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Adventures of Clyde: Super Sleuth and Undercover Tortoise

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“Sherlock, where's Clyde?”

“He is currently on a date.”

“Our tortoise is on a date?”

“Watson, you sound surprised. Yes, there was a lovely tortoise that moved in next door. I thought, in the spirit of welcoming the people to the neighborhood, we should set up a play date for our land-dwelling reptiles.”

“Wait, this doesn't sound like you, Sherlock. Remember that loft just around the corner that the owner was subletting? You weren't neighborly to them.”

“Well, I've decided to be neighborly to this renter.”

“Something still smells fishy here; you don’t go out of your way to socialize.”

“Very good detecting, Watson. I have two words for you: tortoise smuggling.”


"Clyde is undercover on a date so you can gather evidence that our new neighbors are involved in tortoise smuggling?"

"Yes, that is the gist of it."

"As long as he's home by his bedtime."

"Of course."