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The Saviors of Britannia

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Everyone was gathered in the Boar Hat for a bit of a meeting of sorts. Although it wasn't very formal. All the sins and Elaine and Elizabeth had been traveling together already, but Margaret and Gilthunder, as well as Veronica and Griamore had shown up here today, hoping to find an answer to a question that they had been having. Meliodas rushed up to the door as soon as Gilthunder opened it, with a very cheery tone of voice. "Little Gil! You're here! Let me guess, you need our help with something don't you?" Meliodas asks as the two walk in the door. Before Gilthunder can speak Meliodas interrupts him. "We'll gladly help! Just tell us where you need us and we'll be on our-"

"Actually Meliodas we came here to see if you needed any help with anything." Gilthunder explains and Meliodas looks confused.

"Really?" He asks.

"Yeah. Everything has been pretty quiet as of late in Britannia." Gilthunder explains. "Everywhere I go it seems that everything is at peace. So I came looking for you, figuring that if there was any trouble anywhere in the land, you'd be the one to find it."

"Nope." Meliodas says in a cheery tone of voice. "We killed all the demons that were here about three weeks ago." Meliodas explains. "So when you showed up here I figured you had found something and wanted to get my help."

"Nothing of the sort." Gilthunder says and looks over at Margret who was happily embracing her sister, the two happy to be reunited. Speaking of sisters reuniting...Veronica suddenly burst through the door with Griamore.

"Veronica!" Elizabeth cheers and runs over to her and the two sisters hug, shortly joined by Margret.

"Alright I guess it's go time everyone! Let's go start this Holy War and-" Meliodas starts then Griamore cuts him off.

"Uh actually Sir Meliodas..." Griamore starts. "We came here to see if you were having any trouble with demons?" He asked and then everyone looked shocked.

"Really?" Margret asks.

"Yeah." Veronica says. "We saw you and Gilthunder come over here so we thought that you might be going to the Seven Deadly Sins for help so we decided to follow you to offer our aid."

"Well it's not needed." Ban says, casually sipping a pint of ale, his arm loosely draped over Elaine's shoulders. "We haven't had any trouble for the past couple of weeks."

"That's so strange..." Veronica says.

"Is there really no issue?" Elaine asks Ban. "It's almost as if the Ten Commandments have stopped their attacks..."

"They must be planning something." Gilthunder argues. "That's the only reason why they would have halted their attacks."

"I don't know..." Merlin says. "The Ten Commandments have had plenty of time to plan their revenge. You'd think they'd be enacting it already..."

"I agree with Merlin." Gowther says. "There's no reason for the Ten Commandments to suddenly cease fire, other than the fact that they've given up."

"Given up?" Veronica asks. "You think they've just surrendered and retreated?"

"Yes." Gowther says.

"You're crazy!" Veronica shouts at him.

"Maybe not entirely." Meliodas says with his hand on his chin. "I think Gowther might be on to something here."

"Really?" Everyone asks in a shocked tone including Gowther before coughing when he realizes that for once Meliodas is agreeing with him and he should be playing along. "I mean, really?"

"Yeah." Meliodas says. "On one hand it is really suspicious that they've retreated and they could be planning something but on the other hand...If they have really given up and retreated, do we really want to risk angering them again and risking our lives and happiness if they've given up?"

"I agree with the Captain." Ban says and hugs Elaine a little closer to him. "If the Ten Commandments have given up then I definitely don't want to risk losing what I've got right here just for reassurance..." Ban says and Elaine blushes and giggles while King is fuming next to them, watching Ban get all romantic with his sister.

"Who said you've got her?" King asks through gritted teeth as Ban lifts Elaine's chin to him with his fingers and Ban squints his eyes at him.

"Well I guess we should settle this then!" Meliodas announces and stands on top of a table. "I say we all live our lives peacefully until trouble comes about! Hereby declaring that we can all rest peacefully!" He announces and everyone cheers and Elizabeth passes around some mugs of ale for everyone while little Hawk runs around on the ground. "I would like to propose a toast to taking it easy for once!" Meliodas announces and everyone raises their glasses and clinks them with each other and takes a drink.

Two weeks go by, then two more and no new attacks from the Ten Commandments or any other demons happen or are brought to their attention so Meliodas decides that the threat is gone and he should throw a party in the woods. King and Elaine used some fairy magic to make the fireflies glow brighter in the woods and everyone throws a party out there. Soon some people from a nearby town join and there's good food cooked by Ban and music playing and everyone is dancing. King is delighted to be dancing with Diane, who is a smaller size for the moment thanks to Merlin and she holds him close to her chest as they sway to the music, making the Fairy King's entire face turn red and it took everything in his power not to change into his less attractive form. But he soon got angry when he saw Ban twirling his sister around, kissing at her neck and grabbing at things he shouldn't be every now and then, making Elaine blush and giggle before looking adoringly into his gaze. Steam came out of the fairy's ears and he flew over to him despite Diane's protests. "Ban back off of my sister!" He shouts and Ban sighs and turns to the annoyed Fairy King.

