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Improbable Not Impossible

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It had been one stupid night of indiscretion.

They’d gotten drunk and Tony had touched Gibbs and that had been all it had taken to finally crack the other man’s resolve.

One stupid night of hot, incredible sex under the stars in the middle of a grove of trees under the full moon. It was like something out of a romance novel – not that he’d ever read one of those.

In the morning – sober and still in the middle of the woods on a camping trip – they carefully clean up and pretend nothing happened.

Except for the one time where Tony – with a smirk that makes Gibbs want to slap him somewhere besides his head – calls it their Brokeback moment and winks.

Gibbs rents the movie and smacks Tony upside the head as soon as he walks into the bullpen the next morning. Tony doesn’t even ask why – he just smirks again.

One stupid night of drunken, hot, incredible indiscretion and four months of barely restrained flirting and sexual tension later he’s bent over the toilet for the 32nd morning in a row and finally decides that maybe it’s time to go see Ducky.

Blood work and an initial exam with Ducky promising him results in a few days – standard operating procedures - until Ducky runs the blood work three more times and calls him down to autopsy where he’s waiting with an ultrasound machine.

“Hop up,” Ducky smiles, patting the table.

The goop that Ducky puts on his belly is cold and he frowns the entire time, watching Ducky watch the screen.

“Well…that’s…” Ducky blinks owlishly, “well, it’s…”


Ducky turns the screen and Gibbs’ eyes go wide. There’s not much to see yet of course but it’s something he’s seen before.

Gibbs looks down at his stomach with a shocked glare.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“I’m afraid not though…believe me, Jethro,” Ducky shakes his head, “I’m as baffled as you are.”

“How the hell…?”

“If you don’t know that by now…” Ducky teases.

“This isn’t funny! I can not be pregnant!”

Ducky shakes his head again and shrugs his shoulders.

“I wish I knew what to tell you. Obviously if you had a functioning set of ovaries you would have noticed by now…”

“Ya think?”

“…and yet here we are. The blood work and the ultrasound confirm that you are indeed…pregnant,” Ducky stares at Gibbs’ belly, grabbing a few tissues and wiping the gel off.

“I…” Gibbs sits up, tugging his shirt down and putting both of his hands over his stomach, “I can’t…”

“Do you wish to terminate?” Ducky asks; tone carefully neutral.

“I don’t know,” Gibbs admits.

Ducky heaves out a sigh and squeezes Gibbs’ knee.

“No matter what you decide we have to involve other people and I’m afraid that means that your…condition…will come under scrutiny. I’ll do my best to keep it quiet, see if I can call in a few favors but…brace yourself for a lot of poking and prodding. You’ve just become a medical oddity, my dear Jethro.”

With a scowl Gibbs hunches over, resting his elbows on his knees.

“This is bullshit.”


A week later he still hasn’t decided and Ducky’s been running test after test which is quickly wearing thin on Gibbs’ nerves.

“How many more of these…”

“I don’t know,” Ducky snaps, “there’s a possibility that you won’t even be able to carry to term. There’s a possibility that even if you do the strain could kill you - you’re hardly a young man anymore. I’m afraid I must be exhaustive in my examination and that means…tests.”

He heaves the last word out on an annoyed breath and Gibbs grumbles something, feeling far too vulnerable curled up on his side and he startles a little at the first touch of cool fingers.

“A rectal exam?” he asks again.

“Unless you think you became pregnant through oral sex,” Ducky says reasonably.

“I hate these,” Gibbs mutters.

“I don’t know anyone who enjoys them,” Ducky responds distractedly.

Gibbs gasps as Ducky prods gently.

“Well, you’ve a very healthy prostate.”


The colonoscopy is intense – because the enema wasn’t bad enough, Ducky had to shove a camera up there afterwards – and for the first time since he was a child he really wishes he had a hand to hold. Of course people were usually put under anesthetic for this but Gibbs had stubbornly refused to bring anyone else in on his little secret just yet. He was quickly coming to regret that decision.

Shit,” he growls.

“Almost finished,” Ducky soothes.

“What the hell are you looking for? China?”

How far did the man need to shove that thing up inside him anyway?

“Are you taking the long route to my brain?” Gibbs grinds out.

“I think a stick may have become lodged up here at some point and I’m hoping I can somehow remove it.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

“I’m trying to find out how you became impregnated in the first place,” Ducky explains, resisting the urge to snap back something equally nasty.

Gently he removes the camera, still watching the screen carefully even though the equipment will have recorded it for later review.

“Ducky…shit, Ducky,” Gibbs bites his lip, eyes clenched tightly shut.

This is all becoming too much. Ducky finally slides the last of the tube and camera out, cleaning Gibbs up carefully and covering him with a blanket. He tosses the gloves into the trash and moves back to Gibbs’ side.

“I’m sorry, Jethro,” Ducky says softly, brushing the other man’s hair away from his face.


“Why don’t you just lie here for a moment?” Ducky strokes his hair again, “Just rest, you’ve nowhere you need to be.”

“I can’t be pregnant,” Gibbs rasps out hoarsely.

Ducky goes quiet, hand still on Gibbs’ head. With a heavy sigh he touches Gibbs’ cheek, not meeting his eyes.

“You can abort chemically and we can hope your body reabsorbs the fetus or I can call my friend Alexandra. She runs a birth clinic but they perform the occasional abortion and I’ve already made her aware of your situation – she’s promised to keep quiet, be discreet and she’s going to recruit a few of her most trusted people to assist if it comes to that. If we abort surgically it will be via cesarean section and you’ll have to take a few weeks of medical leave.”

Gibbs shakes his head, closing his eyes in a vain attempt to shut it all out.

“I don’t know. I have to think about it,” he says thickly.

That night he curls up in bed on his side, hands over his stomach and wonders why he doesn’t really feel any different.

You’re supposed to feel it, he thinks. You’re supposed to know and there’s supposed to be a feeling – something significant, some emotion worthy of a small miracle – but all he feels is…normal.

Which is empty and cold and God…so fucking lonely it chokes him sometimes.

There’s no spark, no hope – he’s looking but he can’t find it.

It’s not just him inside this skin anymore but he still feels alone.


He still hasn’t decided and Ducky – having comforted and cajoled and lectured – finally loses his temper.

“The time to make a decision is now, Jethro!”

“You think it’s that fucking simple?”

“Of course not but you can’t bury your head in the sand and hope this goes away!”

“That’s easy for you to say you’re not the man who’s pregnant!”

Ducky’s eyes become impossibly wide as they fix on something behind Gibbs and Gibbs covers his face with his hands.

“I can’t deal with this shit,” he mutters, not turning around.

There’s a brief silence and then Tony’s raucous laughter.

“Oh, God! You should see the looks on your faces!”

“What?” McGee mutters with obvious confusion.

“That was great, Gibbs,” Tony continues, “you seriously should have considered a career in acting.”

Ducky quickly plasters an amused smile on his face, clapping Gibbs’ arm in a show of camaraderie.

“I must admit we did do rather well,” he says.

Gibbs sucks in a breath and straightens, turning with a smug smirk. Ziva and McGee are still staring, looking shell-shocked and Gibbs shrugs his eyebrows.

