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Crochet and Family

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, I do not have any rights to Harry Potter and I do not make any money from writing these fic's.
Author: Chibi_Ladybug
Title: Crochet and Family
Pairing: None yet as Harry is too young but hints of slash/yaoi with Harry being paired with a male if I make a sequel to this fic.
Summary: By giving Harry an unwanted birthday present out of what he thought was spite Dudley Dursley did not realize what he had done but his parents soon realized and decided to take advantage of their freak of a nephews abilities...or they will until two certain Black Tiger Demon's show up.
Warnings: AU, abusedHarry, nonhumanHarry, DisabledHarry, Harry can crochet, character bashing, OC's.
Written using challenge: Written for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2013
Author Notes: Harry's experiences on Crochet is based on my own as I just started learning how to crochet not long ago. For anyone who wants to know Crochet the definition of it I found online is, a handicraft in which yarn is looped into a patterned fabric with a hooked needle. Also I will be using the English UK Crochet way of doing things as I am English and I have learnt using the English UK method.
Chapter Information: Chapter 1 - Unwanted Birthday Present

Seven year old Harry Potter let out a depressed sigh as he blankly looked down at the sizzling bacon and fried eggs in the saucepan in front of him, he found feel his the glare his uncle was sending him were the obese man sat at the kitchen table with an unopened newspaper in front of him.

'It was not my fault, how was I supposed to keep an eye on the bacon to stop it from burning while uncle Vernon 'taught me a lesson'' Harry thought as he carefully and skilfully splashed a bit of cooking oil onto the fried egg with the spatula 'The bacon burns one time and it was not my fault yet they act like it is the end of the world and I destroyed their precious Duddie-kins special day.'

"Boy!" Vernon Dursley's voice suddenly snapped out causing Harry to flinch, "You better not burn that bacon! I will not have you spoiling my Dudder's special day!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied in a tone that he knew his uncle liked to hear from him, besides he could not take another beating, not after last night's beating as he did not know just what his uncle might of broken or bruised yet.

"Good, everything is going to be perfect today you got it?" Vernon threatened as his voice dropped causing Harry to gulp nervously and nod his head madly, "Good! If I find that one single thing goes wrong today you will find yourself being punished."

Shivering at his uncle's promise Harry nodded his head once more and turned his attention back to the bacon and fried egg only to let out a relieved sigh when he found it was not burning. Quickly with practiced ease Harry turned down the flame, keeping it warm and unburnt until Dudley came downstairs or his uncle demanded his breakfast and continued to keep a close eye on the cooking food while trying to ignore the pricing glare coming from his uncle.

As the sound of rustling paper from Vernon picking up his morning newspaper Harry allowed himself to relax slightly, for the next few minutes at least he was safe from his uncle. Taking a deep but quiet breath so not to irritate his uncle Harry allowed his mind to wander while keeping an ear out for his relatives while keeping an eye on the bacon and eggs.

'I wonder why Dudley and Vernon never eat anything else for breakfast' Harry thought as he watched the oil in the frying pan bubble and hiss 'Through then the rest of the foods that they could of have with their breakfast is not caked in grease and fat....I wonder if I will be able to get some breakfast today.'

"Boy!" Petunia screeched out suddenly causing Harry to jump slightly as he quickly looked up to the doorway where his aunt was standing with a nasty look on her face, "There better be nothing burnt in that frying pan! I want nothing but the best for my Duddie-kins birthday!"

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry replied once again being careful of his tone knowing how the slightest thing could set his aunt and uncle off.

Standing stiff and as still as a statue the sound of his aunts hard bottomed slippers, Petunia had gotten slippers that could double as normal shoes so she could be lazy and not worry about changing her shoes in a rush, reached his ears as the woman made her way towards him. Trying to give no outwards reaction Harry continued to give the bacon and egg his full attention through he found it increasingly hard as a few seconds later Petunia was standing behind him breathing down his neck as she examined what he was cooking.

"Cook more bacon and eggs boy! My precious Duddie-kins is a growing boy and with how special today is he is going to need the extra energy and nutrition!" Petunia sneered as she looked at her nephew as if he was nothing more than a fly stuck on a half melted hard boiled sweet stuck to the carpet, "And be quick about it! I will not have my son waiting for his breakfast! Be it on your head if he faints from hunger!"

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry replied with a nod of his head.

