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Pokemon: End of Light [Sinnoh Arc]

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 Goldenrod City, Jhoto: Four years ago

 Black clouds swirled ominously above the Radio Tower, bolts of red lighting flashing across them in an unnatural sight that had caused a crowd to gather at the base of the building, eyes focused on not only the phenomenon...but the silhouette of a Pokemon perched on the highest roof of the tower, its only visible feature being glowing eyes red as fresh blood and devoid of any pupils.

Confused and scared murmurs came from the crowd, save one person.

A redhead woman in the simple attire of a T-Shirt and jeans, her eyes a vibrant blue and sparkling with an almost spiritual glint, trembled in horror as she looked at the Pokemon above.

At her side stood a man with near-silver hair and piercing gold eyes wearing a blue trenchcoat and a visor on his forehead. "Rui?" he asked the redhead, most likely his wife, "Rui what's wrong?!"

The woman turned to the man and spoke, her voice quiet and tinted with fear, "Wes...that Pokemon...its one of THEM but its aura is darker than any others we encountered."

Wes, as the man had been called, froze at Rui's words in disbelief, remembering exactly what she was talking about; still, it couldn't be possible but Rui was one of the few that could see Auras, things that did not lie. He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted as a dark and playfully sinister voice came through the Radio Tower intercom and to most likely every station out there.

"Good afternoon citizens of Jhoto and Kanto, my name is Ein...and I'm afraid your regions will be under our control."

"No..." Rui squeaked at the name, "...please no."

If Wes had any doubts before, they were gone now as a familiar man left the Radio Tower; a white coat, styled near-black hair, and an emotionless look on his face despite the evil that shown in his deep green eyes...he'd seen this man before and knew exactly who he had worked under, what he'd done, and what he was capable of.

At his side, however, was a man Wes did not recognize, he was a bit taller than Ein and wore a blue sweatshirt and black pants, the sleeve of former adorned with a purple symbol that would match the letter 'C' if you took away the fact it had what were similar features to a Lugia combined with it.

"Who do you guys think you are?!" Someone yelled from the crowd, "Team Rocket?"

"You and what army?" Came another.

The only reply the two people got were a snap from the unknown man's hand, a feral cry, and then nothing.

The rest of the crowd looked on in horror at the motionless and bloody bodies of the two that had spoken, their killer an avian Pokemon with feathers that shined like steel, a Skarmory no doubt...but this one, this one was far different, its colors far more demented.

Its body was a dark shade of grey and both its beak and wings a deep navy, accenting the dark purple of its neck, wing feathers, and its scythe-shaped tail. Blood dripped from its feathers as red as its pupiless eyes that showed no emotions other than insanity and a lust to kill as a malicious and satisfied grin crossed its beak.

"We are no pathetic syndicate..." the mysterious man began, "My name is Ardos...and I am the leader of Team Cipher; what you just witnessed is only a fraction of the army and power we possess. Oppose us, and I'm afraid you won't see the light of day ever again."

Team Cipher...Wes hadn't heard that name in years...yet who they were was no forgotten story.

 Wes turned to Rui "Ivy is in danger...we need to get her somewhere safe. 

As the duo tried to run off secretly Ardos saw them out of the corner of his eye, "Falcon! Catch those two!" He ordered the murderous Shadow Skarmory by his side.

Cold, steel talons pinned the two down as the Armor-Bird Pokemon caught up to them, screeching in victory before he turned to his master and Ein as the two men approached.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Ardos asked, his voice emotionless.

"Heh, and here I thought you guys were gone after that Michael kid kicked your butts." Wes said in a snarky tone, "I'm surprised, really, that you're still around, especially you Ein, you slippery coward."

Ein recoiled as his gaze met that of Wes, "Y-YOU?!" he stammered in disbelief, "Wes Wolf..."

Ardos looked to the man and then back to Wes and Rui, "So you are the two that defeated Evice and delayed our plans? I never thought I'd see the day where I would meet you."

"I never thought I'd see the day when your organization showed your ugly faces again."

Ardos glared at Wes' comment and motioned to the Shadow Skarmory pinning the former heroes down, causing it to dig its talons a bit deeper into the man's back.

Realization then crossed Ein's face, Ardos, sir, Wes has a Snag Machine. We may not have the one Michael had...but we could take his."

"Is that so? Tell me, Wes, where is this snag machine of yours?"

Wes was silent a moment before he responded, "I left it back in Orre, how else do you think Michael was able to have a Snag Machine of his own? They used mine as a reference for its tech since I'd blown the rest of the model I had up. Never thought I'd ever need it again."

As a Pokemon thief in his far history Wes always figured he was a great liar as many times before he'd gotten away with things doing so, "If you want the thing you won't find it here with me."

Ardos and Ein looked at each other, the former questioning if Wes and Rui were threats to Cipher despite the fact they could do nothing. "Still, Ardos sir, he knows a a lot about us, about me especially, he could still be a threat to us...especially the girl since she has that rare Aura Sight ability."

A screech cut the duo's deciding short as a Psybeam and a Dark Pulse struck the Skarmory atop its prey, forcing it to release the two captives.

The assailants were a lavender fox Pokemon with a single gem on its forehead and deep, violet eyes; an Espeon, and the other, a black fox Pokemon with glowing yellow rings on its body, crimson eyes standing out against its fur; an Umbreon.

