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Arata fluff drabbles

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[Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Heaven, or any of its characters, SPRAY/Higuri Yuu do. Non/Self-Beta'd: all mistakes, bad writing and OOCness are mine]

Winter wasn’t usually something Arata minded much. He rarely minded when it got so close to spring and the end of a school year either. It had been like that through high school and so far through university. Arata let himself focus on the warmth around him, cuddled against his dear friend. He should feel safe here in Kuya’s arms, he should be able to drift off to sleep knowing there was no one to judge and accept Kuya’s affection without questioning the kind of love they’d learned to build.

“Aratan? Can’t you sleep?”

Arata looked into Kuya’s eyes, just as open as his own.

“Arata’s fine,” he answered.

“C’mon,” Kuya urged, “we agreed we’d be honest, right?”

“Kuya think’s Arata’s hiding something?”

Kuya didn’t answer, instead he waited silently.

Kuya could be an aggravating mixture of persistent and patient. Aggravating because Arata couldn’t manage to hate him for how relentless a friend he’d become, for how much he insisted on caring. He wanted to hate how accepting Kuya could be, how he could so easily welcome an experimental kiss and resettle back to best friends without protest. They’d both been curious, neither regretted it really - but no, they were meant to share a different kind of love.

“I’ll miss you,” Arata said at last, “this spring.”

“I’ll still contact you a lot,” Kuya said, “going abroad again doesn’t mean we won’t be friends.”

“Arata knows that,” Arata said.

“Then why the pout?” Kuya teased.

“I-I am not!”

“It’s okay,” Kuya assured.

Arata was grateful the dark making it hard to see his blush. “Sh-shut up and go to sleep.”

Kuya smiled. “Yeah okay. Love ya.”