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I'm in Hell, I've Got to Tell Somebody Now

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With a new job lined up at a hospital in New York, Will couldn’t expect his mother to watch Bianca while he was at work anymore, seeing as she would remain in Nashville when he moved. Will would have to get something arranged, fast.

It had taken Will and Bianca four days to really settle into their new home just across the bridge from Manhattan; a two bed, one bath with a great backyard and an office Will planned on converting into a guest room. It was that same day that he’d finally gotten a response to the ad he’d placed, searching for a caretaker for Bianca, his six-year-old daughter who he’d enrolled in the nearest public school the day before.

Will made a call to the applicant after looking over his resume thoroughly, and invited him over to discuss the job further. They arranged to meet just after lunch the next day at Will’s home.

Will spent his time that day cleaning, always shooting for looking presentable to company, even if they were applying for a job, and even if Will was still wearing the scrubs he’d worn to work that morning (he’d had to take Bianca with him, but thankfully there was a daycare, even if it was meant for younger children).

Will had just finished up the dishes from his and Bianca’s lunch when the doorbell rang. Quickly, Will checked to make sure Bianca was in her room for the time being before he answered the door.

In front of him was honestly the opposite of what he’d expected. Frankly, Will had expected all of the information on the application to be a lie and have a fifty-five year old sex offender show up at his door, but if Will had to guess, he’d say that the pale, dark haired man in front of him was in fact the twenty-two-year-old college student that had applied for the job. He was wearing nice clothes, expensive looking but at the same time not something one would generally wear to a job interview, and not something of Will’s style - a little too dark for his taste. He was also significantly shorter than Will, maybe by a head, and when his eyes reached up to meet Will’s - darker eyes than Will had ever seen, he didn’t know irises could look like pure shadow - Will froze. He could get lost in those eyes. And really, that should be Will’s first clue not to hire this guy. Never hire someone you’re attracted to! It will only end in pain!

But Will wasn’t listening to that side of himself.

“Will Solace?” the man asked, and Will even loved his voice.

He definitely wasn’t listening to that side of himself.

“Yes!” Will said, probably too loud, but at least he wasn’t just staring anymore. “Hi, yeah, I’m Will, come on in.”


Nico hadn’t been too sure of this when he’d applied, to be completely honest. It wasn’t like he needed the money, and he didn’t really have a knack for caretaking or anything like that. Truthfully, he was hoping that if he did get the job, he’d get some inspiration out of whatever kid he was looking after. Sure, Nico could think up some amazing stories on his own, but the things that come out of his mind weren’t always the greatest for children’s books.

So when he knocked on the door and it wasn’t opened immediately, Nico had considered running off before the door opened. What was he doing here? He didn’t know what he was doing! Just because he’d babysat for Percy and Annabeth like, twice, didn’t mean he knew how to take care of a kid full time!

Then the door had swung open so fast it startled him, and Nico was met with someone that definitely wasn’t the child he would be caring for. This was Tall, Tan, Blond, Freckles, and The Bluest Eyes he’d had ever seen. Nico didn’t know you could actually capture a cloudless sky and put it in someone’s irises, but clearly it had happened, if this guy was anything to go by.

That’s probably about when Nico realized he was staring, and it’s definitely when he realized Freckles was staring back at him. This would be a good time to remember the name attached to the emails.