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Focal Point

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March 26

Only his first day back in Italy and he was already reacquainting himself with the local flair, and in spectacular fashion.

Red melted back into the pillow, threading his fingers through the long lustrous hair tickling his thighs. His eyes stared blatantly, filled with repressed fire, as the brunette head attached to his raging erection bobbed sensually,  sucking feverishly,  licking the rigid hard on.

He loved watching those pink sensuous lips sliding down his cock. They were so full and wet and felt so damned good. This woman was well acquainted with the art of pleasing a man.

And that little fucking tongue... God!

Red loved when she rolled that tiny pink muscle against him like she was doing just now. He closed his eyes, savoring the moment.

The suction this girl had was perfection.

Red relaxed totally, shifting into the activities she performed for him. She suckled, tonguing him just so, causing the head of his cock to vibrate, pulsating heavily. 


“Yes... there.” he sighed, his voice low and soothing. “Suck it.” he commanded.

He felt the muscles in his thighs flex as the owner of that phenomenal mouth readily obeyed.

She drew heavily on his flesh, slurping noisily, drawing on the fat crown on his shaft.

Shit...” Red spread his legs further apart, humming his gratitude when her small hand rolled his balls just right.

“If you want to fuck, you should stop,” he grunted, “or I’ll come down your throat.” he stated bluntly.

As much as he was enjoying the blow... and damn, was he ever.  He really wanted more.

Apparently his partner did as well, because she drew on the rigid length, letting him go with a wet pop before crawling up on all fours, waving that sweet ass wantonly in the air.

The man rolled onto his knees, sliding the condom into place, glancing at the treasure before him, chuckling lowly, his mood high.

“You do like sucking cock, don’t you.” he crooked his head slightly, staring at the beautiful sight afforded him. “Look at how wet you are.” he praised approvingly.

He stroked the swollen folds with his warm fingers, rubbing his hard shaft against her thrumming clit.

Come on.” the woman urged, pushing back against him.

He dipped his head into her wetness then slid deep inside, hissing his contentment. She rolled her hips against his pelvis, driving him in further until his balls pressed tightly against her sex.

“You’re always so impatient, Lexa.”  his tone holding a measure of reproof, though he rather liked that about the woman in reality.

“Only when I have a big cock filling me up.” she purred. “And I do want it to fill me up.”

“Well, unfortunately for you,” he snapped his hips,  bouncing her off his shaft, “I’m wrapped up tight.”

“Red...” Lexa pouted then cried out appreciatively when he fingered her clit expertly.

“Stop pouting.” he smiled, rubbing her little puckered hole as incentive.

He knew she was on birth control. He even knew she was clean of STD’s since she had conveniently left her test results out when he had gone to pick her up for dinner.

But to not wear a condom seemed too personal. Too intimate.

And while he liked Lexa, he wanted nothing more than this.

To blow off steam with her. To enjoy her company, then make a clean break. 

She slammed back into Red as he drove forward, breaking his thought pattern. He reached for her nipple, growling angrily at the interruption...

“Pardon me, Lexa.” he leaned against her back, grabbing the phone.

“Are you kidding me?” she panted, deep within in the throes of the passion he had created.

“I’m not stopping,” he pooh-poohed such a notion, “you know how I love to multi-task.” the man hunched over her back, rolling his hips against her, making her moan in delight.

“However, you do need to stay quiet.” he whispered seductively.

She loved this sort of thing, so all was well and good.

“Yes?” Red answered pleasantly, his eyes on his activity, his hand running slowly up Lexa’s spine.


The man immediately altered his tone and manner, instantly recognizing the voice on the line.

“Sweetheart, what can I do for you.” he raised the phone from his mouth. “Be quiet.” he suggested strongly,  gripping Lexa’s waist for leverage.

The woman clenched around his shaft, reacting to his tone, as he knew she would, falling silent. 

For how long, he could only guess.

“Are you busy?” Liz asked.

“No.” he sucked in a lung full of air as Lexa tightened herself around his throbbing arousal, smiling coyly over her shoulder. She knew he loved that shit.