“Been a while since I pulled a prank,” Gibbs nods to Tony.

“You’re a pro, Boss. I mean…I’m just sorry we didn’t get it on camera.”

Finally McGee laughs and nudges Ziva who shakes her head and chuckles.

“You really were very convincing,” she says uncertainly.

“I’ve done undercover before, David.”

“I can see why,” she laughs.

“So did you not um…” McGee gestures vaguely, “have you had lunch yet? Because Tony’s paying.”

Tony sighs, “I can’t believe I lost.”

“I am the master of rock, paper, scissors, Tony,” Ziva smirks.

“You’d think it would be McGee,” Tony crosses his arms, “I mean, with his degree in Applied Geekery.”

Funny, Tony,” McGee grumbles.

“I know,” Tony grins, “That’s why I said it.”

“Not really hungry,” Gibbs interjects.

“Which means we’ll bring you back a slice of pizza,” Tony salutes, “Hey, you guys go ahead and I’ll meet you there. I want to gloat with my partners in crime for a minute.”

Ziva points a threatening finger at him, “Alright but don’t stand us up.”

“Promise,” Tony crosses his heart.

As soon as they’re gone Tony’s smiling façade drops and he strides forward, stopping in front of Gibbs with a questioning expression. Gibbs sighs, unable to mask the nervousness he feels.

“Thanks,” he says finally.

“How…? I mean, how?” Tony asks, flinging out his hands.

“We still don’t know, I’m afraid,” Ducky smiles gently.

“You…” Tony gestures, “You don’t look…”

Gibbs looks to Ducky who shrugs one shoulder.

“The baby is perfectly healthy,” he reassures them.

“So…I’m going to be a dad?” Tony’s brow furrows, “I mean, it’s mine.”

“Because I’m what,” Gibbs snaps, “an incubator?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Gibbs.”

Ducky looks back and forth between them, eyes going wide as his eyebrows shoot up.

“Jethro…Tony is the father?”

Gibbs grimaces and nods, “Yeah.”

Tony holds up his hands when Ducky glares at him, “Hey, I’ve never gotten anyone pregnant before. If I’d thought for even half a second…”

“And were you positive that neither of you had any STDs? Really, Anthony, to not use a condom!”

“It takes two to tango!” Tony shoots back, “and it’s not like we were around the corner from the local pharmacy.”

Ducky opens his mouth to growl out something else and then snaps it shut again, blinking.

“You know I hadn’t considered location. I wonder…”

“Does it really matter where we did it?” Gibbs grumbles.

“Environmental factors, my dear Jethro,” Ducky nods, “Perhaps you were exposed to something? A chemical or some type of radiation?”

“How the hell should I know?” Gibbs sighs with exasperation.

“Well, that’s what we’re trying to find out! Honestly, you impossible bastard, I’m only trying to help!”

Gibbs clenches his fists at his sides, body suddenly trembling faintly. He turns away and sucks in a shuddering breath, glaring at the wall as tears well up in his eyes.

Tony looks to Ducky who shrugs and then opens and closes his mouth, raising a finger in the air.

“Hormones,” he mouths at Tony who still looks a little overwhelmed.

Biting his lip, Tony gestures Ducky out with a nod.

“Hey, Boss,” Tony says softly.

“Fuck off,” Gibbs snarls, effect ruined when his voice breaks.

“Maybe later.”

Tony lays a hand on Gibbs’ shoulder and turns him around, gripping Gibbs’ upper arms once the other man is facing him.

“It’s going to be ok. I mean, I’m used to you, you know? We’ll figure it out.”

He hadn’t realized he’d needed that but once he hears Tony say the words it’s like a weight’s been lifted off of him and suddenly the decision isn’t so hard anymore.


Tony grins and the room suddenly seems brighter.

“Don’t mention it, Boss.”


The first kick.

That’s when everything changes.

He’s sitting at his desk and he feels something move inside him – a strange flutter, a swelling warmth in his chest, a feeling worthy of a small miracle – that makes him startle and press a palm to his stomach.

The office continues bustling around him, oblivious to the oddity sitting in their midst. It overwhelms him briefly and he rests his head on his desk, trying to get a rein on his emotions.

“Boss?” Tony asks softly.

“The baby kicked,” Gibbs whispers.

Discreetly, Tony hands him a tissue and Gibbs swipes at his eyes and nose.

“Come on, Gibbs. How about we go downstairs for a minute?”

“I don’t want to see Ducky,” Gibbs straightens and snaps, louder than he means to.

Tony just keeps looking at him, eyes wide and gentle and pleading until Gibbs stands up with a snarl, ignoring curious eyes. He stalks all the way down, taking the stairs when the elevator doesn’t come as quickly as he’d like.

As soon as they’re around a corner in a deserted stretch of hallway Tony touches his shoulder.

“I thought maybe we could borrow Abby’s office for a minute. You know she won’t mind.”

“…so we’re not…?”

“Because the baby kicked? Although that’s a good cover. Pretend you’re sick.”

Gibbs nods and they stride into Abby’s lab while Gibbs tries to ignore the way Tony seems to stick just a little extra close.

“Hey, Gibbs! Hey, Tony!”

“Hey, Abby,” Tony smiles, “Mind if we borrow your office for a little while?”

“Sure, what for?”

Tony falters so with a heavy sigh Gibbs signs at her and all the blood drains from Abby’s face.

“What?” she says out loud.

Gibbs repeats the signs, adding on a few more, none of which Tony understands.

“Gibbs…Oh, my God,” Abby stares at the floor for a minute and then stands, coming to carefully wrap her arms around Gibbs, “Are you ok?”

“I dunno, Abbs.”

She doesn’t smile at all, still shocked as she pulls away, “Um…is that what Ducky’s had me running tests for? He said it was a personal favor and he asked me not to tell anyone.”


She nods for a second, glancing away and then back again.

“I want to help. Whatever you need, Gibbs. I’ll let Ducky know you told me and it’ll be easier for us to figure this thing out.”


With a small smile Abby leans up to kiss his cheek, “No worries, Boss-man. You are taken care of.”

Gibbs nods and Tony puts a hand on his shoulder, jerking his head towards Abby’s office.

“Thanks, Abby,” Tony smiles, kissing her cheek.

“Are…oh my God, Tony are you the daddy?” she whispers.

Tony’s eyes go a little wide and he grimaces, glancing at Gibbs who just nods.


They can only shrug at that.

In the office Tony guides Gibbs down onto the futon, taking off Gibbs’ shoes and jacket, covering Gibbs up with the small black and purple afghan. Tony kicks off his own shoes and lies down beside him, pulling Gibbs into his arms. Gibbs untucks his shirt and brings Tony’s hand down to where the baby is still delivering the occasional kick and Tony grins brilliantly when he feels it. When he sees that Gibbs isn’t smiling Tony kisses his forehead and holds him close.

For the first time in a long time Gibbs lets himself be comforted without protest.


Gibbs is washing the dishes, humming softly to himself while the baby shifts in a way that he’s finally getting used to. Something suddenly occurs to him and he looks down at his swelling stomach, wiggling his toes against the linoleum before glancing around the room. Tony walks in humming the same song he’d been humming and Gibbs turns.

