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You don't mess with Min Yoongi

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Park Jimin met Min Yoongi in his first year of university.

They crossed paths when Yoongi’s Music Production class were tasked with composing pieces for Jimin’s Dance class, and initially Jimin was nervous to be paired with Yoongi. He’d heard rumours about him – the grumpy sunbae who preferred sleeping over talking, who wore a leather jacket to class and had been an underground rapper in his earlier days at the university.

It soon seemed that all of Jimin’s fears were unfounded. Despite the rumours, Yoongi was polite and kind, and after a while of knowing him, Jimin would even admit that he was cute. He stammered and blushed when Jimin flirted playfully with him, and whenever he laughed he’d cover his face with his hands.

Jimin always was weak for the cute ones.

He asked Yoongi on a date after the dance showcase in which he danced to the piece Yoongi had composed for him. It was a beautiful song, but Jimin thought that the way Yoongi blushed when he asked him out was even more beautiful.

They’d been dating for a month or so when Jimin first suggested introducing Yoongi to his friends.

“Sure,” the elder said with a shrug from where he sat cross-legged on his bed, blanket wrapped securely around his small frame. “I’d love to meet them.”

“Are you sure?” Jimin pressed. “They can all be quite protective of me, and it’s just, well…”

Yoongi smiled at Jimin from within his blanket cocoon. “It’ll be all fine, I promise.”


It was not ‘all fine’.

“I just think he might be a bad influence on you, Jimin-ah!” Jin insisted. Jimin let out a groan of frustration and flopped his head back against the sofa. He was at Namjoon and Jin’s apartment, with the rest of their little group of friends. He’d introduced Yoongi to them last week, and they were slightly dubious of Jimin’s choice in boyfriend.

“He’s really not, hyung. Yoongi-hyung just looks scary, he’s actually a marshmallow inside.”

Taehyung’s head popped up from underneath the coffee table. “I heard someone say that Min Yoongi eats puppies for breakfast.” He frowned. “Puppies, Jimin. What sort of person eats puppies?”

“He doesn’t eat puppies for breakfast, Tae,” Jimin said with a sigh. “He’s a really lovely person who I really like, and I wish you’d all give him a chance.”

“I hate to say it, but I’m with Jin-hyung on this one,” Namjoon said, coming round to sit in a chair. “From what I’ve heard from others in the music department, Yoongi-hyung is a real grump. He hardly ever talks to anyone, and when he does it’s to snap at them. I respect your right to date who you want, but he doesn’t seem like your sort of person. We’re just trying to look out for you, Jimin. We were like this when Tae started dating Kookie, too.”

Jimin smiled softly at Namjoon and Jin. “I know you are,” he said. “And thank you for that. But trust me on this, Yoongi-hyung is a great person, and I’m going to do everything I can to ensure you guys see it too.”


It was movie night at Namjoon and Jin’s apartment – a monthly occurrence. Normally it was just the six of them, but at Jimin’s insistence Yoongi had tagged along too.

He’d been nothing but polite so far, and Jin was slightly suspicious. He’d heard such bad rumours about Yoongi, but the man had been lovely, albeit a bit shy. He’d smiled at Jin as he entered, and he and Jimin had brought a contribution of marshmallows to their movie night snack pile.

The movie – Big Hero 6, it was Taehyung’s choice this month – had been playing for only a short while when Jin found himself getting distracted by the couple on the other sofa.

They’d put Jimin and Yoongi on the smallest sofa, their argument being that those two were the shortest of the lot. It was a tight fit for both of them, and when Jin looked over he saw the two of them cuddled together closely, Yoongi’s head nestled into Jimin’s neck. Neither of them were paying attention to the movie on the screen, and instead were talking in quiet voices to each other.

As Yoongi nuzzled further into Jimin’s neck, Jimin smiled. “You’re so cute, hyung.”

Yoongi hummed. “But you’re cuter.”

“I won’t contest that,” Jimin said with a smirk, and Yoongi snorted against his neck. Jin felt like he was intruding on a private moment, so he turned his attention back to movie.

Once the movie had finished and they’d all started to remove themselves from the sofas they felt themselves moulding to, Jin turned to look at Jimin and Yoongi again. Both of them had fallen asleep, Yoongi’s head securely tucked into Jimin’s neck, the younger boy’s silver hair brushing against his eyes. They both had an arm around each other’s waists, and with their other hands were clasped together in Jimin’s lap. Even in his sleep, Yoongi’s thumb was rubbing small circles onto Jimin’s hand.

