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   Monica Rambeau stood strong, looking back at her former teammates that once filled her life with purpose. She fought back tears, knowing it was possibly the last time she'd ever see them. Tony Stark fixed his lightweight sunglasses promptly clearing his throat as Dr. Banner tilted his head upward. Agent Romanoff and T'Challa had facial expressions devoid of all emotion. Vision felt a longing come across his chest into the forefront of his mind. He calculated the probability of her reaching an alternate Earth for the tenth time to calm himself. 


                                               He calculated the probability of her reaching an alternate Earth for the tenth time to calm himself

Monica rose off the ground effortlessly. Her eyes began to shine a smoldering white. She hesitated for a moment, looking down to memorize every detail of their faces before she blasted off into the thin air leaving behind a sonic boom. She circled the Earth repeatedly mentally melting away the looming despair for the life she was leaving behind.


Once she reached her target speed, her whole body started to illuminate. She began to tune into the frequency of each earth, searching for a specific one and opening a temporary breach. She swallowed her fear and flew straight through it. She stopped and hovered above Central City. Her eyes slowly faded from a piercing white to gray while she gazed over the city below her and let her heart rate settle. She pulled out a small piece of paper and read over the carefully written coordinates before vanishing from sight.


When she arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs, she expected something more put together and less ragtag. Despite initial appearances, she could tell that the building held purpose. Monica scanned the building to find six people inside and two heading her way. Instead of arming herself for a fight she landed and headed toward the daunting front door. She noticed it was already unlocked. She placed her palm on the handle sent radio waves through the whole building charting out the schematics. Finally, Monica swung open the door to an empty lobby filled with hardly used furniture and paintings that hung decoratively.


Suddenly, one of the six people appeared in front of her, quickly followed by another. Monica, standing just shy of six feet with black hair trailing to her midback, stood in front him, decked in her battle suit with her arms crossed. Her gaze drifted from the artifacts of the room to the men who'd appeared in front of her.


Monica's eyes softened towards them as she spoke, "You must be the heroes of this Earth." Her words were cold, bluntly put.


The taller male sporting a red suit stepped forward toward her. "Who are you and why are you here? We've detected a breach opened. Was that you?"


Monica's eyes slightly widen admiring their knowledge of her arrival. "Yes, I am here on a mission. My name is Monica Rambeau. I am from Earth-616."

                                                                                     The other male with a similar yellow suit closed some of the space between them as Monica spoke

The other male with a similar yellow suit closed some of the space between them as Monica spoke. Barry lifted his mask off of his face he reached his hand out to Monica. "I am Barry Allen." Monica swiftly shook his hand. 

                                                Kid Flash turned toward her


Kid Flash turned toward her. "Kid Flash but you can call me Wally West." 


Monica nodded.


Barry led Monica to their main lab. Iris, Cisco, and Caitlin stood together in front of the Flash mannequin. Monica quickly sped around the lab studying everything around her. She was back in front of The Flash team within a heartbeat. Barry introduced the whole team to her describing their talents. "I know you all must be thinking why am I here?" She began.


Iris kept her attention on the tall women in her proximity. "Back on the Earth, I was marooned on for years I got into a deal of crime fighting for the greater good and so on. My team, the Avengers, noticed an increase in weapons of mass destruction. We were unable to put much of a dent in that increase. Due to other problems arising. Which is why I am here in front of you good people today. I'm sure all of you have heard but I am Monica Rambeau and I am here on a mission to put a stop to such crimes." She shifted to the center of the room.


Caitlin found herself drawn to the women, hovers mid-air staring out the window of S.T.A.R Labs, "How is your Earth different from this one?" Monica looked in Caitlin's direction hearing the question directed toward her. "Other than metahumans?"


A smile flashed across Caitlin's lips and she nodded. Monica crossed her arms, lowering herself back to the ground gliding to lean against the desk, "There are fewer heroes here than on Earth-616. It is full of people with powers with a lot of spare time on their hands to become either heroes or criminals."


Caitlin started to say something when Monica cut her off by saying, "Even I had problems with controlling my powers for a moment there."


Caitlin stood up from the desk coming closer eagerly to Monica. "H-How did you learn how to control your powers?"


Kid Flash walked into the room listening to the end of their conservation. "I was trained by the best. Tony Stark, my mentor, taught me to trust in myself relentlessly. It took time of course but the moment I realized my powers were a part of me and were not going anywhere I began to stabilize."


Caitlin's fingertips gently touched the suppression cuffs that restricted her powers. She hadn't thought of embracing her powers before.


Monica's attention shifted to Wally who was now leaning against the door frame of the lab. "Any good food around here?" Monica asked.


Caitlin and Wally exchanged looks before chiming, "Big Belly Burger!"


Monica smiled. "Some things just don't change. Race ya Wally?"


Before Caitlin could take in a breath, the two were gone, leaving a mess of papers in their absences. Wally went straight to the nearest fast food chain to find Monica already in line. Her clothes had changed from out of her battle suit into skin tight black jeans matching black t-shirt and a leather biker jacket. They sat together outside, eating their burgers.


"If you don't mind me asking, for someone with the speed force pumping through them, why are you so slow?" Monica playfully asked.


Wally gripped his burger tighter, "My powers are still new to me. My family's barely coming around to me using them. I want to help people but they want to keep me locked up in S.T.A.R Labs." Monica could sense the anguish in Wally's tone. She admired his desperation for helping others.


"Great power comes with great responsibility Wally," she recited.


His mind drifted to all the sacrifices that Barry has made since becoming The Flash. He nodded in agreeance. Direct sunlight hit-making Monica's eyes translucent. Wally cleared his throat trying not to stare at the dancing colors protruding from her iris. She shared stories of her adventures with the Avengers. She explained everything in incredible detail.


One month later, Monica had assisted in several arrests of metahumans in Central City. The team had unwavering trust in Monica and even allowed Wally to be mentored by her. She was ruthless when it came to training. Most days, Wally would return home with multiple fresh bruises, broken bones, or completely deplenished. The media coverage for the tall mystery women increased the more she appeared around the city, eventually giving her the name Daystar.

                                                                             The media coverage for the tall mystery women increased the more she appeared around the city, eventually giving her the name Daystar