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Only For You (Only For Him)

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Park Jimin was always one of the shortest kids in his class. In his 6 years at school, he'd always been teased and prodded with short jokes. So when the teacher announced that there would be a student who skipped a grade joining their class, he could only hope that they would be shorter than him. I mean, they were younger than him so why wouldn't they be?

The moment the new student walked through the door, Jimin's head dropped onto the desk and he groaned. Of course he'd be taller than me. Jimin was convinced the universe was out to get him, probably for sneaking my vegetables to the dog last night he thought with a pout. He felt himself frown just a little bit deeper when the boy sat down next to him and the height difference was so much more noticeable. 

However, Jimin's anguish didn't last long. It couldn't when the boy accidentally bumped his arm and turned to him, ducking his head shyly and mumbling an apology. He's shy. 

"It's okay," Jimin nudged the boy's shoulder gently to draw his attention, "I'm Jimin." He stuck his hand out at the boy, 

He looked at him hesitantly, "Jungkook." He smiled timidly at Jimin, reaching out to take his hand. They shook hands gingerly, Jungkook slowly becoming more comfortable by the second.

When Jimin went to draw his hand back, Jungkook held on a little bit tighter and pulled his hand closer, an awestruck look on his face. 

"Your fingers," Jungkook lifted each one delicately, "they're so small."

"Hey!" Jimin pulled his hand back with a pout, "They're not that small." He mumbled shyly, frowning down at his hands.

Jungkook startled at the sudden change, brows pulling together in thought. I didn't say anything mean, right? He thought for a moment before lighting up and grabbing Jimin's hand once again. He felt him try to pull away, embarrassed scowl on his face.

"Don't worry, Jiminnie. I like your fingers." With that, Junkook laced their hands together and turned his attention back to class. Jimin's face went pink up to his ears, but left their hands nonetheless. 

"You don't have to be so nice to me, y'know." Jimin mumbled with a frown. "No one really is."

Jungkook's mouth opened but no sound came out. He looked like he was thinking about what to say. Finally, he looked at Jimin and smiled.

"I know. But I want to." Jimin jerked his head to look at him, eyes wide.

"Really?" His voice was small and hopeful.

Jungkook tapped his chin playfully before leaning towards him, like he was going to share a secret.

"Only for you."


Over the next 6 years, Jimin and Jungkook grew to be great friends. They fit together well despite their personalities being very different; Jungkook being quieter but more reckless and aggressive, and Jimin louder and mellow. Being that Jungkook was quiet, no one would've guessed that he was as aggressive and protective as he was. He knew Jimin to be very independent, never relying on anyone to do things for him, but he still felt a strange urge to protect him, regardless of if he needed it or not.

It was after school and Jimin was waiting for Jungkook in the cafeteria. When he walked in, Jungkook spotted Jimin leaning against a wall, looking like he couldn't care less, with a group of guys about their age surrounding him. As Jungkook got closer, he could hear the insults, unoriginal and dumb as they might be, but still mean.

"You're so short." A bland statement, more obvious and dull than hurtful.

"You don't belong here." Jungkook began marching over, anger bubbling up inside him as he got closer.

"Fuck off." Jimin rolled his eyes and replied lazily, lollipop rolling around in his mouth.

Now, Jimin wasn't one to fight recklessly. No, he was much more mellow than his best friend of 6 years- speaking of which, here he comes now. Jimin nodded at Jungkook as he shoved his way over to him, turning to face the group.

"Back the fuck off." Jungkook growled and puffed his chest out. It wasn't likely to happen, especially not when he clenched his fists and glared down at each of the guys.

As stupid as it might've been, one of them glared back before leaning around Jungkook to look at Jimin.

"What, you need him to fight your fights for you? Can't handle us on you own?" Jimin raised an eyebrow, unbothered by the taunting. He pushed off the wall and stood closer to Jungkook, setting a hand on his arm.

"Kook, it's alright. I'm fine." Jimin nodded reassuringly at him when he received a questioning look. 

Jungkook nodded before tilting his head, "Let's go." He went to step out but the group wouldn't move, instead pushing closer and closing them in.

