish about being our boss." He rolled his eyes.

"Ah, you've not had the pleasure. Then I, Harland Nox will introduce you. She who's retreating form should tell us to follow her, and her approach spells certain doom for us... is Rex." Harland bowed at the saying of the name.


"As in Senior Partner Rexaldaron, The Fallen Star of the Western Sky. Rexaldaron, mistress of the Senior Partners, the sole female on the Senior board. Rexaldaron, ender of armies of men." Harland smiled.

"She's a Senior Partner?" Fear finally showing on Barnabas' face.

"Ms. Rex is indeed a member of the Senior Partners." Harland started walking after her as did Barabas, both signaling the right people to meet them in the right room where the pleasantly plump woman was facing the windowed wall giving the city a death glare.

"Do come in. We have things to talk about." She glared over her shoulder as the leadership of this branch of Wolfram and Hart filed in.

"What's this about Ms. Rex?" Mr. Agustus stood near the door, his dirty blonde hair starting to recede slightly as he reached his later forties. He wore a blue suit that had brought out the color of his eyes twenty years ago before they'd turned grey. He'd been running this branch of the company for the last decade, and now he was faced with a Senior Partner for the third time in his carrier.

"Mr. Agustus, this is about Draco Malfoy and how he's not pleased." She gripped the stainless steal brace for the windows and crunched it, leaving her hand imprint, as if it was warm butter. "Draco Malfoy. Sole air to the Malfoy family contracts." She turned and faced them, her brown eyes turning blood red. "He's coming in to renegotiate his family contracts because of you lot." She took a step and the floor cracked with her power. "Contracts that formed the basis of the pacts that make this place exist."

"But our contact in the Malfoy house hold told us that he...." Rex shot the young looking lawyer, who was Andrew Parker, a look that would have killed others.

"I know he's pleased this pet werewolf got his job back." She walked closer. "I know he's got a distant cousin who he's planning on adopting once he and Mr. Potter are hand fasted. I also know that I'm going to be calling in back up to deal with him when he comes in." She glared between them.

"Who are you calling in." Mr. Agustus crossed his arms and dared her to blast him into non-existence.

"Xantox is coming in to prep your team and get things ready. Then Selv, Talos, Cor, Jin, Nix, Xantox, and I will be handling the litigation while you lovely seven people will be sitting in and taking notes. And praying we don't break you for the trouble of all of us having to come to this piss poor realm." She looked up as the door opened and a teenaged punk walked in. He swished his Justin Bieber like hair out of his eyes and pulled his ear buds out of his ears before he looked up.

"Did you cover the part where we'll be literally screwing them during our time here?" He smiled as he stroked Alex Lawson's hand. "Hi, Senior Partner Xantox. You ever bottomed for a world ender?" He leaned in close.

"Ahem." Rex cleared her throat. "Do you mind.?"

"Fine." Xantox rolled his eyes. "I'll keep my hands to myself and not play well with others." He sighed. "I'm going to need to talk to your contact in the Malfoy household. I have questions for him or her."

"He'll be checking in later today." Susan Bentley sat up straight.

"Gold star for you." Xantox smiled. "Now, I need you to review all data and all files we have on them. While I'm going over the contract in it's entirety. We need this vampire to be VERY pleased with us. If he does tie his family contracts to this cousin... then we have call to want this child to like us too. Since we require their continued support."

"We require their continued support?" Alex Lawson swallowed as not one but both Senior Partners turned to look at him.

"With out their support we loose nearly half of our operation. We do NOT need that kind of set back now." Rex seethed at him.

"So we'll be doing everything we can to make sure he's happy." Xantox cut her off. "Now please, get the files." He watched the lawyers scurry out of the room. "By the nine nether worlds. I was starting to think they'd never get how urgent this is." He turned to Rex. "It's not good that he's been made a vampire. We both know the lengths Lucius went and the favors he called upon in case this would happen. We didn't need him to be a vampire. We certainly didn't need him to be made a master and a fountain head this soon. I concerned about where his future is heading... his and ours."

"I called in the psychics. They're trying to read his future and see what else is in the works for us." Rex sighed, her handprints melted into the table's end. "But something isn't right about this. He shouldn't need to call us in this soon."