“Hey, Tony.”

Tony looks up, raising his eyebrows in question.

“Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen,” Gibbs says, struggling to hold back a smile.

A bark of laughter escapes him before Tony slaps a hand over his mouth.

“It’s ok,” Gibbs assures him, “It’s pretty goddamned funny.”

“Does that make you my little wife?” Tony snorts, coming close to rest his hands on Gibbs’ hips.

“Only if I get to hit you with a rolling pin.”

“In that case can I be the little wife?” Tony smirks, rolling his eyes.

“Sure. I’ll buy you a pretty dress.”

“If it’s from Sears I’ll pass.”

“Damn,” Gibbs says dryly, “I had one all picked out too.”

Tony bites back a smile, laughter choking him as he valiantly tries to keep a straight face. Gibbs pokes him once in the stomach and Tony cracks up, pressing his face into Gibbs’ shoulder.

“Relax, DiNozzo. Wait until the kid comes…I’ll really be a riot then.”

Tony lifts his face, grinning at Gibbs widely.

“I can’t wait.”


Tony’s been spending the night here and there, whenever Gibbs seems to need him close. They act like nothing has changed.

Well, Gibbs thinks, almost nothing.

It’s not really that there’s more touching it’s just…different. It’s not that Tony is suddenly enamored with him but it’s as if Tony can sense that Gibbs is more accepting of it now even without Gibbs having said so.

It’s a relief to have Tony come into the house and lay a warm hand on his neck, or to brush his fingers over Gibbs’ as he hands him something.

The more his body changes, the more the baby kicks, the stranger Ducky’s theories and tests become the more Gibbs needs some semblance of normalcy.

Somehow that’s Tony. Tony is still his exuberant, grinning self. He still makes inappropriate jokes and flirts with everyone with a pulse and slips occasionally into his serious moments for reasons that Gibbs still doesn’t always understand. He doesn’t treat Gibbs any differently than before – with a few small exceptions that Gibbs reluctantly allows him – and that is something that Gibbs needs so desperately he couldn’t ask for it if he tried.

Tony hesitantly lays a hand on his shoulder when one of Ducky’s tests is uncomfortable or just shy of painful. Tony takes him home and turns the T.V. on and makes them something to eat. Tony stands awkwardly in the doorway, says “damnit, Gibbs” and stalks forward, crawling under the covers beside him – wrapping his body around Gibbs in the dark.

Tony suggests that he should just fucking move in already.

Gibbs couldn’t say no if he tried.


Gibbs stares at the jar of pickles and bites his lower lip.

"Gibbs?" Tony asks, "You ok?"

"Hmm? Yeah, why?"

"You've been staring at those pickles like you want to make love to them."

"...Been craving them all day. Kind of worried if I start eating them I won't be able to stop."

Tony narrows his eyes and glances between the jar and Gibbs.

"That's way too many pickles, Boss."

"Yeah," Gibbs nods.

Tony looks at Gibbs looking at the pickles for another few minutes before pulling a fork out of the drawer, popping open the jar, spearing a pickle and handing it, fork and all, to Gibbs.

"I think it's one of the rites of passage of pregnancy that you have to crave these things," Tony makes a face, "You don't want a chocolate shake to go with that, do you?"

Gibbs pauses, mouth open and pickle almost to his lips.



“Have you noticed Gibbs getting…crankier?” McGee mutters, rubbing the back of his head, scalp still stinging.

“He has certainly been bossier,” Ziva grumbles, carefully putting the file she was reading back in order, “I do not believe he has ever been this demanding in the past.”

McGee fidgets slightly and leans closer, “I think there’s something going on between him and Tony.”

Ziva’s brow furrows and she leans back, looking McGee over curiously, “I think he’s mad at him for something. He’s been sending him on a lot of errands and has been far more snappish with Tony than either of us.”

“They’ve been touching more,” McGee says, “And did you notice Tony’s always bringing Gibbs food lately? Not just lunch either.”

“I still think Gibbs is mad at him for something…and probably taking it out on the rest of us as well as Tony.”

"I swear to you," Tim insists, "I walked into Abby's lab and I caught a glimpse of Tony rubbing Gibbs' feet."

Ziva smirks, “Do you think he’ll rub mine if I ask nicely?”

“Ziva, seriously, I think…I think Gibbs and Tony might be dating.”

“Oh, honestly, McGee,” Ziva scoffs, waving him off, “That’s just ridiculous.”


Tony’s fully moved in now, sharing Gibbs’ bed every night and generally making himself at home.

Still, Tony doesn’t push things. For the most part he gives Gibbs his space and sometimes Gibbs wishes Tony…well, wouldn’t.

Gibbs sits, cradling his swollen belly as he glares at the television. He’s on medical leave for the rest of the pregnancy – which had required a very delicate conversation between Gibbs, Ducky and Vance – two months of sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

“This sucks,” he mutters when Tony comes home.

All Tony does is shrug, kicking off his shoes and loosening his tie.

Gibbs glares at him, trying to inspire the proper level of sympathy for his plight.

“It’s all your fault,” he accuses.

Tony snorts and sits on the side of the bed, leaning down to press a kiss to Gibbs’ stomach.

“Good to know,” he smirks, “I mean, I’d hate to raise another man’s child.”

The glare intensifies and Tony desperately tries to bite back the grin.

“Not that you’re a woman, Gibbs. Though…” he reaches up and squeezes Gibbs’ chest, “I think those are getting bigger.”

Gibbs’ eyes snap down to his chest and Tony pats his cheek.

“But at least you’ll get to breast feed. I’ve been reading up on it and that’s supposed to be best for the baby.”

“This is seriously bullshit,” Gibbs grumbles, feeling overwhelmed by it all once again.

“…can I hug you?”

With a faint frown Gibbs shrugs, “You got me pregnant…I guess, yeah.”

Tony scoots forward and wraps Gibbs up in his arms. After a few minutes Gibbs shifts.

“You gonna hug me all night?”

With a sigh Tony pulls back, reaching up to hold Gibbs’ face – laying soft kisses on his cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.

“Can I kiss you?”

Gibbs’ eyes flicker from Tony’s mouth to his eyes and back again and he nods.

This kiss is soft too, sweet and tender. It hurts and Gibbs pulls away after a minute, licking his lips.


“Yeah, Gibbs?” Tony whispers, stroking his cheeks.

“Could you stop being so goddamned nice?”

“I’m killing you with kindness.”

“Emphasis on the killing,” Gibbs says, brow furrowing as he looks away.

Tony only scoots a little closer, wrapping Gibbs up in his arms again and kissing him just as sweetly as before.

“You’re going to have to get used to it,” he insists, voice breathy as they part slightly.

“I could give you the boot.”

“Could. Won’t.”

That makes Gibbs chuckle and smirk dangerously, “You’re so sure?”

Tony quirks his head to the side, casting his eyes to the ceiling as if in deep thought before nodding.

“Yeah. You know why?”

“Enlighten me.”

“Because I’m not letting you.”

Before he can protest Tony kisses him again.

When Tony pulls back Gibbs bites his lip.

