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my last breath (take it)

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Four years. Eight months. Two weeks. 4 days. 14 hours. 32 minutes. And 9 seconds.

Time. For days and days, he always focused on time. Taehyung watched the ticking clock on the wall, the second hand resonating a tick tick in his skull. It was better to zone in on that single sound than the hushed chatter around him. The rough wood floors made his bare knees ache and scratched his shins raw, but he could only sit still under the instruction he'd been given. The hand atop his head massaged his scalp, calloused fingers pressed down to keep him still. It should've been caring, but it was a gesture of control.

"He's a pretty one, I'll give you that." The man shuffled through cards in his hand, cigarette numb burning quickly between his too thick lips. Meaty hands distributed the cards. Taehyung's eyes were big and curious, adorned by thick lashes with fair hair swept into his eyes. The sheer violet robes hung of his shoulders, caught in the crook of his elbows and brushed aside to expose the smooth flesh of his milky thighs. He was young, a diamond in the rust. A jewel that had been shaped and carved into something beautiful, enticing and valuable for all who were interested.

"By the time the ceremony comes around, he will be a beautiful blossom ready to be deflowered and claimed." The Seller's hand slid from Taehyung's hair, Taehyung tiliting his head to look up at the man, lips parted in bemusement. How could he be so sure? Taehyung

The Smoker harumphed, looking past the table top to where Taehyung kneeled at The Seller's side. His knees begged him to get up, but Taehyung didn't dare to move. "You're right. Any alpha would pay to have an omega like him at their side." The Smoker leaned back in the leather chair, entwining his thick fingers together. "Show me."

Show me. Taehyung wondered what there was that this man was supposed to be showing until The Seller carded a hand through his hair and muttered for him to stand. Taehyung did, as graceful as he possibly could. The Seller, a man of average height but much taller than Taehyung, guided the boy onto the table. "Lie down." Taehyung did as told, the cold of the glass seeping through his robes. It made him uncomfortable, but Taehyung bit back a whimper. He wasn't supposed to make a sound. The Seller pried Taehyung's legs apart by his flushed knees. This was the part where he would be labeled as qualified for the ceremony. All offered omega had to be pure.. No high class alpha wanted a used omega.

Taehyung let his eyes drift shut, forcing every muscle to relax in his body as The Seller prodded between his legs with a single finger, grazing it down the length of his flaccid cock, down to his hole. Unused, unmarked. Fresh.

The Smoker's eyes were hooded, a light growl sounded from his throat that made Taehyung flinch. Being exposed like this, admired. It made him feel unpleasant yet valued at the same time. If only if it were with the right person, with the right alpha. Maybe he wouldn't have minded so much. Now he had no choice but to bare through it. The Smoker chuckled, nodding his head and pushing a hand through his salt and pepper locks. "Good, very good." Disgusting. "A masterpiece like him will make my pockets fat. How much do you want for him?"

The Seller's eyes lit up at the thought of cash, a hand coming up to cup his chin. "A hearty 100k will do quite nicely."

The Smoker didn't even blink at the amount, wagging a finger at the silent man that stood aside, holding a silver case. He slid it onto the table right in front of Taehyung, who wanted to lift his head out of curiousity. The click of the suitcase opening and Taehyung could see the unveiled greed in the man's eyes. "He's yours."

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Taehyung curled in himself, cold despite the warmth of the fireplace across the room and the thick duvet beneath him. Four years in the same compound, trained to be graceful and elegant. The friends he had made, ripped from him by the persuasion of money. And maybe it was worthless to think about, but Taehyung knew he was more than a measly hundred thousand. Since the day he was able to understand what his purpose was--age seven in his case--Taehyung worked his ass off to be worth the time. He did it because he was told to, but since Seokjin left him, bought by an alpha of his own during the Ceremony of his generation, Taehyung was determined to be the next in his family. To make them proud and be the most cherished by the alpha that took him as their own.

Seokjin had been breathtaking that day. Adorned from head to toe in bright, golden silk, hair styled into a chesnut crown around, flower and glitter slapped onto his face. When Seokjin took the floor, all chatter stopped and everyone stared. Taehyung was used to his brother saying things like 'I'm not worried at all. All eyes will on be on me.' Of course, Taehyung naturally thought Seokjin was the greatest (he still did) and grew up with the mindset that his brother was (now he realied Seokjin had bad case of arrogance). But it did him well. Seokjin was probably relaxing now. Primped and pampered and loved. Taehyung wasn't going to lie and say he wasn't the slightest bit envious. He mostly missed Seokjin at this point.

