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That Night Clubbing Ended in Traversing Time and Space.

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Ashley and Hailey stumbled through the snow trying to dodge the trees and carrying their expensive pumps to keep them out of the snow. They were disoriented and confused as to how they had stumbled into this forest. Ashley was certain they had been clubbing in down town Dallas. More than certain, because it’s the only place they ever went clubbing.

So, as to how they had found their way to this pine tree forest was beyond her. She was more than a little sure that it had to do with the case of beer and twelve shots. And definitely the ecstasy Hailey had acquired, which was why they were comfortable in the cloudless chill night air.

She felt the cool breeze on her super-heated and sensitive skin and the urge to remove her thin dress overwhelmed her for a moment. But before she could, Hailey gasped and darted forward shouting, “Light!” Ashely’s eyes searched ahead of her best friend and found the light that Hailey had seen. She felt relieved and excited at the thought of finally finding other people, she shivered with excitement.

It had been a few hours since they realized they had left the streets of down town Dallas. Hailey had commented on how funny it was to have snow in summer. The two had mused on the esoteric nature of living in snow houses for a while before they had noticed the trees and lack of anything man made. Ashley had clutched her hand bag closer to herself; Hailey had left hers at the bar.

She watched as Hailey daintily moved forward over the snow. Her mid-thigh length pink halter dress moved fluidly in the breeze and her platform pumps were made to match. Ashely was hardly dressed any better, as Hailey had declared it halter top night. She wore a loose fitting top and a miniskirt. Both were black. Ashley looked down at her feet as she began to follow her friend. Her expensive nylons were soaked through. A particularly strong breeze ghosted across her skin and she shivered again rushing forward after her friend.

Hailey had already seated herself by the camp fire when Ashley had caught up. The scene was an amusing sight. Two men sat on the opposite side of the fire staring at her. One looked to where Ashley strode in. She smiled warmly at him. Her smile faltered only a little when she noticed the bald one had pointed ears, the other wore a hood.

“Hello!” She greeted cheerfully shaking away the odd observations. She felt her top press to her in the breeze and shivered at the sensation before returning her gaze to the two men.

“Look how pretty it is!” Hailey sat staring into the fire. She looked deeply into the flames, the men were staring at the both of them. “Do you see Ashley?!” She looked over her shoulder back at her friend as she strode up next to her. “It’s like real fire!!”

Ashley caught the look between the two men and began to come out of her haze. She gave the bald one directly across from Hailey an apologetic smile, “Sorry we just burst in here. We are having issues.” She felt self-conscious at the way the man's light eyes stared at her.

“What sort of issues?” The bald one asked. His lyrical voice rolled over her and she visibly shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh. My. God. You have such a sexy voice!!” Hailey called out catching the eyes of both men.

“Hailey!” Ashley chided.

“What!? I can’t compliment the man!?” The brunette on her knees turned her gaze back to the men on the other side of the fire. “We were clubbing, and I got us a great deal on a couple of hits of ecstasy a piece. “ She then put her hand to the side of her mouth and winking and grinning conspiratorially. “We’re rolling pretty hard right now!!” Her voice was in no way a whisper, which caused her blonde friend to blush deeply.

“Hailey, keep your mouth shut!” She hit the back of her friends head with her hand bag. And tried to smile up at them. “I am sorry we interrupted your camping trip. We’ll just be going.” She reached down and grabbed Hailey’s arm trying to haul her up. It was hard to do one handed.

“What are you doing Ash!?” Her friend pulled her arm free. “Don’t mind my friend, she hasn’t gotten laid in like five years. That's part of why we went out tonight!” She stated matter of fact and brushed snow from her bosom.

“God damn it Hailey!” She turned to storm off but came up short as a third man was behind her. His eyes were like bright emeralds. The planes of his face were sharp, almost inhuman. He shadowed his pale complexion in a hood. She suddenly became wary. “Excuse me.” She tried to slip past him but heard the bald one speak again.

“Please sit down by the fire, Miss Ashley.” She shuddered again as his sexy voice crept up behind her. When she opened her eyes the man in front of her was smirking with a knowing look. She blushed with embarrassment. She eyed the forest behind him but was deterred by the little shake of his head. So she turned and sat next to her friend her was staring at the bald one. The third one sat closer to their side of the fire but not next to them.

“You look so familiar!! I know I have seen you somewhere before, you’re on TV right?” Hailey was squinting at the bald one and idly petting the blanket beneath her. She seemed to forget him as her focus moved to the blanket. “This feels so nice!!”

Ashley looked down and placed her clutch and pumps in the crook of her knees as she sat lady style on the ground. She observed everything but the men in front of her. She turned to speak to Hailey, to chastise her for getting them in this mess, but found her friends face scrunched up in her thinking face.

Hailey was, again, staring at the bald one, who seemed to be staring right back at her. Though, her friend didn’t register the growing tension. “Do I know you?” Hailey asked loudly. Ashley’s hyper sensitive skin prickled as she glanced back to him. “Ash he looks familiar doesn’t he? He’s probably on TV right? The hot bald one.”

“Hailey! Shut up!” She gritted through her teeth, giving the men a sideways glance. The bad one still had a neutral face while the one on the right was trying not to smile and the one to the left was smirking outright.

“No!” Her friend insisted. “I have seen him before.” Ashley looked back at the subject of their embarrassing conversation. He did seem vaguely familiar.

“Now’s not the time. You’re being rude!”

“I’m not being rude!” Her friend turned to her with an annoyed look. “Ob-ser-vant. Observant. Which is what you are not being?” She leaned in to Ashley from her kneeling position, covering her mouth. She needn’t have bothered, she whispered loud enough for them to hear anyway. “You think they’ll fuck us?”

