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A Cure For Curiosity

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He had gone to the bedroom with the intentions of telling Joshuu that he could keep it and that he would take the room in the attic. He was a guest in the house after all and didn't want to impede on anyone's personal space, in all honesty he was just happy to have a roof over his head. Sleeping in the attic made no difference to him, so there really was no need for Joshuu to uproot himself on his behalf. 

When he entered the room Joshuu had already left. The closet was open, empty hangers hung bare and the drawers of the dresser were haphazardly opened. It almost looked like the small room had been ransacked with the rush and anger Joshuu had left in.

Josuke sat on the edge of the bed and sighed, knowing full well that this would only drive the wedge between them even further. It would probably do him good to find Joshuu and try to give him his room back, but at the same time Josuke was exhausted and didn't feel like dealing with Joshuu's brattiness. It was something he would try to fix up later, for now he just needed a breather.

The room smelled like the rest of the Higashikata house, light and sweet, but there was an underlying scent of cheap cologne and when he flopped back on the bed he could smell a musky scent that was distinctly masculine. Josuke closed his eyes and tried to will away his stress. A nap seemed like a good idea. The bedding had been stripped from the mattress but that mattered little to him and his sleeping habits.

Josuke stretched and sat up, fixing his hat and preparing to wiggle his way between the bed frame and mattress, but something caught his eye. It was sleek and silver, partially sticking out from the bed. He leaned forward and picked it up, turning it in his hands. It was Joshuu's laptop. Curiosity killed the cat, his mind whispered as his fingers drummed against the top of it. Snooping around on Joshuu's personal laptop would be a huge invasion of privacy. If Joshuu found out, the miniscule chance of them patching things up would go completely down the drain.

His fingers edged around the lip of the screen. Curiosity killed the cat. What was the rest of that old saying? He frowned and racked his brain.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

That was it. It was hardly justification to invade someone’s privacy, but it was enough to sate his low burning guilt.  He breathed in deeply and pulled the laptop open. It probably had a password anyways, he wouldn't even be able to get past the lock screen most likely.

The laptop whirred and the screen came to life, showing a cute young girl winking. It was Joshuu's desktop. Wrong, wrong wrong! He knew he shouldn't, his sweating palms and erratic heartbeat were testament to that very fact.

But still...

Maybe if he just looked around a bit he could find out what Joshuu liked. It could be useful information to getting on better terms with him. Josuke didn't know anything about popular music, but from the headset behind her ear and the lights around her it was obvious she was a performer. That was interesting, Joshuu enjoyed music enough to make it his background.

He brought his face closer to the screen to look at the names of the folders.

Nanami Rena , school shit, gaming, music, photos....

Josuke bit his lip and clicked on the first one. It was full of pictures of the girl from the background. Some were of her performing, but the majority were from photo shoots. Was he just a big fan, or did she sexually excite him? Josuke clicked on one of the images to make it bigger. She was conventionally attractive, with even features and sleek hair, but Josuke felt nothing stir within him by looking at the photos. Still, it could be a good conversation point.

He exited out of the folder and looked over the others, deciding to click on 'photos' next.

There were a lot of different things in this one. Some pictures of big shiny black beetles. He filed that away in his brain, already procuring and sorting through the facts on insects that he knew. Some shots of the Higashikata fruit shop. Did he want to take over the family business? It would be a good conversation starter. A few pictures of sunsets. A nature lover, perhaps.

Then came the pictures of Yasuho. All of them only showed her back or her profile, and they were taken from a distance. It was evident they were taken without her knowledge. He pursed his lips, feeling slightly unsettled by the photos, but also feeling a dull stirring of pity. It was more than obvious that she had no interest in him, yet he still went after her. He was a bit of a weird guy, sure, but if you looked past his odd haircut and his abrasive personality, he was attractive. He could definitely get a girl if he put his mind to it, so why aimlessly pursue someone who didn't share the same feelings? It seemed masochistic to Josuke. Love was something that was beyond him, but he knew it could make people do insane things.

He quickly scrolled through the rest of the candid Yasuho photos with an oddly heavy heart.

Here was something new. Josuke frowned and squinted at the thumbnail. That couldn't be... but who else would it be? He tapped his finger twice on the touchpad and the picture enlarged. It was Joshuu. He was shirtless and flexing one of his arms while taking the picture in the bathroom mirror, his pants riding low on his thin hips and displaying a light trail of pubic hair.

His stomach clenched as cold excitement buzzed through his core, settling into a pleasant warm hum. What did Joshuu need pictures like this for? He raked his eyes over Joshuu's pale form before clicking to flip to the next photo.

This was from the same photo session, but now the camera was slightly zoomed in. Joshuu had his lips pouted and his spindly hand was flipping the camera off. In context, the pictures would have been comical, downright laughable. But right now, with the smell of Joshuu invading his senses and the sheer naughtiness of seeing his housemate taking suggestive was enough to get him riled up.

He had noticed in the short time he had woken up from the wall eyes that his libido was incredibly high. It took very little to get him aroused, and it happened frequently.  He looked down at the front of his pants and could see the clear outline of his erection pressing against the white material. Josuke put a hand on it and palmed at it absently, shuddering at the small stimulation. He had extensive knowledge of the human body and its workings and knew that this was merely a side effect of having four testicles, hence giving him twice the amount of testosterone in his system. It could be a bit of an inconvenience, but right now he was in the prime situation: alone and in privacy.

He looked to the door, then back to the glowing screen. Joshuu was slender and lean, padded with light muscle. He certainly wasn't soft and curvy like Yasuho, yet his cock began pulsing along with his heartbeat all the same.

