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DiU Discussion + FAQ/Walkthrough (!!SECRET ROUTE!!)

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I keep feeling hella guilty everytime I purse Okuyasu or Rohan and I dunno why?? It's even worse than when you go after Koichi or Yukako!!!! Something about it just seems heartbreaking in the CGs

lololol sum1 doesn't kno the secretmegaspecial route yet huh

what????? There's a secret route under all the secertness of finding out it was an otome anyway?!!?




HUEHUE Okay kiddos, get read for the ride of your lives, because we're gonna have to look underneath the underneath on this one. No one expected the depth of this game and it just keeps on giving.

Here's the NO SPOILERS OMG VERY BASIC MUCH MYSTERY Guide to this route. It will tell you nothing but what choices to make and when. If you don't want spoilers, click on it now and ignore me until you're done because I'll be yelling about this route on my blog forever

Here is the (SPOILER FILLED) FAQ and Walkthrough for the Secret Route. Yes, it involves Rohan and Okuyasu. No, it's not easy. The qualifications are OUT OF THIS WORLD (nearly quite literally) and you basically have to play 80% of the other routes to completion, memorize supposedly filler and therefore useless facts, and get fired from Tonio's. Yeah. And that's just in the first half of the game! Kira's secret route is much easier to get (due to it being a Bad End imhfo) and so most assume it's the only one, RIP

This route is my favorite route I've ever played but it is literally SO PICKY about every little detail. If you don't have a guide your chances are around 1/35928 to get it. I'm not joking, I did the math on how many people have played it without a guide vs those who had a guide to get it. I've yet to meet a person who could shut up about it once they finished that route tho and you can always tell who didn't have a guide
Good luck kiddos!! Thank your Gamer Grunkle later ;0

AC comin' at it again with the guides we never know we wanted. BRB gotta read it throughhhh


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[All that Josuke wanted was some pocket change and for his life to start. He didn't imagine it would start when he was sixteen, charging him with being responsible for finding and stopping a serial hand murderer from hiding in his home town while he works at a cafe! Make your way through this new adventure while navigating friendships, clubs, responsibilities, and fighting you way through the enemies this mysterious murderer is sending after you.]

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   Kira's Secret Route
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Tips for Good Ends/Love Routes?




*Okuyasu: Loves ice cream. The easiest way to his heart is mercy and stopping by the ice cream parlor every morning before school with him. Don't offer him free food, it'll hurt his pride. He's one of the easier routes to get, but in the second half when Okuyasu starts to withdraw, pay very close attention to him. Some days he'll go home early- follow him for his route's Best End.

*Koichi: A little harder to pin down interest on because fans are divided themselves on if they can bare to break him and Yukako's budding relationship up for the sake of cute dates and probably the most emotionally smart character in the game. He's weak to home made food and empathy. If you mention Yukako too much, he'll go back to her, and automatically be put back on the Friendship route.

*Yukako: The easiest to get a bad route on. Don't let her control you with gifts and attention once she notices you, but let her know you care for your time together. She appreciates physical gestures of love and PDA. You might not even know you're on her good route if you're doing it right until she turns down Koichi.

*Yuuya: Has fangirls, but they don't mind you cozying up to him if you can prove you're a good match by supporting him fearlessly. Oddly sensitive to smell, it's better if you ditch the cologne that adds +2 charisma for anyone else because for him it's -4 charisma. Thank him for saving you.

*Jotaro: Omfg I was surprised how many people wanted to know if he had a romantic route? The answer is no as 1) he's married 2) in game he's your nephew despite being over a decade older and 3) he has turtles, the one thing your MC can't stand, as pets. He's got a nice mentor route though? Likes sea creatures and picture of his daughter.

*Shigechi: Has a high probability of dying unless you walk him to school the 3rd week after you meet him. (This means in some routes he inevitable dies. Sorry.) He doesn't have a love route, but keeping his friendship will make the second half of the game so much easier. His greed can be satisfied with the occasionally bought snack and jokes keep him happy.

