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Russel woke up to his face being tapped by what appeared to be a leather boot. He opened his eyes to see the main douche of the house, green skin glowing as ever.

"Urmmmm Good. You're alive. If you were dead the be such a hassle. I'd have to kidnap another bloody drummer and I'm out of favors with the local bacon, as it were." He took a sip of the stale beer from the night before that was in his hand.

Russel sat up and looked at him with a sour look, "So glad I didn't inconvenience you with my death."

"Would have been such an ordeal." He mumbled to himself as he left the room. "Tell ole no-eye-fuck to meet at the recording room when he gets back with Noodle."

"Hey wait." Russel said, stopping him in the doorway. "How long have I been out?"

"I don't bloody know." He said dismissively. "I just woke up."

"Well then what time is it?" Russel said.

Murdoc looked at his wrist and wiped the excess beer from his face. "4:15"

"4:15!" Russel thought about when it was he passed out. "Didn't you say you just woke up?"

"Yes mmmrg Well it's a 'cleanse' day then, I guess." Murdoc said. "You've been on the fuckin' floor too mate."

"I passed out you drunk fuck!" Russel sat on the couch. "It was barely noon when 2D left! I've been on the floor for 4 fucking hours! I should be going to the hospital!"

"Should ya?"

"What do you mean?" Russel said with a bite in his voice.

"I don't know about ghostly shit- Well I don't know about non-satanic ghost shit." He said. "Is this a medical thing this beyond medicine." He waved his hands in a theatrically as well as mocking way.

Russel hated to even think the words, but he was right. If he went to the hospital and- something happened then he wouldn't be better at the least and detained and exorcised at the worst.

"I think your silence is telling enough for me." he began to leave again. "I don't mind...Ghosts are a hell of a gimmick."

What are we gonna do Russel. It seems like this shit is happening more and more often.

I don't know...we might have to find another guide. I hope it's not another...inhabitant. Exorcism isn't really an option anymore.

The door opened and Noodle came running through. She had 3 bags full of stuff and was very excited to get them to her room. 2D followed and set down a couple bags of his own on the table.

"Don't trip, ya little booger! I just bought you all that!" he yelled after her smiling. He sat down next to Russel. "I think I've bought her enough to satisfy her for bit."

Maybe we should go to the hospital. I don't know health shit! Maybe it is a body problem not a ghost thing.

I don't know. It seems like a ghost thing though. This goddamn house is haunted as shit. It's built on top of a graveyard for fucks sake.

"What did you do then, Russ? Are you feeling better?"

We still need to do something about it. You are not dying on my watch. If you die before I go then I will be really pissed off heaven. God's got some bullshit to explain to me.

I'm not dying Del. Stop being so dramatic.

"Russel? Hello?" 2D waved his hand in front of Russel's face. "What are you mumblin' to yourself about?"

"Oh uh..." he shook his head and looked at him. "It's uh...private conversation." he said pointing to his head.

2D furrowed his brows. "What?"

"Del 'D, I'm talking to Del." Russel.

"Oh, ha, yeah sometimes I forget he's there." He said. "Hello Del. How's it going in Russ' head?" He waved his hand, and pulled a smile that Russel couldn't help but mirror.

Hey 2D you look fine as every baby, Russel thinks so too.

"He says hello." Russel chuckled.

"Hmm well I can tell he said more, but I trust it's something nice." 2D said. "You never answered my question! Are you feeling better? Do you need anything?"

Should I tell him? I feel like he's just gonna freak out and do...something.

He probably will! Don't tell him. At least don't tell him until we got our shit figured out.

"Ah, yeah...I'm fine. Just...watched some dumb movies." Russel said.

"Aaah without me? Dumb movies is our thing." 2D said. "Well now you owe me one."

"I'm pretty sure we aren't the only idiots who watch dumb movies for fun." Russel said. "We can watch some tonight."

"I'll keep you to that, eh?" 2D said. "I should probably put my new junk in my room. Don't want Murdoc to...I don't know piss on it or something."

Russel giggled, "If avoiding him is your main goal right now, you should probably go somewhere else. He wants us to meet in the recording room."

"Ah, fuck." 2D said. "Well, he won't know we're late if he doesn't know we're here yet...Got any ideas?"

"I don't know." Russel said. "There's so many rooms in this house, There's probably a good hiding spot."

2D pursed his lips around for second before saying, "I know just where to go." He grabbed Russel's hand. "Come on!"