"Harry?" Draco talked on the cell phone, his head tilted and his hair slightly longer then it had been. He'd been practicing mediating his power to make his hair grow. Harry liked longer hair on his men, and Draco was trying his best to fit in.

"Yeah?" Harry's voice sounded farther away then it should have.

"You're in a magical hospital aren't you." Draco sighed to himself.

"Uh... yeah..." His blush could nearly be heard over the phone.

"Okay. I'm not going to mess with that just now. I need you guys to hurry and wrap this up. I need the lot of us to head out to California in a few weeks. I have a business meeting out there... and well... I kind of need all of you there." Draco bit his lip as he kept from saying to Harry exactly what he was thinking.

"You're not telling me something." Harry stated flatly. He'd spent years listening to the sound of Draco's voice to know when he was lying and when he was just holding things back.

"Well... remember that little tryst I had with Jean-Claude's Lamia....?"

"yes." Harry's voice went flat.

"Well... apparently... I'm a daddy." Draco closed his eyes as Harry strung together a long list of obscenities that would have made a professional Quidditch player blush. "You still there?" Draco asked after Harry had went silent.

"Are they all...."

"All Lamias." Draco finished. "They have my quicksilver eyes but their all Lamias." Draco cursed himself silently as he waited. "Are you going to say anything else?" Draco said into the growing void.

"What's to say. You have kids now."

"Well at least crack the joke that their Malfoys so their bound to be good snakes." Draco grinned. "This doesn't change anything between us. I'm still in love with you. She used my body to make the family she always wanted. And knowing her, she'll probably breed with the males to have more children later on. Wizarding Lamias.... such an odd concept." Draco grinned. "But please don't be mad." He added.

"I'm not mad. Believe it or not."

"The lengthy cursing aside?" Draco arched an eyebrow.

"Okay, maybe I was angry." Harry sighed, and it sounded like he laid his head against a solid surface. "I'm getting over it..."

"I'm not leaving you Harry. I just felt you should know that she gave birth to a large clutch. I told her I wasn't breeding with her again, and she explained that several of the males should be fertile in a few years. So she's happy. Four boys and three girls. She's hoping the clutch grows bigger with each generation so that she can repopulate their species. I'm wondering about creating a large enough place to house them all."

"Well there are places in the underground under the Circus that no one's using. She could probably have one of us carve out housing for the kids and their growing families down there. After that... well we'd have to get permission from the wizarding communities in other countries before we helped her move them farther out...." Harry paused. "You think the Ministry would let us put some in the Chamber?" Harry grinned.

"Sure, replace a basilisk with a hundred horny lamias. Some how I DON'T think that'll work." Draco chuckled.

"But at least the first generation deserve to go to Hogwarts... I mean they are wizard born." Harry countered.

"Okay I'm confused. One minute you're telling me your mad I had kids with her... Now you're wanting me to fight to get them in Hogwarts?" Draco pulled the phone away and blinked at it a minute. Then pulling it back to his ear. "You are okay right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just got mad at Sam and kind of... tried to break him..." Harry skirted around the issue.

"I'll want to know more about that after while. But for now. Do you think I should call on McGonagall and see if she's okay with my Lamian children attending school there?"

"Yes." Harry nodded to himself. "I think at least the first generation should get to go. I don't know enough about Lamian physiology to tell you if they'd keep their wizarding cores after a few generations." Harry shrugged.

"Well... I think I will call her." Draco smiled, feeling better about this.

"Fire chat seems so odd after you get used to cell phones." Harry grinned. "Of course picturing our old Head Mistress using a cell phone makes me want to laugh."

"Yeah... I'd pay to see that...." Draco laughed.


"Mr. Malfoy." McGonagall ushered Draco into her office. "I wasn't aware the wards allowed Vampires of your level to just walk on the grounds. Especially during the day." She eyed he carefully.

"I knew a few gaps that I plan to seal up once I'm off the grounds." Draco smiled, when the unflappable woman stared him down. "Right. I'm here because..."

"Your children made the book." She said sternly.

"What?" Draco blinked.

"Four boys, three girls?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't think Lamias would be admitted." Both eyebrows shot up at that. "I was... used... by a Lamia as a fertile mate. She gave birth to seven eggs. Each of the Lamian children has a magical core thanks to me fathering them. I came all this way to see if they'd be admitted, and you're saying the book already admitted them?"