*Hayato: Again a character with no love route, and you won't meet him until the second half. Prove to him you're looking for Kira and he'll help you out more than anyone else can. Don't put his hat on for him and keep an eye out for his parents. Definitely knows more than you about anything and everyone as he probably has everyone's phones and computers tapped. If you're stuck, he'll help you more than I will.

*Reimi: Although she's a ghost and it is a PAIN to interact with her, getting her friendship helps out in a lot of different ways. She likes talking about Rohan, old fashioned hair styles, and dogs. She's very friendly by the way! That's not why it's hard to interact with her.

*Tonio: Since he's your boss it takes a lot for him to 'realize' you want him. In truth he knows the moment you choose the first right answer for his route but you have to make him fall hard enough that he foregoes all professional reluctance. Rare ingredients and introducing him to your friends are the main boosters. Has a dark history he'll tell you about if things go well in the Friendship route, but not he love one.

*Kousaku [KIRA]: There's a reason he's so jumpy around you and seems to look more at your hands than your face. Be very careful about his route even though all it really takes is you finding and talking to him. A guide to where to find him at various days is Here. If you want to finish his route, take the blame for breaking into Cinderella's and don't introduce him to anyone you know. Has two ends: Bad and Twisted Bad Evil

*Rohan: This dude is so tsundere I call him tsuntsun to his FACE. It's even harder since he takes so long to show up, but helping him shop, swinging by his house, introducing him to Tonio, and making friends with Hayato of all people helps. Don't snoop in his sketch book. I promise, it's better if you wait. He likes reference of all kinds, from books on animals to nude modeling. Be careful about coming on too strong at first though!

*Surface: ...The Stand, not even his user? Well, believe it or not, it *is* an actual route. Have to get your friendship level with Hazamada max'd before you even think of suggesting this though. And, oddly enough, a vital step in acquiring the Secret Route. You get several options on who you want Surface to look like before you go do whatever and while some of them have HILARIOUS consequences, many can wreck routes. Save before you even ask, and before you answer. Only one can give you the final key to the secret route.

How do I make sure Koichi and Yukako end up happy together??

Oh it's really easy! Just keep bringing them up in front of each other. Invite Yukako to lunch, as Koichi is almost always there unless he's already dating Yukako. Koichi at one point will find a wet, shredded note in his locker. If you choose to restore it and hand it to him without reading, he'll run off without explanation. If you do read it though you'll find out Yukako wrote the note and is apologizing for... Something you weren't there for.

Why are so many routes Guy routes?

lmao MY DUDE JOSUKE IS SUPER GAY. Or well pan really but tbh he obviously leans towards male identifying people. Someone made a patch that changes Josuke's gender, but the art isn't quite up to par and the pronoun filter is broken in some places.

There's rumors there's a route for an Alien??

Mikitaka has a route, so kind of? It's not necessary for the Secret Route or anything, and we never do find out if he's an alien or a very weird Stand user or maybe even a rogue Stand. Jotaro mentions in his SDC Notebook (that you can steal while in his Mentor route, though if he catches you you'll automatically fail that route) that there was a Stand that was a Sword that had a mind of it's own, supposedly. Anyway, Mikitaka's route has the weirdest requirements, so I'll make a guide for his route later.

What is the Secret Route?? No one mentions who's actually involved!

This is because there's not just one, but two people involved. And the surprise is really amazing if you don't know who you're going to end up with from the beginning. We respect people who want to keep that awe going. But if you're frustrated and the basic vague guide isn't enough, look no further.



Ya'll thirsty mofos forced us to make an entire section because the typical guide wasn't enough for you. Wow. But well, here it is!



Josuke, Okuyasu, and Rohan. Yes, we know, this is probably one of the most unlikely routes that you can think of where all the characters actually meet in the story no matter what you do.

Why the hell can't I get this route done following the regular (vague) guide?!

Ahaaha, let's make a list!



*The first meeting flag is glossed over even though it is absolutely CRUCIAL to even starting the route. You have to choose to rush into the room and beat the crap out of Rohan without being able to see anything even though Rohan can. Yeah. We know. Doesn't seem like a great way to start a route that involves him, but as some hardcore fans have pointed out, Rohan is practically besides himself with ~*Inspiration*~ after getting smacked around. Masochist?