He glanced back at the door before going over the details of Joshuu's face. Such pretty, full lips. They were almost always twisted in a sneer or lifted in a shit-eating smirk, but Josuke couldn't help but imagine them mouthing at his balls. He spread his legs and squeezed at his tightening testicles teasingly, feeling wetness spread at his tip and soak the fabric.

Josuke moaned softly and rutted his hips against his hand, setting the laptop on the bed so he could move more freely. With shaking fingers, he unfastened his pants and pulled his erection free. The cool air felt amazing against his heated skin and he thrusted his hips a few times, watching his cock twitch and bob with the motions, a fat bead of precum dribbling down the side. He wished he had a pillow or something to fuck himself against, but his hand would have to do.

He settled more comfortably on the bed and drug the laptop closer, flipping through the pictures, hoping to find something a little more risqué.

More pictures of beetles, this time accompanied by a grinning green-haired man. Joshuu had no friends to Josuke's knowledge, so he concluded he was a relative of some sort. He tapped faster, his cock aching and jumping irregularly, desperate to be touched.

Beach photos. Norisuke in a red and white-striped speedo posing with an inflatable inner tube. Hato and Daiya building sandcastles and splashing in shallow water.

Joshuu seemed to enjoy being behind the camera more than being the one in front of it, it seemed.

Josuke impatiently pumped his flagging erection a few times, flipping through the pictures faster.

He was about to resign to going back to the selfies but he stopped his tapping as he came upon a single picture of Joshuu. His dark hair was wet and plastered to the shaved sides of his head and he had a hand up, probably going to block the camera's view judging by the annoyed expression on his face as he looked the camera dead on. His other hand was holding up his soaked swimming trunks, which threatened to fall from his slender hips. His soft bulge was visible through the clinging shorts, a sight that made Josuke's breath hitch and his hand speed up.

This was far sexier than the staged selfies. It was so casual, so candid, natural. Josuke zoomed in on the photo as he spat into his palm and began jacking off in earnest. The tension in his abdomen was building and clear precum spilled messily from his tip, splattering on the keys of the laptop.

He eyed Joshuu's sun burned skin hungrily, dragging his eyes over every little detail of his body, from the sparse hair of his toned calves to the small mole below his left pectoral. The light definition of his abs was indescribably alluring; he wanted to dip his tongue in Joshuu's shallow navel and lick the sweat that would surely build up between the muscles.

He angled his dick at the screen and humped against his hand, the mattress creaking with his movements. He wanted to fuck Joshuu's mouth. He always pissed Josuke off with snide and crude insults, it would be unbelievably satisfying to stuff his mouth with his cock and hear him moan and gag instead.

Josuke’s thighs trembled and his stomach tightened as his orgasm reached its peak. He wanted to see Joshuu covered in his cum, to mark him and hear him whine out little noises as he was splattered with thick shots of his semen. Josuke groaned and cupped the tip of his dick just as it began twitching spastically. The tension released in a moment of heated bliss and he gasped uninhibited, shivering and jerking his hips sloppily as his palm filled with ejaculate. Five, six, seven shots of cum quickly filled his single hand and he had to stop jacking himself through his orgasm to join his other hand so that it wouldn’t spill onto the bed.

His stomach clenched and unclenched unevenly while he fought to catch his breath and he rubbed his sensitive cockhead against his hands, dipping it into the small pool of cum.There was no drowsy satisfaction when the last of his pleasure shivered through his limbs, he was left with nothing but a heavy feeling of guilt in his gut and warm handfuls of semen. The picture of Joshuu was staring at him with its exasperated expression, seeming to shame him for what he had done.

He shook his head before standing up on shaky legs and shuffling awkwardly towards the dresser, his unfastened pants threatening to fall. Hopefully Joshuu had left behind a stray sock to soak up most of his mess.

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Joshuu was the epitome of a sulky child when he answered Josuke’s knocking.

“What do you want?”

“About your room,” Josuke had decided earlier to not beat around the bush and to get straight to the matter with Joshuu. Niceties would most likely end up pissing the teen off more. “You can have it back, if you’d like.”

Joshuu’s eyes widened for a brief second before narrowing with petulance yet again. “Dad gave it to you. If you give it back he’ll think it was my idea and get mad at me.” Joshuu pursed his lips. “Besides, I don’t need your shitty charity.”

He made to close the attic door but Josuke put a hand out to stop it. Joshuu looked flabbergasted at Josuke’s boldness and blinked at him dumbly.

“Joshuu,” He looked cute like that, enough so that is made Josuke pause. He wondered if Joshuu would make the same baffled expression if he were to kiss him right then. “At the very least, we could share the room. I’ll only be using it to sleep, and I don’t have any possessions.”

Joshuu looked him over critically before crossing his arms and huffing. “Why do you care so much?”

Why was every word the guy said so pointed and dripping with hate?

“Your family is doing me a huge favor by letting me stay here,” Josuke said simply, “I don’t want to inconvenience you while I’m here.”

Joshuu scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Well you’re off to a fantastic start.” He paused, his eyes still glowering at him. Josuke felt uncomfortable under such a gaze, but he held his composure.

Joshuu scoffed again and turned around. “Whatever.”

The door slammed in his face. Josuke stood there for a few seconds. Did the ‘whatever’ mean he accepted the offer? Did it mean he was done with the conversation and just wanted to get away from Josuke?

He pondered Joshuu’s response as he made his way back to the teen’s room.



It was late. Josuke was already nestled between the bedframe and the mattress, the memory foam of it conformed to and heated pleasantly from his body. His head was near the edge so that there was a small gap for him to breathe.

