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'And The Forest Met The Sky'

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“Harry! Breakfast is done!” Remus yelled up to the attic from the small set of stairs. He continued to stare at the door till he heard a faint thud, the welcoming sound of feet hitting the floor. He left with a smile and then headed back down the stairs, leaving Harry to finish getting up.

Harry stared at the wooden floor as he yawned and passed his hand over his frill of a mane he called his hair. It had grown much longer since the end of the war and came down to his shoulders now. The length had smoothed out the tufts a bit but it was still as unruly as ever. Finally climbing out of bed, he fished out some new clothes to wear from a box he had never ‘completely’ unpacked before heading down the attic stairs and towards the kitchen. Dark circles hung around his eyes as he sat down at the table and started to stab at his food. He yawned again.

“Still not sleeping well?” Sirius asked as he leaned against the center island with a hot cup of coffee between his hands. Harry nodded as he started to gnaw on the waffle in front of him. Lupin looked over Harry worriedly before glancing back at Sirius who only shrugged.

“Perhaps we should as Snivellus to make some more dreamless sleep potions,” Sirius suggested which Harry gave a quick shake of his head to.

“No, I feel weird in the morning if I take them. And you really must stop calling him that,” he stated as he finished his waffles. Lupin agreed and gave Sirius a stern glare before the man put his hands up in defeat.

“I can’t make anyone happy, can I?” Sirius stated as he left the room with a huff. Both Lupin and Harry chuckled as he left before a few taps at the window drew their attention. Frowning, Remus went over to open the window for the owl; only to have another one fly through. It landed on the table before dropping the letter and flying away again. While Lupin grabbed the letter from the first owl, Harry was already picking up the other from the dish it'd landed on.

“Well that’s odd, it says this one is from Gringotts. What’s the other say Harry?” Remus asked as he took a seat at the table. Harry’s mouth twitched.

“It’s from Narcissa,” he answered and gave Remus a puzzled look. What would a Malfoy want with one Harry Potter? “Which one should we open first?” Harry asked as Remus flipped the Gringotts letter over in his hand.

“Well they are both addressed to you, and with what happened at Gringotts you owe them a lot. Best to read their's first just in case it’s something to do with the damage you caused,” Remus stated. Harry turned red and nodded as he opened the letter and began to read.


            “Mister Potter,

                        We regret to inform you that, because of the wreckage and destruction the war had cause over the whole of the Wizarding world, we have run behind on many accouters holdings. We would like to invite you to Gringotts to oversee the inventory of your vaults and to go over your parent’s wills. As the holder of your parent’s wills, Albus Dumbledore, is no longer with us they will be read at once.


Harry stopped reading at once and looked over at Remus, confused. “Weren’t the wills supposed to be read a month after my parents’ death?” he asked. Remus returned the confused look and nodded.

“Dumbledore must have had them sealed and ordered to be read at a later date because of the circumstances of their death,” he stated before motioning Harry to keep reading.


“Furthermore, we would like to ask that you take an inheritance test. Due to the destruction of our facilities we are asking everyone to have one done for identification purposes. We have realized that some of the vaults and accounts may have been compromised.

            Also, Mister Potter. We ask that you provide a circumstantial fund to help fix what damage you and you friends inflicted upon our company’s property.


                                    Gringotts Vault, and Archieves Masters “


Harry stared down at the letter with a mixture of embarrassment and awe. An inheritance test? That sounded pretty important. Maybe he could find out more about his family! He looked over at Remus and tried to keep a straight face. “They have inheritance tests?” he asked.

Remus stared at Harry for a moment and then nodded slowly. “Apparently. I wonder why Dumbledore never spoke of it. It could have helped Snape a lot, perhaps we should tell him?” he suggested.

Sirius stepped into the room and looked over the two. “What do we have here?” he asked as he looked at the letter in Harry’s hand and at the unopened on still on the table. Harry looked up from the letter and smiled slightly.

“Well, it seems that Gringotts has fallen a bit behind since the war and are trying to sort everything out. Narcissa also sent a letter but we haven’t gotten to that one yet,” Remus stated.

Harry nodded and watched as Sirius lifted Narcissa’s letter and opened it.

At first, Sirius read silently; starting to read aloud when he noticed the importance of the letter.


                        “To Harry Potter and Those Who It May Concern,

                                    As you may know, I Narcissa Malfoy was born into the Black family before I married. As we have fallen on hard times I am asking my Lord Black, and his heir to take us into their home as extended family. With Lucius gone and the Malfoy name with it I’m afraid that I cannot provide for my son alone. From one parental figure to another, please. If you need a few days take them, but I implore you to consider taking us in.

                        Sincerely Yours,

                                    Narcissa Black Malfoy”


Everyone in the room stayed quite as Sirius finished with a frown. He turned the letter over in his hands before taking a seat. His hands went to his face as Remus and Harry looked down at the table. The house-elves already cleared away the dishes while they'd been reading, leaving them only to stare at the stained wood.

“Well, that was… Informative,” Remus stated as he lifted his head, placing his hand on Harry’s shoulder. Sirius chuckled and shook his head as he looked over at Lupin.