"Okay okay" he said.

The pair ran down a hallway and then to a stairwell. Russel wasn't sure if he had ever even been in this part of the house. They moved up and up and up and Russel was just being dragged along happily while he tried to figure out what 2D had in plan.

"Where are we going?" Russel said.

"Shhh. We're almost there."

They came to a door at the very end of the stairwell. 2D pushed on the door, but it didn't open.

"heh, hold on I got it." He pushed up against the door again. He sighed. "I had it last time I swear."

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure." Russel laughed.

"Shut up! I got it I do!" He took a deep breath and then gave the door one last push. He fell to the ground as the door opened.

The door opened to reveal the skyline of the city. Russel walked out onto the roof and helped 2D up.

"Wow." Russel said. "I didn't know there was one beautiful spot in this house...but damn."

"Yeah it's nice innit?" 2D said. "I just found it recently."

Russel walked out to the rusty railing that lined the roof. "So how long do you think we have before he finds us?"

"It doesn't matter..." 2D said. "Whatever it is it won't be long enough."

"Ha, your right about that I guess." Russel said. "He kidnapped me! He literally fucking burlap sack over the head kidnapped me! And yet here I am..."

"Yeah..." 2D said. "Why did you stay? I mean was really just...a good music demo?"

"I mean..." Russel didn't know how to compose his thoughts. And not only that, but he didn't want to tell him it was partly just him. "I don't know there was a lot of factors going on..fucked up life stuff. Sometimes ya got to do weird shit to cope."

"Yeah I guess..."

"Well...Why did you stay then?" Russel threw back defensively. "He put you in a coma...He fucked up your eyes."

"And my girlfriend." He said sarcastically.

"Hey come on. Don't dodge the question." Russel said.

"Oh like you just did?" 2D said, his response cutting and catching Russel off guard. "I'm sorry I didn't.."

He touched Russel's shoulder. "I didn't mean to say it like that..." 2D looked off and his eyes seemed even more black and distant. "When you wake up from a coma, you expect people to be there, ya know, to tell you how much they worried and missed you..."

He paused and sighed. "I woke up in the middle of the road, face bloody, to the realization that the man who put me in a coma was the only one who bothered to take my limp body with them."

Russel tried to stutter something out, reaching out desperately to help him. "I-I'm..."

"You don't have anything, it's fine. I mean there's still people who parents didn't even know it happened. And this is my chance Russel...My shot at not being a fucking idiot in a music shop."

They sat in silence for a millennium condensed into a minute. "You aren't an idiot." Russel said.

2D just nodded. He didn't believe him. They sat down on the dirty concrete.

"So how's it going with Jay." He said. His face held no perceptible emotion.

He hesitated, as he wondered if 2D was just asking because he was still jealous."I don't know." Russel said. "I like him, I do, but..."

"But what?" 2D said.

"But I don't know if I'm ready." Russel said. "It's been a while since Dell... but I still love him. Of course I do. And normally, you love someone and lose them then you move on. But Dell is still here. It's hard to move on when he hasn't and he can't move until I have and...urgh! I just hate the whole thing."

"Well I mean..." 2D started. "Actually, no, I'm sorry, I don't got any advice for that."

Russel chuckled breathlessly, "It's fine. You don't need to give me advice. Sometimes it's just nice to talk."

They both looked away and tried to clear their minds. Russel laid on his back and 2D followed.

"Damn, when are we just gonna get to talk to each other without spilling all our problems on each other?" Russel said.

"It's nice to have someone to talk to though." 2D said.

"Yeah." Russel said. "But we need more light stuff."

"Like what?"

"I don't know...hobbies, jokes...fuck I can't even think of a third one." Russel said.

"Hobbies? We've already done that." 2D said. "Gardening and shit."


"Well what?" 2D said sitting up.

Russel sat up and said, "I have another more...interesting hobby."

"What?" 2D said, eyebrows twisted in confusion and curiosity.

"I uh...I'm pretty into taxidermy." Russel said rubbing his neck.

" dead stuff? Like taking animals and stuffing them?" 2D said.

"Yeah. Yeah I do." Russel said. "It's therapeutic to me. It's like giving the dead things new life, settling the spirits. I usually add stuff to them too. It's good karma."


"Yeah?" Russel said cringing ready for 2D to mock him.

"That's metal as fuck."

They both broke out into heavy laughter and the weight of the conversation dissipated into the air.

They got up and look toward city once again, minds set anew.