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“I’m sorry, Darling, but I really can not make it.”

“And why the hell not?! What could possibly be more important than protection our global security?”

“Well…” Dorian dithered.

“Spit it out!”

“You see, my very good friend is getting married and I really can not miss this,” finished off Dorian somewhat meekly, already holding the receiver far from his ear.

“WHAT?!” Klaus expectedly exploded. “How is that so important?”

“I’m just telling you why, my darling Major. You asked and I have told you that I can not make it on that day.”

Klaus had to try and reign in his anger. Yelling at the fop may make him feel better, but it would solve nothing. He coughed loudly over the phone, ready to begin anew. “Would you be able to be contracted five days from now?” Klaus asked, mentally calculating how long he could push off this mission.

“Five days, you say? Let me see…yes, yes, I do believe that I am free then, Darling. I’d be happy to help you then.”

“It is not for me. You are helping NATO,” Klaus said gruffly.

“Of course, Major,” Dorian acquiesced easily.

“Very well, that is all.”

“Hold on, Major.”

“What now?” the man snarled, already at his limit conversing with the Englishman.

“If you are to try and call me I shan’t be in my castle. Here is the number you may be able to reach me, assuming Ray gives me my regular bedroom.”

As Dorian recited the number Klaus was left wondering who this ‘Ray’ person was. “Fine. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye Dar—.” Dorian let a small smile onto his face. “Well, that was rude, my Major,” he chuckled to himself as he placed the phone down.

“Bonham!” called Dorian. Bonham entered the room promptly. “Be a dear and please pack my work clothes and tools as well.”

“Milord?” questioned the other thief. The Earl had promised him this trip was strictly pleasure, why would he need his work clothes?

“Just in case,” Dorian said as an answer with a wink.



“Klaus Heinz, I just heard that your cousin _[german female name]____ has just announced her engagement party.”

“That is wonderful,” Klaus responded in a monotone voice, uncaring.
“You are to attend the party in two days,” Klaus’ father stated, not allowing room for his son to argue.

“But Sir – “ began Klaus. ‘I don’t want to go to some stupid party!’ he shouted in his head.

“You might finally find a wife. Your cousin is a good woman, even if she is marrying an English Man.”

Klaus restrained a heavy sigh.

“The party is taking place at …”

Klaus listened with an annoyed face, writing the address and other important information about the engagement party. Afterward Klaus went and asked the Chief for three days leave, asserting the old man that the Alphabet would be able to take care of the day to day operations without his presence.

The Chief was only too happy to get rid of the stroppy Major.

Klaus called the Schloss and told his butler to pack his traveling bags for a formal occasion. Afterwards he called the airport for a ticket to London as he restrained a shudder. He hated England!


The party was in full swing when Dorian arrived. He took his time talking and charming his way through the crowd. He was dressed in _ wearing ___ in his ears and a ____ around his neck.

“Dorian!” someone gleefully shouted. Dorian slowly turned his head around, abundant gold curls swinging lightly in the movement.

“Ray!” he shouted back as the other man made his way to him. “How are you, Darling?” asked Dorian as he embraced the other man and kissed his cheek.

“Ah, as charming and beautiful as ever, aren’t you?”

Dorian let out a light chuckle as he slapped Ray’s arm playfully.

“But I am doing well. __[german woman name]__ is a fine woman and she loves me dearly.”

“That is very good to hear,” Dorian responded truthfully.

“But you know…” whispered Ray into Dorian’s ear.

“Yes?” asked Dorian confused.

“Maybe we should speak of this elsewhere, lest unwanted ears hear.”

Dorian looked even more confused but followed the dark haired man to the second floor by a pillar.


‘I hate parties,’ Klaus grumbled to himself as he held a glass of champagne in one hand and glared at anyone who dared to get close to him. His eyes narrowed in a glare as he assessed all the mingling and dancing people.

“Dorian!” someone called quite loudly.

Klaus shifted his view over to where the voice had come from.

“Oh please no…” Klaus mumbled angrily. ‘Why in the world is the fop here?! Given, it’s the theifs’ country, but that did not mean he had to be at this party.’

He could see the golden-haired man reach and embrace the host.

‘Don’t tell me that’s Ray,’ thought Klaus as he watched Eroica then kiss the other man’s cheek. They then exchanged a few words and began to leave the party to the second floor. Against his better judgment, and he had to admit he was curious, Klaus put down the champagne glass and moved swiftly and cautiously through the crowd, making his way to the second floor.

He stopped short of a pillar behind where Eorica and the host were standing. Making sure he was close enough to hear and see them, but far enough that he would not be spotted.


“So Ray, what is so secretive that the host would abandon his own party?” gently teased Dorian with a smile. But Ray’s own smile had faded as his face became serious. Dorian’s own smile slowly left his face.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” asked Dorian worriedly as he tried to reach and place his palm upon Ray’s cheek.

The Major had to quell the overwhelming feeling in the pit of his stomach.

‘I thought he only called me darling… that damned fop!’ Klaus couldn’t understand why that angered him so much. It wasn’t as if he liked that degenerate.’ Klaus stopped thinking about it as the other two men continued to converse.

Ray grabbed onto Dorian’s reaching hand and held it carefully.

“Dorian, I know this is awful of me to say, not only to you but to [german female name] as well, but I figured this could be one of the last chances I would get.”

Dorian stared at the other man, wondering what was going on.

“Dorian,” began Ray, staring straight into the clear periwinkle eyes, “I have never stopped loving you.”

Those eyes then widened as Dorian released a little gasp, placing his free hand against his chest.

Klaus was pretty stunned himself. Here was a respectable looking man, who was engaged to an extended member of the Eberbach family, and he was declaring his love for that blond thief! It was preposterous!

“Ray, darling, I am deeply flattered, but I don’t see why you are telling me this now.”

“’s just…” words failed Ray as he stepped closer to Dorian and in an instant covered the thief’s lips with his own, his slightly tanned hand thrust and tangled within a bed of gold curls.

Dorian choked on his protest. He found himself kissing back before the truth of the situation crashed around him.

Klaus was stunned. He had to admit that this was not something he had expected when he had followed the two men.


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