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Rin's Inner strength

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It has been three long years since Naraku has been defeated by Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Sesshoumaru. Ever since that day Sesshoumaru decide that is young travel companion Rin should know what it’s like to finally live in peace in a human village, with the village elder Kaede. Rin has enjoyed living with Kaede at first she missed traveling with lord Sesshoumaru, but then realized being apart was hard on him as well. She told him she would live there for about five years; and she will then be sixteen and then old enough to decide where she wants to live with her Lord Sesshoumaru and Master Jaken or with Kaede in the human village.
XX Five years later XX
Finally the day Rin has waited for, it had been five years at last she waited for Lord Sesshoumaru and Master Jaken to come and visit.
Rin was packing her up her belongings, looking at the path where Lord Sesshoumaru and Master Jaken usually walked on to get to Kaede’s house.
Kaede walked in and saw what she was doing “Rin why are you packing?”
Rin smiled looking up at her “Lady Kaede, I want to thank you for letting me live here in the village . . . but it’s been five years.” Rin hugged her “I want to travel with Lord Sesshoumaru and Master Jaken again, I love being with them.”
Kaede smiled and hugged her back “it’s okay child and I thought you would pick them, but I wanted you to live in a village for at least a while . . . and you will always have a home here.”
Rin smiles as she sees Lord Sesshoumaru walking on the path toward Kaede’s house, He walks in Kaede’s house “Rin . . . have you made your decision?”
She smiles and hugs him “I have my Lord; I want to go with you and Master Jaken.”
Jaken looked at her “I hope you can carry all your stuff. “
Rin smiles and puts her stuff in a small corner “I’m leaving it all here; I don’t need any of it.”
Sesshoumaru walks off “Rin, Jaken we’re leaving.”
Rin smiles and waves her goodbyes to the villagers which includes Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Kaede.
Rin smiles and runs to walk at Sesshoumaru’s side “My lord where are we going?”
Sesshoumaru looked down at her smiling face “To the western palace, we have a lot to do; there will be a feast in tomorrow night.”
Rin walks back to talk to Jaken “Master Jaken what kind of feast?”
Jaken smiles as they continued on their way “Rin while you were gone Lord Sesshoumaru has made his empire, and he now has a palace where he rules the western lands. The other lords or noble demons come to socialize with each other; you will be the only mortal so you must be on your best behavior. Some demons may frown that Lord Sesshoumaru has a mortal with him, so you must make them at least think you are a highly noble mortal it may make him look better.”
Rin smiles as she walks with Jaken behind their lord who is leading the way “Jaken how will I act noble?”
Jaken smiles as they finally see the palace on the horizon “Rin look its Sesshoumaru’s palace!”
Rin smiles and runs toward it “Master Jaken I bet I can beat you, since you’re old.”
Jaken begins to run “You’re not going to win, I will!”
Sesshoumaru just watched the two thinking it’s been five years and hardly anything has changed.
Rin and Jaken get tired and begin to walk, Rin smiles at Jaken “Master Jaken, Kagome taught me a fun game want to play?”
Jaken looked at her “Sure, what are the rules?” He was used to playing childish games and truthfully missed them when Rin wasn’t traveling with them, but instead living at the mortal village for five long years. Years to demons seemed like mere seconds, but without Rin it seemed like centuries.
Rin looked at Sesshoumaru and Jaken “It’s called Truth or Dare, You have to pick and then the other person comes up with what the person chooses.”
Rin smiles at Jaken “Truth or Dare?”
Jaken looks at Rin thinking “Truth.”
Rin laughs and thinks of one “How old are you?”
Jaken glares at her and then at Sesshoumaru “I’m eight hundred years old, Rin Truth or Dare?”
Rin smiles as they begin to walk up the stairs “Dare.”
Jaken looked up at Sesshoumaru “My lord what should she do?”
Sesshoumaru looked down at her smiling face “I don’t know, I have more pressing matters to attend to right now.”
Jaken looks at her “I dare you to act like Miroku.”
Rin laughs while saying “Will . . . You bear . . . my child,” and afterwards laughs more and more.
Sesshoumaru looks down at Jaken “Take Rin to her room and take her to get a kimono made for the feast, and teach her the way around the palace.”
Jaken nods and takes Rin’s hand showing her inside the palace “Jaken this hurts my back, your too short I can’t be hunched over like this, for too long.”
He lets go and shows her down a hallway to her room “Sorry, over here is your room.”
Rin walks in and smiles “Wow it’s pretty, there’s a big bed; a big closet and desk!”
Jaken smiles and then sits on her bed “Pick out a kimono for tomorrow night; I’ll help if you want me too.”
Rin smiles as she walks in the closet “Master Jaken should I wear this pink one with a maroon one under layer beneath it, or a purple one with yellow under layer beneath it?”
Jaken narrows his eyes thinking “Um . . . the pink and you should have your hair up.”
Rin smiles as she puts her kimono on her desk and the looks around her room “It’s so pretty Master Jaken, how would I act noble?”
He smiles looking at her “it will be nearly impossible.”
Rin glares at him and hits him with a pillow “This is noble right Master Jaken?”
Jaken falls off the bed his eyes narrow “Hardly,” he pick up a pillow and hits her.
Rin smiles laughing then bows “Thank you master Jaken
He laughs and in his nasally voice “Rin, I’m so glad your back.”