"Eclipse! Zenon!" Wes called to the Psychic type and Dark type respectively, "Use Psychic and Shadow Ball!"



The two attacks struck their mark, the Shadow Skarmory recoiling from the hits.

It took both Ardos and Ein a second to register what had happened but, once they did, the latter sent out a Shadow Ursaring and the former gave an order to his Pokemon.

"Falcon. Use Shadow Rave!"

"Dodge it!" Wes called in retaliation.

Too late...

The two evolved Pokemon were struck with the new attack, panting afterwards from the fact it was super effective.

"What was?!"

Ein laughed, "Oh Wes, Cipher has gone far since you last saw us, Shadow Rush isn't the only attack our Pokemon know, now there's more of them...Ursaring! Shadow Storm!"

Luckily for Wes his two Pokemon dodged this time...unluckily, The Shadow Skarmory, Falcon, as Ardos called him, had stood up, barely injured by the attacks it'd taken, if anything it was more annoyed than in pain.

"Did you not hear what I said back there?" Ardos asked in a menacing tone, "Those that resist us will die. I'm through playing games with you Wes. Falcon...KILL HIM!"

The said Skarmory charged at Wes with unexpected speed, its talons ready for the kill...there was no way he could dodge the steel-type...

Blood hit his face...but it didn't belong to him.

"NO!" he cried as Rui fell to the ground, wounded greatly by the now-bloodstained claws of her assailant. "Wes..." the girl wheezed, "Run..."

Fury filled his heart as his love's eyes closed and Wes glared at the two men with a look that, if it could kill, would do exactly that.

"Eclipse! Zenon! Psychic and Confuse ray on the Skarmory!"

His Pokemon followed his command, only to stop as their master cried in pain, a deep gash down his left arm from the Shadow Ursaring's claws that he'd barely managed to dodge...still though, the arm was rendered useless.

Rui's last request echoed in his head as his two Pokemon were struck with Shadow Rave, this time, unable to stand back up.

"Return!" Wes called as he recalled the wounded Pokemon before releasing another, this one a weasel-like Pokemon with flames erupting from its neck, "Typhlosion! Smoke Screen!

The Volcano Pokemon followed the command, a black smoke engulfing the area as Wes made a break for the one place he knew he had to get to.

The twelve-year-old sat in the corner in fear and worry for her parents, her long, brown hair still messy from having not brushed it yet and her violet eyes sparkling with fear and an almost spiritual glint as her arms curled around her legs...she could do nothing but listen to the thunder and the cries of Pokemon in the distance.

At her side was a small, brown fox Pokemon with a cream ruff of fur around its neck, an Eevee.

"Shinka...I'm scared..." the girl said, "They haven't come back yet..."

The Evolution Pokemon looked up at the girl that it called its best friend and owner. "I'm sure they're alright, Ivy, I mean, they are adults and your dad is a great trainer, I think they'll be fine."

The girl, Ivy as she'd been called, smiled, happy that she'd gotten the ability to understand Pokemon, "Yeah..." she began, "you're right."

Suddenly the front door of the house burst open, in it stood Wes, the blood dripping down his arm staining his clothes as his face showed nothing but pain.

"Dad?!" Ivy cried, "Wh-What happened to your arm?! Where's Mom?!"

Wes only looked at his daughter and spoke, "Ivy, I need you to follow me, and fast." He said before rushing into the house and slamming the door behind him, locking it before heading upstairs, Ivy and Shinka following.

"Dad what's all this about? Stop you're hurt!"

Wes didn't reply until he pushed open the door to his and Rui's bedroom and kicked open a cabinet door, reaching inside it with his good arm and opening a sliding door behind it, grabbing something from within.

What Wes grabbed was a deep blue gadget lined with streaks of orange that looked big enough to fit on an adult arm, a piece of paper taped onto it, as well as a grey rectangular object.

"What is...?"

"Ivy, listen to me. I want you to take this and my Flygon and head to Oblivia, directions are programmed into my PD*A here. Once there, try to reach out to the Pokemon Rangers for their help and protection; It is very important that you do not let this Snag Machine get into anyone else's hands but yours as it is a very powerful gadget that can be used for evil if the wrong person gets a hold of it."

Ivy looked into her father's pained, gold eyes, "Dad...what's all this about? Does it have to do with the storm outside?"

"Yes, some evil people are out there and are after me for my history with them. Now go, you need to leave before they get here."

Wes reached for a Pokeball on his belt and released the Pokemon inside onto the balcony of the house; it was a leaf-green Pokemon that looked like a cross between a dragon and a dragonfly; it had dark green stripes and horns and crimson accented its wings and its diamond-shaped tail tips, the same color on what appeared to look like goggles over its eyes. This Pokemon was definitely the Flygon in question.

Without another word Wes lifted Ivy and Shinka onto the Dragon/Ground type putting the Snag Machine in the backpack that his daughter normally wore.

A feral screech echoed from outside as the sound of a door being busted open reached Wes' ears, "Flygon, GO!"

"Gon! Flygon!" the Mystic Pokémon called as it took to the skies tearing off with a near-impossible speed.

"Good luck, Ivy." Wes said before he turned to the door of the bedroom as it too was busted open...familiar faces before him. "Be safe..."

Another feral screech and blood splattered the once spotless wall, no fleeing...just surrender.

The reign of Team Cipher... had only just begun.