"Yes. It would seem the book knows something we don't." McGonagall stippled her fingers. "I hear that you and Mr. Potter are planning a hand binding ritual."

"Yes." Draco cleared his throat, some how being an invincible vampire counted for nothing when facing the woman who first gave him detention so many years ago.

"May I suggest Hogwarts for a location of your four way marriage ceremony?" She asked calmly.

"I... wait what?" Draco gaped at her.

"Well two of our favorite sons are getting married. And we, the governors and I agree, have suggested we throw in Hogwarts' bid to be the location of the rite." She lifted her tartan mug up and sipped her tea.

"I... I guess I can talk to Harry. I'm sure... He..." Draco sat there speechless for a little while.

"Now... about this path into my school through the forest." McGonagall said over her tea cup.


"Okay. And you're here why?" Dean frowned as he came out of the shower in just a towel, Graham behind him wearing nothing but a happy smile as he clung to Dean, only to find Miranda sitting on the bed talking with Harry and Anita.

"Martin got called by HQ and was told to tell me to get my ass over here and help you out. It's damn irregular if you ask me." She crossed her arms.

"She just cussed." Dean blinked as he looked at Sam.

"She does when she's mad."

"She is sitting right here." Miranda shot them both a withering glare.

"Right. I've just... you know... never heard you cuss before." Dean shrugged. "You might want to turn your head." He walked past her.

"Why?" She asked as she suddenly was facing a very naked Dean.

"Because this is my hotel room. And it's also my bedroom. And I left my cloths out here because all of these guys have seen me naked and getting some. So it's not that big a deal anymore to be naked in front of them. Plus it gives them a little thrill." Dean turned his hips a little to make his semi hard cock swing back and forth slapping his muscular thighs. "So... FUCK!" Dean moaned, Graham having grabbed the engorging cock and swallowed it whole.

"oh my...." Miranda's dark complextion flushed as she kept on watching the live sex shop in front of her.

"Right... Harry, maybe we should go get supplies....?" Sam put a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Right.. away.. from.. meal..." Harry moved closer to Miranda. "May I feed... you're thoughts... their like ripe fruit... they need so very little..." He moved in closer.

"Feed? But I thought..." And Harry kissed her, having not heard the lift of her voice to form 'feed' into a question and taking it as permission to go a head. She suddenly found herself in the midst of hundreds of men she'd known having a massive gay orgy around her. She was turned on by homosexuals as well as lycans and the very large room full of undulating man flesh proved it. It seemed like hours later, but when she came out of her pleasure high she realized Harry was curled up mewing on the floor and Dean arched his back as he came in Graham's mouth. "What happened?" She looked from Dean's money shot to Harry's catatonic joy filled face.

"You fed him." Sam sat on the bed. "Apparently your energy also gets put into your sexual fantasies. You proved to be too much for Harry." Sam chuckled. "He pulled back after just a little bit and went into that state. He's full."

"My luck for being a fag hag1." She crossed her arms. "What can I say. Gay men just do it for me." She shrugged and walked out towards the car.

"She handled that well." Sam picked up Harry who had started mewing quietly. "Better then you I think." He shook his head.

"Be right out..." Dean's voice broke.

"Right." Sam shut the door as he carried Harry out with them.


"So do we actually have a plan?" Dean asked as he approached his car where everyone was gathered. Harry was still curled up in the back seat but at least he wasn't catatonic anymore.

"Well we're working on looking into that guy with the clocks." Miranda sat on the hood with Sam.

"He seems like our best lead. If we can get him away from the fairies... maybe..." Sam blinked as he looked at Dean's face. "What?"

"I know that guy...." He looked across the street. "I know him from somewhere." They all looked over at the blank street.

"Okay, is he insane?" Miranda raised an eyebrow as she looked from Sam to Dean.

"No, apparently only fairies can see other fairies. And if you've been to Avalon you count as a fairy. So.... I'm guessing he's seeing someone or something we just can't see." Sam looked over across the street. "Who is it Dean?"