“What’s wrong?” he had thrown the woman a scolding glance as a reprimand.

He listened intently as Lizzy rattled off about the newest Blacklister. They wanted to know his whereabouts.

“The docks, New Jersey, warehouse Num–,” he growled carnally, closing his eyes to the ecstasy coursing through his body.  Lexa had dropped to her shoulders, reaching between their legs, teasing his ball sack, “...Number five.”

“You all right?”

“Fine.” Red leaned into Lexa, tweaking her nipple, pulling the stiff peak hard, making the woman squeak her approval.

He placed his hand gently over her mouth, “Shh...” he crooned silkily.

A knock on the door caused both head to jerk to the unexpected intrusion.

Red’s face allowed his consternation. Lexa groaned piteously.

“Red, we have to leave in like thirty minutes.” Francis Holbrook’s deep voice filtered through the door.

Red’s head fell back, and he sighed heavily.

“Fine...” he called out bleakly.

“Red?” Elizabeth’s voice was laced with concern.

“I wasn’t talking to you sweetheart.” Red advised.

Lexa quaked under him, her thighs shaking against his own before her pussy slathered him in her thick cream.

“Shit...” the man’s grumbled his irritation.

“Red?”  Liz’s voice held a measure of annoyance as well.

“Hey!” Francis called out, tapping lightly on the door. “I would have already been finished!”

Reddington glared at the door but smiled as Lexa’s husky voice replied for him. “And that’s why he is here and you are not.”

“I’ll get back to you, Lizzy.” the tight pussy rippled tightly around his pumping shaft. It took only seconds and his lover came again. “Someone is at the door.” he slapped the phone shut.

Francis beat out a cadence on the door facing, his face beaming. He loved giving Red the business.

“This is the rhythm I use.” he called gingerly. “Works every time, eh,  Lexa?”

“Consider yourself a dead man.” Red gritted his teeth.

Francis glanced at his expensive watch. “Twenty-six minutes and counting.”

“I’m coming dammit!” Red grated huskily. He wrapped his hands around Lexa’s waist, lifting her into his thrusts, giving his concentration over to where it was needed. For several seconds he got lost in the proceedings.

“God, Li...”


He hadn’t meant to do that. To use another woman’s name was more than bad form in his book. He knew this was Lexa.

It was just a habit that whenever Lizzy called or was near, she stayed his focus for a goodly length of time.

Apparently, no matter what he was doing. 


Thrusting deep, he slowly rocked, filling the condom quickly.

Lexa giggled into the pillow which mellowed his mood considerably. 

Not quite how he thought this evening would play out, but as he finished emptying his cock of its load...taking everything into consideration,  it hadn’t been all that bad.

He gripped the condom, sliding it free, holding Lexa in place, “Tissue.”

She reached across to the night table, handing the object over her shoulder.  He disposed of the heavily filled latex sheath, inching backwards off the bed, keeping his back from Lexa’s view.

He slipped on his robe, heading to the bar for a drink.

“You must have been in need of a good fuck, Red.” the woman giggled, turning over, brushing her lovely hair out of her face. “You’ve never come that fast.”

“Well,” he glared at the door, “I was under a little pressure to finish.”

Though if he was honest with himself, his arousal had spiked when he heard Elizabeth’s voice.

Even with Lexa having prepared him,  he expected it might take a good fifteen minutes to actually finish the task.  But then he had heard Elizabeth, and his balls tightened in the blink of an eye.

“Then why don’t you come find me later, when you’re done,” she stroked him through his robe, squeezing his cock gently, “and we’ll give you your regular workout, yes?”

Red handed her a tumbler, letting her get a sip before kissing her pouty lips, “...Yes”




Two days later:


“Red, where the hell are you?” Elizabeth’s tone was acerbic.

“Why,” Red smiled into the phone, recognizing her annoyance, “do you miss me?”

“I don’t know.” she countered, sweetly. “Since I can’t find you, I can’t get you in my gunsight, now can I?”

