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Come, Scientist, Destroy

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Briefing to Agent Starling on Interviewing SCP-679

Starling, Clarice M., good morning. Help yourself to coffee, a bagel, whatever.

Nothing’s wrong. I hope the call from the O5 Council number didn’t spook you.

Your instructors tell me you’re doing well, top quarter of the class—I ask them from time to time.

A job came up and I thought about you—well, it’s not really a job, it’s more of an interesting errand. Push that stuff off that chair and sit down.

You put down here that you want to come directly to Containment & Acquisitions when you get through your training. You have a lot of forensics and science in your background, but no military or law enforcement in your background. We usually look for six years, minimum. But what you do have is a double major in psychology and criminology. You wrote to me about coming here, didn’t you, and I don’t think I answered—I know I didn’t. I should have.

Do you spook easily, Starling?

See, most of the sentient Keter class SCPs we have can’t communicate, or be communicated with safely. The ones that do, usually don’t say anything too useful. But the one we can communicate with and want to study the most, we haven’t been able to get to cooperate. I want you to go after it tomorrow down at Area-14.

The subject? SCP-679-A—Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Yes, Hannibal the Cannibal, the cause of the great breach of ’13.

Why you? Mainly because you’re available. It won’t talk to D-level, and it won’t give a straight answer to any researcher. I don’t expect 679 to cooperate. There are more reasons that don’t concern you. I just don’t have anyone left in this section to do it. It’s the old story—not enough warm bodies.

It’s ridiculous, you know; 679 studied for the Foundation before, wrote research articles on other SCPs—extraordinary stuff—but it’s never about its own little anomalies. 679 pretended to go along with the head researcher, Chilton, once in some tests—then 679 published what it had learned about Chilton and made a fool out of him. It responds to serious conversation from researchers in fields unrelated to its case, and that’s all it does.

If 679 won’t talk to you, I just want straight reporting. How does it look, how does its cell look, what’s it doing. Local colour, so to speak.

Now. I want your full attention, Starling. Are you listening to me?

Be very careful with 679-A. Dr. Chilton, the head researcher, will go over the physical containment procedures you use to deal with it. Don’t deviate from it. Do not deviate from it one iota for any reason. If 679 talks to you at all, it’ll just be trying to find out about you. It’s the kind of curiosity that makes a snake look in a bird’s nest. We both know you have to do a little back-and-forth in interviews, but you tell it no specifics about yourself. You don’t want any of your personal facts in its head.

You know what 679 did to SCP-590—Will Graham.

It gutted 590 with a linoleum knife when 590 caught up with it. It’s a wonder 590 didn’t die. Remember Miriam Lass? 679 was the one who killed her. Heard of Procedure Gein-Fish?

No, it’s not just a myth. If we want its cooperation, we have to feed it what it wants.

Do your job. Just don’t ever forget what 679 is.

... Do I know what it is?

I know it’s a monster. Beyond that, nobody can say for sure.

Maybe you’ll find out; I didn’t pick you out of a hat, Starling. You asked me a couple of interesting questions when I was overseeing recruitment. The O5 Council will see your own report over your own signature—if it’s clear and tight and organised. I decide that. And I will have it by 0900 Sunday.

This is your briefing packet—it’s got everything related to SCP-679. Yes, including the files for SCP-590 and 231. Your clearance has been given a temporary upgrade to Level-5-679.

Okay, Starling, carry on in the prescribed manner.


Email: Briefing Packet Regarding SCP-679 

FROM: Dr. J███ C████████O5-█

TO: Agent C██████ S███████

SUBJECT: Briefing Packet for SCP-679

File(s) Included: All files and information regarding SCP-590 and SCP-679, the incident of 10/█/2012, the security breach and infiltration caused by SCP-679, and all related incidents, experiments, and other reported/logged information.



>>SCP-590 Experiment Logs and Misc. Related Files*



>>SCP-679 Misc. Related Files and Misc. Files Re: Security Breach Caused by SCP-679

*Note: These documents have not yet been fully redacted regarding the nature and extent of the breach caused by SCP-679. This material is extremely sensitive. Viewing of these documents by personnel without the proper security clearance is punishable by termination.