"It's the smug bastard who kidnapped me!" Dean charged across the street, his fist connecting with empty air till suddenly he pulled back a green blood covered hand. "What do you have to say for yourself you filthy sack of shit." The long blonde haired man he was holding on to glared to him as he became visible to the others.

"I need your help." He said as he spit his own blood from his mouth onto the conceit, a small patch of grass growing on that spot instantly. "Your son needs your help too."

Chapter Text

♪♫♪...And I will sing, that they shall hear. That I am not. I am not afraid. I am not AFRAID. Fairies away, fetch me that flower. I will lead them up and down. Fairies away, swift as a shadow. I will lead them up and down.. Oh why rebuke you who him that loves you so? Lay breath so bitter on your bitter foe? On your bitter foe?

What angel wakes me from my flowery bed? I prey thee gentle mortal sing again. I prey thee gentle mortal sing again! My ear is much enamored with your note, so is my eye much enthralled with your shape. I'll follow thee. I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell. I'll fallow thee. I'll fallow thee, and make a heaven of hell...

My ear should ketch your voice. My eye should ketch your eye. My tongue your tongue. Were the world mine.

[Elwood, Indiana]

"Of all the people to walk into my home, I never figured you'd be one of them." A female's voice said with dripping displeasure at her eyes gazing upon the countenance of the man who'd walked into her smoke filled bar. She lay on her side, naked for all the world on the stage, the silver pole that stood out of the bar for her to dance on at the small of her back. As the man approached the fog like smoke parted and tattoos began drawing themselves down her body. She hissed as the man got close, her eyes utterly black with only a slit of white fire to show she had eyes at all.

"I need your help." He said simply, his forest green cloak around him like armor in this strange place. Shapes formed on the other side of the smoke from him. "Call off your guards." He spoke with an air of one who was used to getting what he wanted.

"Is that anyway to speak to me." Her voice chuckled. She knew now she had him over a barrel. He hadn't so much as attempted to send her guard away. This wasn't the man, this was the thought of the man. "Come now the Oberon to set right the dalliances of the Puck and company?" She cocked her head to one side, her dark locks falling around her head like a curtain.

"Robin has nothing to do with this. This time." The dark hooded figure looked at her.

"Oh now that I find hard to believe. I know good and well that his man is bringing you young men for your bed from this area." She smirked.

"But his man succeeded where he and you and I have failed." The hooded figure stood resolute.

"S-success..." She stood suddenly, too fast for human sight. "Then my lady..."

"Yes Cobweb." His voice turned gentle. "My lady is pregnant."

"What do you wish of me lord?" Her body suddenly covered in stately robes, her loose hair now plaited and combed. Her body covered in silvery Celtic tattoos.

"I need my body here." The cloak fell to the ground, the body that it had enshrouded naught but dust in the winds.


"I don't think we should split up." Sam crossed his arms as they sat in the car.

"We've already decided Sam. You, Maranda, London and Harry will go and talk to the guy we think is behind this. If the lot of you can't make him talk, then we're screwed and barking up the wrong tree. Meanwhile, Anita, Richard, and I will deal with watching the store. Richard should be able to smell the fairies. Anita can shoot them. And I can see them, so between us, we should be okay." Dean smiled.

"And why do I have a four person team?" Sam frowned.

"Because you're soulless." London answered for everyone. "None of us trust you or your judgement. You need the most looking after."

"Sam, you know it's bad when the vampire in the room calls you soulless." Dean snickered.

"Vampires actually have souls." Anita interjected. Everyone looking at her. "What? Why do you think I started to get those laws passed to help vampire rights. Their people too. Not all of them have powers. And some of them are innocent. Just because I've never thought too much on their being capable to have a soul... well living with Jean-Claude and Asher and all the others... well what can I say. I see souls. And I know what I feel when someone dies and what I feel when a vampire goes cold for the day. They have a soul like thing... in them." She frowned. "It's like... a soul but ... not quite as... full." She struggled to describe it.

"So wait.. you're saying that all the vamps we've ever offed just for being vamps..." Sam asked hesitantly.

"Had souls and were real people once they grow out of the kill feed kill mode. Yeah." Anita sighed. "Makes me feel kind of dirty when I think about how many innocent vampires I might have killed."

"Why haven't I read anything about this in the papers?" Maranda frowned. "Or at least at collage?"