*People NEVER TO EVER INSULT: Rohan (Okuyasu won't like him if you do), Okuyasu (Rohan won't like him if you do), Tonio (Friends with all of you), Naoko (Rohan's rolemodel), Keicho (Okuyasu will be hurt), Reimi (Rohan and Okuyasu will be upset even though only Rohan will really be hurt), Jotaro (Though everyone respects him so why would you)

*DON'T DRAG OKUYASU TO ROHAN'S HOUSE. DON'T DRAG ROHAN TO OKUYASU'S HOUSE. ONLY And we do mean ONLY MAKE THEM VISIT IF THEY OFFER FIRST. They will eventually start dragging you to their houses.

*Make an effort to read Rohan's manga with Okuyasu. Josuke will start to enjoy it, and so will Okuyasu, but view it with a critical eye. (Book Studies needed for this skill RIP) Rohan prefers this to OMG UR SO PERF SENSEI.

*When Josuke is made to go in the ambulance, try to insist on Okuyasu making sure Rohan is okay and to ask Hayato why. Hayato at this point would've told you what happened to Rohan, even though Rohan doesn't remember it, but Okuyasu is ignorant. If you do this, they'll both visit at the hospital.

*There isn't enough room on a motorcycle for all of you, only beg to use Rohan's car when wanting to go places. He'll let you use it.

*Treat Okuyasu's dad like a human being. The guide says kindly and that's lead to most players downfall, as they treat him kindly as you would a pet. Okuyasu is rightly offended.

*You need to let them know you love them at the right times. The third time you get the option, the fourth time, and the sixth time is what the guide says, and it's right- but most players will confuse Love with Like Like and miscount. Be careful!


Doing anything else will lead you to a Bad end, a Friend end, or, if you somehow manage to only botch one or two minor things, the Lovers route with one of them. Neither of their individual Lovers routes are considered their true endings though so that's why so many players believe it vital to get The Secret Route.

-Is there a more basic listen of things you need to do before you start this route/other routes needed before this?




*Complete Okuyasu and Tonio's True Friendship routes. DO IT

*You have to finish Rohan's Route, which means you also have to have Jotaro's Route and Reimi's Route.

*You need to have maximum friendship with Hayato during this route not only for information but because he triggers key events such as giving you Rohan's Lost Sketchbook.

*You have to watch Okuyasu die and then come back. I know, it's something that with advanced warning is easy enough to avoid so most do, but without this happening Josuke and Rohan will have trouble realizing what they could lose.

*Reimi will ask Josuke why Rohan seems to have discarded some of his unnecessary pride. You must say "Maybe he fell in love with someone surprising," while looking at Okuyasu.

*When Okuyasu tries to find out who's been leaving groceries in his house, suggest Rohan and back it up with reasoning that he's not as cold as you first thought. If you say it's because he's so rich, antics ensue, but it makes the route much harder.

*When Rohan mentions having read Okuyasu's pages again, PUSH VERY HARD FOR INFO. Not only will he give it to you, Josuke will be able to put some info together in game and help Rohan realize it too. It will unlock 5 convos, two of which unlock 3 more convos. If someone brings up Rohan looking through Okuyasu, Josuke, or even offering for them to look through himself, answer in a positive way.

*Eventually you're gonna need more time to be able to hang out with both of them. You basically run around like a chicken with it's head cut off until Tonio gives you that scary smile and tells you (very gently) that you're fired because he doesn't need your help if that's all you're going to be doing. Quitting will make Okuyasu feel guilty and he'll try to make you go back.

*Okuyasu will ask what you think Rohan thinks of him several times. Always pick the options that are subtle about pointing out the growing feelings! You can do this in a particular route where Okuyasu accepts he likes Rohan but can't have him if you don't meet the other requirements though.

*Due to there being two characters plus your own falling in love, it's not enough to just insinuate they're in love. You've got to insinuate Josuke's also in love blatantly enough that they can pick up on it without Josuke realizing himself or you'll lose those options.

~He said I was boring when we met...
First meetings are the worst, huh? But you grown on people easily!
~Even you?
Wh- Of course!