Harry waited until he heard the sound of his aunt's footsteps moving away from him and when the sound of the kitchen window being pulled back so his aunt could spy on the neighbours came to him Harry, deciding it was safe now, double checked on the bacon and egg in the frying pan before turning and walking towards the large white fridge. Opening the fridge door Harry's tired emerald green eyes scanned the half empty fridge until his eyes landed on a new packet of unopened bacon and another box of eggs.

'How can they eat so much? The shopping was only done yesterday yet they have eaten what would of taken a normal family a week to eat in half a day' Harry thought as he reached out and pulled out the bacon and eggs 'It never stops amazing me just how much Uncle Vernon and Dudley can eat.'

Closing the fridge door carefully, for some reason lost to him aunt Petunia liked the fridge being closed in a certain way, Harry made his way back to the stove only to let out a silent groan as he felt the house beginning to shake. Biting his lip hard to prevent himself from saying anything that he knew would get him into trouble Harry grabbed the knife he had used earlier for the bacon and opened up the packet and started separating the rashes of bacon and putting them into the frying pan as if it was a game of Tetris. A few minutes later just as Harry placed the last rasher of bacon and cracked the last egg against the side of the frying a loud greedy familiar cry and a loud earth shattering boom as a baby whale came running down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Where are my presents!" Dudley demanded as he burst into the kitchen with a greedy look gleaming in his eyes, "There better be more and bigger then last year! I only got twenty last year!"

At his cousins words Harry could not help the roll of his eyes, last year and the year before that and for as long as he could remember Harry had never got a single birthday present or card besides a birthday beating. In Harry's opinion the fact that Dudley got more than just one birthday present and still demanded more and more made him an extremely greedy and ungrateful boy.

'I would not act like that' Harry thought as he turned back to the cooking bacon and eggs 'I would remember to say thank you, I would show each present the attention it deserves...but then again who would ever give me, a freak, a birthday present?'

Sighing Harry picked up the frying pan ready for the words that came out of his uncle's mouth everyday at the same time demanding the same thing. Harry was not disappointed.

"Boy! I want my breakfast!" Vernon ordered as he slammed his beefy fist down on the table making it shake.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied as he carefully turned towards the table and began dishing up the bacon and eggs onto his uncle's and cousins plate.

'How can the table take so much?' Harry thought as he took in the weight of the birthday presents, the breakfasts and the way his cousin was banging on the table as he gazed greedily at both his food and birthday presents 'I wonder when it will give out...."

"Hurry up boy, I want my morning cup of tea!" Petunia snapped out at Harry only to turn to Dudley and began cooing, "Oh my baby boy! All grown up! Seven years old today! Before we know it we will find ourselves having to beat the girls away from you with a stick while you study to become a lawyer or a doctor!"

As Vernon let out a grunt of proud agreement around his food Harry found himself wondering just how Dudley could ever be smart enough to become a doctor or lawyer. Dudley was already seven years old and he could not even add a double digit number to a single digit number without beating someone up to tell him, nor did he know the capital of England, according to Dudley it was the letter 'E'.

"I want to open my presents!" Dudley demanded as he shovelled a pile of bacon into his mouth, "Now!"

"But Duddie-kins, wouldn't you prefer to wait for your aunt Marge?" Petunia asked causing Harry to go deadly pale at the mention of his aunt Marge, "She will be here in an hour....with Ripper. If you wait I am sure-"

"NO!" I want to open my gifts NOW!" Dudley yelled out as his hands moved to grab the table making Petunia, Vernon and Harry gulp nervously.

"Let the boy do what he wants," Vernon said quickly because Dudley could try to push the table over, again, "It is the little tykes birthday after all, today he can do whatever he wants."

As a look of pure greed entered Dudley's eyes Harry shook his head and began to prepare his aunt's tea, double checking to make sure he was using her favourite cup.

'How can someone be so greedy?' Harry wondered as he quickly placed a tea bag into the cup as he tried to escape his aunt's sharp glare 'What dose uncle Vernon mean 'let me do whatever he wants' for today? Dudley does whatever he wants to do every day of the year.'

Doing his best Harry put his thoughts to the back of his mind as a clicking sound came to his ears telling him the kettle was ready, grabbing the kettle and pour it into the waiting cup Harry mental counted down the time until his aunt Marge would be here while wondering if she would keep her threat to allow Ripper to attack him.

To Be Continued...