Taehyung was a nervous wreck those days ago. Shaking and wide eyed, reverted back to his meek self. Lined up in the room that day with so many other favorable omegas, all from different parts of the clan. And he had been chosen. He'd promised his mentor that he'd be the greatest protege she had ever had. Soohyun hadn't doubted him. That woman was a miracle worker. She made Taehyung into the delicate thing he was. Basic things, like grace and omega etiquette. Other things, Taehyung just naturally possessed.

"I believe in you, okay? Don't disappoint me. Don't sell yourself short." Tears streamed silently from Taehyung's eyes that day (only several days prior) and Soohyun herself had been solemn, bright eyes watery and so beautiful. He didn't want to leave. He wasn't ready. He isn't ready.

Taehyung's sigh came out as a soft whimper, robes riding up his stomach as he rolled onto his back. When he enters that hall in a day's time, dressed from head to toe in nothing but a mask of beauty for the damage beneath, would he even be good enough? Would any alpha dare lay eyes on him and want to take him in as their mate? Would they want him because of his beauty? What would they do if they saw under it all and discovered that small, country boy who was weak and vulnerable and couldn't depend on anyone but those around him?

Insecurities shuffled uselessly through Taehyung's skull. Worried or not, he would be bought, he would be claimed and there was nothing he would be able to do about it.

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The Ceremony. A yearly pageant of omega's. Alphas throughout the clan could place a bet on and claim the desired omega (or omegas for the more openly polygamist alphas). Only the most beautiful omega could participate. Trained and taught for years until they reached the required age of 18. An age that was both knowledgeable and inexperienced. Some alpha came to monitor, others to take part in the challenge. It was a big event, carefully planned by the council to ensure nothing went wrong.

But this year it was even bigger than the previous.

Jungkook stared out the tinted windows of the vehicle, water droplets from a brief winter shower sliding down the glass, disappearing into the crack of the car. A yawn caught in his throat, but he bit it back as not to seem rude to the man rambling off beside him.

"Guk, are you even listening?" Jungkook slowly dragged his eyes, distracted by the weather and the low hum of the car that made him want to close his heavy eyes and nap. Staying up late last night to take care of other duties probably wasn't the best idea, but he was the Alpha. This event, The Ceremony, he could care less to attend. But his father persisted they get it taken care of, claiming he'd waited too long. If the old man wasn't so eager to have grandkids, Jungkook would put it off even more. He simply just did not care for the need of a relationship. What would he need an omega for? What they help him to complete the duties upon duties he had as the Alpha? His answer was a final no, but because Jungkook put family over anything else, and his father was well onto his deathbed. Well, who was he to deny the man a final wish?

Jungkook heaved a silent sigh, hand slipping from his cheek to his lap. "Yes, Jimin, I'm listening."

"Are you really? Because you're not looking at me."

"Sorry, I didn't know I needed my eyes to listen. I thought that was what ears were for."

Jimin fixed Jungkook with a brief glare before sighing, too worked up to even deal with his impassive younger brother. "There's gonna be a lot of people there. We need to be on our best behavior as the Chief's sons."

"I know that."

"Then do you also know that means choosing the right omega. Not just one of your quick flings to put on the shelf and use only when you feel like it." Jimin threaded his fingers onto his crossed legs, gaze unwavering when Jungkook focused his eyes on Jimin. It was an equal trade between the both of them. Both brother's possessed icy, blue irises rimmed with the depth of the ocean, inherited from their father. Other than that, they were two complete separate souls.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, turning back to the window in minimal interest, lips downturned into a scowl. "I know."

Jimin carded a hand through his black hair, the wispy locks easily falling back into place. He adjusted his cuffs, glancing at the gold around his wrist. It wouldn't be long now. The beta sat back, staring out the window. "Good."

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Overwhelmed. Nervous. Taehyung didn't think he had nerves at this point. Standing amongst other omega, some much more confident than him, Taehyung had the like mind to step back and stay hidden in the crowd. Nevermind the fact he knew he looked good. Hair brushed back, exposing a clear, smooth forehead. He liked the sheer black robes he'd been given, flecks of gold filling the fabric and leaving his tan skin almost glowing from the reflection of the lights. How he looked wasn't the problem. Taehyung was used to being complimented for his natural beauty. It was what he felt that was the issue. Even now, the other omegas who were obviously concerned about their appearance were shooting him looks of pity, smelling the stress wafting from him into the air. Taehyung swallowed, glancing to the only clock in the waiting room. Five minutes until release.