He was nearly asleep when the door was shut none-too-quietly. He was awake in an instant, the small gap allowing him to see who had entered in the darkness.

It was Joshuu, toting his pillow and blanket.

What time was it? It had to be past midnight at least. He guessed that Joshuu had held off for as long as he could—or more accurately, his pride had held off. Nonetheless, Josuke smiled, pleased that Joshuu had taken him up on the offer.

He was about to say hello but Joshuu flopped onto the bed inelegantly, effectively knocking the wind from his lungs.

“Stupid bastard.” Joshuu said sulkily, “Hope he’s sleepin’ on the couch.”

There was silence for a length of time, and Josuke had to regulate his breathing. He could feel the pressure of Joshuu on top of him, but it was obvious the teen had no idea that he was there. It would probably be best for him to announce his presence, but a part of him found the situation...interesting.

What better way to get to know Joshuu than to observe him unknowingly?

He knew it was wrong—hell, it was downright creepy—but when would an opportunity like this happen again?

He could feel Joshuu moving around on top of him and could hear the rustle of his blanket as he got comfortable.

When he stopped moving, the room grew quiet. A long length of time passed, so much so that Josuke’s eyes had begun to droop again.

Joshuu moved again and Josuke thought that perhaps the teen was restless, but then an arm passed by his face, less than an inch away. He held his breath and listened to the sound of something hard drag briefly across the floor before the arm retreated. What…?

He could hear a computer whizzing to life before a small little jingle came on, announcing that Joshuu had logged into his laptop. It seemed the teen was going to do a bit of browsing before bed.

He listened to the clicking of keys and the occasional tap of the mousepad. The sounds were lulling and made Josuke close his eyes as he wondered what Joshuu was looking at.

Music began playing, at first loud, but with a few taps it quieted to a soothing point. It was an interesting music choice, a little funky yet smooth. Was this the type of music that Joshuu enjoyed?

It played for a bit before cutting out with another tap of the mouse, only to pick up again at a different point of the song, this time accompanied by a girl’s moans.

Josuke’s eyes widened as wet slapping noises filtered from the laptop and the moans got more needy.

Oh dear.

Even as he felt his face heat up, he felt his cock twitch in interest. He was secretly listening to Joshuu watch porn. The noises from the movie weren’t what was exciting him—it was the fact that they excited Joshuu.

The blankets rustled again and Josuke could hear Joshuu sigh. Was he touching himself? The thought had his body immediately in a frenzy—His cock filled with blood so quickly that he felt light-headed and he suddenly felt too hot, even as he shivered.

He listened intently to every sound above him, wishing that Joshuu had the volume down or was using headphones so he could hear everything the teen was doing.

Every quiet sigh and grunt from Joshuu made Josuke’s body feel like it was zapped with electricity, and they only quickened in pace. The music cut off a few times as Joshuu flipped through the video, presumably to find something that would help him achieve orgasm. Josuke wondered what exactly would push him over the edge…and he so badly wanted to be the one to help him reach that point.

When the pressure above him began to change repeatedly and the frame began to creak, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he had to fight to keep a moan of his own from escaping. He could see Joshuu in his mind, hand moving fast over his cock and humping into the air desperately. Even though it was risky, he couldn’t help but grind his own erection into the mattress, matching Joshuu’s tempo and imagining instead that he was buried deep inside of Joshuu’s ass.

“Fuck….oh fuck—”

When Joshuu’s voice rose above the video in a quivering throe of ecstasy Josuke’s cock physically hurt. He wanted nothing more than to have more stimulation—to rub his erection on Joshuu would be amazing, but at this point his own hand would do. He needed something, he felt like he would go crazy if he didn’t have more friction against his throbbing member.

The movements above him grew hectic as Joshuu let out a choked, shaky moan that dwindled to a raspy gasp. Josuke opened his mouth and bit into the memory foam above him as his body shook and his own pleasure peaked. He didn’t think it was possible to ejaculate from voice alone, but sure enough he could feel hot spurts of cum filling his boxers and soaking into his pants.

Joshuu was breathing heavily as the video was shut off and the laptop was clicked closed. Josuke held his breath as the arm appeared by his head again and the laptop clacked on the floor. Semen was still spurting messily from his aching cock, but he tried his best to stay still, though his muscles twitched minutely. He licked pathetically at the mattress, wishing he could taste Joshuu’s spilled semen. It seemed almost wasteful to him, having such a beautiful and needy body right above him and being unable to touch and taste it.

When his pleasure began to ebb he let his breath out in small, quiet gasps. His cock still hurt, but there was nothing he could do to relieve it. He wanted to fuck, plain and simple. He wanted to pin Joshuu down and plow him until they both were crying and overstimulated, to lick up the excited sweat on the back of Joshuu’s neck and fuck the teen until both of them couldn’t take any more.

He shut his eyes tightly and tried to dispel his frustration, but it seemed to only grow as he heard Joshuu’s soft, peaceful snores above him.     

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Living with the Higashikatas was proving to be draining, both physically and mentally, and it was all Joshuu’s fault. Every encounter with the teen resulted in a sneer and snide remark from Joshuu, and a painful and leaking erection from Josuke. Whether they were sitting together at the dining table or passing each other in the hallway, Joshuu always had a dirty look to throw at him, and Josuke could only think about kissing it off of his face.

He didn’t wish to mess up his living arrangement and took steps to distance himself from Joshuu. He slept in the attic. He kept their interactions to a minimum. He never stayed in a room for more than a few minutes with him.

Even still, the fiery knot in his gut still bloomed hot and fast whenever he saw Joshuu.