“Wow,” Jin heard someone breathe, and he noticed that everyone else was also watching the sleeping couple.

“So cute,” Taehyung murmured.


“Sorry I’m so late,” Jimin said with a gasp, rushing through the door to the dance studio. He stood panting in the doorway for a second, two cups of coffee clutched in his hands.

“It’s fine,” Hoseok promised. “Kookie only just got here too.” He decided to leave out that Jungkook himself had been twenty minutes late because he’d been too busy sucking face with Taehyung.

Jimin sighed with relief. “Hey,” he said, setting his stuff down on the floor in the corner, “is it okay if Yoongi-hyung comes and sits in with us? He has nowhere else to really go.”

Hoseok frowned. It was common practice for Taehyung to sit in on practices to watch Jungkook, and Jin-hyung and Namjoon often popped in with food. But Yoongi… He seemed so cold and judging, Hoseok wasn’t sure.

“I dunno Jiminie…” he said slowly, and watched as Jimin’s cute face moulded into a pout.

“Please, hyung? He won’t disturb us at all, I promise! And Tae sits in on our practices all the time.”

In the face of that cute pout and puppy eyes, Hoseok relented. “Fine,” he sighed. He was probably making a fuss out of nothing. Despite being cold, Yoongi seemed like a nice enough guy who cared about Jimin a lot. Hoseok didn’t quite believe Jimin about Yoongi being as sweet as he said yet though.

Jimin squealed in happiness and hugged Hoseok. “You’re the best, Hobi-hyung! Here, you can have some of my coffee if you want?”

Hoseok grinned brightly back at Jimin. “Ah, thanks! I’ve been craving caffeine all day!” He reached out to take the cup Jimin was offering, and took a sip. He spat it out almost immediately.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, spluttering. “What the fuck is in that? It’s way too sweet.”

Looking apologetic, Jimin swapped the cups around. “Sorry, I think I gave you Yoongi-hyung’s. His is a caramel macchiato… with extra caramel.”

“Who even needs extra caramel?”

“Hyung, apparently.”

Hoseok hummed. “I pinned him as more of ‘straight coffee with seven extra shots of espresso’ kinda guy. Y’know, bitter and dark like him.” He received a slap to the arm for that one.

“Nope,” Jimin chirped happily, “hyung likes his coffee sweet – just like him!”

And I thought Tae and Kookie were bad enough, Hoseok thought.


Taehyung could hardly believe what he was seeing. He’d just stopped round Jimin’s room to lend him his copy of a drama they both liked, and Jimin had invited him to sit and chat for a while.

They hadn’t been settled on the sofa for very long, cradling mugs of coffee in their hands, when the door to Jimin’s bedroom creaked open and someone shuffled out.

Taehyung didn’t realise who it was at first as they were swaddled in so many blankets and duvets, but when the blanket lump shuffled over and let out a low grunt as they collapsed on top of Jimin.

“Hyung, careful of my coffee!” Jimin said, moving his mug out of the way quickly as Yoongi snuggled in closer to him.

The older man grunted. “I feel like death,” he croaked. “Love me.” He poked his head out of his nest to stare at Jimin. His pink hair was adorably mussed, and he was pouting. He looked pretty cute, Taehyung had to admit.

Jimin’s face softened as he looked down at Yoongi. “Okay, okay, give me a second.” He placed his mug down and shuffled around so he could properly cuddle Yoongi. “Any better, you overgrown child?” He received a grunt in response.

Taehyung couldn’t help but feel left out. “Hey, I want Jimin love too!” If it was just him and Jimin, he’d have no qualms about jumping straight onto his best friend, but Yoongi was mildly terrifying, and he didn’t want to piss off a sick Yoongi.

To his surprise, Yoongi just moved over to make space for him and lifted up a corner of his blanket for Taehyung to go underneath.

Taehyung could only stare in surprise.

“Hurry the fuck up,” Yoongi said sleepily, “I’m losing all the heat.”

Shaking himself out of it, Taehyung beamed and wriggled in next to Jimin and Yoongi. It was warm and comfortable. He sighed, he could get used to this.


“Oh, Kookie, do you mind if we stop in here?” Jimin said, pointing towards a bath shop. “We ran out of bath bombs, so I need to get more.”

“Since when do you use bath bombs, hyung?” Jungkook said, but followed Jimin anyway.

“They’re for Yoongi-hyung, not me.”

