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The Bar Scene

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The worst part about being a broke college student was that you were
broke, that was the reason Merlin and Arthur were in the dingy bar
surrounded by people shouting at them to “push the other guy down" as
they arm wrestled strangers for money, and that was where they met Jim,
Spock, and Bones.

"This is doesn’t seem like a wise idea, Captain" said Spock feeling
quite out of place in the rowdy terran bar, “for once I agree with
Vulcan" added Bones, who grumbled something about idiot captains when a
high-spirited, somewhat drunk Jim ignored them both and headed
purposefully towards the tables at which two college guys were arm

Merlin took one look at the next contender (a certain James T. Kirk)
and his friends (one of them was looking around uncomfortably, while
the other leaned against a pole looking annoyed), gave Arthur a pat on
the back and said “this one’s all yours mate", causing Arthur to glare
at him before turning to Kirk and saying “all right then, name the