He felt like some sort of animal that had imprinted. He had no reason to like Joshuu other than his boyish good looks, but here he was, spending most of his time in the bathroom fisting his cock with a palmful of lotion and wadded tissue.

The human heart—or he supposed, human desire—was something that was just as much of a mystery to him as his own identity.

On that particular day, Josuke was in the living room with Daiya, playing chess. They were on their third match when Joshuu came in and flopped on the couch. Josuke was immediately tense, finding it hard to strategize his next move. He felt trapped—he couldn’t just leave, like he normally did.

“Hello, nii-san~” Daiya chirped in a sing-song voice as she moved her rook across the board. Josuke wanted to be impressed by her swift call of who had entered the room, but then again he too could identify Joshuu’s tread on the floor.

“You kicking his ass for me, Daiya?”

She puckered her lips out and hummed as her fingers fluttered over the pieces, memorizing their placement. “Not just yet, Josuke-kun is really good.”

Joshuu ‘hmphed’ snottily and stretched his arms over his head, revealing a small sliver of his stomach.

With a cold sweat breaking out across his skin Josuke moved his queen, more because he needed to move than because it was the best move.

Daiya’s hands fluttered over the board again and she smirked as she moved a bishop and took Josuke’s knight.

The next few minutes went by like that, with Josuke’s pieces quickly stacking up next to Daiya.

She cheered happily when she put him in checkmate, but Josuke was already getting out of his chair.

“You don’t want a rematch for some revenge?” Daiya said playfully, twirling Josuke’s queen between her fingers.

“Maybe at a later time.” Right then the only thing on Josuke’s mind was to get to the bathroom and rub one out while thinking of licking Joshuu’s bellybutton.

But as he passed, Joshuu gasped and hopped up from the couch. Josuke put his head down, not knowing what his reaction was towards but not really caring. He just needed to get away from Joshuu as soon as he could, already far exceeding the amount of time he usually spent with the teen.

As he made his way down the hallway, he heard fast and heavy footsteps behind him. Was Joshuu following him? He was in no state for a confrontation and made his way quicker towards the bathroom.

He felt a sense of relief when he entered the bathroom and made to close the door but Joshuu stopped him, his face livid as he stepped into the room with him and yanked the door closed.

“What the fuck!” Joshuu slammed him against the sink before grabbing a fistful of his shirt. Josuke let out a bark of pain as his lower back connected with the porcelain but he was far too confused (and turned on, he couldn’t deny that feeling in the slightest) to try to fight back.

Joshuu’s teeth were bared and his eyes were on fire as he pushed him back harder and got in his face.

“You preying on my little sister, you fucking bastard?”

“N-no,” Josuke tried to keep his voice calm, but the feeling of Joshuu’s hot breath across his face made it difficult. “What are you--?”

“Taking advantage of her ‘cause she’s blind--!”

“I wouldn’t—I don’t know what you’re—”

Joshuu let out a seething noise and nearly lifted Josuke from his feet with his balled fist. “I saw your fucking hard-on, you pervert!”

They both grew quiet then, Josuke because he was speechless and Joshuu because he was waiting for a response.

“It’s….a natural response. I can’t help it.”

Joshuu blinked once before pressing against him more fervently. He lowered his voice in a venomous threat. “I’m going to tell my dad and get you kicked out.”

He could argue with himself that what he did next was for a dozen different reasons: He wanted to shut Joshuu up, he wanted Joshuu to understand how wrong he was, he needed to distract Joshuu from his anger. But it all really boiled down to one thing, and that was that he couldn’t control himself anymore.

He closed the distance between their faces and kissed Joshuu needily. Joshuu froze before trying to pull back but Josuke only pushed forward, shoving his tongue between the teen’s soft, plump lips and forcing the kiss to deepen. He moaned as he plundered Joshuu’s mouth desperately, not caring that the other party was completely in shock and thus completely unresponsive. It seemed to last for hours, but it simultaneously seemed to last for mere seconds, not nearly enough to sate the burning Josuke had been plagued with for weeks.

When he finally pulled back, Joshuu’s hands were limp at his sides and his eyes were wide.

“You….you a fucking homo, or something?”

Josuke didn’t know what the question meant. A homosapien? Joshuu was most likely confused due to his shock.

Joshuu took a step back as Josuke made to kiss him again. Without thinking, Josuke grabbed the teen’s shoulder and pressed forward. Joshuu kept back tracking until their positions were reversed—now Joshuu was against the wall, with Josuke being the one in control. He leaned in for a kiss but Joshuu turned his head, so he made due. He began kissing sloppily at Joshuu’s jaw, then at his slender neck.

“S-st—” Joshuu’s protests were weak and muddled between small whimpers. Hands came up to his arms and weakly pulled at him.

“Please,” Josuke sucked wetly at the junction between his shoulder and neck before leaning up and brushing their noses together. “Please, I’ll do anything,” He tilted his head, letting his breath ghost over Joshuu’s pretty lips, “Just let me…”

This time when he went in for a kiss, Joshuu let him. Their mouths worked tentatively against one another, Joshuu’s in hesitance and Josuke’s in nervous awe.

He couldn’t believe that they were actually doing this. It wasn’t what he had imagined—their mouths were slightly dry from nerves and their synchronization was clumsy—but it was far better than any of his fantasies could have ever made it out to be.  

With another small moan Josuke pressed his body flush against Joshuu’s, jerkily rolling his hips into him before starting a timid rhythm of rutting.