“We can do it if I lie on my side.”

“Wow, that’s so romantic,” Tony snorts.

“I know I’m not…”

“…not what? A master wordsmith?”


“Gibbs when I first met you…ok, mostly I was kind of impressed and a little intimidated but after that I had trouble walking straight because I was jerking off thinking about you every night for like…five years.”

“I meant right now,” Gibbs smirks.

“Right now?”

Gibbs sighs, looking away as he pulls out of Tony’s arms and leans back, gesturing at his changing body.

“Oh,” Tony winces, “Because of um…”

“Yeah, Tony.”

“I’m not gonna lie, Gibbs. It’s weird.”

“Try it from my end.”


“So I’m not glowing with…whatever?” Gibbs quirks up an eyebrow.

Tony caresses his cheek, “I still think you’re handsome, I’ll just be glad when you’re not tabloid fodder anymore.”

“Didn’t they already have a pregnant man?”

“He was transgender…uh…born a woman.”

“I know what transgender is.”

“They made you take that course, didn’t they? The sensitivity training?”

“Nobody made me do anything, Abby’s friend Mike is trans. We all went out on Mike’s ATVs last summer. Mike got hurt and when we were patching him up we had to take off his shirt and he was…bound, you know? Breasts taped down.”

“…hey, I met Mike I think. Kind of short guy with dark hair?”

“Wicked sense of humor and enough piercings to make a pincushion wince?”

“Yeah, he’s cool.”

Gibbs nods, “He’s a good guy. Anyway he explained it all to me.”

With a snort, Gibbs looks down at his body, “He’d get a fucking kick out of this.”

“You wear it well,” Tony grins, fondling Gibbs’ crotch, slipping his hand inside Gibbs’ boxers.

Gibbs shifts, closing his eyes, “That mean you’re gonna fuck me?”

“Gonna make you cum; don’t know if sex is a good idea.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Might be too um…strenuous, Gibbs. Besides,” Tony teases the head of Gibbs’ dick, “There are other ways to get off.”

“What about you?” Gibbs gasps, groaning softly as Tony’s talented hands work him over.

“Lie on your side.”

Tony stands up and strips, tugging Gibbs’ boxers off before sliding up behind him. He slicks up his own dick and presses close, thrusting his cock between Gibbs’ thighs as he wraps his hand around Gibbs’ dick.

“How’s this?”

“Good,” Gibbs groans, letting Tony work him over.

Tony fists Gibbs’ dick with long, even strokes, smirking in Gibbs’ ear when the other man starts gasping.

Even if Tony’s hard dick isn’t exactly where Gibbs would like it the stimulation is still nice. He lets Tony strip away his rigid self control – the way he did that night under the stars with sloppy kisses and sweet smiles – until he’s cumming all over Tony’s fingers.

The spurting warmth of Tony’s orgasm splashes his balls, smearing the insides of his thighs and he reaches down with a sated smile, smearing their cum together all over his skin before bringing his fingers to his lips and sucking them clean.

Tony cleans them up, makes them dinner and somehow this becomes the best part of his day – these few hours after Tony’s come home and it’s just them learning to enjoy each other’s company in a way they never could have before.


The commotion from downstairs makes Gibbs reach for the Sig taped to the back of the headboard until he registers the voices – and who they belong to. He sighs heavily as he hears footsteps thundering up the stairs and then starts slightly as Tony barges into the room, throwing his weight into the door as he slams it shut and locks it. Ziva’s voice booms from the other side and she pounds the solid wood with her fist, rattling the door in its’ frame.

“You open this door right now or I am breaking every single one of your fingers, Tony!”

“It’s not up to me anymore, Ziva,” Tony says in his most irritating tone.

That seems to subdue Ziva and Gibbs stands up, wincing with the effort, before walking over to Tony.

“Get me my robe,” he grumbles.

Tony lays his hands on Gibbs’ stomach, brow furrowing. He looks up at Gibbs through his lashes and sighs softly through his nose.

“Are you sure, Boss?”

Gibbs raises an eyebrow and Tony nods, moving to get Gibbs’ robe from the bathroom.

“Ziva’s going to figure it out once the baby’s born and neither of them deserve to…”

“I know,” Tony says softly, “But…I mean…”

Tony helps Gibbs put the robe on and then turns Gibbs around.

“You don’t even like me seeing you like this, Gibbs and I…I mean…”

With a soft snort Gibbs smirks, “You trying to say you love me, DiNozzo?”

A muffled noise comes through the door and then a harsh whisper and a soft ‘ow!’. Tony and Gibbs look at the door simultaneously, then back at each other. Gibbs looks amused but Tony still looks worried.

“I’ll be fine, Tony.”

Gibbs closes the robe, letting it hang mostly loose around his frame. At the last second Tony darts in and kisses him, biting his own lip as he pulls away.

For a second Gibbs looks like he might laugh and then he shifts, putting on his best scowl. He yanks the door open, making Ziva and McGee startle back from where they’d been listening in.

“What?” Gibbs snaps.

Tony has to stay hidden behind the door because if he sees their faces he’ll die laughing. Trust Gibbs to really turn on the bastard to make everyone feel better.

“I uh…” McGee begins.

“We were just…” Ziva interjects, gesturing between the two of them.

“You were what, David?”

Ziva straightens and glares at him, “Worried about you!”

“Didn’t Tony tell you I was alright?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“But nothing, Ziva. You should’ve trusted him instead of barging into my house at damn near ten o’clock at night!”

Tony is watching Gibbs’ expression carefully to gauge how Ziva and McGee are faring under Gibbs’ verbal onslaught when suddenly Gibbs looks…well…sorry.

Frowning, Tony pulls the door open a bit more to find Ziva standing there with her lower lip trembling faintly. In a move that would do Abby proud she flings her arms around Gibbs’ neck and hugs him tightly.

It goes to show how worried and upset she is that it takes her a minute to realize that something’s a little…off.

With wide eyes she pulls back and looks down at Gibbs’ stomach.

“You…” she looks back up into Gibbs’ face, “I knew it!”

McGee blinks at her, “Knew what?”

“I knew you…When we walked in on you that day you sounded too…I knew you were lying but I couldn’t believe it was really true.”

Gibbs smirks and pats her on the head.

“Should’ve trusted your gut.”

Ziva laughs and then stands back, staring at Gibbs with wonder.

“How is it even…?”

“Still not sure. Ducky’s been running…tests.”

That makes Ziva wince with sympathy.

“I’m sorry.”

Gibbs shrugs and shakes his head, “Yeah.”

“Could somebody tell me what the hell is going on?” McGee snaps.

They all turn to look at McGee and then Ziva’s eyes go wide as it really sinks in.

“My God, Gibbs. You’re pregnant.”

“What?” McGee shouts, staring at her incredulously.

With a sigh, Gibbs opens his robe a bit, showing his t-shirt stretched over his bulging stomach.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” McGee exclaims.

“Hey,” Tony grins, “This is actually kind of biblical.”

Gibbs reaches up and smacks the back of his head. Tony winces and then rubs at the area, glaring at Gibbs with a frown.

“Well, it is. I mean…this is right up there with virgin birth, Gibbs.”