Taehyung closed his eyes, taking steady breaths. How much would it be to just catch the eye of an alpha and sweep them off their feet? Or vice versa? Work your charms Seokjin would probably say. Taehyung was sure his charms and his courage had just flown out of him. So caught up in his mind, he had fled reality and didn't realize he was walking along with the other omega's from the waiting room to the hall. This was it. The Ceremony was set up into two parts: Presenting and Claiming. The first stage, omega's could freely walk around, alphas permitted to gaze and just barely get a feel of what the omega was like, searching for what they wanted. Claiming was just as it was. If the alpha wanted the omega, they would mark them. It was the most nerve-wracking and animalistic part of the Ceremony. The smell of omega blood would fill the hall. It would be a mess of pheromones, a clash of possessiveness to see who could claim the omega first.

Taehyung was both afraid and shaken with excitement all at the same time.

The crowd of omegas dispersed, winding through the guests and already receiving a few looks here and there. Taehyung kept his chin high, but not too high, smiling and nodding to the alphas in greeting. God there were so many of them. In all his life, he'd only been around one and the amount of them, all conjured here almost made him dizzy. He just shook it off and kept going forward, only to stop at the sweet call of his name. Taehyung whipped around so fast, he nearly gave himself whiplash until a body collided with his. Taehyung stumbled and tripped on his robes, hands latching onto the waist of the person sticking to him like glue and peeling him away. "S-Seokjin!" Taehyung pressed his cheek against his brother's, pulling him closer than ever and just taking him in. Tears nearly found way to his eyes, but Seokjin's soft thumbs rubbed them away, the elder tsking softly. "You can't cry here Taetae, not now." Seokjin winked, stepping away and taking in Taehyung's appearance. Taehyung nodded firmly, holding back a sniff. It'd been months since he'd seen Seokjin, ever since he gotten claimed. Seeing him here now was doing something to Taehyung's emotions and Seokjin was right. This wasn't the time to have an emotional breakdown.

"Let me look at you." Seokjin's eyes sparked proudly, squeezing Taehyung's arms before bringing him in for another hug. "You look so beautiful Tae. For sure, some handsome alpha will sweep you off your feet."

Taehyung could only flush, batting Seokjin's chest. The elder was dressed in a pretty creme sweater beneath a black blazer, making his broad shoulders and slender figure all the more appealing. Taehyung noticed how some alpha's eyed him with interest, however the dark mark just above his collarbone, faded with time, stated that Seokjin was already claimed. "Where's your alpha?"

Seokjin rolled his plush bottom lip into his mouth to bite back a smile, slipping his palm into Taehyung's hand. "Come, I'll show you to him." Seokjin excitedly lead Taehyung through the crowd, nodding at people who addressed him. Seokjin was always the social butterfly and Taehyung briefly wondered if maybe the older omega knew them and had befriended them in his time in the capital until Seokjin was tapping the shoulder of a man who was talking with someone. "Joonie?"

The man turned, sterling gray eyes flitting to Seokjin before looking down to Taehyung who instinctively lowered his gaze. "Raise your head Tae, Namjoon isn't going to hurt you." Seokjin chuckled. Flushing a bit in embarassment, Taehyung did. Namjoon was indeed an alpha. blonde hair swept back and grey eyes holding a tell tale of a meanness that Taehyung couldn't see. Namjoon's smile was genuine as he took Taehyung's palm, pressing a chaste kiss to the back of his hand. "I thought I scented Seokjin's kin." Namjoon began to make light conversation, somewhere in between snaking a hand around Seokjin and holding him to his side. Seokjin hummed, eyes closing and hands resting on Namjoon's shoulder, his chin braced upon his palms as he subtly breathed in Namjoon's scent. Taehyung had been told of some alpha-omega relationships as just necessary for conceiving. But seeing his brother with Namjoon, he could sense there was something more than that.

"We should let Taehyung get back to his task, hm love?" Namjoon pressed a kiss to Seokjin's jaw, smiling and walking away arm in arm. Taehyung sighed softly, hoping he'd be as lucky to find someone the same.