"Look King...You know I didn't kill her and destroy the forest, and you know she's in love with me." Ban explains. "Isn't it about time to just let this go and let me be with your wonderful sister that means the world to me." Ban says and brings her in close for a kiss.

"Stop tricking her into being charming with your words you clever bandit!" King scolds him and Ban squints his eyes at him.

"Hey I'm not tricking her at all!" Ban argues. "She chose to be with me! I love her believe it or not."

"I love her more!" King argues.

"Oh yeah, enough to leave her alone in a tree for 700 years." Ban says and King's expression falls.

"That was a low blow Ban." Eliane says. "You know he's still upset over that."

"I know I'm sorry." Ban says honestly. "Hey, tell you what, I'll make up for it tonight..." He adds with a wink and the fairy's cheeks turn bright red and she suppresses a giggle as Ban brings her flush against his chest. King changed into his human form.


"Nothing I haven't already done before." Ban winks and King gets a nosebleed and nearly faints.

"YOU'VE DEFLOWERED MY SISTER YOU SCOUNDREL! YOU'LL PAY-" King gets cut off again, this time by Elaine.

"Harlequin, I think instead of freaking out over our relationship, you should be worrying about your own." Elaine informs him and King looks at her.

"My own?" He asks and looks to where his sister is pointing, Diane, looking lonely in a corner, but then being comforted by a very charming Hauser. "You're right Elaine, tonight I'm going to win over Diane once and for all!" He declares and floats over to her.

"And now that we're all alone..." Ban says and pulls Elaine close again. "Where were we?" He asks before capturing her lips in a searing kiss.

Hauser currently had Diane twirling her hair and giggling before King flew in between them. "Back off my woman!" King shouts at him and Hauser only scoffs.

"If she's your woman then why was she left all alone on the dance floor?" Hauser asks and King blushes.

"Well...uh...I...uh..." He stutters.

"Thought so." Hauser says and takes Diane's hand. "Come on sweetheart let's go dancing."

"Okay-" Diane get's cut off by King's Chastiefol pressing down onto Hauser's hand.

"I said back off." King says. "I've spent too long watching Diane fawn over Meliodas and be charmed by you. Now I'm taking a stand! I'm going to fight for her affections! Tonight I'm making her mine!" He declares and Diane's eyes sparkle.

"Oh King..." She says dreamily and Hauser cracks his knuckles.

"Very well. If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get." He says and King prepares Chastiefol. Hauser summons a tornado that instantly sweeps up the Fairy and blows him around, much to Diane's dismay but then a bunch of little daggers appear out of it, flying everywhere and Hauser screams and ducks for cover as some daggers hit a table. King floats down to Diane's side and removes the daggers, turning them back into a pillow and lays down on it.

"Well that guy sure is a pussy." King says before blushing after being kissed on the cheek by Diane.

"Thanks for fighting for me King. I've never had two guys fight over me before." She says and King stutters and scratches the back of his neck.

"I'll always fight for you Diane..." He says. "You know how much I love you..." He says, his face on fire with embarrassment. She grabs his coat and brings his lips to hers in a sweet kiss. When she pulls away he doesn't know what to think.

"I love you too." She says and steam comes out of King's ears and he cheers and floats high into the sky and lets out a few cheers of joy and flies in circles. Ban and Elaine watch from below in amusement.

"You know I love you too." Elaine says to Ban and he smirks and kisses her.

"I hope you know that I love you too." Ban says and rests his head on top of hers.

Meanwhile Elizabeth was watching over all the happy couples. Ban and Elaine, Margaret and Gilthunder were dancing. She let out a little gasp of surprise when she saw Diane finally kiss King but she was very happy that the two of them had finally gotten together, and she hoped that soon Meliodas would admit his feelings and finally they could be together. She felt even more annoyed when she looked towards the drinks and saw Veronica and Griamore drinking away and embracing each other. Was everyone in a happy relationship except her!?! "What's wrong Elizabeth?" Meliodas asks and brings Elizabeth a mug of ale. She takes it and looks away from him.

"Nothing, Sir Meliodas." She says and drinks it, a depressed expression on her face. Meliodas looks curiously at her.

"Why the long face?" He asks. She sighs.

"I wish you knew me well enough to just know why..." She says and walks over to Margret and Gilthunder.