Jungkook snorted in shock. “Yoongi-hyung likes bath bombs? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.”

Jimin smiled slightly as he browsed the store. “He takes them very seriously. You should have seen him when we ran out last week, he wouldn’t talk to anyone for a good two days.”

“Hyung is terrifying,” Jungkook said, with a shiver. “I don’t think I could date someone who loves bath bombs more than they love me.”

Pinning Jungkook with a disbelieving look, Jimin said “Kookie, you’re dating Tae. I don’t think I need to say anything more.”

“Point taken,” Jungkook said, watching as Jimin went to pay for several bath bombs.

Later on, as they were returning to their apartments, they bumped into Yoongi. Jimin’s face lit up.

“Hyung!” he yelled, leaping forward to wrap his arms around Yoongi. “Guess what I got you today!”

When Yoongi pouted in confusion, Jimin produced the bath bombs from the bag. “Ta-da! I even got the type you like, hyung!”

Jungkook saw as Yoongi’s face lit up and he pulled Jimin in for a long kiss. When it lasted for longer than ten seconds, Jungkook made a gagging noise.

“Keep it PG please hyungs, there are children here.”

Jimin snorted derisively. “Please, Kook, we all know what you get up to with Tae.”

“There’s a difference between that and watching you two try and suck each others faces off in front of me,” Jungkook said primly.

Yoongi barked out a laugh at Jungkook’s comment and leant forward to whisper something that sounded suspiciously like “wanna go try one of these bath bombs out with me?” in Jimin’s ear, and Jimin giggled in response.

I have never been so repulsed in my entire life, Jungkook thought solemnly, watching the two of them giggle together.


Jimin groaned as he left the auditorium. He’d just finished with the last of his finals, and although he’d done his best, he didn’t know whether that was good enough. All he wanted to do now was curl up in a ball and sleep for the next ten years.

A voice caught his attention as he stepped out of the building into the sunshine. “Hey there handsome.”

Yoongi was leaning against the wall of the dance building, clad in one of Jimin’s oversized fluffy jumpers and holding a picnic basket.

“Yoongi!” Jimin squealed, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and breathing in his familiar scent. He felt himself relaxing more, all of the stress of finals evaporating. “What are you doing here?” he mumbled into Yoongi’s jumper.

“I figured I’d surprise you with lunch after your last final,” Yoongi said with a gummy smile, and Jimin felt something inside him warm.

They’d been dating for just over a year now, and Jimin had never been happier. Yoongi got along well with all of his friends, although some of them still didn’t believe Jimin about how sweet Yoongi was. It was true, Yoongi could be grumpy and cold, and he preferred to lock himself away in his studio for a week rather than talk about how he felt, and he could be hideously lazy sometimes, and he was horrific at remembering to look after himself and feed himself and –

Where was he going with this again?

Ah, that’s right! While it was true Yoongi wasn’t a perfect human being, neither was Jimin, and Jimin found that the good things about Yoongi far outweighed the bad. For example, Yoongi’s thoughtfulness.

Jimin smiled softly as Yoongi laid a picnic blanket down on the grass in the park. “After you, my prince,” Yoongi said with a deep bow, eyes twinkling.

“Why thank you.” Once they’d settled down, Yoongi began unpacking all of the food he’d brought.

“I know you don’t always eat properly when you’re stressed about a showcase, so I made sure to bring plenty of food that you like,” Yoongi explained.

“I love you,” Jimin said.

Yoongi looked up in surprise, and smiled. “I love you too, you brat. Even though you didn’t answer my texts all of this week.”

“I was busy!” Jimin protested.

“Hmm, yeah sure, I believe you…”

People looked at the happy couple as they passed, bickering away but still smiling so brightly. And if their friends happened to pass by just as Jimin and Yoongi were feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries, no one needed to know.

(And if they just happened to take photos of the two of them looking really content and happy, well, no one needed to know about that either.)


“Y’know,” Namjoon said, leaning in to talk to Seokjin, “I think I’m actually starting to believe Jimin now – Yoongi-hyung isn’t scary at all.”

Seokjin laughed. “Yeah, he’s really just a fluffy teddy bear inside. Another drink?”

When Namjoon nodded his assent, Seokjin turned back to the bar to order them some more drinks. They were out celebrating the end of finals, and what better place to do it than at a bar?

As Seokjin was ordering, Namjoon couldn’t help but notice that a stranger had approached where Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok were messing around at the edge of the dance floor. Namjoon didn’t like the look on his face, but he particularly didn’t like the way his friends looked scared. The guy was a fair deal bigger than them, tall and muscly in a way that only came with extensive time spent at a gym.