Joshuu surprised him by whining loudly and throwing his head back against the tiled wall with a dull thunk. The extreme reaction only made Josuke go faster and harder with it. The zipper of his pants was rubbing against his erection painfully but the pleasure far surpassed the pain to a degree that Josuke hardly even felt it.

He was shocked when Joshuu pushed him away. His first lustful thought was that Joshuu was going to take control of the situation and be the one to initiate any further contact, but that thought sizzled out quickly when he saw the teen’s face.

Was he…about to cry?

Joshuu wiped the back of his mouth roughly, his eyes cast down and glassy, his lips in a sneer but also trembling just slightly.

A tense second passed before Joshuu rushed out of the bathroom. Josuke stood in stunned silence as he heard the teen’s footsteps down the hallway, then the sound of a slamming door.

Still feeling the ghost of Joshuu’s mouth against his, he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

He had fucked up.

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"Joshuu." He rested his forehead against the door, knowing that the teen could hear him, and knowing that he was going to continue to be ignored. "Can we at least talk about it?"

"I don't know why you keep trying." Norisuke peered down the hallway from the kitchen, a frown on his face and a half-eaten apple in his hand. "When Joshuu's upset, he won't come out of his room for anything." He took a sad bite of the fruit. "He's always been that way."

Josuke sighed and padded down the hallway. "How are we supposed to make things right if he won't let us?"

Norisuke held out his arm and wrapped it around Josuke's shoulders as he approached. "Sometimes part of being a family is giving each other space." He led Josuke to the dining room table and helped him to a chair. "Especially when it comes to matters of a broken heart."

"Broken heart?"

Norisuke sat down next to him. "I think him and his girlfriend had a fight. It's the only thing that makes sense." He spun the apple around and took another bite, wiping the juice that dribbled down his chin with the back of his hand. "I guess he could be being bullied again, but he usually blasts music when that happens."

With Joshuu's prickly disposition bullying wasn't all that surprising, but it still made Josuke sad thinking of the teen being harassed. He crossed his arms and looked levelly at Norisuke. "There has to be something I can do."

Norisuke grinned around his mouthful. "Finally feeling like part of the family, eh?" The chair creaked as he leaned back. "As much as I love the initiative you're showing, you're just gonna have to wait his sulking out." He bit into the apple again and mumbled, "That damned Yasuho, always a troublemaker..."

"You don't know it was Yasuho." Josuke pointed out, feeling a small tug of guilt in his stomach.

The older man scoffed. "Course I do. No one else has ever gotten under his skin like she has."

Deciding it was best to just stay quiet, Josuke twiddled his thumbs under the table and watched Norisuke finish his apple.

Yasuho. Joshuu really did have an obsession with her. An idea came to his mind, just a small seed, but it quickly blossomed into a full plan.

"I've gotta stop by the fruit parlor. Want to come with?" Norisuke stood and threw the apple core away before going to the sink to wash his hands.

"I'll pass." Josuke stood up too, throwing a look at the hallway. "Thank you for the invitation, though."

"Some other time, then." Norisuke wiped his hands on his pants. "Make sure the house doesn't burn down while I'm gone, yeah?"

"Yeah." The gears turning in his mind nearly drowned out the other man, but he made the effort to offer a smile. "Drive safely."

As soon as Norisuke left the room, Josuke was back at Joshuu's door, his knuckles rapping insistently against the wood.

"Joshuu, let me in." He expected the silence that greeted that, but he knew that his next words would surely pull the teen into action. "It's about Yasuho."

Sure enough, the door was slung open not even 10 seconds later. Joshuu looked rough, dark circles under his eyes and his hair greasy against his forehead.

"What?" He croaked, his bloodshot eyes looking past Josuke down the hall, as if expecting to see Yasuho there. "Is she okay?"

"She's fine--" He shot his hand out to grab the edge of the door as Joshuu made to close it, "But I need to talk to you about her."

He could see the two sides of Joshuu battling, but in the end he sighed and leaned against the door frame. "Fine. What is it?"

"I think it's best if we talked about this in your room."


Joshuu looked flatly at Josuke, his annoyance and hatred darkening his eyes. Josuke squared his shoulders and remained resolute, refusing to back down.

"God," Joshuu groaned and swung the door open. "Fine, you fucking prick."

He brushed the insult off and walked into the room before Joshuu shut and locked the door again. It was dim, the curtains drawn and nothing but the glow of the computer to reveal the vague shape of the bed and dresser. There was a stale smell in the air with an underlying hint of body odor. The guy really hadn't left the room at all the past few days, it seemed.

"So what is it?" Joshuu said, scratching his head absently as he glared Josuke down.

"I have a proposition for you."

Joshuu immediately looked suspicious. "What the fuck's a proposition have to do with Yasuho?"

"I'm going to be completely candid with you." Josuke rocked on his heels and nodded to himself. "I'll get you a date with Yasuho if you...give me some allowances."

Joshuu's excitement made him look manic in his disheveled state. "A date?" He chewed on a fingernail as his eyes zoomed to and fro. "An allowance huh? I've got a bit of money saved up..." He lowered his hand and looked at Josuke earnestly. "How much are we talking?"

"No, no..." Josuke took a steadying breath before locking Joshuu into eye contact. "Allowances...with you." The look on Joshuu's face told him that the meaning wasn't getting through, so he tried again. "Like what we did in the bathroom."

"No, oh nonono no." Joshuu shook his head and walked towards the door before whipping around and pointing a finger at him. "We didn't do shit. That was all you." He jabbed his finger on the last word.

"Who did what doesn't matter." Josuke put his hands up. "But that's my offer."

Joshuu blinked before his face fell into a snarl. "Absolutely fucking not." He turned once more to the door and fumbled to unlock it.