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Part one of The Ceremony had been so peaceful, so slight of hand and a casual event. The alphas got to see the omega as art, gems and beauties. To bestow a flighting touch instead of feeling.
Taehyung hadn't thought he'd been claimed with the blatant lack of interest in him. He'd got a few stares, a few meaningful looks that held empty promises. And with it Taehyung's fading hope.
"Such a charmer, sir." Taehyung had been humoring a figure of the council, a 30-year old man named Jung Lee who had the looks and personality of an alpha who Taehyung felt was suitable for him, but not the one .
Taehyung had strictly been told the Ceremony wasn't for him to find the one he wanted. It was for the alphas benefit. The omegas were but expensive products on sale.
"And you are yourself." Jung chuckled soft, nursing the champagne flute in his hand lightly and taking a sil. His hand, skin weathered and grayed from stress, was still soft in Taehyung's hair, his gaze kind and eyes full of experience. Kindness. But not interest.
"And who is this beautiful flower?"
Taehyung gasped softly at the hand that slipped so easily past the flimsy fabric of his robes, the direct touch to his skin making him shudder unpleasantly, the voice in his ear (breath reeking of alcohol) even more so.
Taehyung turned, forcing a smile on his face at the man jeering down at him. He wasn't even look Taehyung in the face. The stranger boldly was taking in what,was beneath Taehyung's robes. The omega resisted the urge to sneer and recoil, every part of him saying that whatever he did, he couldn't wind up with this man
"Yoon. Please, show some decency." Jung said firmly, clearly holding a higher position over this Yoon man.
But Yoon did no such thing, pulling Taehyung flush to his round front with a jerk of his arm. Taehyung bit his lip, hands snapping up to press to the man's chest, and eyes asking for him to stop. He wasn't comfortable. He didn't like it. This man was far from what he'd been training do hard for. He doubted Yoon could give him the worship he waned. Taehyung doubted he could return it.
Yoon deliberately tried to pull Taehyung closer, pressing his too big nostrils into the crook of Taehyung's neck, trying to smell him.
No. No. No. Taehyung didn't like this at all. He began to squirm in discomfort, trying to step away from the stranger because his robes were becoming a bit too loose and Yoon's hands were getting a bit too close to his bum.
Just when he thought Yoon might do something in consequence of Taehyung's obvious distaste to him, Taehyung was ripped violently out of Yoon's hands.
Everything just went dark for a few seconds. All hr could do was smell a scent so amazing that he sunk into the chest he was up against. The arm around him tensing in response to the wolf in Taehyung humming, the omega unconsciously pressing his face into the crook of the man's neck. "You smell nice..."
The chest his ear was pressed against vibrated and Taehyung was ready to lift his head and identify his savior until he was pushed into another set of arms.
These ones were significantly smaller, this person's head just a foot below Taehyung's, but still the omega managed to press his face into the silky strands of what appeared to be dark hair. Black, even. But Taehyung wasn't paying that much attention. The scent wasn't as strong as the previous, but still Taehyung's eyes fluttered and a soft sigh leaving his lips as he went lax in the gentle embrace. Even the heat of the palm splayed to the small of his back was soothing, rubbing circles, the chest pressed to his humming with words of assurance that Taehyung could barely even make out anything at the moment. Couldn't remember where he was, the mix of the two most wonderful scents he'd ever smelled making him melt into malleable putty.
And just as quick as it had came, it was gone. Taehyung whimpered inaudibly at the loss, chest suddenly stumbling as he sought that warmth again. Those scents. The peace. Except when he turned around, there was no one there except empty spaces.


"What was that?"
Jungkook lazily raised a brow at his brother, taking a sip of his champagne, smacking his lips to taste, the bubbles fizzing on his tongue. Smooth and delicious.
But not as delicious as the scent of that omega. With Jimin's unanswered question still hanging over his head, Jungkook found his sight wandering, trying to find the head of fair hair and gold robes that the omega had looked so dazzling in. His scent clung to Jungkook's tuxedo.
Jungkook wasn't the only one out of his mind with the scent.
Jimin hadn't touched his champagne in fear of loosing the little essence of the nameless omega. In the few seconds that he'd held him, the few seconds he'd smelled him, Jimin wanted more.
And so did Jungkook.
Jimin sniffed, leaning on the wall and casually tucking a hand into the pocket of his trousers, blue eyes shining over the rim of his glass. "Anyone catch your eye?"
"What do you think?"
"I think I have someone in mind."
Jungkook sized Jimin up, frowning at the beta's small smirk past the edge of his drink. If anything, despite Jimin being a beta, he thought like an alpha. He knew Jungkook's thoughts and knew what he was after. Jungkook's wolf held back a possessive growl, shrugging nonchalantly. "Remember beta's only get whats left over."
"I'm not just some beta."
"What are you trying to say?"
"You aren't the only one capable of impregnating an omega. You might have the knot Guk, be I have the time. What will happen when you're so caught up in your duties, you can't give father the one thing he wants before he passes on? That's where I come in."
Jungkook clenched his jaw, mostly because Jimin was right. Jungkook didn't care for mating because taking care of his clan was so much more important. But Jimin knew how to bring out the worst in him (especially since childhood) and Jungkook stood taller (literally) and side glared his brother, making way to the center just as everyone else god ready for the second part of the ceremony.
"Watch me."
Jimin smirked, chuckling at Jungkook's insolence. The beta set aside his glass just as the lights dimmed. "Challenge accepted."