"I've never told anyone outside of my loved ones I can see souls." Anita looked at everyone in the magically expanded car. "I'm not able to tell the government that I can see souls and tell that vampires have a kind of soul too. They'd have drummed me out or silenced me and anyone who knew it long before now. I'm just waiting for the best moment to tell people with out getting my people killed in the process. But think about it. Vampires officially have souls. That'd change a lot of game plans that would. The Pope would have to consider them people. What's the moral dilemma with being a vampire if you get to keep your soul? And it'll make humans first and all those nut jobs that much more hell bent on exterminating all vampires. And till I started dating Jean-Claude I would have joined in and brought my own napalm." The car was silent.

"Is it okay if I find it hot that you own napalm?" Dean grinned.

"Shut up and drive." Anita glared, double checking her seat belt.


"So Mr. Brennen. Hello again." Sam said as they approached the old man.

"Leave me alone." He groaned as he looked at his beer.

"Have I told you how beautiful your work is?" Sam sat down next to him as Maranda, London, and Harry hung back slightly.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Brennen turned and glared at him.

"Your watches. Just stunning. But what I can't figure out is, how one man can put out that much project. I mean... hell if I didn't know better... I'd say you have a bunch of elves working for you." Brennen gave him a dirty look. "Except I do know better, and you really do have a bunch of elves working for you." Sam said as he put his hand on Mr. Brennen's arm.

"You're out of your mind." Mr. Brennen pulled away from him.

"So, tell me how does a father decide to trade his son for a bunch of watches. I mean, assuming you have a soul... what's your excuse?"

"You don't understand. I wasn't like that at all..." Mr. Brennen turned, his face torn in anguish at what Sam was saying and what he was thinking about his missing son.

"Then how was it?" Sam looked at him.


Dean stopped on the street and glared across it at an empty spot. Anita and Richard caught up with him and looked at the point where he was looking. They looked at each other and then turned back to him.

"Care to share with the class?" Anita asked.

"You can't see him?" Dean turned and walked down the street in the other way. "Damn it he's following me."

"Where is he?" Richard scented the air.

"Right there." Dean gestured as he kept walking after the man in the red cap that only he could see.


"I supported my family for thirty years making those watches. It's the only thing I know how to do. The Parkinson.... I was loosing my hands. I was loosing everything." Mr. Brennen had taken a table in the back with Sam, the pair of them sitting with Sam's friend's watching and listening making sure no one else was hearing them. "My grandmother she always used to say they were real. Told me all these stories when I was a kid, how to get favors from them, how to summon them."

"So you learned to work a spell." Sam was glad the guy was opening up to them.

"I didn't even think it would work. She left me this book. So I did the ceremony in the back of the book almost two months ago. And this man appeared, said he was a leprechaun." Mr. Brennen spoke with his hands.

"A Leprechaun." Sam said in disbelief.

"Yeah. I asked him just to cure my hands. He said he'd do even better. Make me more successful then I'd ever been, bring in a crew of works." He sighed.

"In exchange for?" Sam felt a measure of pity for this man's loss but more infuriation at him for bringing it upon himself and others.

"He said they needed a place to rest. To eat off of the fruit and the fat of the land." The man looked down at his hands.

"And the fruit and the fat of the land?" Sam asked for clarification.

"The first born son. But not just mine. And they're not going to stop." He saw the look in Sam's eyes. Sam was planning on doing something.

"There's got to be a way of reversing the spell." Sam countered.

"There is, but the book is in a save in my shop. But they won't let me near it." Mr. Brennen's voice full of despair.

"So you can see the fairies." Sam began calculating all their options.

"Yes." Mr. Brennen nodded.


Dean started walking faster, the others trying to keep up but loosing him in the crowd. He was a man on a mission to loose his red capped tail. Taking twists and turns down allies till he was alone at last. Alone with his tail. He turned and turned and finally decided he'd had enough. Slipping around a corner, he waited and jumped the red cap.

"You little fairy! What do you want you fairy!?" Dean began punching the little man he'd tackled. "Huh? You FAIRY!?" He kept up his abuse.

"DADDY!?" A little girl screamed as she came running out of a near by restaurant with her mother.