“I’m not Christian,” Ziva says dazedly, “But I’m fairly certain that’s blasphemous.”

“I haven’t been a practicing Catholic since I was twelve,” Tony snaps back, voice a shade too serious.

Gibbs rolls his eyes and turns back to the bed – which he is quickly growing to hate – so that he can get off his feet.

“Everybody get the hell out,” he growls.

They all go quiet but instead of running off to escape his wrath they’re all suddenly at his side – all except Tony who stands by the door patiently.

“Gibbs, I’m sorry, I just…it’s uh…kind of a shock,” McGee babbles, running his hand through his short hair.

“…Congratulations!” Ziva smiles awkwardly.

Surprisingly that makes Gibbs laugh. His head falls back to thud against the headboard, then lolls to the side as he regards them.

“You tell anyone and you’re on diaper duty until she’s potty trained.”

Ziva smiles a little more genuinely and tentatively rests her hand on top of Gibbs’.

“I could babysit.”

Gibbs raises an eyebrow and she shrugs.

“I’ll think about it. Now get the hell out of here, I’m tired.”

They nod and start to exit. McGee turns around halfway, obviously still in shock.

“Wait, she? It’s a girl?”

“Yeah, McGee.”

McGee nods and turns away and then back again once he’s reached the door.

“Uh…” he gestures after Ziva, mouth working soundlessly for a moment, “I uh…congratulations. I mean…you um…you’re happy, right Boss?”

Gibbs sighs and shrugs.

“Oh…well, I guess it’s kind of weird. I mean…of course it’s weird but um…”

“McGee,” Gibbs says firmly.

That makes McGee straighten.

“If you need anything call me, ok? That…” McGee looks terrified for a second and then bites it back, “That’s an order, Boss. Anything at all.”

“Thanks, Tim,” Gibbs smirks.

McGee blushes a little and exits quickly. Tony shuts the door and leans back against it heavily, peering at Gibbs through half-lidded eyes before pushing off and striding over.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to put two and two together?”

“Day. Two tops,” Gibbs smirks.

“Hell of a shock,” Tony concedes.


“You ok?” Tony asks evenly as he sits down next to Gibbs on the bed.

“I feel like a goddamned freak show,” Gibbs grumbles, laying his head on Tony’s shoulder.

Tony frowns, brow furrowing as he wraps an arm around Gibbs’ shoulders.

“I’m sorry.”

“Should be,” Gibbs teases, “It’s your damn fault.”

With an almost pained chuckle, Tony strokes Gibbs’ cheek. The soft knock doesn’t register quickly enough before Ziva pops her head in.

“Tony? You’re blocking us in, could you…”

She freezes and Tony kisses Gibbs’ forehead before standing up.

“You need me to move my car?” he asks firmly.

“Uh, yes,” she says, “Yes, I…I’m sorry.”

“Come on,” Tony orders, guiding her back downstairs.

She stops at the bottom of the stairs and shrugs Tony off when he tries to push her outside.

“You and…it is your child?”

Tony nods, eyes hard and cold. Ziva seems suddenly sad and surprises him by wrapping him up in a hug.

“Abby’s been rubbing off on you,” he accuses.

There’s warmth in his gaze again when Ziva pulls back but the hardness hasn’t faded entirely. Ziva frames his face with her hands and smiles at him tenderly.

“I love you both dearly, Tony. Please do not think for one moment that I would…”

Tony takes her hands, kissing them both and pressing them to his chest.

“I knew you loved me,” he grins.

“Dearly,” she says, not letting him joke his way around the situation.

Tony’s eyes fall to their hands; he seems suddenly overwhelmed and Ziva hugs him again, holding him tight.

“I um…” Tony fumbles, voice rough, “I love you too, Ziva.”

McGee comes back up, obviously unhappy with having been made to wait. He pauses at the bottom of the porch steps, rolls his eyes and stomps up the steps, smacking them both upside the head before hugging them both hard.

“It’s late, I’m tired and most importantly, Gibbs wants us to go away.”

Ziva looks up at Tony who blushes bright red. She chuckles and pats his cheek.

“Tony’s going to move his car right now, McGee. Thank you again for giving me a ride home while my car is in the store.”

“Shop,” Tony automatically corrects.

“Yes, thank you, Tony.”

“Dearly,” he grins, bumping into her gently before moving off to his car.

“Dearly?” McGee repeats, baffled.

Ziva kisses McGee’s cheek and nods.

“Dearly, McGee.”

She pauses, “Oh and you were right about Gibbs and Tony.”

McGee blinks and points at Tony, “I was right about…?”

“Yes,” Ziva nods.

“I knew it!” McGee crows.

“Knew what?” Tony asks, car door open and body halfway inside.

“That you and Gibbs were…you know…dating.”

Tony blushes again, eyes wide.

“I knew it!” McGee says, grinning at Ziva.

“Yes, McGee. You are very smart.”

“Oh, God,” Tony groans.


“What’s wrong?” Tony asks gently.

“Back hurts. Could you uh…” Gibbs scowls at the comforter, “could you rub it?”

Tony bites his lip and shakes his head apologetically.

“Ducky said no back rubs and no foot rubs. Maybe an ice pack?”

“Think heat would be better.”

“No. No hot pads and no warm baths.”


“I’m sorry,” Tony says, sounding genuinely upset.

“Just…there’s some ice packs in the freezer.”

Tony trots downstairs and comes back with two ice packs, a glass of apple juice and some crackers.

“How’s your stomach been today?”

“Kept everything down.”

“Good,” Tony sighs with relief.

He helps Gibbs prop himself against the headboard. Gibbs groans with relief as the cold seeps in, soothing his aching muscles.

“I’ll massage you all you want in a few weeks.”

“All I want?” Gibbs grins.

“…I’m going to regret this but yes.”

“Know you give good foot massages. How are you with the rest of the body?”

Tony squeezes Gibbs’ calf lightly, “I am a master masseuse. I’ll rub you down head to toe.”

Gibbs inspects Tony’s face and nods.

“Come here and kiss me.”


Gibbs likes details. He likes putting together the puzzle of a case, he likes working out the schematics of a boat and he likes watching a plan come together.

Getting ready for a baby involves a lot of details. Tony has painted the guest room with VOC free paint, hung up new curtains, put a soft rug over the hardwood floor and assembled the crib while Gibbs gave (mostly) helpful instructions from the old rocking chair that Gibbs had Tony drag down from the attic.

Right now he’s trying to follow the instructions on the changing table and Gibbs is trying to keep him from tossing the thing out the window by tickling his brain with another problem – a name.

“No hick names and no Italian names,” Tony insists.

“Why no Italian names?”

“Because I don’t like my family and if I could I would marry you and take your name just to piss them off.”

“…could take my name anyway,” Gibbs says with a thoughtful expression, “and there’s always civil unions.”

Tony blinks, frowning up at Gibbs over a side panel, “Seriously?”

“Why not? Been happier with you than any of my ex-wives.”

“So you want to add an ex-husband to the list?”

“You gonna wuss out on me?”

“I’m not a wuss!” Tony grumbles, screwing a bolt into place.