Ashely turned deep red, and caught the look of disgust on one of their faces. “God damn it!” She snatched up her clutch and opened it. She pulled out her cell and head phones. “Go over there and listen to the new deadmou5!” She shoved the cell in her friend’s hands and covered her eyes waiting for Hailey to step away.

“New deadmou5! I’m so doing that!” She stood abruptly wobbling a bit. “First, though!” She turned to the men. “Do you have some water? I’m totes dehydrated!!” They all gave her an odd look, but the bald one nodded to his friend and they handed her a water skin.

Ashely did a double take. “Water skin?” She grimaced in confusion.

“Cool! Like Medieval Times and stuff!” She fumbled with the top and turned the water not even attempting to just pour it in her mouth.

Hailey thanked them and winked at the one who still looked disturbed by the earlier suggestion of sex. She strode off with swagger in her hips. They all watched her walk away.

“Leave your clothes on Hailey!” Ashely called to her.

“If I remember!” The head phones were on and her friend began to dance just outside the circle of light.

Ashely groaned a little and a breeze blew across her skin as she ran a hand over her face. She shivered at the sensation and sat up straight. She peeked through her fingers to see how they had reacted. The bald one was staring at her his gaze was intimidating and consuming, she felt an especially strong wave of arousal settle in her stomach and felt her ovaries clench. She bent forward clenching her eyes shut and biting back her moan. She took a deep breath to regain her composure when the sensation subsided.

“Now is not the time, Ashely.” She mumbled under her breath. A chuckle sounded and her eyes shot up to the on the left who still held that knowing smirk. She sighed heavily and after giving him a dirty look turned back to the bald one.

“Again, I apologize for barging in here. But we are lost. I am pretty sure we were drugged because we don’t remember how we got here. We were walking down Elm toward the Majestic and now we’re here. If you could point us to the nearest gas station we’ll get out of your hair.”

The bald one pondered her for a moment with that wonderful gaze and opened his mouth to speak. Once again Hailey interrupted.

“Solas!” All of them turned hard looks to her. Ashley’s was the only look that hinted she was crazy. Hailey was rushing toward them pointing. “Ash!! He looks exactly like Solas from Inquisition!! “

It was Ashley’s turn to cut off the bald one. “You’re crazy!” She turned to look at him. The levity form his friend was gone. She didn’t register their tense postures and turned back to her friends.

“Look Ash,” Hailey over exaggerated her patient sigh, “My dearest friend. We’re obviously on some pretty good shit. It was obviously laced with LSD, or PCP, or Shrooms. And I, for one, am super excited to be tripping balls, hallucinating we’re meeting the Dread Wolf.” She absently pointed to the man still looking at her friend.

“Christ!” Ashley looked back to the men, too much in her head to notice the very serious mood that had settled over them. She looked back at Hailey and mumbled, “This is what I get for trusting you and your judgement of narcotics.” She opened her mouth but Hailey beat her.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be a MGIT Ash!?” She swooned clasping her hands together at her cheek and twirling so her dress came up too high. “Just think helping to save the world from an evil Magister who had gained effective immortality by placing part of his soul in an Archdemon!”

The bald one had snapped his eyes to Hailey but the girls didn’t notice.

“It’s not an Archdemon! How many times do I have to tell you? It’s a corrupted dragon! Cor-up-ted Dra-gon!” Ashley was always exasperated by this argument.

“And my poor Lavellan! Always left so heart-broken!”

“Please, not the Solavellen Hell rant a-gain!” She shook her head, Hailey was a hard solasmancer.

“Ahh! wouldn’t it be great!!” Hailey plopped down next to Ashley again and legs splayed and leaning back on her hands, locking her elbows, and looking up to the stars. “Which would you side with: the Templars or the Mages?”

Ashley became engrossed in the conversation immediately, “The mages of course!!”

“But what about the time travel stuff where you see a future without the Herald?”

“It’s better than getting possessed by the envy demon that Corypheous sent to the Lord Seeker! What would you do first: stop the Grey Wardens from making the Demon Army at Adamant or Halamshiral?”

“Adamant and the false Calling first, silly woman!” Hailey laughed shifting to bat her friend’s shoulder lightly, “You know I would get the Fade walking stuff out of the way first. Wouldn’t it be great to see Cullen in that uniform they wear to the Winter Palace?” Ashley scooted next to her. Though in a more lady-like position. The two definitely having forgotten the shocked men they had intruded upon.

“If I were a MGIT, I would definitely make sure Josephine gave us decent clothes for the Ball. NO stupid hat for the resident Elvhen god of Skyhold!!”

“I know!! Such an ugly hat! What about the Temple of Mythal in the Arbor Wilds? I would definitely ask for an alliance with the Sentinels.” Hailey leaned into her friend as she spoke closing her eyes.

“Of course, there’s no real reason to kill them. I would drink from the Well though. Because, fuck Morrigan!” The girls laughed and sighed simultaneously their drug was wearing off rapidly.

“Would you tell him his orb breaks?” Ashley asked in a more serious tone, leaning her head onto her friend’s and closing her own eyes. Crickets could be heard in the night.

“I don’t know. I guess it would depend on whether or not I was the Herald, you know? I would at least tell Flemythal about it. It’s sad when he removes Mythal’s essence from Flemeth at the end.” The girls slumped together, asleep. The three men stared in silence for a few moments at the strange women. With disturbed expressions on their faces.

“Well that was strange.” The Elvhen named Lahnehn stated.