Josuke came up behind Joshuu as he finally got it open. Josuke put a hand up and pushed the door shut. The teen snapped his head around with venom on his lips, but it quickly gave way to nervous silence as he realized how close Josuke was.

"Think about it, Joshuu." He lowered his voice and let his slight height advantage on the other add weight to the situation. "Are you going to be so stubborn about this that you're going to pass up a date with your beloved Yasuho?"


"No," Josuke leaned down, bringing their faces close. "Don't talk. Just think."

God, he wanted to kiss him again. Joshuu was biting his chapped lips, eyes lowered and refusing to meet his. Josuke wondered if he was remembering their kiss as well.

"I'll let you make the rules. I'll let you set the pace."

Fuck, he was right there, and he couldn't touch him. Was Joshuu getting as hard as he was?

"Joshuu." He said the name on a whisper, and Joshuu finally looked up to meet his stare. "One hour is all I ask. One hour for one date."

"Let..." Joshuu cleared his throat and pushed Josuke's chest. The touch wasn't rough, nor was it a lot, but it made Josuke's body tingle. "Let me think about it." He turned sulkily back to the door and Josuke let him open it this time.

"How long do you need to think about it?"

"I don't know." Joshuu shook his head and barked a laugh. "I don't know." He gestured to the doorway. "Just...let me fucking think, will you?"

Well, it wasn't an outright no. Josuke conceded and left the room. The door slammed behind him and he could hear the lock click back into place.

He breathed heavily from his nose and grabbed his erection through his baggy pants as he leaned against the door. Fuck, he wanted this. Maybe even needed it, at this point.

"Come on, Joshuu." He whispered the words before sighing again and straightening up.

He needed to go jack off.


He was in the living room with Daiya and Hato when they heard a door open down the hallway. Daiya cocked her head to the side and her fingers stopped moving over her braille book.

"Joshuu-nii!" She said happily under her breath, turning her head in Hato's direction.

The eldest sister shrugged and flipped to the next page in her magazine. "Guess he's finally out of his funk."

They all listened as a door opened and closed. A few moments later, they could hear water running.

Did that mean he had reached a decision? Josuke turned back to the television, his eyes unfocused and his stomach thrumming excitedly. The girls were still talking, but he couldn't hear them over his thoughts.

He waited approximately eleven minutes before getting up, throwing some vague excuse out that he and the sisters hardly paid attention to.

It was six minutes later when the water turned off. Josuke bounced on his heels as he waited by the bathroom door, his palms sweating and his heart thumping.

When the bathroom door opened, Josuke immediately closed in so as not to give the teen a chance to escape. Joshuu jumped and clutched the towel tighter around his waist, his other hand coming up to cover his nipples.

"W-what the fuck, man--"

Josuke had words he knew he needed to say, but only a handful were coming to mind, and they weren't exactly what he had prepared. 'Wet' was one. 'Hot' was definitely one. 'I want to fuck you until you cry' were a few others. Not exactly appropriate.

"Um," He had to force his eyes upwards, but seeing Joshuu's hair dark and damp and tousled above those glowering eyes didn't much help. "Your decision."

Joshuu huffed and elbowed past him. "God, what is your fucking problem."

"Please." Josuke reached out as Joshuu began padding down the hallway, but he fought the urge to grab him. "You've had time to think. Just tell me."

Joshuu huffed again, but he paused, his hand on his doorknob.

"Come to my room tonight." A brief pause. "Midnight." He turned to Josuke and put a finger up. "You get one hour."

Josuke nodded enthusiastically, afraid to speak in fear that his heart would jump out of his mouth.

Joshuu looked at him disdainfully as he opened the door. "I better get that date."

Josuke was nodding again, but Joshuu was already closing his bedroom door and didn't see.


"Ground rules." Joshuu was standing by his window, fully clothed in his normal outfit despite the hour, his arms crossed as he leaned against his dresser, looking on edge.

Josuke stayed by the door, now locked securely behind himself. He wanted to bound across the room and grab Joshuu and throw him on the bed, but he forced himself to reign his desire in. He wasn't going to fuck this up, not when he finally had a little leeway.

"No kissing."

"Wait, that's--" Josuke shook his head in disbelief. "That's not fair."

"You said I could make the rules." Joshuu said snottily. "If you don't like it, you can leave."

"Please." Josuke took a step towards Joshuu, and he could see the teen visibly prickle. "What about a compromise?" He stopped and looked pleadingly at Joshuu. "No kissing on the lips. That's fair, right?"

"God, you sound like a whore." Joshuu looked Josuke over with unveiled annoyance before throwing his hands up. "You don't have to look so fucking pathetic about it. Fine, whatever. No kissing on the lips."

Josuke rolled his shoulders back, pleased at his small victory. He would have to not argue with the other rules though. He didn't want to piss Joshuu off any more than he already was. "Alright. What else?"

Joshuu raised his hand out and put up two fingers. "Clothes stay on."

Josuke had to bite his cheek in order to not object. Joshuu waited for another argument but seemed satisfied when he was met with silence. He raised another finger.

"If I tell you to stop, you stop immediately."

Alright, that one was doable. He could work with that. "Okay."

Joshuu put up another finger. "One last rule. You have to tell me what you're going to do, before you do it."


He could see Joshuu's tongue lick along his teeth under his lips. "Fine." He turned his wrist and looked at his watch. "You've got 58 minutes now."

That little brat. Wasting no more of his precious time, Josuke approached Joshuu, stopping when their socked toes were touching.

"I'd like to start by feeling your chest."

Joshuu turned his head to the side, his jaw set. "Whatever."