“My dear Lizzy,”  Red chuckled his amusement, “I am in Italy and have been for the last three days.” he scanned the enormous airplane hanger absently. “I believe I mentioned I was here when we last spoke.” 

Red watched Francis Holbrook speaking with a group of men across the way, making sure the man was following his instructions to the letter.

Francis was a good guy, a smart guy. Red however, was the connection needed to make all involved feel more at ease.

The man’s experienced eyes continually returned to one individual in particular. Though Red couldn’t quite pinpoint why, the older man felt an indescribable something... amiss.

This guy was jumpy.

And why? This was a commonplace transaction both sides had conducted a thousand times before.

“When are you coming home?” Liz’s voice broke his train of thought.

“Sometime today.” Red’s scowl deepened. “... I hope.”

The youngest of the men was definitely skittish. Red’s brow rose slowly as he witnessed the boys hand dropping once again to his weapon, as if reassuring himself.

Why was this guy so twitchy? None of Angelo’s men were unprofessional, quick tempered or excitable. But this guy was different.

“Red?” Elizabeth Keen’s voice asked uncertainly. “Are you there?”

“I’m here, sweetheart.” Red muttered offhandedly.

Francis opened the briefcase that he had sat on the trunk of the car. Angelo’s right-hand man absently checked the contents, nodding his approval before holding his hand to shake on the deal.

The loud wail of a siren abruptly filled the air.

Shit.” Red sighed, suddenly resigned to the inevitable.

He casually pulled his weapon, a little annoyed, truth told.

The “nervous” young man pulled his gun from his waist, firing blindly as he ran for cover.

Francis slammed the briefcase shut, gathering it under his arm, bolting for the stairs of the plane.

All hell was breaking loose, men pulling weapons, running for cover, cursing, shouting in general. Total chaos reigned supreme.

Red Reddington calmly watched and waited until Angelo’s right-hand man, his face grimly set, trained his gun sight on Francis Holbrook.  

“Don’t fucking think about it!” Red warned the tall Italian, his tone even and unflustered.

Something in the dark eyes determined Red’s next move. He lowered his weapon, striking the other man in the leg. The guy went down, hard and fast.

Francis made a jump for cover, bailing behind a row of large toolboxes.

Red rolled his eyes, sighing heavily.

“Sweetheart, I have to go.” he fired off a shot, wounding another of the opposition. “Can I call you back?” he asked sardonically.

Angelo was going to be so pissed. Red shook his head woefully. 


“I won’t be long, I promise.” he remarked casually. Pulling the phone from his ear, he smiled slowly, snapping it shut on her bitching.

“Francis!” the young man had not quite reached his goal before the gunfire had escalated. “Get on the damn plane!” Red turned quickly, wounding one man creeping up on Francis’ position.

“Kinda busy trying to not get capped in the ass here, Red!” Francis yelled right back.

“I’m about to do it myself!” Red laid down a series of well-aimed scatter fire. “Now, go!”

Francis ran for the stairs, leaping melodramatically from the third one into the interior of the plane.

Red’s face was incredulous. He grumbled his consternation, dialing the phone, waiting semi-patiently.

“Angelo!” Red growled, “Put down your fucking drink and get your lazy ass in here!”

“What in the h–” Angelo stuttered when he heard the gunfire, sighing heavily.  “I’ll be right there.” he muttered dejectedly.

Red continued to fire, only wounding the other combatants. Perhaps this could yet be salvaged if no one fired a kill shot.

Angelo’s car arrived on the scene almost immediately, the slender man sliding effortlessly from the backseat even before it skidded to a stop.

“Lower your fucking weapons!” he rattled off angrily to his people. “Cease fire, dammit!”

Red waved his gun languidly in the air, signifying for his men to follow suit.

Angelo approached the men, his face almost purple with rage. “What in the holy hell happened!?” he asked disgustedly, stepping over a man groaning loudly on the floor.

Red’s gun changed directions indicating the needed route. “Your man has an itchy trigger finger.”

“What the hell are you talking about!” Angelo scowled as the young man in question came out from his hiding spot, armed and panicky.