"Oh god no..." Dean let the little man up and sat back. Looking around he chuckled. "I'm just kidding..." He started to get up as Anita and Richard rounded the corner, Richard trying to dissuade the cops who'd been across the street anyways from arresting Dean, talking about his medication running out being the cause of this episode.


"Don't worry... My brother and I and our friends will cover you while you do the ritual to send them packing..." Sam looked at his phone. "Why isn't he answering...?" He quickly dialed Anita.

"Yeah?" Anita sounded haggard.

"What's going on... where are you?"

"You still near the bar?" Anita asked wearily.

"Yeah, just out side.... why?" Sam looked around.

"Go south about three blocks, and turn the corner... you'll see." Anita hung up and Sam followed her directions with everyone following.

"Dean?" Sam asked shocked to see his brother in cuffs so soon into a job.

"SAM!" Dean yelled from where the cops were manhandling him into the car.

"What am I supposed to do?" Sam asked as he motioned to Mr. Brennen behind him.

"Fight the fairies Sam. FIGHT THE FAIRIES!" Dean yelled as he was loaded into a cop car.


A large balding sheriff sighed and began questioning Dean while he began pacing the hall in front of the cells. "I'm just trying to understand... just exactly what kind of hate crime this even was..." He stopped and looked at Dean.

"This wasn't a hate crime." Dean sighed as he sat in the jail cell.

"If this gentleman had been a full sized homosexual, would that have bothered you?" The Sheriff leaned against the bars and looked at Dean.

"I don't hate any sized person, or any sized gay guy..." Dean sighed. "Hell I'm kind of gay myself." The Sheriff looked at him a little shocked. "Don't ask. I thought I was straight, realized I loved a guy.. and we had sex and... I'm still a little mixed up where that leaves me."

"Well he isn't gay as it turns out, but he is the District Attorney of Tipton county. Runs a tight ship I'll tell you what." The sheriff grinned.

"Well it's nice to know he's done so well for himself considering his..." Dean stopped when he saw the look on the sheriff's face, daring him to say something bigoted about the DA's size so he could add to charges. "... considering the tough economic times. Good for him." Dean chuckled and swallowed. "Anyways, I'm a federal marshal, I'm here on duty, and I need to get back to work."

"Doing what?" The sheriff looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Fighting fairies?" He said in a disbelieving tone.

"YES!" Dean threw his hands up in the air. "I'm a monster hunter. There are fairies in your town and their the ones stealing the boys!"

"Son, you're all kinds of messed up." The sheriff walked away from the cell and shut the dividing door, taking the time to shut the lights out in the cells for the night. Dean could hear the sheriff muttering something about homophobia and calling gay men monsters. Dean sighed and started cursing under his breath. He looked at the bars. He was part fairy now. He could get out of this. He had tapped the magic before. He called upon that part of him, the part full of the rushing waters of great water falls and the lush greens of an unknown island to his mind, and suddenly he felt the power in him again. He charged the iron bars and howled in utter pain and torment. The cold iron reacting to his fairy magic so strongly. He dropped to his knees and vomited in pain.

'shit...' He thought to himself. 'well add one thing to the list of things i was too stupid about and tried anyways....' He staid down for a long time before he finally scooted away from the bars and huddled in the corner before he regained enough of himself to start pacing his cage. Now that he thought about it, his fairy senses could feel the iron, not only of the walls, but in the walls too. They'd reinforced the cell in the walls, ceiling, and floor. He wasn't going anywhere.


"They here?" Sam asked as he swept the room looking at the upturned saucers of cream.

"It's alright... the cream's like straight Tequila to them..." Mr. Brennen assured Sam as he ran through the room, avoiding invisible land mines till he ran into the back room, went behind a desk and opened a save. He pulled a black book with tattered pages out and flipped through it till he found the right page. He began reading, looking up at Sam and studying the room as he spoke.

"Lich sha'had un'keya'shun ogas small in sora'shun. Ogas fruatic in shea irrask gnashka barask-" He spit up blood as his belly bloomed in a sharp blade. He fell over dead as Sam pointed his gun at the man standing behind him.

"You... You're the leprechaun?" He looked shocked as he looked at Wayne.

"Indeed I am. Sorry, about the mess, but your friend here went back on his deal." Wayne looked down at the dead body. Sighing and shaking his head.

