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Bleeding Feathers

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Hermione Granger watched the boy curled up on the common room couch. His eyes were heavy with dark circles, puffy and red; she smiled sadly before quietly going over and settling next to him. Without a word the boy cuddled against her.

“Couldn’t sleep?” she asked, running her fingers through soft black hair, he nodded.

“Oh Harry,” Hermione sighed sadly, she knew the boy had been having nightmares since the night in the graveyard. They were usually about Cedric, from what Ron told her. She wanted Harry to go to the Hospital Wing for help, but the boy was stubborn. She had noticed that he wasn’t used to others worrying about him, so she wouldn’t push it….yet.

Harry said nothing, the two sat in silence watching the crackling fire.

“Professor Dumbledore,” Harry finally said softly. “he wants to talk to me after breakfast”

“About what?”

Harry shrugged and yawned, he was tired and wanted to sleep; he really did, but ever since that night nearly a week ago, he hadn’t been able to. Every time he closed his eyes he would see Cedric lifeless eyes and hear Voldemort’s cruel laughter.


“You should eat something, Harry.”

Harry ignored her and continued to pick at his eggs.

“Leave him alone Mione,” Ron said before stuffing his mouth full of eggs. Hermione sighed at the boy and wrinkled her nose in disgust at his manners, before turning back to Harry. She was about to try again to get him to eat when something else caught her attention at the teacher’s table.

Professor Snape.

The man was staring intensely at Harry, nothing unusual about that, but there was also a hint of longing and concern?

Hermione shook her head, perhaps she was looking into it too much. With that thought she returned her attention to Harry, who was still not eating.

After breakfast Harry, Hermione and Ron went their separate ways; Harry to the Headmaster’s office and the other two to class. Halfway there he felt the beginnings of a headache, but thought nothing of it as they usually came on in the morning and went away before lunch.

“Ah, Harry right on time, have a seat. Tea?”

Harry wasn’t listening; he was too busy staring at the three people that were staring right back at him.

Severus Snape.

Lucius Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy.

Lucius raised an eyebrow at the boy’s pale and tired state, but Harry only continued to stare wide-eyed at them. He opened his mouth, probably to yell, but then closed it with a tired sigh. He didn’t have the energy for it and sat down as far away from them as possible.

“Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you here, and why they’re here as well,” he nodded to the others.

Harry nodded, eyeing them all, especially Lucius warily. The memory of their last encounter, and the night in the graveyard were still fresh.

“I’ll get to that in a moment, first I want to know how you’re doing child?”

“I’m fine,” Harry said with a shrug, ignoring the throbbing in his head.

Albus lowered his crescent shaped glasses just so to look at the boy, “We both know the real answer to that Harry.”

Harry whole body turned defensive, and looked ready to protest when Severus interrupted.

“Hurry this up Albus,” the potion master nearly growled.

“Patience Severus, I’m getting to it,” Albus said, the previous subject forgotten for the moment. “Now as I was saying, I’ve been meaning to tell you at the beginning of the term, but with the Tournament and all that has happen I never had the opportunity.”

“That’s why Draco or I wanted to do it,” Severus said.

“And I’m sure that would have gone over well,” Albus countered with a knowing smile.

Severus looked away with a growl. Harry was startled at inhuman it sounded but paid it no mind when his headache worsened and was he starting to see doubles?

“Can we move this along, I have more important things to do,” Lucius drawled.

“Yes, yes, as I was saying, I’ve been meaning to tell you this, Harry. Lucius, Severus and Draco are Katuys.”

The pain and double vision was becoming worse, but the words still caught his attention.

“A what?” he asked, face blank.

 “Merlin help us,” Lucius murmured while Draco snorted and Severus sighed.

Harry glared at them, which seem more of a pout then anything. Why did everyone assume he knew everything there was about the magical world? He was raised by muggles, hello! Magic hating muggles even.

You would think they would’ve figured it out by now.

“A Katuy is a type of vampire,” Albus explained.


How come he never heard of them? Someone has some splainin to do when he went back to Surrey.

“Can we hurry this up?” Draco nearly whined, getting a disapproval look from the two other men.

“Calm yourself young man, now as I was saying” Albus spoke again.

Great the double vision was back, and look, it brought along the spinning room.

“They are Katuys and you Harry, are their mate”.

Silence, everyone looking at the boy, waiting for him to do something, but nothing happen; in fact Harry didn’t even register the words.

Everything was spinning, and his head felt like a pick-up truck was doing a tap dance on it.

“Harry, are you alright?”

 A hand placed itself on his shoulder, he barely registered it as Snape’s before his eyes rolled back and he passed out.


