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Holiday Drabbles

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I walk into Hannibal’s office, swallowing the fear I feel clogging my throat.

“Ah, hello. You received my parcel then?” Hannibal says, walking around his desk to stand in front of me.

“Yes.” I whisper nervously.

“Show me.” He says in that calm, cool way of his.

“Here?” I gasp, knowing someone could walk in at any second.

“Yes.” He says in a clipped tone.

I lick my lips nervously but then begin to strip my clothes off. I know what he is, what he does to people. I should have run away from him screaming but there’s a…pull to him. Something that draws you in and makes you want to be close to his excellence. In a matter of moments, I’m wearing nothing but the garter belt, stockings and heels that Hannibal had sent to my house with a card that simply said Merry Christmas and told me to be at his office at this time. They are all in green and red, silk fabric so they look absolutely Christmassy.

“Stunning.” He whispers, without even a flicker to his expression.

I should be running but my fear feeds into my arousal, making my thighs wet as my juices run. He calmly turns and moves objects on his desk and I feel a flush run over my skin as I know what he’ll want next.

“Take your position.” He states simply.

I lay on my back on the space of his desk that he’s cleared, opening my legs wide and placing my arms above my head, just how he likes me. He stands between my legs and runs his fingers over my breasts and my stomach, stroking my skin reverently. He pinches one nipple and then the other, liking how I look when I arch with a gasp at his actions. He kneels between my legs and I moan as he sucks my clit into his mouth. My legs go to close on reflex but he grips my thighs tightly, pushing my legs open even wider. I grip the edge of the desk above my head as I arch and writhe. He stares at me intently as he sucks and nips my clit, looking like he’s inspecting me. He thrusts his tongue into my entrance, making me cry out and arch as arousal sweeps through me.
I whimper as he pulls away, licking his lips like he’s tasting a fine wine. He slowly undoes his trousers, dropping them to the floor. I lick my lips and move to the floor on my knees. He stares down at me imperiously as I take his cock into my mouth. I moan at his taste and suck him down like the tastiest candy cane. He stares at me, his mouth opening slightly as his breathing increases but they’re the only signs that he feels anything.

“Stop.” He demands as his balls tighten, staving off his orgasm.

I pull off him with a pop and lick my lips greedily. I look up into his cold, soul devouring stare.

“Pass me my belt.” He says sternly.

I fight back a moan as I realise what he’ll do next. I pull his belt off his trousers that are around his ankles and offer it up to him. He takes it from me with a smirk.

“Position.” He snaps.

I get up quickly and lay face down on his desk, hands behind my back. I yelp at the first lash of his belt on my ass, knowing that my skin is turning red. He lashes me again and again, on my ass and upper thighs, making me cry out from pain but also aroused. I can feel my slick soaking into my stockings and my nails dig into my wrist as I grasp it to keep my hands in position.
I whine as he wraps his belt around my wrists, tying them together. I feel the tip of his cock at my entrance and then he thrusts deep inside without preamble. I cry out with pleasure as he fills me, scraping over my g-spot as he pulls back out and then slams inside. He pounds into me, finally letting his control and composure slip as he grunts and groans. I feel his cock twitch inside me and know he won’t last much longer than I will.
He pulls out and flips me onto my back, making me cry out as my bound wrists are pressed against the desk edge painfully. He slams back inside me and I wrap my legs around his waist as he grips my hips, lifting my ass slightly for the angle he wants. I love it when he fucks me like this. He has a thin sheen of sweat on his skin. His eyes are blown with lust. His hair is falling over his forehead messily and uncontrolled. His shirt, tie and jacket are rumpled and askew. These are the only times I ever see him like this. So, undone and uncontrolled.
He fucks me roughly, causing bruises on my hips from his fingers and on my wrists from the desk. The office is full of the sounds of skin on skin, gasping of breath and groans. I’m too far gone to care if anyone walks in and sees us. I’m too lost in pleasure to care about what Hannibal is. He tilts me more so he’s now slamming into my g-spot with every thrust. I bite my lip to hold back my orgasm, knowing he likes it when I wait for his demand.

“Cum for me now.” He gasps, grip tightening even more as I draw blood on my lip.

I scream his name as my orgasm crashes through me, so intense it’s almost painful. He grabs my hair and pulls me up, mouth clamping down on mine to both smother my screams and lick up the blood from my lip. My vision swims behind my closed eyelids, head spinning as my climax ravishes me. He stiffens above me as he cums, filling my pussy up as it clamps around him and milks him dry.
We lay on his desk, panting into each other’s faces as we come back down. My eyes flutter open to stare into his. He smiles and bites down on my bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood. I can see his hidden monster move in his eyes as he tastes my coppery blood but then he pulls away. He gently helps me sit up and releases my wrists. I pull my clothes on as he tidies himself up.

“Merry Christmas.” He says with a small smile, handing me tickets to an opera.

“Thank you. Here, I got you something too.” I say with a smile, handing him a wrapped present from the bag I had left on the floor with my clothes.

He unwraps it and I see a genuine smile as he sees the knife set I bought him, the best in the market.

“Thank you. I’ll see you at seven.” He says calmly, placing his gift in one of his drawers.

“I’ll see you then.” I smile, walking out of his office.

I try to pretend I don’t know what he’ll use those knives on but it doesn’t work and then I wonder, when will it be me that he decides to do that to? I should run but I won’t, the pleasure far outweighs the risk.