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Controlled Chaos

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Barely controlled chaos.

That’s what every tour looks like to Jensen Ackles.

He grew up in the show business life. His mother had been a backup singer floating from tour to tour. His uncle and his older brother have been in a few bands, some which have garnered attention as opening acts for better known bands. His father is an actor. Not the Hollywood kind, but the traveling around the country to do six shows in five days a week kind.

So Jensen spent his entire childhood on the road nine months of the year. He didn’t even know there was another way to live until he was fourteen. While his mother toured with a band in South America, he stayed with his grandparents in Texas. Then, he just stayed until he went away to college.

Of course, when you grow up in the life, it’s hard to escape. Especially when friends and family keep dragging you back in – albeit kicking and screaming. All through college he worked the summers as a roadie on various tours and many school nights and weekends were spent doing lighting and sound for bands in dives, bars, and university concert halls up and down the West Coast.

After college, he got pretty steady work recording backup vocals and instruments for a variety of musicians and composers. He swore he'd never go on the road again.

As someone possibly famous once said, never say never.