All the omega's had been gathered in the woods just beyond the hall, forced to shed the robes they were, as not to stilt their scents. Taehyung found it odd, that out of all the local clans, his home was the only to still follow the nearly forgotten tradition of hunting for mates. It made the whole thing exciting, exhilarating. Wild.
Taehyung shuddered at the soft breeze, toes curling into the damp, loose earth beneath him. This wasn't just a hunt. It was a chase. A competition. A game.
The siren jolted most of the omegas from their stances and they took off, ripping out of their skins and into the woods. Taehyung stood shocked, not believing this was happen until another omega made a noise, snapping Taehyung from his stupor. The omega broke out of his skin, the earth wet on his paws. He allowed himself to breathe in the wilderness, a feeling of melancholy settling in as he remembered his home on the countryside. Where he could run at all times without a care in the world.
Now, he could hear the rabid growls and snarls behind him, alphas and betas focusing on the scent that had attracted them most.
Taehyung wasn't much of an athlete, but he could remember paths well and had a strong olfactory.
Then from the corner of his eye, he saw a wolf. Unmistakably alpha, huge, familiar. Yoon. Oh god, no. Anyone but him. Taehyung didn't want him to claim him. He didn't want to bare that man's mark.
No less than Taehyung's worries did something black, large like a shadow block the view of Yoon with a furious growl.
Taehyung turned around, ready to run once again, blood pumping too hard in his veins for him to stop now and thank the wolf.
Taehyung's plan to escape failed miserably when he whipped around and found another obstacle, icy blue hues glowing in a face full of chocolate fur.
Taehyung inhaled and nearly collapsed right then and there. It was those scents that had nearly had him on his knees during the Presenting. But this was the Claim.
Was he about to be fought over? It was exciting. It was interesting, he'd have a time reiterating the adventure to Seokjin.

Taehyung didn't get a chance to maul over the thought before he was sucked into oblivion.

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Hot. Something hot, soft and wet was pressing to his neck, massaging in pleasant circles. Taehyung hummed and stirred, rolling his head to the side, curving it to feel more ofーwhatever it wasーon his skin.

Taehyung promptly made a noise of pain, eyes snapping open and body following.

"Shh, it's okay sweety. I'm just cleaning you up." Taehyung stared into the soft brown eyes of a stranger whose hands were pressed to Taehyung's shoulders, trying to get him to lay back against the heap of pillows. Eyes wide in unmasked confusion and just a bit of fear, Taehyung let himself be lead as the man dipped a cloth in the basin (so thats what that was) and laid the hot fabric on his neck and collarbones, the steam of the heat stinging.

"We'll get you in the bathe after this. I know you must be sore." The man had a pleasing smile, brown hair swept into his eyes that crinkled at the corners whenever he looked at Taehyung. Taehyung blinked, eyes widening more at the dark mark just at the base of the man's neck than at the man himself. Unlike Seokjin's, which had been obviously faded with time, this man's was clearly fresh. The teeth marks were deep, almost black in the dents, the flesh around it red and raw, the edges darkening to a bruised purple.

Taehyung reached out a hand tentatively to touch. The man recoiled back and Taehyung snatched his hand back to his chest, apologizing sheepishly. What was he thinking? He didn't need to touch to know what it was: the mark of an alpha.

It was so fresh, Taehyung could smell the blood coursing beneath the mutilated skin, cells trying to repair whatever torn skin they could. No matter, however. The mark would still remain there. The dark bruise of a claim.

Because he was so busy spacing out, he didn't hear someone else walk in. He didn't notice the arm pulling the other man from his seat (a stool now that he saw). But by the time he had gotten back to reality, and missed whatever was said, he was witnessing a rather explicit embrace. Taehyung, in all his inexperienced years, had witnessed some frugal escapades between mates, but never so close. He noticed how the other, albeit taller, still seemed to fall back into the alpha's arms and let him take control of the kiss.