With trembling hands, Josuke reached up and flattened his palms on Joshuu's pecs. His chest was so small, or maybe it was that Josuke's hands were big. He didn't know, but he did know that he liked the look of it. It made Joshuu seem fragile-- which, Josuke had realized, he really was, no matter how tough he tried to act.

"Your heart is at about 126 beats per minute. Are you nervous?"

"Fuck off." Joshuu grimaced before grabbing Josuke's wrists and pushing them away. "Touch somewhere else."

"I'd like..." Josuke swallowed the excited lump in his throat. "I'd like to touch your sides as I kiss your neck."

He could see Joshuu's grit his teeth, but he turned his head up in a clear, 'fine, get on with it'.

He carefully placed his hands on Joshuu's hips, bringing them up slightly and running his thumbs over the teen's stomach. Josuke could feel him breathing, shallow and tight. He could stand there for the rest of his hour just losing himself in the rhythmic in and out of it, but the insistent twitching between his legs drew him out of his revelry and onto more pressing matters.

He leaned forward slowly, stooping down to press his lips against the tense tendon in Joshuu's neck. It was indescribable, getting to indulge in such an intimate thing with no urgency. He trailed a few dry kisses over the expanse but opened his mouth when he reached the adam's apple. He felt it flutter under his tongue as Joshuu swallowed, and he followed it up and back down with a wet kiss.

"Joshuu," He let his teeth drag against his delicate throat. "Can I give you a hickey?"

Joshuu tried to speak, but a whimpering squeak came out instead. He tried again with more success, but his voice was still tight. "N-no, no marks..."

The noise Joshuu had just made made up for the new regulation. Unperturbed, Josuke pressed forward, pinning Joshuu against the dresser and his body.

"Jeeesus," Joshuu quavered, sounding on the brink of tears. "You're already so hard..."

Having it pointed out made Josuke groan and roll his hips against the teen's thigh. "It's because you arouse me."

Joshuu made a choked noise before going silent, his body rocking with Josuke's ministrations.

"You're getting hard too, Joshuu." Josuke lifted his leg to rub his thigh along Joshuu's swelling length. "Do I arouse you?"

"Don't--" Joshuu bucked under him and put his hands on Josuke's chest in a weak attempt to push him away. "You're not allowed to touch me there!"

"Sorry." As aggravating as the new rule was, he wasn't going to let it dampen his high spirits. Josuke kissed his neck one last time before pulling back, "Can I ask you to turn around?"

Joshuu actually seemed relieved at the request. He probably found it less intimate, less direct like this. He turned toward the window and put his hands on top of the dresser. Josuke didn't hold back his satisfied groan when he lined his hips up with Joshuu's ass, making the teen chirp in surprise.

"C-christ, this--- hn, this is--"

Josuke wrapped his arms around Joshuu's torso and held him close as he rutted into his ass. "What is it, Joshuu?" He breathed the words against Joshuu's trembling shoulder, inhaling the clean smell of his clothes. "Do you like thinking of me fucking you like this?"

Joshuu hung his head, "N-no, I--" Josuke could see his hands emptily clawing against the dresser as he tried and eventually gave up on his words.

Josuke drug his cock pointedly against the cleft of Joshuu's ass, loving the soft give of it. It was all too easy to imagine himself sliding inside of the teen. What sort of noise would Joshuu make? Would it hurt him? Would he like the pain? "You're so sensitive, Joshuu, I wonder how many times I could make you cum--"

"Shut up." Joshuu panted, "Just shut the fuck up, nngh!"

He licked along the teen's arching back, slightly displeased at the feeling of cloth on his tongue but loving the way Joshuu jerked and trembled at the sensation. "Do you think I could fuck you until you loved it?"

Joshuu elbowed Josuke in the stomach-- not enough to do any real damage, but enough to surprise him and stumble him back.

"You're not gonna fuck me, you freak." Joshuu spat, turning around to face him sulkily. He jabbed Josuke's chest with a finger. "If that were to happen--which it isn't-- I'd be the one fucking you."

"You--" Josuke had been shocked at the sudden outburst, but now Joshuu's words were seeping into his skin and warming him, as if he were adjusting to a hot bath. "You want to fuck me?"

Joshuu's ears were red and his cheeks were pink. "That's not what I said."

Josuke grabbed Joshuu's thin wrist and pulled him gently over to the bed. "I want to try something else."

"You're not allowed to be vague like that!" Joshuu sounded aggravated, but he let himself be pushed back onto the mattress.

"I would like us to pretend that you're entering me." Josuke gave the teen no time to bark back any sort of retort as he climbed on top of him, seating his ass against Joshuu's lower stomach-- as much as he would like to sit directly against Joshuu's groin, he heeded the impromptu rule from earlier. "Do you like this position?"

"I..." Joshuu looked up at him, clearly fighting between his conflicting emotions. He huffed and looked up at the ceiling. "It would be good with a girl."

Hmm. That gave Josuke an idea.

"So if a girl were on top of you like this, would you want her to ride you, or would you like to do the work from the bottom?"

Joshuu scoffed and gave Josuke a haughty look. "The best part of this position is getting to see the girl's tits bounce, idiot."

Josuke rose up with his thighs an inch or so and brought himself back down, repeating the action a few times as he watched Joshuu's eyes flicker towards the movement.

"Like this?"

Joshuu caught Josuke's gaze and immediately returned to looking at the ceiling. "I-I guess."