“Wasn’t making a statement, Tony. I was asking a question. Are you going to wuss out on me?”

With a faint scowl, Tony straightens, “No way! You’re stuck with me, buddy!”

After a second Tony glances around, looking perplexed.

“Wait, did you just confuse me into marrying you?”

“You brought up marriage in the first place,” Gibbs points out reasonably.

“Well, yeah, conversationally...not…”

“Besides,” Gibbs interrupts, “It’ll be less confusing for the baby.”

“Because explaining how she has two biological fathers isn’t going to be confusing at all,” Tony scoffs, “gay dads everywhere are experiencing sympathy pains and extreme jealousy and they don’t know why.”


“What?” Tony blinks.

“We’re naming her Michaela.”

“Michaela what?”

Gibbs squints one eye shut in thought and then nods, “Michaela Ann Gibbs.”


While Gibbs has been on medical leave Tony’s been leading the team and though he usually sets Gibbs up with everything he’ll need for the day sometimes Gibbs has to get up and shuffle around the house – grumbling to himself all the while. He feels huge and ugly and all those things he’s heard women bitch about and brushed off as hormones.

He is infinitely sorry and if this is the universe’s way of punishing him for not taking those complaints more seriously he has more than learned his lesson. Sometimes he considers pinching himself – just in case – but part of him is actually a little…glad. Maybe more than a little.

Still he’s not really ready for it when it finally happens.

Gibbs sighs and grabs his phone, hitting Tony’s number on the speed dial.


“It’s time, honey,” Gibbs smirks and then winces as his body cramps again.

“…what? Are you sure?”

“I just pissed out about two gallons of water which means my water broke, I’ve been having cramps and it feels like I’m passing the world’s biggest kidney stone.”

“…ok, you’re sure.”

Gibbs curls in on himself, some strange biological instinct overtaking his body.

“I really need you to hurry,” he pants, a slight panic setting in.

“Ok…ok, I’m just getting Ducky, alright?”

Tony sounds a little breathless and Gibbs realizes he must be running.

“Ducky! We have to go!”

“Oh, God,” Gibbs groans, “Shit…fucking…shit. I don’t give a fuck if it’s cliché; I hate you so goddamn much right now. Why aren’t you here yet?”

“I’m sorry, babe…”

“I told you not to call me…” Gibbs voice breaks when he can breathe again, “fuck. Tony…Tony, Jesus. It hurts.”

“We’re getting in the car now, Gibbs. I’m giving the phone to Ducky, ok?”

“No, don’t…!”

“Jethro? Listen to me, how bad is the pain?”


“I need you to stop pushing,” Ducky says gently, “I know your body is telling you that you need to but you have to try to lie back, breathe and relax. We’re on our way.”

“Am I supposed to do that stupid…llama or lamaz or whatever it’s called?”

“No,” Ducky chuckles, “Just breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.”

Gibbs manages to lay back and starts taking deep breaths.


“I know, just keep breathing, Jethro.”

“…put Tony back on?”

A brief silence and then Tony’s voice again.

“Hey, Gibbs.”

“You swear to God and heaven and Michael fucking Jordan that you will not make fun of me for this later.”

“Whatever it is, I swear.”

“…I am scared shitless right now.”

“Hey, Ducky, could you cover your ears and sing Dominique or something?”

“What the hell for?” Ducky exclaims in the background.

“Because I have to say something to Gibbs and he’ll have to kill us both if you hear it.”

“Oh, for…honestly, you’re both bloody impossible.”

Gibbs can’t help but laugh a little as Ducky’s singing starts up faintly.

“You still with me?”

“Yeah.” Gibbs breathes, feeling a little calmer.

“I love you, babe. I know you don’t really like pet names but I do and hot ass motherfucker seems kind of inappropriate and a little long and you’re not really sweet enough for sweetheart or honey so I think we’re kind of stuck with babe. Anyway. I love you, babe and I’m really…I’m proud of you because this is some terrifying shit. I mean, I’m terrified and I’m just going to be there to hold your hand while you do all the work.”

“Work? What, lie there while they cut me open?”

“Healing is work.”

“Sure,” Gibbs snorts, grimacing as another cramp spasms through him.

“Gibbs…you carried a child inside your very manly hot bod for nine months. I’m pretty sure you’re a hero for that. Even if you weren’t a man you’d be a hero for that. So…look, we’re going to be there soon and I’m going to take care of you both, so don’t worry, ok? Because everything’s going to be fine.”

“You talk too damn much.”

Tony laughs, “You don’t talk enough. It’s a balance.”

Gibbs cries out as another fierce cramp tears through him.


“God, where the fuck are you?”

“We’re pulling in now.”

Sure enough the sound of Tony and Ducky pounding up the stairs fills the house moments later and Gibbs throws his phone at Tony’s head as soon as the other man appears in the doorway.

“Took you long enough!”

“I told you not to push!” Ducky scolds, scowling at the position Gibbs is in.

“I’m not trying to!”

There’s blood on the sheets and Ducky looks up at Tony with worried eyes.

“Alexandra’s clinic is only ten minutes from here. Do you think you can carry him down the stairs?”

Tony practically shoves Ducky out of the way as he scoops Gibbs up into his arms with a grunt, staggering back one step as he shuffles Gibbs into a better position.

“Get the blanket and grab his coat on the way out,” Tony barks, striding out of the room.

Ducky snatches up the blanket quickly, staying close on Tony’s heels, hand on Tony’s shoulder to help steady him as he descends the stairs.

“I’ll drive, I know how to get there,” Ducky says. The car is still idling in the driveway and Tony carefully sits Gibbs down in the backseat, helping him lie down and then climbing in next to him.

“Hey, babe,” he whispers in Gibbs’ ear, “I’m here, everything’s ok.”

“Yeah?” Gibbs grunts, breath heaving out of him, “did you get a doctorate in the last twenty minutes?”

Tony smiles, taking Gibbs’ hand in his own.

“My knife is clean if it comes to that.”

Ducky parks across two spots, helping Tony slip Gibbs into his coat once they get out of the car. Tony puts the blanket over Gibbs’ head and shoulders to hide his face. Carefully he hauls Gibbs into his arms again, whispering soothing things as Ducky runs ahead, holding open doors and yelling orders at the nurses.

Alexandra runs out. Gibbs had only seen her briefly once before and her eyes go wide for a fraction of a second at the sight of the blood on Tony’s shirt.

Immediately she turns and begins yelling her own orders, sending the nurses scrambling.

“We don’t have time for an epidural, we’re going to have to knock him out,” Alexandra says to Ducky.

Ducky nods and they get Gibbs on a gurney, wheeling him quickly into surgery. Tony jogs along after them, mentally yelling at his body to not go into shock. The halls have been cleared and Gibbs reaches out for Tony who grabs his hand, holding it fiercely.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Tony promises.

Alexandra shares a look with Ducky who shakes his head.

“You have to scrub up and stay out of the way,” she says gruffly, obviously not pleased.

“Yeah, fine,” Tony nods, not taking his eyes off of Gibbs’ face as the nurses help Gibbs out of his clothes and into a hospital gown.

“And no hysterics in my operating room,” she glares as they move Gibbs on to the operating table.

