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20 minutes

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"I'm going out to the store," their mother called. "Is there anything either of you need?"

"No," Ritsu raised his voice in response. He and Shigeo were sitting together on the couch, watching a television program about birds.

"Well, all right. If you think of something, give me a call. I'll be back soon."

Ritsu listened carefully for the click of the door before he made his move. "Finally." He pushed himself up on his hands and swung his legs around to straddle Shigeo's lap. "I thought she was never going to go."

A light pink flush rose in Shigeo's face as he set his hands on his brother's hips. "Ritsu. Are you sure we should be doing this here?"

"She'll be gone for at least twenty minutes. I looked at her shopping list, and I've timed it. And here..." Ritsu leaned over to grab his cell phone off the couch, tapping a few times on the screen. "There, I've set an alarm. We should have plenty of time."

Shigeo wet his lips, and Ritsu took that as an invitation, leaning in and pressing his own tongue to them. A happy little sigh escaped Shigeo's mouth as he opened it, and Ritsu chased the origin of the sound, licking his way inside.

There were advantages and disadvantages to dating your own brother, he supposed. On the one hand, they couldn't let anyone find out, especially not their parents. But on the other, it was pretty convenient as hormonal teens to be sleeping under the same roof every night.

Ritsu began kissing his way down Shigeo’s neck, and above him his brother breathed his name against his temple. Ritsu slid his legs backward, finding his footing on the floor as he sank down from his straddling position. Shigeo's hands, bereft of hips to grip onto, found their way into Ritsu's hair, fingers lightly carding through it.

Ritsu rubbed at his brother's hardening cock through the thin material of his shorts and underwear. "Just let me take care of you, Nii-san." Psychic powers were handy when it came to the awkward task of taking clothes off mid-makeout, something Ritsu appreciated often, and certainly right now, as he used his abilities to assist him in lifting Shigeo's hips off the couch and divesting him of the obtrusive articles. Of course, his older brother never used his own powers for things like that, but he didn't seem to mind that Ritsu did.

Maybe it was a little less than not minding, as Ritsu mouthed up the soft side of his brother's cock, Shigeo moaning and fisting his hands a little more tightly in Ritsu's hair, tugging at his scalp. The slight hint of pain sent warm shivers down Ritsu's spine, and he relished Shigeo's grip going even stronger when Ritsu opened his mouth and took his brother's cockhead fully inside.

He never tired of hearing Shigeo helplessly moaning his name when they did this. Like a litany, like a prayer. It took a lot to make Shigeo loud, and of course, that never stopped Ritsu from trying (and he wasn't one to shy away from a challenge). Even though Shigeo’s voice was still soft, hearing the constant quiet gasps and moans when his brother was normally so reserved always sent a direct line straight to Ritsu's cock. The first time they had tried this, he had come without Shigeo even touching him, which was mortifying until Shigeo kissed him afterward, at which point he'd ceased to care. And he'd gotten hard after another couple of minutes of kissing anyway, so it's not like it really mattered.

Still. God, what making his brother come undone did to him.

"Ah!" cried Shigeo, bucking his hips up a few inches as Ritsu bobbed his head around his brother's cock. Not long, now. The uncontrollable hip twitching was always a sign that Shigeo was about to come. The closer he got, the more he lost control, the more demanding and less careful he became.

It didn't happen every time, but sometimes he lost control of his powers too. Shigeo panicked after the first time it happened, knocking some books off shelves and shattering the bulb in the lamp on Ritsu's desk. Ritsu calmed him down and reassured him it was okay, but truthfully, he hadn't minded at all. It actually sent a thrill shooting thrugh him. He knew how hard his brother worked to control his abilities. And he knew it bothered him to lose control. It's not that he wanted to upset Nii-san. But still, being the one to cause that loss of control, to make him let his guard down and break his biggest rule... It was a little bit intoxicating. And as long as no one got hurt, where was the real harm? Ritsu had psychic powers too, so he could protect himself if it ever came to that.

Though knowing the full extent of his brother's powers, he sometimes wondered what it would take to make him really come undone. What Ritsu would need to do to him. If he gagged him, tied him up, fucked him... They had never gotten that far, yet. Both of them got anxious about not knowing what they were doing, and Ritsu suspected that part of it was Shigeo indeed worrying about losing control. Worrying that he could hurt his younger brother anyway, that it might not be possible for him to protect himself if Shigeo exploded, even with his powers.

(Sometimes Ritsu thought about it after Nii-san had fallen asleep beside him, burying his face in his pillow to mute his harsh panting as he fisted himself desperately.)

Shigeo's powers only flared a little this time. He gasped slightly more loudly as he grabbed onto Ritsu's head, pulling it forward around his cock to hold him there as he emptied into his mouth. Ritsu choked as Shigeo's cock filled the back of his throat, lost his ability to breathe with his nose pressed against the warm skin and wiry hairs of his brother's groin. Tears beaded in the corners of his eyes as he fought down his gag reflex, and his own cock felt like it might explode any second. He loved it when Shigeo used his mouth like that.

The grip in his hair loosened, and Ritsu coughed slightly as he slid his slick and swollen lips off his brother's softening cock. His knees were wobbly as he climbed back up onto the couch again to sit astride Shigeo's bare thighs.

Shigeo was still catching his breath, but ran a hand up Ritsu's thigh under his shorts to cup him through his underwear. "Ritsu. Do you want me to use my mouth?"

"Ah," Ritsu said, glancing sideways at his phone on the couch, using his powers to press the button and wake up the screen. "Shit, there's no time, Nii-san. Just, your hand, ah, quickly, please—"

Shigeo didn't need to be told twice, slipping under the hem of Ritsu's underwear as well to grasp him firmly. Ritsu fell forward against his brother, burying his face in his neck and crying out as Shigeo's hand stroked him. It didn't take long at all.

When he finished, the two of them sat together on the couch, bodies interlaced like joined hands, their chests rising and falling in asynchronous rhythm. The chirping of birds on the television sounded faintly in the background. And then—

The sound of a key in the door. Ritsu jumped, falling backward off Shigeo's lap and nearly hitting his head on the floor. This hadn't been in his calculations! How could he have been wrong?! He had tracked their mom's shopping schedule for weeks in preparation for this. And Nii-san was still half-naked, god, and any second she was going to come around the corner and see...

"So." Their mother walked into the room, carrying several bags of groceries. "Did you two behave while I was gone?"

Ritsu blinked. He was back on the couch, sitting upright. His underwear felt completely dry. He jerked his head to the side, eyes wide, to stare at Shigeo.

"We watched TV the whole time," Shigeo said. He looked completely normal. His lower half was completely clothed and he held the remote control loosely in one hand.

It dawned on Ritsu in a wondrous daze. His powers. Nii-san used his powers.

"Well, that's good." Their mother turned and walked toward the kitchen. "Don't just watch television all day, though. Why don't you go get some exercise instead?"

"Ah, yes." Shigeo stood up and extended his hand to Ritsu, smiling. "Want to go for a walk, Ritsu?"

He had gotten his brother to use his powers on purpose, for something trivial. (Well, something that didn't involve ghosts or other espers, in any case.)

"I'd like that, Nii-san." Ritsu took Shigeo's hand and let himself be pulled to his feet.

There was no one really around that day, so it didn't matter that they didn't release each other's hands through their entire walk.