"Well you weren't very clear with him on the terms." Sam kept the gun trained on him.

"I did tell him there was a price. And once we come, we come to stay." He grinned, his blade morphing into an umbrella that he leaned on.

"So you take first borns... and what? You sit back and watch as they cover up for you with all that alien abduction crap? Which you help encourage naturally. Nice con by the way. But you're cover's blown now Wayne." Sam looked at him down the barrel of his gun.

"Blown?" Wayne looked affronted. "To who? Brennen's dead. Your brother? He's marked. Been to the ranch. He's ours now." Wayne gripped his umbrella.

"Yeah, but then there's me." Sam kept his gun trained on Wayne.

"You? But you can only see me if I let you." Wayne vanished, fading out of Sam's vision.

"True, but you'll have to get near me eventually. And I have very good reflexes." Sam turned around and around looking for any sign of Wayne's movements.

"You're not like the rest of them... are ya..." Wayne grinned as he became visible again on the far side of Sam.

"No." Sam frowned, pointing his gun at the leprechaun.

"No I could see that right off. You're missing a ... certain piece... right in the middle. Arencha." Wayne grinned.

"Who told you?" Sam growled.

"No one had to. We fairy folk, all about energy." Wayne smirked. "And the human soul... gives off a sort of..." He sniffed the air. "...perfume. Your soul is far away... but not out of reach. I can get it back for you Sammy... for a price." He grinned.

"That's rich. It's locked in a box with the devil." Sam took a step closer.

"Your devil, not mine." Wayne appeared some where else in the room, just popping into being there.

"No freaking way a fairy can do what an angel can't." Sam turned and tried to keep his gun on Wayne.

"Angels... I'm talking about REAL magic. From my side of the fence." Wayne returned to where he's started in the room after circling Sam.

"So you'll be my blue fairy? Make me a real boy again?" Sam chuckled at his own joke, putting his gun down.

"All it takes is a little wish." Wayne made a sweeping gesture.

"Well I have a wish..." Sam swung the gun up and blasted Wayne in the chest.

"Iron...." Wayne crumpled in on himself. "STINGS. But not a deal breaker." His voice returning back to normal as he became invisible. He took advantage of his invisibility and began to beat the shit out of Sam as across town in his jail cell the red cap began doing the same for Dean. Fairies could apparently pop into being in an iron cage, but once in they couldn't leave with out the door being opened. While the one sided fight was going on, Richard was trying to sniff Wayne out only to be smacked by the umbrella and cut across the chest. Anita tried to reach out with her power to no avail, and if iron wasn't going to help she was glad she'd brought lead rounds. Iron hurt some fairies but lead could do more damage then anything. Plus it wouldn't kill any of the lycans in the room. Harry tried a few spells but they kept hitting some kind of wall that Wayne apparently had set up in the room. Vexed by this he tried concentrating on breaking that while Maranda dug through Gaelic spells she'd found online to bind fairies. Nothing having any effect.

Wayne appeared and smiled as he used his powers to push Richard against a wall while he turned the umbrella into a cane and used it to beat Sam bloody. He smirked as Sam stood up.

"Come on lad. We've already seen your best shot." Wayne chuckled.

"You're right. I'm done shooting... so do me a favor... and count this." Sam said as he pulled out a long tube of salt and poured the salt crystals all across the work room floor.

"NO...." Wayne gave same a death glare and threw his cane across the room as he squatted down and began to count each grain.

"Why didn't I do that earlier?" Sam panted and limped over to the book. Wayne was preoccupied but that didn't stop his spells form holding Richard on the wall and Anita and company outside the room's edge.

"One... two... three..." Wayne started counting.

"Coom saball'cha ar no'ean goom'em menh." Sam began sloppily reading the spell that Mr. Brennen had started.

"YOU ASS..." Wayne wanted nothing more then to throttle Sam just then, but the salt counting took priority. "damn it.." He muttered under his breath as sam worked on more and more of the spell, muddling through the Gaelic tongue.