~You can stay.
But if I stay won't I be a third wheel?
~Tricycles exist, you know.

~Take a photo Josuke!
Like a selfie or from over th-
~We picked you because you have the longest arms, stupid.

If you manage to get this far you may notice something's... Different.

WHOA! Why am I playing as Okuyasu all of the sudden?

Narratively, it seems a little confusing, but without this switch you don't get to see Okuyasu making some very crucial decisions about his life. Out of all three he has the worst home life and has no one to rely on but himself. Switching here allows the narrative to follow a more interesting internal struggle. That's why some people also refer to this route as The Switch Route. ONCE YOU'VE GOTTEN HERE, ALL THE FINNICKY REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET! SAVE IMMEDIATELY DANGIT

Okay, but how do I play Okuyasu? 

Okuyasu's part is the most time consuming as far as moving the story along goes. You've got to go through every nook and cranny of his house for clues about what he does when Josuke isn't around and how to take care of everything. Especially since he's figuring out what he wants to do after high-school.

If you wander around the house long enough you'll be able to piece together that Okuyasu's been in love with both of them for a very long time but never acted on it due to being too busy with his own life, afraid of the consequences if it didn't go well, and afraid of what choices he'd have to make if they said yes. A few of the things that point this out is a sketch of Josuke that must be Rohan's work hidden in one of Okuyasu's books, a very specific brand of hair gel next to one you recognize as Josuke's brand, and the convo options with Stray cat.

Does Rohan get a chance to be MC too?

Weirdly enough, no. Though you do get to snoop around his house often enough that perhaps it wouldn't be necessary to know his love anyway.

Why must Okuyasu suffer?! HE'S BEEN IN LOVE SO LONG OTL

Because he's precious and he won't have to suffer much longer at this point if you do things right. For real though, he loves Josuke and Rohan a lot. Most players assume he's very affectionate because of his CGs until they actually look through the gallery and realize the only people he touches a lot are Josuke, Rohan, and his dad. That's it and there's literally only one CG of him hugging his dad. He's actually been pretty blatant if you wander back through the dialogue, but because you're friends with the dude, most people take it as playful banter. In reality... It's more of a "Lololol I'm joking, unless you want to. BUT HAAHA Seriously if you want to let me know. Please."

Once you figure things out you want to start heading outside. Before you can, Okuyasu's dad will reach out and grab him. Though they can't really have a conversation, you have a variety of responses. The Guide tells you well enough what choices to make, but in summation, Okuyasu's dad is trying to encourage Okuyasu to go for what makes him happy. He shoves the photo (Which turns into a heartbreaking very rare sepia CG) that Josuke fixed at the very beginning of the game at Okuyasu. Don't brush it off.

All the clues point to love on all sides now. Why, you wonder, has it taken so long for the obviously pining boys to do something? Well once you settle into a nice long pining session, confessing gets hard because you're so comfortable with admiring from afar what you have only the slightest chance of having. But now that things are about to be settled, and the game will basically hold your hand to get you where you need to go, let's talk about Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs, huh?

Oh yes!! Look here:


*If you ask Hayato in Okuyasu's route about Rohan, he'll show you some pictures of Rohan taking pictures of Josuke and Okuyasu on their way to or from school and comment that some of the new characters in Pink Dark Boy remind him of Josuke and Okuyasu.

*Once Rohan trusts you enough to look through his sketch book during his route, you can find sketches of Okuyasu on several of the pages. Some are small and simplistic, but many are studies of his face, his hands, his uniform. Some towards the beginning are paired with Josuke, but as you look further, he starts to separate the two.

*In Tonio's route, Rohan and Okuyasu will often visit the cafe together when Josuke is working. They seem happy enough, and some fans insist they're together, but the proof is minimal. 

*Cinderella will offer you a makeover if you fix up her store, and only the person whose route your on is supposed to look at you like you're everything. If it's Rohan or Okuyasu's route, they won't look at you differently, which can make Josuke very confused.

