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don't go making wishes in the dark, dark

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Kirishima can see Todoroki, yes, can recognize the scar that covers his eye and the way his two-toned hair moves as the male speaks, that he can recognize all of that. 

He can feel his chest trying to jump start or perhaps leap into his throat; he hasn’t told Todoroki about what he messed up, what happened to him and everything with his mother, yet the words Todoroki uttered to him with confusion in his eyes.

They meant that he wasn’t touched, they meant that Todoroki’s memories of Kirishima were fine.

Those simple words: “Kirishima, I already know your name.” when Kirishima tried to introduce himself to Todoroki (again) meant more to the redhead than anything in that moment.

His heart aches, an ever familiar feeling that makes him want to cry—he feels the burn of tears in his eyes, registers that Todoroki looks confused then slightly concerned—and Kirishima chokes on a quiet sob.

“-shima…? Kirishima, can you hear me?”

It comes in a sudden wave, like dams bursting in his head, and Kirishima sobs once more as he looks up at Todoroki. The other’s hands are hovering in the air, hesitant to touch Kirishima but definitely concerned

He nods, once, just to let the other at least know he can hear him again—the realization that someone still remembers him, remembers his name still hits Kirishima hard in the gut and he’s so fucking happy.

“I-I… ‘m fine..!” Kirishima manages to wheeze out, voice cracking on the last word. Todoroki’s face is unchanging. No, wait yeah that was definitely disbelief (and more confusion) in the way he lifts an eyebrow at the answer.

“But you’re… crying..?” Todoroki comments, though the questioning in it makes Kirishima laugh. It borders on hysterical as he tries to calm down and while it doesn’t quite work—there’s still tears in his eyes and the elation that Todoroki remembers him is still strong in his veins—he manages to stop.

“Y-Yeah… I promise dude, ‘m fine… ‘s not because of ya! Really!” Kirishima tries, voice thick thanks to the crying and sobs, and Todoroki tilts his head curiously. “I just… ha, I think… I think I messed something up big time.”

“Why would you say that?” Todoroki asks, hands lowering now that he knows Kirishima suddenly won’t burst into tears again. Though, the redhead wonders if he should warn the other that he’s probably going to burst into tears again if he thinks about it too hard.

(he remembers he remembers he remembers!!!)

“Well, ya got some time to kill?” Kirishima says instead, voice trying to sound nonchalant; Todoroki nods. Clasping his hands together excitedly, Kirishima laughs, “Great! C’mon let’s go someplace ‘n get some crepes?”

He offers his hand to Todoroki, palm facing upwards as the other slowly grabs it; Kirishima is sort of grateful there wasn’t questions—though with Todoroki he does seem to just… go with it anyway so—about it.

(he probably wouldn’t tell the other how it definitely grounded him, helped him feel a little more real, like the wish for his mother’s alzheimer’s never happened and he never was forgotten in the first place.)