Yoongi was short. Shorter than the brunette man, and pale skinned and fragile looking. Except his dark, cool hazel eyes were nothing but alpha when they looked to Taehyung, calm but intimidating and sharp over the shoulder of the brunette.

"Guk wants him in the next hour, so hurry up." Yoongi's voiced low and urgent, almost in a whisper to the brunette only.

Said man nodded, leaning down to press another kiss to the blonde's frowning mouth and Taehyung had to turn away. "They really did a number on him. Why couldn't you have broken them up first?"

Yoongi cut the other a look. "Because I had to get to you first before someone else did. Obviously, Hoseok."

Hoseok sighed, the soft thud of his hand slapping to Yoongi's chest. Thud?! "You had nothing to worry about. I'm a beta, you know that."

"I also know there were other people eyeing you like something to eat. Did you have to wear the sheer black robe?" Yoongi sounded almost whiny, it was slightly amusing but Taehyung didn't dare laugh.

Hoseok chuckled. "Yes, just for show." Did they forget I'm still here?

"Well," Yoongi pulled the brown-haired beta closer by the hips, a small, possessive growl leaving his lips as he grinned something predatory. "You can show it to me again tonight when we consumate the claim."

Taehyung couldn't see Hoseok's face, but the latter's nape was as red as fire and Taehyung felt his own face was equally so as his lips formed a small 'o' of shock and unable to hold back a gasp.

Hoseok jumped sharply before spinning around to Taehyung. Yeah, seems they had forgotten he was there. "Ugh, go. Go, go, go. Leave, now." Hoseok chanted until he'd succesfully shooed Yoongi out of the room.

The air was more of a pleasant awkward than the frightening and confused one Taehyung had first woken up to. Hoseok picked up the cloth again, raising it to press to Taehyung's neck before their eyes met, taking in each others pink faces and falling into a fit of laughter. Taehyung giggled behind his hand while Hoseok faced palmed the bed, shoulders trembling from laughter.

"Quite the mate you have." Taehyung smiled, Hoseok grinning back.

"Indeed. Let's get you cleaned up now, hm?" Hoseok chuckled, helping Taehyung off the bed and leading him to a set of doors that Taehyung had not noticed before. He didn't notice any of his surroundings untill now. The ceiling was high, filled with baffle lights that could dim and brighten as desired. The walls were cherrywood, trimmed white and melting off into a soft sanded planked floor. The furniture was simple. The bed had black headboards, the nightstand was black, the dresser, the wardrobe, even the chest at the foot of the bed was black. The only vibrant and non-simplistic decor had to be the curtains covering the arched windows. They were solid yet flowing, dyed a beautiful burgundy and tied back by thick gold rope to allow the light of the full moon in. It wasn't so explicitly grand, but it was way more than what Taehyung was used to.

The bathroom was just as swell. A full mirror wall behind a single sink, counters clean and bare. A separate glass cubicle for showers and a full round bath. Already it was full of steaming water and bubbles, the scent of sandalwood drifting from the steam. Taehyung would have liked to gawk longer, to jump into the inviting bath and soak his heavy limbs. But when Hoseok managed to pull the robes off Taehyung's shoulders, Taehyung inhaled in horror at his own reflection.

It was so dark. So mauled and torn and mutilated. The closer Taehyung padded to the mirror, the more in detail the bite became. Taehyung pressed a finger to the raw skin, pulling down to inspect just how deep it was. He winced. His whole entire neck was sore, his skin ten times darker as though the area had gotten specifically sun tanned. Compared to Hoseok's, why was his one so big? It looked more like someone tried to rip off a chunk of his neck more than mark him. And what was even more frustrating was the fact Taehyung couldn't remember a single thing. What kind of omega couldn't remember his own claiming?

"Jesus...What happened?" Taehyung gasped to himself, but Hoseok answered with furrowed brows.

"You really don't remember?"

Taehyung shook his head solemnly.

Hoseok looked nervous for some reason, twiddling his thumbs into the silk hanging off his shoulders. "You were, uh..." Taehyung felt like his stomach had touched the ground, and his lungs weren't functioning right. Whatever, Hoseok was about to say, it wasn't going to be good.

"Taehyung, you were claimed by two wolves."




