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Memos from Q-Branch

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FAO: All MI6 employees
From: Q
Subject: Q-Branch employee titles

Dear All

Q-Branch employees may be referred to as techs, by their ranks (R, T1-5) or their names. They are not “minions” and should not be referred to as this by any employee (especially the 00 section). It is disrespectful to them and their authority. Do you want your equipment to blow up in your face next mission?




From: Your minions
Subject: We don't mind

Dear Boss

We don't mind being referred to as your minions. As long as you agree that you'll bring us along when you inevitably snap from the stress and become a supervillian. We make an excellent army. We'll even make you a cape. Zoe has suggested "Earl Grey" as your villain name and we approve.


The Minions.

P.S. However if you want the 00's equipment to mildly shock them when they call us minions, let's just say that it can be arranged.