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Neko Haiku

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cats on a cat tree

A critic watches
The new creative display
Yet asks: is it art?

cats on a train

The conductor calls:
"All aboard the feline train,
It is time to leave."

cat watching a snow globe

A swirling snow globe
Mesmerises nearby cats.
Better than TV!

cat in a treasure chest

What glitters inside?
Can it be chocolate coins?
No, it's just a cat.

cat sleeping on a penguin cushion

Is this toy in use?
A camouflaged cat sleeps here
Snuggled up tightly.

cat in a cow tunnel

What is this strange beast?
It moos and also meows.
Half cat and half cow.

cat under a blanket

This cosy blanket
Keeps the winter chill away
Head and paws tucked in.

cat in a Christmas sock

What sits in that sock,
Wishing you a merry Yule
And a fine new year?

cat playing with butterfly toy

Swirling up above
A cloud of bright butterflies
Foretelling the spring.