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Taehyung didn't move for a good minute. Frozen, shocked. Impossible.

"Taehyung?" Hoseok's worried voice sounded distant, as if Taehyung had floated far, far off the earth and he was looking down at a scene that seemed forever ago.

Taehyung sunk into the depths of blazing, blue orbs. His limbs felt like stone. Like gravity had intensified and was sole on keeping him paralyzed. The wolf, bigger than him, stronger, didn't move. Didn't blink. And the scent on him was so fucking strong, Taehyung thought he could just get drunk off of it alone.

But then there was another, mixing into a toxic scent that sent Taehyung wavering on his paws. The omega took several steps back, whimpers small. Their eyes were the same frightening icy blues, full of animalistic urges. To mark. Claim. Protect.

But Taehyung's blood was cold in his veins and he was terrified. Overwhelmed. Then one pounced, pinning Taehyung's much smaller frame beneath his. Taehyung immediately stilled, exposing and stretching his neck for the wolf to mark. He had the option to fight back if he wanted, even if he wouldn't win, but Taehyung couldn't conjur the urge to fight so he helplessly gave in without a second thought, the wolf's chest vibrating in appreciation. Fangs sank into Taehyung's fur, into his skin, and in the soles of his mind where his human rested, Taehyung could feel his hands thread into silky hair, curving into a frame that made him feel overwhelmed with peace and tranquility.

Then that peace was ripped away violently and Taehyung saw the blurring red edges of authority and power. New fangs sank into him, teeth longer and sharper than the previous, right over the bite that was fresh and still open. Taehyung's fur was matted with blood, eyes blurry and body weak. When he lay into the hands of oblivion, Taehyung last saw two pairs of icy blue eyes that wanted to devour him more than sleep itself.

"Taehyung!?" Hoseok shook Taehyung gently, both hands on either of the boy's biceps.

Taehyung snapped out of it, focusing on Hoseok with furrowed brows. He suddenly looked pale in the face, eyes round and large. The boy stumbled back and thankfully Hoseok helped him onto the toilet seat.

"Taehyung...Are you alright?"

Taehyung was okay in more way than one. But he was lost in so many more. "Hoseok, it shouldn't....I thought that was impossible?"

Hoseok winced. "It's not impossible, per se. Just...unpossible." Taehyung was still staring at the beta and Hoseok elaborated with a sigh, sinking onto the floor with his hands braced on Taehyung's knees in consolance. "Taehyung, alpha-omega bonds are the most powerful. There's an equal balance on either side and both can support each other like no other. Betas have a more likely chance being with another beta than trying to mate with an alpha or an omega, but some have special genes and can create a bond thats sturdy if they can give each other the time and support." Taehyung knew this already. He had to understand that from the day he was born to the day he'd presented as an omega. "But then there are alpha-beta-omega bonds or triad bonds which can be danger-"

"How do you know this?" Taehyung hadn't meant to cut off the beta, and felt a bit bad afterwards, but his confusion simmered above all.

Hoseok shifted on his knees, smiling sheepishly. "I may or may not have eavesdropped on a conversation...but regardless." Hoseok gave the omega a sympathetic look and Taehyung grimaced. "It's going to be emotionally overwhelming. Physically, even. Especially for you as an omega thats stuck between two wolves that don't have equal power over you but want you all the same. I really can't imagine what it's like."

Taehyung took in a few breaths. "It can't be that bad."

Hoseok looked unconvinced (Taehyung not going to admit he wasn't too certain himself) but Hoseok was all for reassuring the omega. "You're right. They'll both love you either way." Hoseok gestured to the full bath, steam curling in the heated bathroom. "Let's get you cleaned up so you can finally meet them, okay?"

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The office was deadly silent. Jungkook stood near the wall lined with ceiling to floor windows, the drapes drawn back to let in the moonlight. It was around midnight, the moon high in the sky and full, an unblinking eye in the sky. Then JImin was sitting with a shadow over his features, looking out the window on the far left of the wide and spacious office. They stood on either ends of the room, complete separate from each other. Sharp glares were exchanged between either of them, low flames of anger licking at their insides and slowly bubbling to the surface all over again.

"You're handling this surprisingly well." Jimin broke the silence, crossing his legs and laying his hands on his thighs. He didn't look at Jungkook. "I was waiting for you to rip my throat out."

"Don't let your guard down. I'm still considering it." Jungkook all but growled, icy blues reflecting the white rays of the moon and looking nearly white.

