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The Mating Games

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The War had been devastating; killing generations, history and the future. Alphas and Omegas fighting Betas over equality. When the dust settled and the Reapers came to count their dues, the Alphas and Omegas were vastly out numbered. For every Alpha there were about nine Betas, for every Omega, roughly 25 Betas. Someone at a desk did the math and realized that if science didn’t step in, Alphas and Omegas could be wiped out as a species in as little as 125 years. While that didn’t bother most Betas, it terrified the Alphas and Omegas and most Historians, really anyone wanting to preserve culture and history. Until an idea was created, one that help preserves the culture and continue the blood lines of Alpha and Omegas alike and kept them controlled, like the Betas wanted them.