*During Koichi's route, you can tease Koichi about obviously being in love with someone. Okuyasu will suggest one of the girls around campus (only Yukako if you're near failing the route) and you can interject with "Or maybe Rohan-sensei, since you're always around him." Koichi will groan in frustration at your dense head, but Okuyasu will light up at the mention of Rohan before seeming to realize something and withdrawing from the conversation. 

*In Yukako's route, when you go looking for gifts, you can ask Okuyasu and Rohan what they'd get for a partner. Okuyasu will say ice cream before laughing and dragging Josuke to get some 'while he thinks'. Rohan will smirk and say something about a sketch of them, to show them exactly how he sees them, and then laughs because Josuke can't do that. If you snoop in his sketch book during this route, you'll see he's drawn Josuke and Okuyasu grinning with their heads together, breathing each others air, looking for all the world like they're happy on Rohan's porch. It's dated the day after you had that conversation.

*Rohan's True Friendship route involves going to Tokyo of all places, and if you stop in front of a jewelry store to look inside, Rohan will look with you and make this remark: "It's a wonder you and Okuyasu don't wear rings with all that metal you wear. Hm? Hn, I'd think about it... But it's too late..." If you ask why he'll ignore you.

*At the end of Yuuya's route, you miss a 'required' speech before the school has an art exhibition. If you go visit the auditorium, there are a few of the program pamphlets scattered about. You can only pick up two though. One is obviously Okuyasu's, and he has little remarks about some of the students he knows, and there's some fireworks and a very small heart that looks more like a capital 'B' next to Rohan's name. The other has sketches drawn with a lazy professional hand. There's a place where the pen obviously skidded off course, and then underneath a picture of Okuyasu pulling a face and The Hand waving.

*When Cinderella's is broken into, there will be an option to examine a suspicious old flip phone. The phone is rather bland, but the screensaver is of a crowd in Morioh square. Those with a keen eye will realize the focus is of Rohan- and if you're following his route, Josuke will be right next to him. In Koichi's route proven to be Okuyasu's old flip phone.

*If you wrongly choose Okuyasu's gym locker to break into during Yukako's route and still decide to search through it, you'll find out that the boy who claimed to have no interest in Pink Dark Boy merchandise has a picture of Rohan  'for good luck'… a blurry picture of them together, looking worse for wear and smudged where fingers have touched it one too many times despite it looking fairly new otherwise. Yukako will be there to dramatically muse, "Ah, what heartbreak… To not even be noticed but once?" 



B-but why is this The True Route then?

Because not only has it been Confirmed by the Creator and Other Staff Members, it's a very interesting story to follow. It goes on much longer than any other route, and adds another 3 hours of playtime to the game. It's not the happiest route by any stretch as people die for it to work but it makes sense. Some maybe remember I became obsessed with the studio that made this because They were formed to rebel against unnecessary restrictions which I didn't know meant homosexual polyromance at the time, but I knew they'd get good shit done.

When I replay the route, is it possible to fail?

No, thankfully. The game is kind enough about that. Have fun with the other options too! One of my favorites is saying "Don't you wish he'd play naked model for us, too?" which in the first playthrough is way too soon to say, but in the second/third/etc provokes some VERY interesting reactions. Imho it's much more interesting if you turn R-18 content on, but that's not everyone's thing.

Are there any other "Secret" Routes?

Hmm. Well, this isn't so much a route so much as it changes how you go THROUGH a route, and at the end there's a dialogue option you gotta click for it to matter, but. Basically Yuuya lies about there not being an art exhibition if you're on his route because he made something for it, and if you catch his lie while he's saying it, things change a lot. Towards the end you can choose to ask him to "Make me your canvas with that crafty tongue of yours" if R-18 is on. 

There's also Kira's route of course, but that's all detailed Here.

Wait, you mentioned Surface being something that can be part of the True Route?

HAAHA YEAH WE DID Here's the thing. Hazamada. Is kind of. Very supportive of the True Route relationship. In the first run through you make a choice and then everything will fit into place after you get to Okuyasu! And if you want to speed things along in your second playthrough you can max your friendship with him and ask to have him turn it into either Josuke, Okuyasu, or Rohan. This works best if you turn it into Okuyasu, but most people prefer to turn it into Josuke or Rohan for aesthetic/selfcest reasons.