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UnWrap Me

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“No, no, no. The green one is for your father, the red is for Adam and the purple one is for Charlie.” Castiel’s gravelly voice sounded monosyllabic to anyone who wasn’t attuned to the slight nuances of his tone. But for Sam Winchester he knew the man better than the back of his hand, and he knew how stressed Castiel was about the whole situation. They had been friends and roommates for the past few years, and he had finally convinced the blue eyed man into spend the holidays with him and the rest of his family instead of alone.

So far he was taking present gifting and wrapping extremely seriously. Not surprising given his penchant for being compulsive. And awkward. Not that being awkward had anything to do with compulsion, but that was who Castiel Milton was. Feet shuffling, head tilting, trench coat wearing awkward accountant.

And he was Sam Winchester’s best friend.

“Are you still certain that your brother Dean won’t be joining this year? You said he was still traveling, yes?” Castiel questioned. It wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to gift the older Winchester, Castiel just wanted to be sure that the man would be there to receive it.

“Last I heard he was somewhere in North Dakota. No idea what he would find to do out there.” Sam shrugged. His brother had been a wandering spirit the past few years, not quite settling anywhere. Sam hoped that whatever he was searching for he would be able to find it soon. He missed the jerk.


“And he has this weird head tilt thing.” Charlie tilted her head, and made a face as her red hair somehow found it’s way into the cereal bowl she held. So far Charlie had been the only one of the family to have met Sam’s roommate, and she was taking the opportunity to turn the rest of the family to her biases of how awkward he really was.

Her family looked on, laughing at her interpretation, knowing full well that it had to be an exaggeration. Her younger brother Adam and his girlfriend Claire laughed as they continued to chopped vegetables for dinner.

“Now I cannot believe that he is that bad. He seemed perfectly friendly when we spoke on the phone the other day.” Mary Winchester eyed her adopted daughter. Charlie seemed to have a dramatic streak –which was saying something in this family. Mary eyed Charlie’s hair, red this week. Who knew what color it would be by New Year’s.

“I’m telling you, Mary, he barely spoke two words the entire time I was there. I had to do all the talking.”

“Now there’s a shocker.” Adam rolled his eyes.

She tossed one of the dinner rolls at his head. It bounced off, and rolled across the floor. “Seriously. He took us to some high end fancy restaurant where he ordered for us and then remained silent throughout dinner. And you should have seen what the food cost. Swear to god my eyes popped out when I saw the prices. He didn’t even blink when he grabbed the check.”

“So he’s rich. Sam could have worse friends. He has had worse friends.” Mary reminded them. Sam’s close ‘friend’ back in high school, Ruby, had gotten him into trouble several times, almost landing him in juvenile detention. Yeah, Sam could have much worse friends than an awkward, rich accountant.


Castiel took a deep breath as Sam pulled the rental car up to the house. The large colonial was far more imposing than he had been expecting. Though perhaps it only appeared that way because of the nerves. This would be the first time he would be meeting his friend’s family. Other than Sam’s younger sister Charlie anyways. He had found her to be quite… energetic when they had met earlier in the year, but all the same, nice. Turning to his friend, Castiel offered. “You know, it’s not too late for me to head back to the bus station. I really don’t want to inconvenience your family with my presence.”

Sam rolled his eyes as he unlatched his seatbelt, then reached over to shake his friend’s shoulder. “Dude. How many times do I have to tell you? You aren’t an imposition. You’re generally so quiet that they won’t even know that you’re there. Just like at home.” He laughed at Castiel’s bitchface before getting out of the car.

As they grabbed their overnight bags from the trunk, the hairs on the back of Castiel’s neck rose. Sensing someone watching him, he turned to the house. A rush of activity from the front window drapes suddenly closing confirmed his suspicions that some if not all of the family had been spying on his arrival.

Sam clapped a hand on his friend’s neck as the made their way up the walk. With a jovial laugh he asked. “So did you bring a demon blade or something? I swear that most of my family have been possessed over the years. You might need to defend yourself.”

“If they are anything like you I think that I can handle it.” Castiel deadpanned.

Sam just laughed, shoving Castiel up the walk. He was prepared to set his family loose on his friend to watch him flounder. As awesome as it would be to see him squirm, Sam would stay at his side. For a little while anyways. Through introductions at least.

Opening the door, they had a mere second before being surrounded. Sam had the benefit of standing a good six inches above most of them. Charlie attacked her brother in a hug the second he stepped through the door, gaining a pained yelp from the larger man. Castiel stood off to the side to observe his friend with his family. He turned when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

The woman, blonde and still beautiful despite being close to fifty, smiled. Clearly this was Sam’s mother. “Castiel, right? Welcome to bedlam.” She drew him into a warm hug. Castiel stood stiffly in her arms, before patting her on her back.

“Now I want you to feel at home here. So if you need anything let me or John know. You’ll be staying in Dean’s room. It’s the apartment above the garage.” Mary spoke kindly. She had been told beforehand by Sam how Castiel was generally uncomfortable around people. She wanted to make this holiday as welcoming as possible for the man.

Sam came over to hug his mom. “Dean’s room? So Dean’s not coming then?” He asked with a slight frown. He hadn’t seen his brother since Dean had decided that he wanted to travel the country for awhile after his breakup with Lisa. That was almost two years ago.

“He said he probably wasn’t going to make it up.” Mary frowned, disappointment etching lines into her face. She took a deep breath and smiled widely, though it was clearly filled with festive cheer. “So until he arrives, Castiel here can use his room, instead of being forced to bunk with you or Adam.”

Adam’s blond popped around a doorway. He shot his taller, older brother a mock glare. “Nobody is sharing my room except Claire.”

“I still don’t know why that sweet girl still puts up with your idiot self.” Sam teased.

“That’s ‘cuss he knows that I’m not all that sweet.” Claire elbowed the giant man as she passed him on her way back to the kitchen.

“Yet another reason you fit in so well with this family, Claire.” John said, a slight grin tilting his lips. Mild humor lit up his eyes as he turned to Castiel. “Beware of this one, Castiel. She’s quite likely to stick you with the bill when she steals your wallet.”

“Hey!” Claire huffed, and stormed off following Adam to the kitchen.

Everyone dispersed with laughter at Sam’s noise of indignation.