“I don’t know how she plans on getting any of the money or ‘support’ she talked about. Dumbledore stated that because of Regulus’ disappearance I wouldn’t be able to claim the Lordship; since the ring disappeared with him,” Sirius stated. Harry’s eye brows furrowed.

“If the owner dies than the ring usually appears to the declared heir or back to the family’s vault,” Harry stated. Remus and Sirius both stared at him like he had grown a second head. “You didn’t know?” he asked. How could they not know that? It was one of the few things Harry had learned after starting to read up on Pureblood History and Policies.

“Why would Dumbledore lie?” Remus voiced, looking at a stunned Sirius.

“I’m sure he had a reason.” Sirius cleared his throat, turning to leave the room in stunned silence. Remus followed, leaving Harry alone in the kitchen. He looked over the letters before standing up, only to feel extremely light headed when he did. His eyesight went fuzzy as he leaned on the table for support and waited for the spell to pass. It had been happening frequently lately, and Harry thought it had something to do with his restless sleep.

If Dumbledore had lied about Sirius being able to claim the Lordship, then what else did he lie about? Harry frowned as he turned over the thought in his mind and headed to his room.

To make up for the missed schooling during the war the Headmistress at Hogwarts was holding an eighth year class that was starting soon. Harry was nervous, and still trying to settle into living at Black Manor. He'd chosen the attic as his room do mostly to the view from the round window. Yet, there were enchantments on the door and living area already for privacy; convenient for him. Though he didn’t really have anything to take up the vast space, Sirius had at first tried to get Harry to choose a different room but Harry had managed to convince him with help from Remus.

Harry glanced around before continuing to unpack his things; working on his wandless magic as he did. He using it to float his clothes to his cabinet and drawers as well as clean areas to set new items out. He knew it would take a while before it became the homey room he wanted.  It still resembled his room at the Dursley's, and being reminded of those years made him sick. 

The next morning Harry was awoken to a very loud bang from downstairs. He sat bolt upwards only to fall back down on the bed as his vision went black. He panicked for a moment till it slowly came back; this time sitting up slowly. That’s when he heard the yelling downstairs and another loud bang. He grabbed his wand and headed towards the attic door, opening it slowly as he heard another. This time he could pinpoint the noise and yelling coming from the sitting room and slowly he made his way towards the room.

When he got to the end of the hall and peeked in he relaxed. Remus was chasing an animagus Sirius around the room, knocking over pictures and vases as his Grim form bounced around. Harry laughed, catching the attention of the two and making them stop in their tracks. This was the first time they had heard Harry laugh in a long while. Sirius transformed back in the middle of the room and smiled as a huffing Remus came over to lean on him.

“Harry, you’re up. We were just about to come wake you and tell you to get ready so we could head to Gringotts. It’s better to get it out of the way now then later,” Sirius stated with a smile. Remus growled.

“We! You mean I was, before you decided to go on a rampage demanding we let him sleep longer!” Remus wheezed as he straightened and dusted himself off. Harry was still smiling at the two as they started to bicker.

“Well, I’ll go get ready then,” he stated. They smiled at him for a moment before going back to bickering as Harry headed back up to his room. He sat down on his bed with a light laugh and then went to push up his glasses when he realized he didn’t have them on. Weird. He could have sworn they were on, everything seemed to be in perfect definition. Finding his glasses, he pulled them on only to have everything he looked at go fuzzy. He stared at them for a moment and cleaned them before trying again. When he got the same result, he put them down and sighed. “Stran-nge,” he drawled out before looking at himself in the mirror.

He stood up and stepped in front of it, looking at himself in the full-length mirror. Along with his eyes seeming to be fixed them seemed to be bit brighter. He noticed a few other changes as well, he'd gotten a bit taller, and filled in. He touched his cheeks and felt his cheek bones, not remembering them being so prominent before.  Even his eyebrows had changed. They seemed thinner, more delicate, and his hair!

When Harry noticed it, his eyes whipped to his hair. The strands were so silky now! He was weirded out but doubted Remus and Sirius would notice, so he decided not to ask about it. They had been pretty preoccupied with each other and the changes weren’t extreme enough to catch anyone’s eye. Maybe if they were staring at him long enough they might notice something was off but that was about it.

Shaking his head, he finally turned from the mirror and started to rummage through his clothes. Finally settling with a black muggle turtle neck and dark green skinny jeans. To his surprise when he started buying muggle style clothes both Remus and Sirius complemented on how nice he looked in them. He'd honestly expected them to be a little put off by the muggle style choice, but they both started to even adopt it into their own clothes. Harry grabbed his dragon hide boots however. He liked how they felt on his feet more than any muggle shoes.

Harry headed down stairs and tucked his wand into the holster Sirius had gotten him for Christmas last year. Remus was already there but Sirius seemed to be taking his sweet time.

“How do you feel about all of this?” Harry asked Lupin as his father figure flipped through a book.

He hummed, “Feel about what exactly?”

“The fact Dumbledore lied about the Lordship, and the fact he sealed Mom and Dad’s wills,” Harry stated.

Remus put the book aside and placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder as he stood up. “I don’t know what to think, but I’m sure we’ll find out more at the will reading,” he stated in a determined tone.

Sirius stepped in and motioned the other two towards the floo. “Well come on then, let’s get moving.” Both Remus and Harry rolled their eyes as they took turns going through the floo.