"A goose coom doin'shem en geta wabasha shun!" Sam finished, as he watched Wayne be sucked into a blue light behind him. Across town Dean watched the red cap he'd been getting his ass handed to him by being banished into the blue light beyond this world. Dean lay back on the floor and felt the pain. He'd have probably bled out if the DA hadn't wanted to see him and walked in to find him all but beaten to death in his county's jail cell. They'd called Sam and the others who had been shocked to find Dean at the hospital blushing as they treated his hands, the burns on the palms being the only wounds that hadn't healed in the time that he'd been asleep from the cell to the hospital. The DA had dropped the charges after meeting everyone involved and understanding the misunderstanding. Later on when they were alone Dean asked Sam some questions.

"I've been wondering.. do you think lucky charms could have really returned soul to sender?" He sat in his bed, the iv feeling funny since it was stainless steal.

"Come on. It's crazy to think. But he did talk a good game." Sam shrugged.

"You said no. Why....?" Dean turned to face Sam.

"Because it was a deal. Since when did a deal EVER go good for us. Why?" Sam frowned at his brother.

"Just trying to figure out how it works in there..." Dean shrugged it off.

"I still have all my brain cells, if anything my brain works better now." Sam countered, continuing on in the vein they'd started in.

"You're not having second thoughts about getting your soul back are you?" Dean tried to cover up with a little humor.

"No." Sam scoffed.


"Did we get everything?" Dean looked around the room as he watched Harry shrinking the hotel room and restoring things to their natural state. London packing his coffin into his pocket, after Harry had shrunk it down for him. Richard and Anita were having one last fling in the room next door so that she wouldn't be hungry while they were driving. Maranda had went to the hospital to get Martin and take him home. Graham was cuddling into Dean's shoulder while they waited for Sam to get back with the car. He'd went to gas up.

"Yeah. I finished up in here. I'll go out and wait on Sam to get back so I can work on the charms to expand the car for the trip." Harry turned and walked out the door.

"It'll be fine." Dean leaned in and whispered to Graham who was still a little unsure about car rides. He heard the door and turned around speaking as he did. "Was Sam back all ready...." Dean stopped dead in his track when he spotted a tall muscular blonde man standing in the door, his Celtic band shining in the sun, wearing nothing but a transparent robe and a white linen pair of pants.

"We need to talk." His green eyes glowing in the low light.

"oberon..." Dean felt panicked.

"Dean." Dean apperated out of the room with out meaning to, still holding onto Graham. "Damn it. The little sprite is strong for a child." Oberon ran a well manicured and bejeweled hand through his hair. "COME BACK." Oberon retch out and pulled Dean and Graham back into the room. "Now. As I said, we need to talk."

"What are you doing here." Dean tried to put space between them.

"We need to talk." Oberon sat down in a chair near the door. "Our situation had changed some what."

"Our situation. You kidnapped me, raped me, used me, and I'm lucky to have escaped. We don't have a situation. We have a reason for me to fucking end you." Dean started towards the iron filled shotgun.

"Stop." Dean froze. "We do very much have a situation. As your magically gifted sperm did what no one else could do before you." He stippled his fingers. "My wife is pregnant with your child." He looked over his hands at Dean, who's eyes had gone just as green. "We have a law on the books.... handed down from when I was the first born Fairy." He put his hands in his lap. "That half born fairies would be trained till puberty on the island, and then taken to know their fathers or mothers. In this case, your son will be coming soon to learn from you. Learn about your life in the human world and be given the choice of remaining in the human world or rejoining the conclave on Avalon."

"What's his name...?" Dean looked at a loss for words.

"Jordan Winchester." Oberon watched and gauged Dean's reaction.

"oh..." Dean sat down on the bed, Graham wrapping around him as they sat there. "How soon will he be coming..." Dean swallowed hard.

"Roughly six months. At the end of summer." Oberon glanced at Graham and how he was holding Dean. "Being half human he's aging differently then a full blooded fairy. He'll be a teenager in six months and then he'll have a year out in the real world with you before he will have to give his decision." Oberon raised an eyebrow. "If he chooses us, he'll be taken to the island to finish his training with no contact to the outside world. If he chooses you... he'll be allowed a tutor to train him here but he will not be allowed to return to the island till adult hood." Oberon stood. "I do so hope to be called back soon for happier things. Since you have the book." Oberon walked out of the motel room and out of their lives leaving Dean shocked and thunder struck. Graham held him while they quietly tried to talk out how they'd work this out.