“Yes ma’am.”

Gibbs is breathing heavily as if he’s been running, eyes a little wide as they hook him up to IVs; he looks at Tony who’s drying his hands frantically, yanking on the set of scrubs and the mask they hand him.

“Where can I be that’s not in your way?” Tony asks bluntly, voice carrying across the room.

Alexandra absently gestures towards Gibbs’ head as she stares at the ultrasound screen intently.

“Nancy, I need you over here,” she orders, pulling her mask over her face.

A middle-aged woman hustles over, injecting something into Gibbs’ IV before placing a mask over his mouth.

“I want you to count back from one hundred for me,” she says kindly.

“One hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety…” Gibbs eyes close and Tony strokes his hair.

He bites his lip hard to stay quiet, not wanting to distract Alexandra as she makes the first incision. It’s faster than he expected. In what feels like only a few minutes Alexandra hands the baby off to a nurse who carefully looks their little girl over.

Tony lets out a sobbing breath when she starts to cry, his eyes wide as she’s cleaned, wrapped up and placed in his arms.

Alexandra concentrates on Gibbs, nodding when Ducky points and then whispers something in her ear.

He can’t hold it back any longer.

“What is it?” Tony breathes.

Ducky’s head shoots up and he immediately moves to Tony’s side as Alexandra reaches in again and begins cutting at, clamping and pulling out something else that Tony can’t quite see.

“What is it?” he demands.

“It’s fine, Tony,” Ducky reassures him, “Come along and let’s take care of your beautiful daughter.”


“I’ll explain everything, dear boy; I promise you he’ll be fine.”

Tony locks gazes with him, eyes flashing dangerously. Ducky pats his cheek gently.

“I swear it, Tony, he’s in good hands.”

Reluctantly Tony lets Ducky lead him out of surgery and into an exam room.

“What is it?” Tony insists, whirling on Ducky as soon as the door is shut.


For a few minutes Tony just blinks.


“Very small, malformed ovaries. They didn’t show up on the ultrasounds previously because of the baby being in the way.”

They stand in silence for a moment, the weirdness of the situation finally sinking in.

“…you know sometimes I wondered about his uh…mood swings…” Tony frowns.

It’s Ducky’s turn to blink as his brow furrows.

“You know, now that you mention it…”

“So I wasn’t just imagining those?”

“No, I noticed as well but I never would have thought…” Ducky shakes his head.

“Me neither. But then how…I mean…how?”

“Oh, honestly I don’t bloody care anymore,” Ducky says, flinging his arms out in exasperation, “Physically it should be impossible but everything about this situation is rather impossible.”

“Improbable,” Tony corrects.


“If it were impossible I wouldn’t be holding her right now,” Tony gestures with a nod.

“…quite right,” Ducky agrees.

“So…essentially Alexandra is in there giving the sort of father of my child a hysterectomy?”

“In essence? Yes.”

They stand there awkwardly for a moment longer.

“This is beyond weird.”

“I need a bloody drink,” Ducky sighs.


It takes a while for them to finish up with Gibbs in surgery and by then the nurses have finished all the paperwork and tests. They’re finally in a private room and Ducky’s off talking to Alexandra and Tony feels like he can finally breathe again.

Tony stares at Gibbs holding their child and smiles, letting out a shuddering breath.

“You know how I said that it was weird before?”

Gibbs looks up and nods, expression questioning but otherwise neutral.

“It’s not now. It’s…” Tony steps forward and wraps an arm around Gibbs’ shoulders, hesitantly touching their daughter’s tiny face, “it’s beautiful.”

Tony kisses him, “You’re beautiful.”

“As much morphine as they’re pumping into me? I feel beautiful.”

Tony laughs and kisses him again, “I seriously love you.”

“That’s good. I’d be kind of upset if you loved me but weren’t serious about it,” Gibbs grins, looking a little loopy.

“I was worried about you for a minute, Boss.”

“Just a minute?”

“Maybe a few.”

“…sorry,” Gibbs sighs, looking down at Michaela.

“She’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah. Never thought I’d be doing this again.”

Tony opens his mouth to tease and then closes it again slowly, pressing a kiss to Gibbs’ temple.

“It’s different this time.”

Gibbs looks up at him, eyes filled with fear, “How?”

Tony’s eyes go hard, mouth a grim line, “Because I can and will shoot anyone who so much as breathes in our direction in a less than friendly way.”

He tilts Gibbs head back a little, kissing him softly on the lips.

“I’m going to protect you from now on, ok?”

Gibbs smirks a little at that, gaze affectionate.

“Yeah? You gonna whisk me off my feet and get jealous when the other boys check out my butt?”

“Well, it is a nice butt, Gibbs. Can’t say I blame them for looking.”

“Think you’re missing the point of being a jealous, over-protective lover.”

“You think, Boss? Alright, so…no one else is allowed to check you out anymore. Do I get to tell you you’re dressing too sexy?”

They look at each other and bite back the laughter for a solid minute before cracking up.

“And I…” Gibbs snorts, “I can’t go by myself to poker night anymore.”

“I knew Fornell wanted…” Tony wheezes, “wanted to tap…tap that ass.”

They laugh harder and Gibbs sucks in deep breaths, trying to calm down as Michaela begins to fuss.

Tony swipes the tears of laughter off Gibbs’ cheeks and then kisses them just as Ducky comes back in. They grin at each other obliviously and Ducky smiles, shuffling the clothes and toiletries he’d retrieved from Gibbs’ house.

“Why do I have the feeling I’m going to have to chaperone you two?” he teases, “You do need to get some rest, Jethro.”

“I’ll get some rest once I get the hell out of here. When can I go home?”

“Not for a few days I’m afraid,” Ducky sighs, “Jethro, we are going to have run a few more tests.”

“Damnit, Ducky…” Gibbs grimaces, looking away.

Ducky walks over and lays a hand on Gibbs’ ankle.

“I know you must be beyond frustrated but it’s for your health and your safety, old friend. It’s only a few more days and then you’ll feel much more like yourself again.”

“You can’t…camp out at my place and…observe me?”

“No, you’re staying,” Ducky says firmly, “The minutes it will take to get you back to the clinic or to the hospital could be the difference between life and death. That’s final, Jethro.”

“Damnit,” Gibbs growls.

Tony presses his nose into Gibbs' hair and breathes in his scent, fingers stroking lightly over Gibbs’ collarbone.

“I don’t care where we are,” he whispers, “as long as we’re together.”

Gibbs raises an eyebrow and peers at Tony out of the corner of his eye.

“You’re not softening me up by whispering cute shit in my ear.”

Tony chuckles, “Ok. I’ll keep that in mind, Boss.”

“Damn well better. I’m not gonna turn into some cream puff.”

“I know.”

“…alright,” Gibbs mutters, trying to hide his discomfort at Ducky’s quiet observation of Tony’s open affection.

Ducky notices though – he always notices, Gibbs thinks with annoyance.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Jethro,” he sighs with exasperation, “you’ve had a child together. Do you honestly think I give half a damn about a little kissing and touching?”

“I sure as hell don’t,” Tony grins, not backing away for one second.

Gibbs shifts and glares at Ducky.