What they didn't expect was for Jimin to lose his temper and punch one of them in the middle of the chest, knocking the wind out of him. The boy heaved and bent over, trying to catch his breath as the others looked back at Jimin. He stared each of them down, jaw clenched and biceps flexing, before pushing past to walk out of the cafeteria.

Jungkook followed with a proud smirk, "I told you to back off." And he went on his merry way.

He caught up to Jimin outside the school as he walked to his car.

"And you say that people are scared of me."

"They are!" 

"That's only because they don't know me."

"Exactly." Jimin slid into the driver's seat and started the car, Jungkook slipping in next to him, "If they knew you, they'd find out you were really just a big softy."


"What did you just call me?"

Jimin's mouth curled into a teasing smirk, "A. Big. Softy." He inched closer with each word, eyebrow quirked upward, daring Jungkook to do something.

He glanced down at Jimin's mouth and back up, stopping for a moment before tsking, "Only for you." He turned his head and leaned back into the seat.

"Are you gonna keep staring at me or are we going?" Oh, right.


It was nearly the end of the school year as Jimin sat on his bed and worked on math homework, Jungkook laying on his stomach beside him. They'd been working for about an hour and Jimin had yet to see Jungkook turn the page. He was scribbling an answer on the paper when it started. 






"What?" Jimin flailed his arms and slapped the pencil out of Jungkook's hand, turning to with both eyebrows raised. 

"I can't do this. Can we just take a break?" Jungkook flopped onto his back dramatically, head hanging off the edge of the bed and arms spread out wide.

Jimin huffed and leaned over to look at Jungkook's paper, "You've only done 3 questions in the last hour."

"I know." Jungkook scowled, leaning up to look at Jimin in despair, "That's the problem.

"You're such a baby." Jimin chuckled and pinched Jungkook's ribs, earning a yelp from him as he jerked away.

Jungkook sat up slowly, eyes narrowing at Jimin as he pushed the books and papers out of the way. Noticing the glint in his eyes, Jimin began backing away slowly, eyes widening as he watched his friend turn into a predator, and he was the prey.

"Jungkook," He held a hand out, as if that was going to stop him, "No. Don't even-"


And suddenly Jimin was pinned underneath Jungkook, fingers attacking his ribs and stomach, making him squeal and laugh and tear all at once. Jungkook was merciless, trapping Jimin with his entire body weight as he attacked.

"But I'm your baby and you love me." He teased in a baby voice, puckering his lips to make exaggerated kissy noises at Jimin face, his hands the only thing keeping Jungkook from reaching his face.

Jimin managed to twist them and roll over so he could pin Jungkook, hands coming up to pin his wrists down. The silence between them was deafening, eyes glancing down at mouths, heavy breaths mingling. Jimin glanced down and Jungkook did the same, eyes meeting as they traveled back up. Jungkook's heart was beating so fast and hard, he was sure Jimin could feel it. It took them a second before either of them responded to one another, but when they did, they're lucky the room didn't set on fire with all the sparks that flew.

Jimin looked into Jungkook's eyes, seeing nothing but adoration and something almost impossibly softer. They had to have been staring for at least 3 minutes because eventually Jungkook got tired of waiting.

"Oh my God, just come here." Jungkook grumbled and pulled Jimin down by his shirt, bodies flush against one another as their lips met. 

It was fast and messy, both of them trying to taste as much of each other as possible before having to pull away. Jungkook gripped Jimin's ribs, fingers digging in like they were marking their place into his skin, as Jimin cupped his jaw with one hand, the other tugging at his hair. Colors burst behind Jimin's eyelids, the intensity and emotion of the kiss feeling like fire running through his veins. Jungkook's entire body had numbed to their surroundings, mind barely able to comprehend that Jimin was laying on top of him whilst they kissed, let alone anything that might've been happening around them. 

Unfortunately, breathing was a thing and their lungs demanded to do so. They pulled away reluctantly, hands still in place, neither one wanting to move. The warmth from Jungkook's eyes seeped into Jimin's skin, like swimming in rich, dark, melted chocolate. 