Jimin chuckled, rolling his neck and carding a hand through his hair. It's style had deflated, a mess of locks after the exciting events of the night. "I'd say the same for you."

The door opened and they tensed, heads whipping around. Yoongi slipped inside, halting when he saw the younger wolves watching him like a hawk. "Well don't you look excited to see me."

Jungkook sighed, pacing the office to sit in the leather chair behind his desk, the cushioning soft enough for him to sink into. The night was not going so spectacular. With the way everything had turned out, it was a wonder they weren't getting a load of questions from the council. It was very, very uncommon for a wolf to have two mates, and it was no private event when Jungkook and JImin nearly fought over the same omega. The same. The omega's - fuck he wish he knew his name - blood had permeated the air, thick and heavy and any wolf would be blind to not notice it. Luckily, some higher's were patrolling the area, had found the unconscious omega being nudged by a growling Jungkook who wouldn't allow JImin three feet near him. The patrolling beta had a time forcing all of them apart but he had done so quickly before any prying eyes could open their muzzles and ask questions.

But it would get out soon enough that the previous head Alpha's sons had both mated with the same omega. Usually it was just a scent thing. But this time-

"It's not a normal mating." Namjoon had intelligently said earlier, fixing a pair of glasses on his face as he eyed the two like a hawk, much like a father scolding his children. In a sort, he was, being one of their father's most loyal council members at the age of twenty-five. He was young, but that didn't stop him from playing his role the right way. He'd been apprentice since sixteen, much earlier than the usual appointed age of eighteen.

"No shit." Yoongi had scoffed, forever putting in his negative two cents.

Namjoon rolled his eyes at the alpha. His expression was deadly serious. "There's a good chance you both imprinted on him."

"Bullshit." Jungkook rose from his seating, looking back at Jimin who watched with a vague expression. "We can't. No, I'm not sharing my mate with him."

"And earlier you didn't care for a mate."

"Shit happens."

"And that when you learn to accept it."

"Have you accepted?

Jimin's jaw twitched, eyes flashing a deep shade of sapphire. "You learn to accept it. If Namjoon is right, that I've imprinted at the same time you did, think about Taehyung who has to deal with the both of us. Together."

"Jimin's right." Jungkook's head whipped back to Namjoon, still with that same expression except with a brow raised, challenging Jungkook to retaliate. Of course he wasn't. Jungkook plopped back down with a sigh, elbows braced on his knees and face hidden with his hands.

"I feel bad for the omega." Yoongi cluck his tongue from against the wall, arms suffocating in the rolled up sleeves of his dress shirt. He was massaging his neck with a hand, eyes closed as he worked out the kinks in the muscle. "Ya'll practically ripped his throat out. What will you do when it comes to mating?"

"We're not going to worry about that right now." Namjoon said firmly. "I've never seen anything like this, but we don't know if the omega has imprinted yet or not."

"How are we supposed to tell?" Jimin wondered with a thoughtful expression. He hadn't felt anything extraordinary. No sparks or floating to cloud nine. He just knew he had caught onto a mouth watering scent and he was keen on seeking out its owner. Too bad his brother thought the same. Ha.

The office had gone silent, the four alphas sitting in their own thoughts, sinking and floating back up to the top.

Namjoon sighed. "Listen. One, don't try to mate with him until we are absolutely sure he imprinted. Second, try not to act like an asshole. He's Seokjin's brother." With that, Namjoon had left with Yoongi going to finalize other things with the Ceremony. Things Jungkook and JImin would be doing.

Now, Yoongi reclaimed his place against the wall, whistling a low tune. "Have you figured out what you're going to say to him?"

Both Jungkook and JImin looked at each other before darting away with a simultaneous, "No."

"Hm. How about introducing yourself?" Yoongi sounded sarcastic, then again he always sounded that way but his attitude really wasn't needed right now.

"I don't know--"

Several knocks sounded on the door. Yoongi pushed off the wall to open it, giving the two brother's a urging glance.

Cheesily, it was like time had slowed. Jimin stood from the chair and Jungkook stood a little taller, trying to look a bit less miserable when what he really wanted to do was kneel and kiss the pretty hands of the blonde omega that walked into the room. He was arm in arm with Hoseok, who was whispering something into his ear, making the omega flush a pretty pink. God.

Hoseok slipped his arm out of the blonde beauties grasp, the omega immediately adverting his eyes to the ground, clearing his throat before speaking in a clear, low voice. "I'm Taehyung. K-Kim Taehyung."

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