“Well, come say hi to your Goddaughter,” he growls.


“Hey handsome,” Tony whispers in Gibbs’ ear.

Gibbs grunts and rolls over, inhaling deeply, “You just getting in?”

“Stopped to check on Michaela. She’s still out.”

Gibbs peers at the clock, “About time for her feeding.”

Tony nods, fingers trailing over Gibbs’ chest.

“Is it weird?”

“Weirder than the fact that I gave birth to a kid in the first place?”

Tony shrugs and Gibbs shrugs back, sighing as he sits up.

“I’m just glad they yanked those goddamned things out of me. Fucking ovaries.”

Tony’s gaze falls to the floor and Gibbs touches his face.

“Glad I got something out of it though.”

That makes Tony smile softly and Gibbs smirks back, waggling his eyebrows.

“You know…I’m all healed up now.”

Tony’s eyes and fingers trail over the scar.

“Six weeks, right?” he asks.


“I owe you a massage, don’t I?”

“Owe me a hell of a lot more than that…”

Michaela starts crying and Gibbs grumbles, “But it’s gonna have to wait a little bit.”

With a soft sigh of his own Tony watches Gibbs head towards the baby’s room. He strips and lies down; tired from a long day of work. When Gibbs returns he’s rubbing at his chest gently, frowning.

“You ok?” Tony asks, sitting up a little.

“She’s getting rough.”

“Didn’t Alexandra give you the run down on what to expect?”

Gibbs nods and sits down next to Tony, still frowning.

“She said ‘wait until the little monster starts getting teeth’.”

Tony winces and reaches up to cup one breast protectively.

“Do they make boob guards?”

“Think I’m gonna have to switch to the pump and the bottles soon.”

“Good idea.”

With a grumbling sigh Gibbs looks down at his chest and the slight paunch of his stomach.

“Can’t fucking wait to get back to normal.”

“Yeah um…I don’t know if normal is a good word to use, you know? All things considered, Gibbs.”

Gibbs turns his head slightly, giving Tony a small glare and a crooked frown.

“I’m just being realistic,” Tony says, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Yeah…been thinking, anyway.”


“What happens if I go back to work.”

“If?” Tony repeats, immediately catching on to where this is going.

“You really want her in daycare all the time? Neither of us has much in the way of family…”

“Nobody in my family would baby-sit,” Tony scoffs.

“Couldn’t ask Jack to take that on at his age and…”


“He’s really the only family I have left besides you two.”

Tony blinks and looks away.

After a moment he clears his throat and pulls Gibbs closer, “So are you gonna be a stay at home daddy?”

“Dunno. Still thinking about it.”

“Whatever you decide is fine by me.”

Gibbs kisses him and then presses their foreheads together, “…you know I love you, right?”

Tony bites his lip and nods, “Yeah, I know.”

“Liar,” Gibbs grins crookedly, gaze - soft and unfocused – fixed on Tony’s collarbone.

“Never could really lie to you, could I?”

Gibbs shrugs, taking Tony’s hand.

“I love you, Tony.”

“Yeah…I love you too.”


Gibbs sucks in a breath as Tony’s warm, slick hands smooth up his back.

“Massage?” he questions hopefully.

“Yep,” Tony smirks.

“Hell yes,” Gibbs grins, shifting a little on the sheets.

He groans as Tony digs into muscles that had been aching for months, smoothing out knots until Gibbs feels the last of the tension seep away.

“You gonna fuck me too?”

Tony laughs, reaching under Gibbs’ boxers to knead his ass cheeks.

“I love it when you’re demanding,” he rumbles into Gibbs’ ear.

“Damn right.”

Gibbs rolls over and pulls Tony down for a kiss. They settle into that for a while, Tony’s hands roaming over Gibbs’ body, massaging lightly. Then finally Tony’s slick hands slide Gibbs’ boxers off and Tony’s fingers begin circling Gibbs’ hole.

For a minute Gibbs just lies there watching Tony’s face, the lust hazy concentration. He sucks in a breath when a finger breaches the tight rings of muscle, biting his lip when Tony looks up at him and smiles softly.

The second finger makes him shift and Gibbs lifts his legs, planting his feet on the mattress.

There aren’t any words. Tony is quiet, focused on his task and Gibbs is just watching Tony, trying to figure out how the hell they got here to this place.

The chain of events is clear but the results still somehow don’t make sense. Tony should have run for the hills well before now – he shouldn’t still be here, still lying down in this bed every night to wrap around Gibbs and fall asleep in a tangle of limbs.

The third finger makes him arch, eyes clenching tightly shut as Tony crooks his fingers. There’s no more thought. Gibbs clutches at Tony’s shoulders, staring at Tony through half-lidded eyes as Tony adds more lube and then carefully lines up.

Gibbs sucks in a breath as Tony enters him, groaning lowly, “Fuck yes…finally.”

That makes Tony chuckle and kiss Gibbs. He begins thrusting shallowly and Gibbs hums his pleasure, voice deep as he smirks faintly with satisfaction.

He’d had so many other lovers before Tony but it was Tony that he’d submitted for, that he had acquiesced to. No one else had made him feel safe; no one else could make him feel like vulnerability wasn’t really such a bad thing after all. With Tony letting go was ok.

Maybe it was because Tony was a generous lover by nature. Maybe Gibbs had known – instinctively – that there was something more there from the beginning.

Whatever it was he’s thankful.

With Tony buried deep inside him, his legs wrapped around Tony’s waist and his arms around Tony’s neck he realizes that for the first time in a long time he’s not lonely anymore.

And with a smile he kisses him as his body is rocked by Tony’s thrusts.

Tony murmurs something sweet in his ear and Gibbs smirks.

“Told you not to call me babe,” he grunts.

“You know you like it,” Tony breathes, angling his thrusts and making Gibbs shout.

Gibbs shakes his head even as his body begins to tremble. Tony keeps his strokes even, relentlessly driving on until Gibbs cums hard.

“I love you, babe,” Tony says in a smoky, sweet voice that sends a thrill of lust through Gibbs.

Convincing himself that this isn’t giving in, Gibbs growls, “I love you too.”

Tony grins crookedly and finally cums himself, pressing his face against Gibbs’ neck and breathing raggedly.

Gibbs strokes Tony’s shoulders and back, keeping him close for as long as he can. Tony kisses at Gibbs’ throat, nuzzling along his jaw line.

“So when are you going to let me make an honest man out of you?”

With a faint frown Gibbs narrows his eyes, pushing Tony back a little.

“Thought you decided…”

“Changed my mind. Make me the fifth Mrs. Gibbs.”

“You’re gonna take my name?” Gibbs grins.

“Yeah, why not? You decided to be a stay at home daddy. It’s not like it’s going to get us in trouble.”

“Wanna know the good thing about that?”

“Besides getting to spend all day with our beautiful daughter?”


“And not having to deal with bodies and crazy people?”

“Besides that.”


“No more alimony payments.”

Tony pokes him hard in the side, laughing with a disbelieving smile.

“You are such a bastard.”

Gibbs kisses him again.

“Yeah,” he nods, grinning unrepentantly, “but I’m your bastard.”