Josuke closed his eyes and let himself slowly grind against Joshuu's stomach, his heavy balls dragging against the belt buckle under him. "Your cock could go so deep in this position," He let his head fall back as his thighs trembled at the thought. "Imagine her riding you like this, Joshuu. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"God," Joshuu nearly whimpered the word out but quickly caught himself before it turned into a full groan. He adjusted his hips and put his hands on Josuke's knees. "You talk too much."

Josuke leaned back and steadied his hands on Joshuu's thighs as he worked, his arousal glowing brightly in his core as he imagined the feeling of Joshuu's cock moving inside him. Precum dribbled steadily from his cock and he could feel it smearing against his foreskin, his pants clinging stickily to the wetness.

"Joshuu," He drew the name out on a moan as he tightened his grip on the teen's thighs. "Fuck me, ahh, fuck me, Joshuu..."

The hips under him curled upwards once, twice. His first thought was that Joshuu was getting comfortable, but as it happened again he figured that Joshuu was trying to buck him off. Josuke cracked his eyes open and looked down at him, only to see the teen looking back at him in a heated daze.

"You're a real slutty guy, Josuke." Joshuu's fingers dug into his knees as he humped nervously upwards. "It's like you're in heat or something."

"It feels like I am," Josuke breathed, tentatively bringing his hips back a bit-- not enough to touch Joshuu's erection, but close, very close. "No matter how often I masturbate, I can't stop thinking about you."

Joshuu's hands shakily scooted up Josuke's thighs. It was probably for better purchase, but god did it feel amazing. "Why me?" It was an honest question with no bitterness in it. Joshuu looked up at him, his brow knit and his jaw set. "Why are you so stuck on me?"

Josuke stopped rocking, giving Joshuu's question his full attention. He listened to the teen's and his labored breathing as he thought. Why? Why did he feel so drawn to Joshuu?

"You're unique." Josuke moved his hands forward and rested them lightly on Joshuu's rib cage. "You're passionate about what you like and dislike, and aren't afraid to be vocal about it." He leaned down, relishing the way Joshuu's eyes widened, and how he didn't recoil from the closeness. "You know who you are, and live your life unapologetically."

"I..." Joshuu's breathing had calmed but was picking up again as Josuke brought their chests together, their legs tangled against the sheets and arousals trapped between them.

"Your passion, your honesty...I;m drawn to it." Josuke was breathing the words into Joshuu's panting mouth now, daring to get as close as he could without actually kissing him. "You're beautiful, Joshuu."

Overwhelmed with emotion, Josuke closed his eyes and meant to kiss Joshuu, consequences be damned, but before he could Joshuu shoved him. Shocked, Josuke eased off of him but was quickly pushed to the side. He fell back onto the bed and Joshuu quickly scrambled on top of him, his lips pulled into a thin line and his eyes alight. He pinned Josuke's hands on either side of his head, effectively trapping him.

"Dad paid you."

He was so turned on by the sudden dominance that he didn't quite process what Joshuu was saying. "What?"

"You're lying through your fucking teeth." Joshuu's face was twisted in a snarl, but his eyes looked wounded. "You think I believe the shit you're saying?"

"I--" Josuke squirmed under the teen, knowing that the sudden flare of anger should have at least put him on the defensive, but the pressure of the slighter man on top of him was so wonderful, and the feeling of their cocks snugly against each other was sending static through his brain and muddling his thoughts. "That's..."

"I'm not stupid, Josuke." Joshuu made an aggravated noise in the back of his throat. "No one just..." His voice hitched and he bared his weight down against Josuke's wrists, his short nails digging into the skin. "No one actually likes me."

"I do."

"No you fucking don't." Joshuu lifted Josuke's hands up a fraction of an inch before slamming them back down on the mattress. "Stop lying!"


"Shut up shutupshutup!"

Josuke pulled a hand free with some effort as angry tears fell onto his face. He grabbed the back of Joshuu's head and yanked him close, the tips of their noses squishing together. "Joshuu."

"Stop..." Joshuu was shaking, his anger melting as he began breaking down. "J-just stop lying..."

Josuke raised his head and pressed their lips together. Joshuu tensed and hiccuped out a distressed noise, but didn't try to pull away. Josuke took the opportunity to pepper his tight mouth with kisses, tilting his head and closing his eyes, hoping his feelings would get through.


He whispered the name between each peck, his thumb rubbing over the warm, stubbled skin at the back of Joshuu's head. He kissed the teen's cheeks, his lips damp and persistent as he followed the path of tears to closed, swollen eyes.

"Joshuu..."He said it once more before laying back against the mattress. "Look at me."

Joshuu shut his eyes tighter and shook his head, his mouth a quivering grimace.

Josuke gently pulled his other hand free and cradled Joshuu's face, his thumbs brushing away the tears that continued to roll down his cheeks.

"You're worthy of love, you know."

That made Joshuu crumble completely. He shook and cried on top of Josuke, his cries sounding raw and tired. Josuke held him through it, letting the tears drip onto his face and neck as Joshuu sobbed.


The tears slowed down little by little, and the soft whines turned into hiccups. Josuke brushed the soft hair from Joshuu's forehead and glassy eyes finally opened to peer down at him.

"M' sorry." He mumbled, relaxing his body against Josuke. "Dunno what's gotten into me..."

Josuke thumbed over Joshuu's bottom lip, his heart full and aching. "...Can I kiss you again?"

Joshuu sniffed and looked into Josuke's eyes as if he were trying to find some sort of cruel joke behind them.

"I don't get you at all." His words sounded runny and raw, completely defanged.

"Neither do I." Josuke wrapped his arms around Joshuu's back. "But that's not an answer."

The answer came in a soft press, tender and hesitant.

Josuke sighed and closed his eyes against the kiss.