Rin smiles “Me too Master Jaken, so how do I act at the feast?”
Jaken looks at her and smiles “Let’s go to dinner and I’ll tell you on the way.”
Rin hurries and puts on the pink kimono with the maroon layer beneath it and then walks down the hall with Jaken looking in rooms they pass “Rin you will need to pay attention when someone is talking; always hold your head high; always address a demon as lord or lady, except me; be serious; try not to act silly and bow in respect to others.”
Rin smiles as they pass Lord Sesshoumaru’s office “Will our Lord be joining us for dinner Master Jaken?”
Jaken looks up at her as they walk down another hall into the dining room, she smiles “Master Jaken its Lord Sesshoumaru.”
Lord Sesshoumaru looks up from his tea and sees Rin smiling right next to him “My Lord can I sit next to you?”
Sesshoumaru sips his tea “I can’t see why not.”
Rin smiles and sits next to him happily “Lord Sesshoumaru do you still travel?”
Jaken looks over at her “Our Lord has no time for that trivial event he has to rein over the western lands.”
Sesshoumaru glances at Jaken “Jaken do you think Rin will be acting noble by tomorrow for the feast?”
Jaken begins to laugh and looks at Rin “She may try but she won’t have it mastered it takes years for a mortal to master it.”
Rin sits straight up; holding her head high; with a slight smile in her eyes and a soft and quite voice “Jaken you are so imprudent these days when people expect the veracity from you.”
Sesshoumaru and Jaken just look at her, Jaken then smiles ignoring the fact she just insulted him “Rin may be able to pull this off.”
Rin sips her tea and smiles using her soft voice once again, she thought to herself I’ll always use this voice it so fun to use “But of course I can.”
Jaken looks at her and smiles “Rin why couldn’t you become a lady sooner?”
Rin eats her dumplings “I don’t know why couldn’t you become taller than a table?”
She finishes “Simply because you had no desire to, I can become a lady and sadly you still must stand short.
Sesshoumaru smirks to himself, Jaken glares at her “You wench!”
Rin smiles “You insolent toad, if you excuse me I’ll be heading to my chambers.”
Sesshoumaru nods telling her it’s fine to go as she does he slaps Jaken.
Jaken rubs his head “That hurt my lord, I’m sorry I called Rin a wench.”
Sesshoumaru finished eating his food “You were just having fun . . . although you went too far, but it seems you lost anyways.”
Rin goes and puts on her night kimono then brushes her hair to get ready for tomorrow, she smiles and whispers “I do miss some of the villagers.”
She then looks up at the stars in her window until she slowly drifts off to sleep in her soft bed.
Jaken’s Room is on the other end of the hall, Sesshoumaru has Jaken take care of Rin while he is busy with other things.
XX Jaken XX
Jaken is his room where he is thinking about tomorrow ‘It sure is a lot more fun with Rin around again, even if she is grown up acts like a little kid still.’
He then sits in chair ‘I hope she acts proper tomorrow and people don’t think less of her since she is mortal . . . but I know they will for that reason alone.’
With that he lays in bed and hopes Sesshoumaru won’t get angry if someone were to talk down to her, if he stuck up for her that would make people look down on him . . . if anything I must defend her in his place or she will herself. He smiles and laughs ‘Well I think she can defend herself, I did loose after all.’
With that smile he falls asleep in his chair he didn’t even get to make it to his bed before he crashed.
He dreamed he was laughing at the lord of the east for wearing a pink woman’s kimono.
XX Sesshoumaru and Youkai blood XX
Sesshoumaru was looking at last minute details at the guest list who will attend:
The Wolf clan of the mountains
The Chief is Koga and the Lady is Ayame
Their male heir is Dai
The lord and Lady of the North:
Lord Haru and Lady Hanako
Female Heirs:
The Male Heir:
The lord and Lady of the South:
Lord Kouki and Lady Suzu
Female Heirs:
Male heir:
The lord and Lady of the East:
Lord Nobu and Lady Shiori
The Male Heir:
Former Lady of the west:
Minor Lords and Ladies.
Sesshoumaru looked at his list ‘Heh not many people but none the less, I suppose it will do.’
He then left his study and felt a chill go through his body, He narrows his eyes and thinks to himself ‘Stupid Youkai (Demon), your concealed inside me.’ He smirked ‘You’re still trying to get out aren’t you . . . you’re not the master of me, I shall not go allow you to take over my blood . . . Instead I shall ignore these feelings.’
His Youkai blood tells him he wishes to have a mate soon, and he has already picked her out and he wants Sesshoumaru to make her his soon before someone else takes her.
Sesshoumaru glares thinking to himself (is the best way to talk to his Youkai blood without others knowing about it) ‘I will not, I don’t wish to have a mate right now anyways.’
His Youkai blood is angered by these words ‘Your lying to yourself, I’m a part of you, so I know what you want. You want her . . . you need her, your just too proud to admit it. If you don’t do something about it then trust me . . . I will, you know when the time is good and I will take her even if you don’t want me too.’
Sesshoumaru is very angered by his Youkai, he growls at him telling him he better not.
His Youkai knows he is angering Sesshoumaru ‘You know I can take over your body when I want, especially since you’re so weak from wanting her.’
Sesshoumaru gets to his room and lays in bed to get some rest ‘You will not and this discussion is over.’