“The boy’s exhausted and stressed Albus. He hasn’t been eating, he doesn’t need to loss more weight he’s skinny enough as it is! Honestly!”

Harry groaned; the voice was so loud.

“S’loud” he slurred, all talking stopped, a flutter of a dress and a cool hand pressed to his forehead.

“Harry? Harry dear, how are you feeling?”

Harry blinked his eyes opened, and found Madame Pomfrey looking down at him with concern.

Madame Pomfrey? That meant he was in the Hospital Wing, but why was he here? He was just in the Headmaster’s office minutes ago.

“What happen?” he asked.

“You haven’t been eating young man,” Pomfrey said sternly. “Or sleeping, and all that stress made your body shut down.”

Harry blushed in embarrassment, and squirmed a little as Pomfrey began to fuss over him, and shoving potions down his throat, before a tray of food appeared on his lap.

“Eat as much as you can,” she ordered, and then looked over her shoulder. Harry noticed that Albus, Snape, and the two Malfoys were watching as well, sitting not to far from his bed. 

“Make sure he eats,” she said before going off to see another patient, leaving the five alone.

Harry looked down at his food and picked at it with his fork, well aware of the gazes on him.

“Eat it.”

Harry looked up at Severus who in turn glared at him, Harry glared back.

Albus, sensing danger, cleared his throat.

“Harry,” he began, “do you remember the conversation we had before you fainted?”

Harry thought about, going through it in his head.

The Headmaster offering him tea. Check.

The Headmaster taking a long time to get to the point. Check.

Snape and the Malfoys were vampires? Check.

He was their mate. Che……WHAAAT!?

“Ah so you do remember,” Albus said when Harry’s eyes widen.

“H-How, Why?”

“Trust me Potter,” Severus sneered, “you were the last person we wanted as a mate, but it seems Fate has decided otherwise.”

Harry was pretty sure he was just insulted.

“Severus,” Albus warned with a scowl.

“What if I don’t want to be their mate?” Harry was proud of himself for not freaking out, he figured it was because it hadn’t sunk in yet, that and he was sure that Pomfrey had snuck a calming potion down his throat when he wasn’t looking.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple my dear boy, once a Katuy finds a mate they’ll continue to pursue them until said mate agrees to the mating,” Albus said, looking at the three to confirm it, Lucius nodded.

“That just makes it worse,” Harry thought, pushing his tray away.

This could not be happening.


 Mate to Snape and TWO Malfoys!

One a loyal follower to the wizard that wants to kill him, and the others two who hated him, and would save Voldemort the trouble and kill him themselves.

“And now about your summer arrangements”

Harry blinked, the Headmaster was still talking?


What? For his funeral?

Albus nodded, “You’ll be living with them during the summer of course, to get to know each other before the mating.”

The four of them.



“I wonder what colors my flowers are going to be at the funeral,” Harry thought, turning ghostly pale at the elder’s wizard’s next words.

“You’ll have to stay with your relatives for a month before then, I’ve sent them a letter explaining the situation.”

“You WHAT!?”


 Lucius had only encountered Potter  twice (not counting the night at the graveyard); once when the boy was twelve at the bookshop in Diagon Alley and the second time at Hogwarts where he lost his elf.

Yes, he felt angry at the boy for not only losing his elf but for messing up his plans for the Dark Lord’s resurrection, but that anger sizzled away when he realized that he had never actually liked Dobby, who was too free-willed then most house elves living in Malfoy Manor, and he slightly regretted the return of the Dark Lord, it would have made this discussion so much easier.

Aside from all that, he knows as much as any other wizard and witch knew about the boy, that and what he heard from Draco and Severus.

Severus still held a grudge against Potter’s father and godfather, so he paid little attention when the older Katuy ranted and raved about the boy. Draco constantly complained about the Savior, how he was always besting him, Lucius just turned a closed ear.

The only thing his two mates seem to agree on was the boy’s weight and clothes.

Hand-me downs, too big to wear and seemed to engulf him. The boy was so skinny, like he wasn’t being fed, and if Lucius knew the Hogwarts elf, he knew that no one in this castle was to go hungry.

So he knew Hogwarts wasn’t the reason for the boy’s skinny appearance.

He had also watched the boy all school year after finding out that Potter was his mate. Hidden within the shadows he learned that Potter did not welcome the spotlight, in fact he was the opposite, and shied away from it, preferring to fade in the background, which something the magical world would not allow.

He raised a brow when Potter nearly started to hyperventilate at the mention of the letter, and watched as Severus all but shoved a calming potion down the hero’s throat.

Now that was an interesting reaction, and if it was Severus, the Katuy would probable think that the boy was upset that he only got to spend a month with the people who spoiled him. But he was not Severus, and this reaction made him curious.

Very curious.