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Now You See Me Porn (Various)

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Daniel’s already flushed and out of breath, shaking from adrenaline even before Jack corners him in his very own green room at the MGM Grand and sinks to his knees – it’s just, no matter how cocky and confident he’d been, he’s still fucking amazed that they pulled Act One off at all.

‘Can’t believe I was on stage with you,’ Jack’s saying, pushing Daniel’s hands away and tugging his belt open with deft, clever fingers, ‘with you,’ he repeats, 'J. Daniel Atlas, fuck man, I’ve watched you forever.’

'You’ve said,’ the corner of Daniel’s mouth twitches up into a quick smirk, his eyebrows raising briefly as Jack pulls at the button of his slacks hard enough to lift his hips forward and off of the wall he’s been backed against, 'you’ve seen everything I’ve ever done. You idolize me. And I’m betting you’ve wanted, ah -’

Jack laughs, quiet and quick at the sharp sound of Daniel inhaling when he tugs Daniel’s pants and boxers down over the slight curve of his hips in one smooth pull and then he’s tilting forward, dragging the flat of his tongue up along the rapidly filling out length of Daniel’s cock, 'You do know how to shut up.’ he says, mouthing the words around the heat of him.

'No, but you’ve,’ and Daniel’s got his eyes closed, his hands clenched into fists at his sides, 'you’ve thought about this before, yeah Jack?’ he starts, groaning low when Jack fits his wet lips around the head of his cock and licks him into his mouth, 'Ah, it’s kept you, fuck,’ and Jack’s leaning forward again, sliding his lips down the length of Daniel’s cock, all the way to the thick, heavy base, 'it’s kept you up at night and biting down against a pillow just to stop from, yeah, saying my name,’ Daniel moans again, let’s his voice break just for a moment before swallowing the sound down and finishing, 'hasn’t it?’

And Jack’s still tonguing at the underside of Daniel’s cock, spreading his lips wide as he can and hollowing out his cheeks with every bob of his head – and he’s got so much spit in his mouth that all Daniel can hear is the wet, loud sound of Jack’s mouth moving over his cock, 'C'mon Jack, say it now.’ he says, quiet enough that Jack can barely even hear him.

'Daniel.’ Jack says, pulling back with a messy sounding pop, his voice low and throat raw, ’Daniel.’ he says again, louder, looking up at Daniel – at the way the other magician’s got his head tilted back and his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth slightly opened, breathing hard, and Jack’s barely even gotten a hand wrapped around the heat of Daniel’s cock before he’s coming with a long, shaky moan, soaking Jack’s lips and chin and cheeks just from the sound of his own name.