"Wow, women. Am I right Hawk?" Meliodas asks the small pig, but even he was frowning at him.

"YOU IDIOT!!" Hawk screams at him. "DON'T YOU KNOW BY NOW WHAT ELIZABETH WANTS FROM YOU!" The demon's expression remained unchanged. "SHE WANTS YOU TO TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!!"

"Ooohhh..." Meliodas says and ponders that. He did have yet to tell Elizabeth that he had recently accepted the fact that he wouldn't be betraying Liz by being with her since technically they're the same person and that he really did have feelings for her, but between all the battles and missions and everyone else's business he had yet to do that. But now, with his Elizabeth looking so beautiful tonight, and the threat of the Ten Commandments gone, it was finally time to cement their relationship. His seven hearts pounded altogether at the thought. "Well I guess it's time to get that over with." He says indifferently with a confident smile plastered on his face as he strode over to the woman he loved. He coughed a bit to get her attention as she talked with her sister and Gilthunder. "Hello again Elizabeth, I was wondering if you would like to dance with me?" He asks and offers his hand. Margret and Gilthunder look at each other knowingly and back at Elizabeth and Meliodas.

"Oh Sir Meliodas...I, I didn't know you wanted to-" She stumbles on her words as Meliodas takes his hand into hers.

"Go on Ellie." Margret says. "It's about time you two get to spend some time together." Elizabeth takes her sister's advice and takes Meliodas's hand and he leads her out to the floor and starts to dance with her. Although the height difference made things a bit difficult. His hand was resting more on her ass than her waist and being the little pervert he is, he squeezed it and his head found it's way up her dress a few times, using his height to his advantage. Elaine who was making out with Ban looked over and noticed her friend's predicament and decided to help. She sent some fairy magic Meliodas's way and suddenly he was lifted off of the ground and raised to Elizabeth's height.

"Hey look at that Elizabeth! I can float now!" He says and she laughs and Meliodas places his hand in the proper position and the two sway on the dance floor together, looking lovingly into each other's eyes. Elizabeth rests her head on Meliodas's chest and he smiles and holds her close. "Hey Elizabeth..."

"Yes Sir Meliodas?" She asks and Meliodas blushes.

"There's something I want to tell you..." He says and puts his fingers under her chin and brings her close. "I've been wanting to say this for awhile now, and I think now is finally the time to say-"

"I love you!" Elizabeth shouts and throws her arms around him and kisses him hard and passionate. The blonde didn't complain and eagerly kissed her back. When they finally broke for air Meliodas simply smiled and said

"I love you too..." Before pulling her into another kiss under the stars.

After having their fill of ale and each other's lips, the two make their way back to the Boar Hat discreetly and ascend the stairs up to their room. The two of them blush when they pass by Ban's room and they hear Elaine's moans and cries of pleasure from inside. A drunk Meliodas knocks on the door. "Have fun in there Ban!" He laughs before bringing Elizabeth up another flight of stairs to their room.

"You too Captain!" Ban calls after him and then continues what he's doing to Elaine.

Meliodas wasted no time throwing Elizabeth onto the bed and starting to strip her of her clothes. "After groping you for so long, it's crazy to think that I'll finally get to enjoy what's underneath your clothes." Meliodas says and his eyes widen when he pulls off her dress and he sees her practically naked. He runs a hand along her side and crawls on top of her as his top is removed by Elizabeth.

"Sir Meliodas..." Elizabeth smiles. "I love you...tonight I want to give you everything."

"Same here Princess." He says and gently kisses her lips. "Same here..." He starts to make out with her.

Meanwhile a very confused Gowther goes to consult Merlin who was talking with Arthur. "Merlin, may I bother you for a moment?" He asks.

"Sure. What's up?" Merlin asks.

"I've noticed a strange phenomenon as we've entered the later part of the night. Couples seem to be disappearing in a rush. Ban and Elaine left in a drunken state and Meliodas and Elizabeth left after them shortly in the same manner. I even noticed the same thing happen to Princess Veronica and Sir Griamore and Princess Margret and Sir Gilthunder snuck away somewhere as well. And now here we go again!" Gowther says as he notices Diane get carried away on Chastiefol with King. "What are all these couples leaving to do?" Merlin and Arthur laugh.

"Oh Gowther, you have no idea." She laughs and places a hand on his shoulder. "Let's just say that given the amount of couples that have left, more than one child is going to be conceived tonight."

"You mean one or more of the women that have left with a man tonight will get pregnant?" Gowther asks.

"Given the odds, most likely." She says and Arthur looks shocked.

"Oh my. Well these next nine months sure will be interesting then." He says and the two of them laugh while Gowther is still left confused.