With a bad feeling in his stomach, Namjoon left Seokjin ordering at the bar and made his way over to them. He couldn’t help but wish Jungkook was old enough to be there, the kid was the sort of person who’d stand up for his hyungs when they were too polite to do it themselves.

“Hey beautiful,” Namjoon heard the guy sneer as he drew closer, “fancy coming back with me to my place?”

“Uh, no thank you,” Taehyung said nervously, taking a small step back.

“You sure, baby?” the stranger asked, smirking. “I’ll make it worth your while.” As the man made to move towards Taehyung, Jimin stepped in front of his path.

“Leave him alone, asshole,” he snapped, hands on his hips. “He said he isn’t interested.”

Beady eyes focused in on Jimin. “Oh, you offering instead, sweetcheeks?” Namjoon felt something ugly inside him stir as the man reached up to grab Jimin’s chin roughly and tilt it towards him. “Well, aren’t you quite the looker.”

Jimin looked extremely uncomfortable with the situation. He wriggled slightly but the man had a firm grip on his chin. Despite being toned from all his dance, Namjoon knew Jimin wasn’t one for fighting, and he sped up slightly to get there before things got ugly.

But someone else got there before him.

“Excuse me,” Yoongi said in a slow drawl, placing a hand on the arm holding Jimin’s chin. “I’m going to have to ask you to let go of my boyfriend.” His voice was sharp, and his eyes were cold, fixed unflinchingly on the man. Namjoon supressed a shiver.

So this was the Min Yoongi that everyone was so scared of.

Dropping Jimin’s chin, the man focused in on Yoongi. “What are you gonna do about it, pipsqueak?”

“I’m going to ask you to please apologise to my friends here and escort yourself off the premises,” Yoongi retorted, not flinching from where he was squaring up against the stranger.

It was quite the sight to see, all 5’9 of Yoongi unflinchingly staring down a monster of a man, at least 6’4 and built like a wrestler.

“Like fuck I’m gonna do that,” the man sneered. “Come here, you arrogant prick.”

He made a move to punch Yoongi in the face, but Yoongi moved with surprising speed. In all the time Namjoon had known him, Yoongi had never moved faster than walking pace, yet here he was, ducking under the man’s fist and knocking his legs out from underneath him, all before Namjoon had time to think What the fuck.

As soon as the man hit the floor, Yoongi placed a knee on his back and yanked the man’s head up by his hair. The position must have been curving his spine awkwardly, and the man whined, blood dripping from his nose.

“I said, apologise,” Yoongi growled out, and Namjoon was 80% sure he pissed his pants right there and then. There was a dark look on Yoongi’s face, his eyes like flints.

“I’m sorry!” the man sobbed from his position. “I really am, I’m sorry! Please let me go, I promise not to do it again!”

“You’d better not,” Yoongi said darkly, releasing him from his position. The man scrambled to his feet and left quickly, shooting terrified glances over his shoulder.

There was a moments silence as everyone stood there and took in Yoongi – short, cute Yoongi who drank caramel macchiatos and used flowery bath bombs and snuggled up with Jimin in his free time – stood there, panting from the exertion of well and truly whooping someone’s ass.

“Holy shit,” Hoseok said eloquently, mouth hanging open. “How on earth did you learn to do that?”

Yoongi scratched the back of his head awkwardly, suddenly looking a lot less intimidating. “Ah well, when I was younger people used to give me shit for how small I was so I took some self-defence classes.”

“That was so fucking hot,” Jimin said under his breath, staring at Yoongi with wide eyes. Yoongi blushed and averted his eyes.

“Agreed,” Taehyung said emphatically.

Jimin moved to suddenly grab Yoongi’s arm and start to drag him away. “Now if you don’t mind,” he said, “I think we’re going to be leaving now. Taehyung, don’t come back to the apartment tonight.”

Namjoon watched a determined Jimin pull a protesting Yoongi through the crowds.

“But Jimin, we only got here like, ten minutes ago!”

“I have more important things to be doing right now, Yoongi, namely – you.”

Once they’d disappeared out of view, Namjoon turned to see Seokjin stood next to him with an equally shocked look on his face, glasses gripped in each hand.

“Shit,” he said, and it took a second for it to register with Namjoon that Jin-hyung was actually swearing, “you don’t mess with Min Yoongi.”