"My baby." Jimin breathed out quietly, swollen lips pulled into a soft grin. Jungkook groaned and connected their lips again, gently pulling Jimin's head down before letting his hand drop back to his ribs.

This time, Jungkook took the liberty to roll them over so he hovered above Jimin, arms braced on either side of his head. He could feel Jimin's fingers carding through his hair, pulling a low groan from deep in his chest. It was slow and sweet, the polar opposite of the one before; all sweet lips and soft touches rather than teeth and tongue. 

They pulled away gently, Jimin sucking on Jungkook's bottom lip to pull a soft moan from him before separating. Jungkook would swear on his life, in that moment, he was in the presence of an angel. Jimin glowed like God himself was shining the light of heaven down on him, even after the sun went down. Jungkook cupped Jimin's face, rubbing a thumb along his cheek so gently it was merely a whisper of a touch.

"Say it again." Jungkook's heart yearned to hear the words repeated again.

Jimin raised an eyebrow, lips pulling into a playful smile. "What?"

"You know what. Say it again." He wanted to hear it again- He needed to hear it again.

Jimin finally gave in, tugging gently on Jungkook's hair once before whispering, "My baby."

A second groan slipped out as Jungkook crushed their mouths together, gentle regardless of the passion behind it.


"I told you." Jimin mumbled later, turning his head to kiss Jungkook's palm.

Jungkook frowned, confusion creasing his brow as he tilted his head. "What?"

Jimin grinned and leaned up, pulling Jungkook down on top of him. He pecked his lips once, twice, three times.

One. And Jungkook smiled.

Two. And his fingers slipped underneath Jimin's shirt.

Three. And Jimin's arms wound around his neck.

Jimin leaned into Jungkook's ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe gently. "You really are just a big softy." He whispered teasingly, sending shivers down Jungkook's spine.

Stifling a moan, Jungkook pulled back to look at him, lip tucked between his teeth. His eyes traveled from Jimin's eyes to his mouth, lips beautifully swollen and full. He felt a swell of pride knowing that he was the cause. Leaning down, Jungkook nipped at his jaw, tongue tracing his collar bones until he kissed beneath his ear.

"Only for you." 

"Only for me." Jimin hummed back, lips pressing together once again.


It was nearly 7 years later, after a high school graduation, a college graduation, and 4 years of living together, that Jimin was dancing and singing in the kitchen of their shared apartment, making breakfast in nothing but boxers and a tank top. He swayed his hips to rhythm, bouncing around the kitchen happily as the song played out. It wasn't until he felt hands on his hips and a chest press against his back that he realized Jungkook had woken up. He could smell the distinct scent that was purely Jungkook; a mixture between cinnamon, vanilla, and safety. 

Jimin felt a nose press into his neck and kisses trail up his jaw, "Smells good." Jungkook mumbled lowly into his ear, sleep still dragging in his voice. 

"Well," Jimin turned in his arms, smile brighter than the sun shining up at him, "good morning." And he pressed a kiss to Jungkook's lips. Before he turned back around, Jimin scanned down Jungkook's body, taking in the sight slowly. He was dressed in sweatpants. That was it. No shirt. Praise the lord. 

Suddenly, Jungkook pulled Jimin backwards with him, moving to the beat of the song currently playing. Neither of them knew the song well, just enough to keep a rhythm. Their movements were exaggerated, spinning and jumping and sliding all throughout the kitchen, both almost falling multiple times. They ended up pressed together, Jimin's back to Jungkook's chest as they swayed together. Jimin felt the cool metal of the ring on Jungkook's finger pressing into his own ring, clinking together. 

It was a small sound, but it brought a warm, fuzzy feeling into Jimin's chest. He could feel the soft lines of the inscription on the inside of his ring, memories from the years coming back in a rush. He'd committed the inscription to memory long before the ring was given to him, it being their little secret.

Only for you 

Carved neatly into the inside of Jimin's ring, less than a year ago.

A similar inscription could be found on the inside of Jungkook's ring, slightly altered.

Only for him