“He heard a cop siren and then this... ” Red waved around the room.

“They called the cops! They’re here.” the sweaty and wild-eyed youth breathed out as he came closer. “Probably outside.” his eyed darted frantically about.

He kept Red in his sights until Angelo stalked over to him, ripping the gun from his hand and smacking him across the back of the head, hard.

“You did all this!?” he yelled, hitting the boy again. “You caused all this bloodshed!”

“I’m telling you,” the young man muttered tightly, “he’s ratted us out.” his eyes flew to Red accusingly.

“There’s no one out there, you fucking... ” Angelo clenched his fists at his side, fuming. “Are you on that shit again?!” he grabbed the kid’s collar, shaking him like a rag doll. “Are you?!”

Red examined the kid closer, finally seeing the dark circles under his wild eyes. Under the sweat, his skin was pasty and flushed. His muscles jerked, tense and spastic. The kid was high as a fucking kite. 

Red shook his head agitated, working the tension out of his jaw as he checked his men, making sure they were functional while Angelo handled his own problem.

“I’m dropping you in the darkest hole I can find until the very thought of that shit is abhorrent to you. Until you understand that just being in its vicinity means your certain death!”  Angelo shoved the kid toward two men who approached slowly. “Because I find you like this again, I’ll fucking put you down where you fucking stand!” the young man was dragged off to an SUV, shoved roughly into the back, the door slammed with a finality that ended ensuing scene.

“Reddington, you have my deepest apologies.” Angelo sighed deeply,  “I should have known...  should have seen... ”

“No one was seriously hurt. But, we can’t have a repeat of this.” Red warned.

“I assure you.  We won’t. I meant what I said, he’s going to get clean and stay clean even if I have to keep him locked up for a year or more.”  Angelo looked around anxiously.

“Are you sure your men are–”

“They’re okay. A little more awake now, but fine.”

Angelo glanced about, frowning. “And Francis?”

Red sighed, staring at the plane. “Francis?”

Francis peaked his head around the door frame. “Yeah?” He asked cautiously.

“You can come out from hiding now.”

“What the hell was that about!” Francis asked, bouncing gingerly down the stairs.

“Drugs.” Red said to the approaching man.

“We didn’t have any drugs.” Francis reminded helpfully.

“I know that.” Red rubbed his eyes, trying to keep matters in perspective.  “I meant... that one of Angelo’s men was high. The one who started all of this.”

“Oh, I thought maybe they didn’t accept our offer.”

“Do you normally reject an offer by shooting up a room?” Red asked the man.

“It’s been known to happen.”

“And even with that past history, you came unarmed?”

“Oh.” It dawned on the younger man. “Well, no, actually.” he bent, taking the gun from his ankle holster. “I forgot I had this.”

Red’s mouth fell slightly agape as he shared a look with Angelo. “You have your idiot.  I have mine.”

“Um, excuse me!” Francis stuck his finger up in the air. “How was I supposed to know one would start tweaking.” he defended himself staunchly.

“You sound like a Valley Girl.” Red made mention.

“Wait? What?” Francis asked, totally confused.

“Angelo, in light of recent events... ” Red nodded his head in the direction of Angelo’s men, who were carrying off another of their unit who was groaning in pain. “I’d understand if you wished to set negotiations aside until another time.”

“No... no. We’ll do it now.” Angelo decided firmly. “This has been in the works for three days. Unless of course, you’d rather deal with another source.”

“This is your baby.” Red signified the ball was in Francis’s court.

Francis thought quietly to himself for a few seconds.  Red knew very well all the man had to take into consideration.

The travel time, waiting for another shipment, bad feelings with Angelo and his men. He hoped like hell Francis made the right decision.

The young man’s eyes raised, “No, we’ll finish the deal. We’re here.” It was nodded with finality. “Let’s do it.”

“All right, gentlemen. Let’s get this over with.” Red smacked his hands together, pleased with the decision made. “I have a high tempered brunette waiting anxiously for me to return a call.”